End Of The Magic Era Chapter 932

Chapter 932 932 Heaven Ranks

932 Heaven Rank"s

A Full Right-Angle Mana Reactor was crafted and, with the help of two puppets, it was loaded into the chest of a Level 30 casting puppet. Then, it was linked to the array before being activated.

Suddenly, the puppets crystal eyes shone with light.

Under Crowits command, the puppet walked out of the factory, its hands decomposing and reassembling into two pitch-black cannons. The cannon on the left arm glowed with an orange radiance as a ball of fire burst out of it. It instantly struck its target, a rock, over two hundred meters away.

The eight-meter-tall rock exploded into fragments, and scorch marks could be seen all over the ground within ten meters.

This was the new weapon for group battles, and it focused on explosive power.

As for the puppets right arm, it shone with a burning white radiance as an arm-thick light instantly hit another rock placed a kilometer away.

As the light hit the rock, only a fist-sized hole was left in it.

That huge rock was at least eight meters thick!

This was a new weapon emulating the Heaven Rank Puppets long-distance attack with extreme piercing power. It was best used to snipe priority targets.

After the test of the two new weapons was over, the puppets legs started changing shape to transform into four thin legs that pierced into the ground. The arms also assembled into a huge cannon.

A brilliant red ray of light bursting with destructive power flew out of the cannon, causing waves of mana fluctuations all around the puppet.

It was just a Level 30 puppet, and all of its parts, including the mana reactor and the weapon systems, were produced by the bases assembly line. The aura it was now emitting was comparable to the all-out burst of a Level 33 puppet.


A loud sound thundered out and the puppets body faintly recoiled as a red laser as thick as Xiubans thigh pierced through the air. It struck a small hilltop over a kilometer away and caused a fierce explosion.

And as expected, the laser pierced through the hilltop. It didnt even go through the center of the hill, yet the entire hill loudly exploded into tiny pieces.

Lin Yun made some calculations in a split second. This new weapon, dubbed the laser cannon, was comparable to a 7th Tier Spell, and its casting range far exceeded an ordinary Archmages casting range.

The only problem was that the casting rate was a bit too low. After firing once, the puppets mana fluctuations would rapidly decrease before slowly recovering. They would need at least five seconds before they could attack again.

Lin Yun grinned.

Five seconds was nothing. If he had a few hundred puppets loaded with that kind of weaponry and Full Right-Angle Mana Reactors, he could have them cast in sequence to keep shooting without interruption.

At this kind of range, they could easily dispatch Level 30 enemies, and the next time he faced a Beastman Army, the other sides numbers advantage would be greatly reduced.

Moreover, with this success, the puppet army could now have a certain effect when facing a powerhouse.

In the previous battles, the puppets pressure towards powerhouses was too small. As long as a 9th Rank Sword Saint rushed into the sword puppets, they wouldnt be able to do much of anything to fight back.

A 9th Rank Archmage might be able to easily destroy over a hundred Level 30 casting puppets.

This was because the attack power of the puppets was too low to pierce the defenses of that kind of expert.

But it was different now. A hundred casting puppets of the same rank could make a 9th Rank powerhouse evaporate in a sneak attack

That lasers specially strengthened piercing power was tailored to handle mages shields.

The tests roused everyones spirits. Crowits was even red from excitement.

"Test the power against Mana Shields and all kinds of heavy armor"

Lin Yun casually released an Askrim Gate in the distance, and the puppets got in position to fire at it.

At that time, a thunderclap echoed in the sky as a river of lightning surged over, followed by deafening rumbles.

Lin Yun frowned, his expression instantly becoming cold.

That thunderclap contained Extraordinary Power that could be sensed several kilometers away.

As the lightning rapidly approached, the alchemists of the testing base immediately followed the proper procedures and activated the Teleportation Gate to return to the fort.

As they left the laboratory and factory, the blue lightning fell down from the sky, and a thick bolt akin to a kilometer-long blade pierced the base.

The lightning bolt crazily twisted around, and even finer bolts spread around like the roots of a tree made of lightning.

The lightning swept through everything. All the equipment, machinery, puppets, the entire factory, and the laboratory were turned to ruins in a few seconds.

The equipment producing the new weapons and the Full Right-Angle Mana Reactors had been utterly destroyed, along with all the new experiments contained within the laboratory, both incomplete and complete.

In a few seconds, the three-hundred-meter-wide temporary base had been thoroughly turned to scrap. Every precious instrument turned into a pile of scrap iron

Lin Yuns complexion darkened, his gaze turning icy.

The other sides attack was too fast; it simply couldnt be resisted. Moreover, that had been a 9th Tier Spell. If Lin Yun hadnt protected those alchemists, the losses wouldnt have stopped at the laboratory and the base. The several dozen Great Alchemists, eight Master Alchemists, and even the Peak Artisan, Crowits, would have been in danger.

Crowits was fuming with blood rushing to his eyes.

He had brought a team of alchemists that included nearly all the best alchemists of the Grey Beastman race, and they had been constantly researching for the greater half of the past month. Yet all of this was cleanly destroyed.

Moreover, a large number of prototypes were still in the laboratory. Some were in the early stages, but some were complete and only needed to be optimized.

These things werent things that could be created at will, as new successes were made through experiments and samples.

The things in the laboratory were proof of everyones hard work during this time, and trying to restore them after their destruction would require months to regain their original tempo.

Even some special things might take several years until they managed to recreate the circumstances.

Lin Yun was expressionless as he made Crowits lead everyone to the Teleportation Gate.

Although this place was only a few kilometers away from the Grey Beastman Fort, Lin Yun knew that Dubois could arrive anytime. He couldnt afford to lose these alchemists.

The base and the laboratory could be rebuilt, but losing alchemists would be a truly huge loss.

Thus, after establishing this place, Lin Yun had spared no effort, even personally establishing a Teleportation Gate.

He even pulled a trick while building it. That Teleportation Gate could only be used by those under the Heaven Rank. As long as any Extraordinary Power passed through the Teleportation Gate, the coordinates would change, and that person would be exiled into a Hell Gate.

The aura used to open that Hell Gate was the Devil Overlord Lin Yun had used last time. He knew that the Devil Overlord would absolutely not let go of that opportunity.

Facing one-way teleportation and meeting a Devil Overlord halfway, a 1st Rank Heaven Mage like Dubois wouldnt have a pleasant time.

Even in the forts, the Teleportation Gates were restricting lifeforms with Extraordinary Power. As long as a Heaven Rank tried teleporting through those, they would collapse. And it was even less likely for enemies to teleport into the forts.

It looked as if there werent too many forces defending the Teleportation Gates, but there was a restriction system. And if any enemies teleported in, they would be met with the full blow of over three hundred puppets, as well as Xiuban, who had already fallen in love with patrolling the fort like a Beastman-shaped ferocious beast.

No one under the Heaven Rank would be able to escape under such circumstances.

All the alchemists left through the Teleportation gate as Lin Yun looked up.

The lightning covering the entire sky dissipated, as did the branching threads of lightning, revealing Dubois in his black gown. He was calmly floating in the sky with lightning snakes flickering over his entire body.

"Mafa Merlin. Kneel!"

Dubois had a chilling expression, looking down at Lin Yun as if he was looking at an ant. Extraordinary Power was spreading from his body, and the formidable aura greatly pressured Lin Yun. He didnt give him the chance to speak, as he was fully intent on suppressing him.

Lin Yun seemed almost disinterested as he indifferently looked at Dubois.

That pressure created by Extraordinary Power stopped the air from flowing in the surroundings, making the air feel like a frozen brick. The magic elements were completely suppressed and couldnt circulate.

It was as if an invisible mountain was pressuring the several hundred meters around Lin Yun.

But this time, that terrifying aura was like a stream of water, gently parting and sliding around Lin Yun.

A huge wheel shadow suddenly appeared behind Lin Yun, and in its starry depths, four-colored lights spun and formed a circle, making all the aura pressuring down on him simply slip by.

Surprise flashed in Dubois eyes.

Last time that ant wanted to resist my pressure, he had to go all-out. How could he be able to resist without using any defensive ability this time?

Oh? Did he already establish the foundation of his Law?