End Of The Magic Era Chapter 937

Chapter 937 Seized

Lin Yun sneered, he didnt dodge nor blocked, he didnt even cast a defensive spell. Instead, he focused on his casting and made the flood of spells of the four systems come together and merge.

The spells of the four elements collapsed against each other, and by using the four Elemental Laws, those spells transformed into an elemental storm with pure destruction power.

The elemental storm was like a hundred-meter-wide tornado destroying everything on its way.

Those mages spells couldnt block Lin Yuns Elemental Storm, they instead reinforced the tornado of destruction due to the power of the Laws.

Lin Yun watched as those mages were submerged by the tornado one by one.

He immediately cast a Four-Element Bomb as he noticed some mages trying to escape and immediately slaughtered the other side. Only a 9th Rank Archmage managed to survive by using a special Magic Tool which turned him into light, allowing him to flee, albeit seriously injured.

Lin Yun sneered but didnt mind it, he just kept harvesting the lives within the Thunderwind Fort.

Slowly, the Thunderwind Fort managed to come together to launch a counterattack, but it didnt have that much effect

The Thunderwind Fort had three 9th Rank Archmages. Larieth had been instantly killed, another one had been submerged by the Elemental Storm and had been torn apart, while the last one used the power of a Magic Tool to escape.

Although there was a lot of people remaining, no one could injure Lin Yun. Among the several hundred mages remaining, there was only thirty or so Archmages.

But in less than five minutes, the three 9th Rank Archmages had already been dealt with. Of the remaining thirty Archmages, seven died, eight were seriously injured, and the remaining ones had been scared witless.

They hadnt expected Lin Yun to be that powerful. It felt as if they were facing a Heaven Mage that wasnt using Extraordinary Power.

In ten minutes, a several-hundred-meter-wide area within the Thunderwind Fort had become ruins. The number of dead Beastmen was incalculable.

Those that became slaves werent powerhouses among the Beastmen. As long as a Beastman was powerful, they would refuse to surrender and would instantly die in battle.

After half an hour, the thirty Archmages had been slaughtered and more than half of the remaining Great Mages had been lost.

The few surviving High Mages no longer dared to attack and all fled for their lives, while those Beastmen didnt even have the opportunity to escape.

They couldnt flee the Thunderwind Fort and could only hide in the distance, or kneel on the ground while shivering, not daring to do anything that would be taken as a sign of rebellion.

They knew that the master of this fort was a Heaven Rank powerhouse, yet someone rushed over and slaughtered those powerful mages. It was a bloodbath, no one was able to resist.

In half an hour, the Thunderwind Fort had been completely captured. Lin Yun then spent a few hours to search the Thunderwind Fort and all the hidden mages were killed.

As for whether they had the power to counterattack, Lin Yun wasnt too worried about it.

Lin Yun walked within the Thunderwind Fort, a stooped Expert Swordsman Beastman cautiously following behind him with a frightened expression.

Lin Yun had an icy expression plastered on his face. Under that Beastmans lead, he found any possible hidden spot within the Thunderwind Fort, and destroyed all chances of a possible ambush.

Lin Yun casually killed a High Mage hiding within an array, his expression even colder.

They had shed all pretenses, Dubois was a shameless person, thus Lin Yun didnt have to pretend or stay his hand.

Heaven Rank

Thats extremely troublesome. That damned b*stard

I can now contend with a Heaven Rank powerhouse and a 1st Rank Heaven Mage like Dubois cant kill me, but I cant kill him either

But Reina, Xiuban, the mage army and the others are unable to withstand the wrath of a Heaven Rank powerhouse. The eight forts of the Four Seasons Plain and the Radiant Fort cant withstand the rage of a Heaven Mage.

They cant stop Dubois if he wants to slaughter them. They cant stop him if he wants to destroy my bases

But, even if my subordinates cant stop you, your subordinates cant stop me

Haha, do you really think that a Heaven Rank powerhouse is invincible? There isnt even a Sky Sealing Array in the Thunderwind Fort! There are no decent defenses either! Did those foolish mages really think that they wouldnt have to worry because they were following a Heaven Rank powerhouse?

Without a Heaven Rank powerhouse guarding it, it wouldnt take long to breach a fort like this.

If he didnt make Dubois bleed, he would never see the end of it. Being haunted by a Heaven Rank powerhouse wasnt a good thing

It was only the benefits of the Four Seasons Plain at the moment, but what if Lin Yun got more benefits later, how could Dubois not covet them?

The puppet army under Lin Yuns command transcended the puppets of this era, how could they not be coveted?

If he didnt scare Dubois off this time, walking on the Raging Flame Plane would become an ordeal.

Lin Yun expressionlessly killed all the mages he saw. Anyone resisting ever so slightly would be killed. He would rather kill than mistakenly let someone off.

These people were Dubois entourage, and they still had faith in Dubois up till now, they werent surrendering.

He had used a lot of resources to make those large mining puppets which extracted the ores of the Four Seasons Plain everyday, that was an astronomical amount of wealth.

There was also a large area with ore veins near the Radiant Fort, they were being mined everyday and the resources were delivered to the Four Seasons Plain.

These things were refined before being used on the defenses of the eight forts of the Four Seasons Plain. Puppet production became secondary, and not as many puppets were produced compared to the previous day.

He invested without looking at costs and hired Grey Beastmen, greatly increasing their wealth and living standards.

This was all in order to improve the defenses of the Grey Beastmens fort, to make that fort able to resist the attack of a Heaven Rank powerhouse for a bit.

The Grey Beastmens fort, was the only fort of the seven forts of the Four Seasons Plain with stronger defensive power, and Lin Yuns important subordinates were all gathered in there, making Lin Yun worry that something unexpected would happen.

He disregarded the amount of money he put into it, and sure enough, Dubois came And as expected, he was shameless enough to attack the Grey Beastmens fort.

"I must go faster"

Lin Yun walked through the central street of the Thunderwind Fort while mumbling.

The Thunderwind Forts defenses had been breached, most of its forces had been swept clean, but many people had escaped. They would join up with the powerhouses in the surroundings of the Thunderwind Fort to counterattack.

Lin Yun had to kill all these powerhouses before Dubois learnt of this!

Coldness flashed in Lin Yuns eyes. This scared the Beastman slave following him, making his legs continuously shake.

Sure enough, a few hours later, the powerhouses overseeing the surroundings of the Thunderwind Fort arrived and attacked Lin Yun. In one breath, that dozen Archmages and the few dozen High Mages were completely killed.

At that time, Lin Yun started searching for the Thunderwind Forts wealth.

Although this places wealth couldnt compare to the Grey Beastmens fort, it was still a huge fort, and the fort overseen by Dubois.

The mined ores, magic metal, precious gems, various medicine and natural resources were delivered to the Thunderwind Fort.

The collections of the killed mages were all found and plundered by Lin Yun. In terms of Spatial Rings alone, he found several dozens.

Apart from all kinds of resources, they possessed some ordinary Magic Tools, over fifty Spiritual Magic Tools, and over twenty True Spirit Magic Tools. Unfortunately, only three of them had their own Magic Tool Incarnation. Their power wasnt that great, but the Magic Tool Incarnations were more mature than the Purple Dragon.

These things would be brought back and given to his mage army as they could still use them.

The large amount of natural resources were thrown into the Demiplane.

The Magic Array was revolving at maximum speed, displaying arrays, Teleportation Gates, and all the possible spots hiding probing spells.

He had to be thorough and couldnt let anything escape his search to avoid a possible ambush.

As he was going through a room, he did find a short range Teleportation Gate.

After Lin Yun cracked the Teleportation Gate, he found out that it led to another central area of the Thunderwind Fort, and that place was located in the biggest building.

"What is that?" Lin Yun pointed at that huge building over-thirty-meter-tall in the center of the Thunderwind Fort.

The Beastman following him promptly answered, "Thats that terrifying Heaven Rank powerhouses residence, thats all I know"

Lin Yun waved his arm.

"Go, take other Beastmen with you and move out the valuable resources from the warehouses here."

After dispatching that Beastman, Lin Yun operated his Magic Array and his mana spread like a tentacle searching every single corner of that room.

Soon, he discovered that his mana couldnt cover one of the spots, a fist-sized area.

It didnt look particularly special, and even his Magic Array couldnt detect any aura there. Moreover, that spot was in the air, with nothing supporting it.

But it was able to stop mana from spreading, this raised questions!

Lin Yun took out a crystal pen and Star Ink before freely writing in the air, using mana to condense runes.

After a short period of time, a floating array condensed in the air. Apparently, there was a fist-sized Planar Path set up in that room.

Lin Yun opened the Planar Path and a chaotic aura spread out from within