End Of The Magic Era Chapter 930

Chapter 930 930 Coveting

930 Coveting

In any case, whatever Crowits gained from his research would be Lin Yuns too, it would ultimately boost the power of the puppet army. Handing those over to Crowits for research was less troublesome.

Cleaning the battlefield resulted in a huge harvest, the two Heaven Rank Puppets alone were worth losing seven to eight hundred puppets.

Standing atop a mountain, Lin Yun looked at the location of the Planar Path and frowned.

Nothing special could be seen after the Planar Path was closed, only by standing in front of it could one faintly feel a wisp of the Planar Paths unique fluctuations.

The Planar Path had already been opened and the cracks had already become bigger, this was something unavoidable. The puppets of the Puppet Plane already noticed this Planar Path, and it wasnt impossible that they could find another opportunity to open it.

Lin Yun couldnt always stay there to guard this place, could he?

"Sir Merlin, I just remembered something, I inherited this array from my ancestors. I originally thought it was to fix the Planar Path, but it isnt too suitable for that task. If Im not wrong, that array should be used to seal the Planar Path in this kind of situation"

Lin Yuns expression changed, apparently considering something.

Crowits took out an ancient crude crystal board that contained numerous runes and patterns roaming about.

Lin Yun looked and nodded.

"It is indeed used to strengthen a Planar Path, but unlike the usual array stabilizing and expanding a Planar Path, this one is restricting a Planar Path."

An ordinary small planes Planar Path would be very unstable, just like the Bone Plane under Lin Yuns control. These kinds of Planar Paths needed an altar for stabilization, and they needed a large amount of power every time they were opened.

The Planar Paths of higher planes, like the Puppet Plane and the Undead Plane, were a lot more stable. Even if there was a huge difference between the two connected planes, the Planar Path would still keep expanding and there would be no need to worry about the Planar Path being severed.

One only had to worry about whether the Planar Path would expand too fiercely and draw in powerful lifeforms from the Higher Planes side.

This array would strengthen the Planar Path and seal it.

Lin Yun looked at it and immediately took out materials to start setting up that array.

Each piece of material was engraved with numerous runes and patterns, and ultimately, the materials were condensed into a ten-meter-big magic metal plate.

The magic metal plate was controlled by Lin Yun and directed to the Planar Paths location. In an instant, the Planar Path was made visible with the metal plate in the center.

The array started operating and slowly merged with the void as that magic metal plate disappeared.

The Planar Paths fluctuations started stabilizing.

The fluctuations didnt completely disappear, they were still there. This was because Lin Yun left a backdoor behind to keep that Planar Path activated so that puppets could still cross over.

But there was a huge restriction on quantity and level. The strongest puppet able to pass through that backdoor would be at level 39, level 40 puppets simply wouldnt be able to force their way in.

The amount was also restricted, as long as it surpassed a certain amount, the Planar Path would become chaotic and all the puppets passing through it would be drawn into the void and torn to pieces.

He left it like that to be used as battle training and as a way to let the Grey Baestmen hunt for components.

Everyone returned to the Grey Beastmens fort, all the injured left to heal themselves. Wagner returned to the Radiant Fort, and Crowits took the remains of the Heaven Rank Puppets before following back. With those things, Crowits wouldnt waste any time and would put his all into research.

Two puppets that had awakened wisdom were hard to come by research materials, they could slightly increase his puppeteering skills!

The Puppet Planes Planar Path crisis had been settled, yet Lin Yu knew that it wasnt time to relax.

Dubois wasnt a magnanimous person, he had already investigated the Four Seasons Plain. He had yet to come, but that didnt mean that he had given up.

Lin Yun obtained some news, the Black Tower was busy attacking an important zone, so Dubois simply couldnt rush over.

Once Dubois could leave, he would immediately retaliate.

A large amount of metal was extracted in the Four Seasons Plain and a large-scale remodeling plan was being carried out.

The development strategy of the Radiant Fort was to use metal and ore vein to increase strength, while those would instead increase the defense in the Four Seasons Plain.

The defenses of the Grey Beastmens fort were already quite powerful and the entire fort was like a metallic city. But it was far from enough to face a Heaven Rank powerhouse, especially one like Dubois who was proficient in thunder and lightning magic. The metal city would instead help Dubois in his attacks.

The city walls were the first to be transformed, Lin Yun designed an array to make the city wall adjust the defensive power based on the attacking power, as well as absorb the power of many attacks and turn it into defensive power.

The huge mana reactor in the fort was linked to the city walls through a large number of circuits, making the power absorbed by the city walls transform into a source of power for the mana reactor, before being turned into defensive power by the mana reactor.

The entire forts roads, as well as the railroad layout, had been completely transformed as the fort was turned into a huge array.Read more chapter on vipnovel.com

Two mana reactors were added and the entire forts source of power was completely redesigned. In the next battle, the fort wouldnt just rely on its city walls, and the sky defenses wouldnt just rely on the anti-air magic tower.

A Sky Sealing Array was arranged and the sky above the fort, as well as several hundred meters around the fort, were covered. With the entire forts power supply as a source, even if a Heaven Rank powerhouse approached, they would also be suppressed to a certain degree.

Apart from the Grey Beastmens fort, the Four Seasons Plains remaining seven forts were also completely transformed.

With the support of countless puppets, the Four Seasons Plain had been transformed at a terrifying speed.

A large number of Grey Beastmen helped with carving the arrays. A major force like Black Tower would need a few months to complete that task if they went all-out, yet Lin Yun completed it in half a month.

A large number of Grey Beastmen had been hired by Lin Yun, and in half a month, the entire income of the Grey Beastman Tribe had been raised by two levels. A large number of shops started appearing in the fort, and not only were Grey Beastmen doing business, but there were also many humans doing business here.

The puppets here had all kinds of functions, everything one could think of could be found here. Although high-level battle puppets were rare, the low-level puppets were frightening.

On a railroad of the Grey Beastmens fort, a travel-worn human stepped down from an automatic vehicle, his eyes filled with surprise and admiration.

Andrew was an unconventional nobleman who travelled between the Raging Flame Plane and Noscent. Although he was a noble, he was in fact a small businessman. If not for that nobleman identity creating a relationship between his ancestor and a mage of the Cloud Tower, he wouldnt have had the qualifications to go as he pleased.

Even so, he could only be considered an unremarkable merchant who came to the Raging Flame Plane because he only brought one butler with him, he didnt bring any guard or servant. He came to the Raging Flame Plane in order to try his luck.

When he heard that the Four Seasons Plain had been seized and the Teleportation Gate had already been opened, Andrew instantly jumped on the opportunity.

This kind of newly captured area had the greatest amount of natural resources and they would usually be extremely cheap. There wouldnt be such an opportunity once the owner managed to digest it.

Without taking too much time to think, Andrew rushed to the Grey Beastmen fort with a large amount of resources from Noscent.

But just as he arrived, Andrew was stunned by that metal fort, everything he saw was completely different from Noscent.

He couldnt find a carriage, instead, there was a metal vehicle moving through a railroad, without any need for horses. It was even said that the metal vehicle was a puppet.

Since when was there such a type of puppet? Shouldnt they all be humanoids?

Andrew couldnt understand, and he then saw all kinds of puppets.

Strangely shaped transport puppets, butler-like puppets that could watch over a shop on their own, there was even a puppet sweeping the streets from time to time.

The destruction he had imagined hadnt appeared, and the eradicated and enslaved Beastmen couldnt be seen.

Those small Grey Beastmen also didnt talk like the rumored barbarous Beastmen.

"Mister, are you here for business? Do you have cereals from Noscent? Fruits are better, and Dragon Fruits are even better."

A courteous exclamation roused Andrew out of his stunned expression. He turned around and noticed a 1.2m tall Grey Beastman looking up to him with a very courteous expression.

Andrews mind was in chaos as he had yet to adjust to the situation before his eyes.

"Ah, right, I have a lot of food, errr, fruits? Dragon Fruits? I do have a few, what do you want to trade them for?"

The Grey Beastman took out a crystal slate and moved his finger on its surface a few times before a table appeared on the crystal slate, showing all kinds of supplies exchange ratio.

"I wont swindle you, this is the daily exchange reference price, what? You dont know what a reference price is? The trade ratio is done according to this, it cannot go too much higher or too much lower, if you go too far, youll be stripped of your right to do business by the enforcement team and youll forever be unable to trade in the fort.

"Yesterday, there was a mage saying that his grandfather was an Archmage of the Cloud Tower, he tried to scam us and ended up ruthlessly beaten by Lord Xiuban. If not for Sir Kurumus appearance, that unlucky guy would have been killed by Lord Xiuban.

"Then? What then? That guys grandfather personally came and broke his legs in front of everyone before personally apologizing to Sir Merlin, not even daring to look at Sir Merlins face.

"No one dares to pull any trick here, or Lord Xiuban would definitely break their necks. See over there? Thats Lord Xiuban. He is patrolling the fort every day."