End Of The Magic Era Chapter 939

Chapter 939 Four Element Bomb

That damned b*stard, that damned Mafa Merlin, he actually came to attack the Thunderwind Fort I was careless, way too careless

Dubois gnashed his teeth. He had found some clues in the Black Towers Holy Land concerning an 8th Rank Heaven Mage leaving behind a Demiplane. It was a Demiplane established on the foundation of the Wind Law, but following a completely different path from his own.

How could Dubois not be moved by this?

He consulted a lot of information before finally finding that it was roughly located in the Thunderwind Fort.

Thus, Dubois took the initiative to volunteer to provide assistance to the Raging Flame Plane. After arriving, he immediately attacked the Thunderwind Fort in person in order to ensure that the Thunderwind Fort wouldnt be destroyed.

Afterward, he had almost never left the Thunderwind Fort, especially after finding that Planar Path. He had secretly arranged an array and had been monitoring that Planar Path ever since.

He had been waiting for the Demiplane to stabilize in order to seize the benefits. Just a portion of the benefits would allow him to advance to the 2nd Rank of the Heaven realm and solidify his foundations to an unprecedented extent. He wouldnt have too many obstructions before the 5th Rank.

The Lightning Spirit born in his Demiplane would also greatly mature, and its weak points would be shored up while its strength would greatly increase.

He had been personally keeping watch before, so he hadnt been worried about someone attacking it or destroying the fort. After all, who was willing to offend a Heaven Rank powerhouse?

But he definitely didnt expect that someone would be brazen enough to attack this place right after he left

Dubois expression kept changing as he used Eagle Sight to attentively survey the Thunderwind Fort. The hidden Planar Paths room was still intact, showing that it hadnt been exposed. Everything was in good condition.

Seeing this, Dubois was relieved. Shortly afterward, his fury soared and his Heaven Rank aura spread out as he floated towards the Thunderwind Fort.

In the Thunderwind Fort, Lin Yun was still inspecting the various kinds of metals, precious gems, mana crystals, and the rest of the loot.

Many of these things had been branded by people, and unless the brand was removed, Lin Yun wouldnt dare to casually put them in his Demiplane.

Lin Yun knew thirty-five ways to use these brands to calculate the coordinates of a Demiplane.

His Natural Demiplane was completely different from a Heaven Rank powerhouses Demiplane established in the void. With the coordinates, some powerhouse could forcibly open a Planar Path and rush in.

If a powerhouse capable of using Extraordinary Power entered the Demiplane, they could destroy it or even snatch it away since Lin Yun had yet to reach the Heaven Rank.

Lin Yun naturally had to be a bit cautious. All the ores had to be cleansed through raging flames at least once. The medicinal ingredients were processed, and what could be used was mixed into potions.

Lin Yun, who was in the middle of processing medicinal ingredients, suddenly sensed the aura of a Heaven Rank powerhouse and immediately sneered. He left the assisting puppets deal with the rest and left the room.

As he came out, he saw a thundercloud gathered above Dubois head, floating above the Thunderwind Fort.

"Mafa Merlin! You have successfully infuriated me! Damned b*stard, you actually dared to attack the Thunderwind Fort under my control! You are doomed, no one can save you!

"Immediately hand over the Thunderwind Fort and I can let you have a peaceful death. Otherwise, youll keep on living in pain as Ill make you watch everyone you know die in front of your eyes. Everyone you are related to will die a tragic death in front of you!

"Your subordinates, your family, your relatives, as long as they are related to you, theyll all die!

"And itll be your turn after their deaths. Ill cripple your mana and make you try the 186 extreme punishments of the Black Tower. It wont matter if you die, because Ill put your soul in a Pig Beastmans body and keep on torturing you before using your soul as a Soul Lamp.

"Your soul should be able to last for more than a millennium. Ill watch as your soul slowly wears down little by little, an appalling and fitting death"

Dubois slowly floated over, the aura of a Heaven Rank powerhouse blossoming around him. The bellowing sounds were like earth-shattering thunder pressuring down.

Apart from Lin Yun, everyone in the entire Thunderwind Fort had been suppressed until they couldnt budge. Even the puppets control systems had been influenced.

Lin Yun indifferently glanced at Dubois grandstanding. Just as his mana fluctuations slightly changed, the three Mana Crystal Cannons were simultaneously controlled by the puppets.

After three seconds, a blinding light burst out of a Mana Crystal Cannon, and a thick pillar of light instantly appeared before Dubois body.

Dubois sneered, and the lightning bolts covering his body automatically rushed out to meet the light pillar.

But Dubois expression instantly changed when that surging river of lightning was unexpectedly pierced by that light pillar, which continued flying towards him.

A glaring cyan Lightning Shield instantly appeared in front of Dubois and clashed with the light pillar.


Thunder boomed as the Lightning Shield fiercely twisted and showed signs of breaking

And that attack wasnt the end. Two more thick pillars of light instantly pierced through the river of lightning and exploded against the Lightning Shield.Read more chapter on vipnovel.com


A sharp sound echoed as if glass was shattering.

Suddenly, the cyan Lightning Shield shattered.

The leftover power of the light pillars continued towards Dubois, who extended his finger. A Lightning Bolt appeared in front of him, instantly devouring that light pillar.

Dubois looked at those three Mana Crystal Cannons with an extremely nasty expression. He hadnt expected those cannons to be so powerful. They already exceeded the power of an 8th Tier Spell in a direct confrontation. While they couldnt compare to an Extraordinary Spell, they werent too far off.

I was caught off-guard and was almost humiliated

"Mafa Merlin! Get the f*ck over here! I want to tear your soul to shreds!" Dubois bellowed.

Following his roar, the lightning clouds in the sky kept churning and thunderclaps kept echoing.


Lin Yun flew to the peak of the building in the center of the Thunderwind Fort and sneered as he looked at Dubois.


Then, Lin Yun controlled the puppets and activated their battle mode, and all the puppets started plundering the Thunderwind Fort with no regard for others.

Dubois spat out blood. With his Eagle Sight, he could clearly see the Purple Gold Throne in the main hall being torn to pieces, and all the equipment used to connect to the Wind Element Plane was dismantled and moved out of the hall. The puppets even stripped apart the floor made of Wind Spirit Magic Metal.

The anxious Dubois immediately sent a several-hundred-meter-long lightning bolt lancing towards Lin Yun.

The latter sneered again and dodged, but he didnt fly up. Instead, he flew down and used Lava Incarnation.

An eight-meter-tall Lava Giant appeared on the ground of the Thunderwind Fort, and the scalding lava formed waves that spread out from Lin Yuns location. The two hundred meters around Lin Yun turned into a pond of lava.

Every building within the range of the lava pond was ignited as they rapidly sank into the lava. Within three seconds, everything within two hundred meters had been cleanly destroyed.

The Purple Dragons shadow was behind Lin Yun, and so was the wheel shadow. Lin Yun also took out the Draconic Staff and the Book of Death.

As soon as they appeared, Lin Yun went all-out and released boundless Lava Spells, transforming them into a spellwave that tyrannically flew towards Dubois.

Dubois was scattering lightning all over, his hair standing on end. As he chanted, lightning runes kept flying out of his mouth and transforming into dazzling lightning bolts that flew towards Lin Yun.

Lin Yun used the lava pond to keep dodging, not using a single defensive spell and completely focusing on offensive spells.

Behind him, the puppets controlling the Mana Crystal Cannons were also coordinating their attacks with Lin Yun. The Thunderwind Forts defenses, the puppets, everything was attacking with Lin Yun.

The surging spellwave was like a flaring elemental wave that ruthlessly charged into the sky, continuously clashing with the lightning river.

The three Mana Crystal Cannons were locked onto Dubois location and kept firing.

The light pillars kept piercing through the spells and heading straight for Dubois.

Although the Mana Crystal Cannons couldnt breach Dubois defenses, they kept his hands tied. He could only keep releasing 9th Tier Crystal Lightning Shields.

A long river of surging lightning fell, destroying a dozen scattered puppets as well as a few dozen buildings.

As Lin Yun kept releasing spells, the lava pond followed Lin Yuns movement and kept spreading, destroying the buildings around him.

A corner of that thirty-meter-tall tower in the center was also destroyed. If it continued, that tower would certainly collapse.

As Dubois Crystal Lightning Shield was once again shattered, Lin Yun released a Four-Element Bomb. The Four-Element Bomb instantly disappeared from in front of him, piercing through the air towards Dubois.

At that instant, a cyan layer appeared around him and lightning surged on top of it as wisps of mana kept roaming. Those rays of lightning and mana gathered together and transformed into runes that moved about the surface of the shield.

That was a Heaven Rank powerhouses shield. It was called the Origin Shield and was a more advanced shield than the Runic Shield. It combined the Mana Shield, Runic Shield, and Elemental Shield. The Origin Shield was formed with mana as the foundation, and the Heaven Mages own Law fused into it. That defensive ability was the fastest life-saving defensive spell of a Heaven Rank powerhouse.

Yet it was now used