End Of The Magic Era Chapter 933

Chapter 933 933 Confrontation

933 Confrontation

Wait, no, how could he resist Extraordinary Power with the foundation of a Law?

Doubt flashed in Dubois eyes, but he quickly got over it.

"Mafa Merlin, you killed my disciple yet I temporarily let that matter slide. But can you explain Larieths injuries? Could it be that you didnt accept my command?

"Fool, I see that you have thoroughly forgotten that we are currently at war and forgot what we should do as citizens of the Andlusa Kingdom.

"I had you surrender control over the Four Seasons Plain, yet you dared to disobey the command and wantonly siphon the riches of that place, wantonly extracting the veins of ore and completely forgetting about the general attack.

"Since you forgot, Im here to personally remind you and to take back everything you possess. Ill take control over everything.

"Ill now give you one last chance, f*ck off back to the front line, or pay a heavy price for your stupidity. You wont be as lucky this time, no one can save you."

"Kneel and repent!"

Dubois had a cold expression, and his icy gaze seemed to express that he was just taking pity on an ant.

Foolish guy, how could my disciples death be so easily forgotten. Damn kid, he actually dares to run the Four Seasons Plain that well, the wealth he is getting everyday is putting the Black Tower to shame.

Even merchants are starting to flock over and the wealth is flowing like water everyday.

How could someone like Mafa Merlin have the qualifications to possess this place. I can just kill him if he dares to resist, there is no one to stop me this time

Lin Yun sneered, "Haha"

Dubois frowned, not understanding what that "haha" meant.

At that moment, the puppet that had been ordered to test its new weapon had gone far enough. Its laser activated and the cannon opened fire towards the Askrim Gate that had been placed on the testing field.

A loud explosion echoed as the huge wall of ice exploded into pieces, while the ice at the center had completely evaporated.

Dubois was about to say something, but his eyes suddenly shone.

He had noticed the puppet earlier, but he hadnt cared about it, a Level 30 puppet was of no interest at first glance.

But now, amazement could be seen in his eyes.

How could he not understand the power of that attack as a Heaven Rank powerhouse. That attack had far surpassed the power that a Level 30 puppet could cast.

The spell that burst out in that split second was definitely not something a Level 30 puppet could use.

There was only one possibility, it was due to its mana reactor!

After thinking of this, Dubois reached out with his hand and lightning bolts fell onto the puppet, dismantling it and displaying the Full Right Angles Mana Reactor and the new weaponrys components.

An unprecedented new mana reactor, as well as powerful new weaponry.

How could Dubois not understand what that never-before-seen mana reactor represented?

That was the lifeline of the puppet, with it, a large number of alchemists could be recruited. The design could even attract Artisans!

Just how much profit could be made from that?

This would bring a lot more benefits than the Four Seasons Plain in the long term!

Just from looking at it, that completely new mana reactor and those new weapons could be used to create a powerful puppet army, this could double the speed of the attack!

Those alchemists just now had been Grey Beastmen Did the Grey Beastmens puppeteering techniques already reach this stage?

These thoughts instantly flashed in Dubois brain.

"Mafa Merlin, you actually had something that could greatly increase our chances of victory, yet you didnt take it out at such a crucial time? Do you want to see our Andlusa Kingdom be defeated that badly?

"Hand over the technology behind that mana reactor, the weapon systems, as well as all the Grey Beastmen and I can spare your life.

"You cripple your own Mana Whirlpool and Ill let your safely return to Noscent. I wont pursue your for the mistakes you made before!"

Dubois shared his greedy thoughts, but his expression was even colder than before.

"Haha" Lin Yun sneered once again, a trace of ridicule visible on his face.

Mana fluctuations slowly spread as the wheel shadow rapidly rotated behind him, containing several profound runes flickering like the stars of a starry sky.

That four-colored circle in the center of the wheels shadow slowly dissipated, replaced by a dark red glaring light.

It was as if Dubois pressure had been blown away by a breeze as a gentle yet explosive aura tore through Dubois aura.

In an instant, the frozen air and magic elements were able to flow again. Gales whistled around Lin Yuns location, forming huge tornadoes.

Lin Yuns robe was fluttering in the wind as the mana fluctuations coming from his body turned into ripples, spreading around him and keeping those tornadoes at bay.

Dubois couldnt help laughing out as he saw that scene.

"Mafa Merlin, you actually refused my mercy, you are vainly challenging the might of a Heaven Rank powerhouse! Good, very good, Ill teach you why a Heaven Rank powerhouse cannot be provoked, youll understand in death!

"Once you die, everything here will belong to me. No one can save you today!"

After sneering, the lightning bolts roaming around Dubois body were suddenly roused and a several-meter-thick lightning bolt fell towards Lin Yun.

The ground under Lin Yuns feet slowly melted and the rocks turned into lava. A large amount of lava appeared to be flowing out of Lin Yuns body and submerged him in an instant.

Lin Yuns body instantly expanded and turned into a seven-meter-tall Lava Giant. Ripples flashed under his feet as lava had spread over two hundred meters and kept bubbling, forming a boiling lava pond.

As that thick lightning bolt fell, a large amount of lava converged above Lin Yuns head and turned into a Lava Shield. The lightning bolt and the Lava Shield were locked in a clash, countless cracks were appearing on the Lava Shield, but the lava was continuously rising to reinforce the Lava Shield.

Lin Yun raised his head and saw a lightning tree suddenly appearing in the sky, with countless small lightning bolts taking the shapes of small branches.

These lightning bolts were falling downward, fusing into bigger branches, and as all the branches converged together, a huge trunk was formed. Dubois was standing at the base of that tree trunk and appeared to be submerged in lightning.

Extraordinary Power surged and changed the weather, boundless gales were blowing in the sky as the wind elements converged while the other elements started to be rejected by that area.

Cyan gales caused mournful whistle sounds as an unknown amount of Wind Blades filled the sky.

The sky became dusky as if light had also been rejected. Thick black clouds rapidly appeared and churned alongside the gales, before transforming into a huge vortex.

Lightning bolts could faintly be seen within the whirlpool, as if there was an Ancient Lightning Dragon leaping within that vortex.

More and more lightning bolts slowly appeared within the black clouds, it looked as if small streams of lightning were converging together into a river at the center of the vortex.

A glaring light suddenly appeared in the center of the black vortex and the terrifying pressure transformed into a downpour of lightning.

The lightning tree below was irrigated by that downpour of lightning and frantically grew, instantly transforming into a hundred-meter-tall tree purely made of lightning.

Dubois stood under the tree, holding a seemingly flickering lightning bolt as a staff in one had, which he then waved. At that moment, boundless lightning bolts illuminated the sky.

The lightning bolts were like a rain falling, frantically sweeping the ground.

Lin Yun kept flickering within the lava pond, each falling lightning bolt forcibly extinguishing an area of the lava pond. It only took three seconds for the greater half of the lava pond to be extinguished by those lightning bolts.

The Purple Dragon Incarnation appeared out of the Draconic Staff in Lin Yuns hand and turned into a large and wise-looking shadow behind LIn Yuns back, instantly buffing him and greatly slowing the speed at which the lava pond was getting destroyed.

Then, the Book of Death flipped itself and the Element Chapter started blossoming with red and yellow lights, buffing Lin Yun once more.

In an instant, the boiling lava pond became even deeper and while the rain of lightning bolts kept extinguishing the surface lava, more lava would come surging from the depths.

The surging lava kept splashing ten-meter-tall waves of lava, while Lin Yun, who was using Lava Elemental Incarnation, kept roaming within the pond, fully merged with the lava pod.

Dubois expression became extremely unsightly. He hadnt expected that he would have been unable to destroy Lin Yun when personally attacking, even after using Extraordinary Power.

Damned, since when has that foolish ant become so troublesome? I havent seen him for a bit yet he can already block my spell?!

How could he resist Extraordinary Power as an Archmage?

Although this Lightning Shower isnt a very powerful spell, its still a 9th Tier Spell! It contains Extraordinary Power, no Archmage should be able to withstand that power

What is that Incarnation? Fire Elemental Incarnation? Earth Elemental Incarnation? Could it be Lava Elemental Incarnation?

Isnt that an ability that only Heaven Rank powerhouse could master?

And that troublesome lava pond Damnit, did that annoying kid set up an array here to draw out the lava from the depths of the earth?


Ill see how you can resist once I destroy your lava pond