End Of The Magic Era Chapter 945

Chapter 945 Flattering Each Other


Now, every high-ranked member of the Black Tower knew about that matter, but no one dared to discuss it. A few days ago, a mage from the Holy Land was sent to the front line as a punishment for talking about it.

Hearing Harrens sigh, Jouyi happily chuckled.

"Sir Harren and I have been stuck for a long time. Who knows when we will be able to take the last step and obtain Extraordinary Power. I wouldnt be surprised if Sir Mafa walked ahead of us into the Heaven realm.

Lin Yun chuckled amiably. "Sir Jouyi must be joking, you have only been holding back. If you wholeheartedly decided to break through to the Heaven Rank, you would have already reached that stage a few dozen years ago."

Jouyi smiled without care. Research was his biggest pleasure, and it was far more valuable to him than advancing to the Heaven Rank.

"Haha, alright you two, stop flattering each other. Many things have happened in the Raging Flame Plane recently, and Sir Mafa might not be very clear about it." Harrens chuckle interrupted Jouyi and Lin Yuns back-and-forth.

"Our Black Towers attack has been extremely smooth, and the Cloud Tower believes the same, but we still cant compare to the Odin Kingdom, even after the Holy Lands provided assistance. Heaven Rank powerhouses personally came to the Raging Flame Plane, but we are still falling further and further away from the Odin Kingdom

"The Odin Kingdoms forces also received reinforcements. The Burning Tower, Quicksand Tower, and Sky City all have Heaven Ranks. And its not just those three, either. Other forces of the Odin Kingdom have also gotten Heaven Rank reinforcements. Their current power far exceeds the Andlusa Kingdoms.

"Moreover, Sir Mafa should already know that of the top ten forces on the scoreboard, seven of them are from the Odin Kingdom, in addition to the first three places being monopolized by the Odin Kingdom. The Burning Tower, Quicksand Tower, and Sky City happen to be the top three.

"The Odin Kingdoms total is roughly twice the Andlusa Kingdoms total!

"Haaa, I already dont know how to chase after them. Although our top forces arent far behind, that gap and the gap in strength are already making people despair.

"The enthusiasm of the Andlusa forces in attacking the Raging Flame Plane has started waning, and many forces started crazily plundering natural resources instead of pushing onwards, trying to get as much wealth as possible.

"They are preparing for the eventual loss"

Harren was somewhat helpless. There originally was one force from the Andlusa Kingdom in the top three forces, but after the Quicksand Tower got reinforcements, they rapidly overtook 3rd place.

As this gap started widening, the Andlusa Kingdoms defeat appeared to be inevitable. Thus, everyone was busy trying to secure what benefits they could.

This was why the two were somewhat shocked after coming to the Grey Beastmens fort and seeing Lin Yun running the place like his headquarters.

With only a casual look, the two knew how large of an investment was needed to operate that fort. The Four Seasons Planes eight forts and the Dilow Fort had more wealth invested into them than what all the other forces had plundered.

After Harren finished talking, the few of them went silent until Jouyi bitterly smiled and shook his head.

"Alright, Sir Harren, since when are you so disheartened? No one knows the outcome until its over. Moreover, Sir Mafa is already so strong that he can resist a Heaven Mage. Our chances of success have somewhat increased, so lets talk proper business."

Harren nodded.

"Alright, then. Mafa Merlin, havent you felt that the Raging Flame Beastmens counterattack has suddenly slowed down recently? And the military campaign has become very slow, as if everyone stopped."

Lin Yun paused for a moment before nodding. He had already sensed that the activity in the Raging Flame Plane seemed to have decreased quite a bit, and whether it was the Raging Flame Beastmen or the humans, there werent any large conflicts.

"Did something happen?"

Harren nodded.

"Its because the Raging Flame Battlefield is about to open!"

"Raging Flame Battlefield?"

Lin Yun was a bit surprised, as he had never heard of this place.

Harren seemed to be lost in thought, reminiscing.

"The Raging Flame Battlefield, haaa Last time I went, Id yet to become the Chairman of the Black Tower. It is a very peculiar place in the Raging Flame Plane. It could considered a plane attached to the Raging Flame Plane.

"You should know about the Raging Flame Emperor, right? In the earliest times, when the Raging Flame Plane had yet to be discovered by humans and when only Raging Flame Beastmen lived here, the Raging Flame Battlefield had a different name. It was called the Raging Flame Pasture!

"It was said to be the place where the Raging Flame Emperor raised livestock, and it was also the place where all Raging Flame Beastmen hunted.

"There are all kinds of magic beasts in that place, as well as a large amount of valuable vegetation. There are medicinal ingredients that have already gone extinct in the Raging Flame Plane, valuable treasures, and some other very unique things.

"Each time it was opened, it would be a grand occasion in the Raging Flame Plane. The eight branches of the Raging Flame Beastmen would go hunting there, excavating all kinds of treasures. Each time it was opened, the things that would appear would greatly improve the Raging Flame Beastmens civilization.

"In the Raging Flame Emperors era, those times were when the morale of the Raging Flame Beastmen was at its highest. The Raging Flame Pasture had a huge impact on their entire race.

"But afterwards, the Raging Flame Emperor disappeared, and the Raging Flame Beastmen also separated, with each branch having its own ruler and even each tribe having its own new ruler. The Raging Flame Beastmen had become a scattered race.

"Each time the Raging Flame Pasture was opened, it would devolve into bloody fights, and many powerhouses kept falling.

"Ultimately, the Raging Flame Plane was discovered by humans, and we started entering too, causing even more chaos. The Raging Flame Pasture turned into a warzone, and it eventually came to be called the Raging Flame Battlefield.

"Everyone is a competitor. When digging for resources and seeking valuable treasures, they still have to be on guard against possible ambushes.

"Every time it opened, there would be a war between the humans and the Raging Flame Beastmen, and even more people would fall each time than in the first war. This was because everyone quickly discovered that killing your enemy to take their harvest was a lot more worthwhile than taking risks to seek out treasures. Now, it has already become like this A pure, bloody battlefield.

"Now that the Raging Flame Battlefield is about to open, both the humans and Raging Flame Beastmen are naturally restraining themselves in preparation for the upcoming battlefield."

Harren rapidly gave an explanation of the Raging Flame Battlefield, giving Lin Yun a general idea of the situation.

Jouyi continued Harrens words. "This time, we came together because we would like you to come with us. Of the Andlusa Kingdoms forces, the royal family aside, only three forces are eligible to enter this Raging Flame Battlefield. My Cloud Tower, Harrens Black Tower, and the Merlin Family that you represent. If you dont come, our Andlusa Kingdom might not have any chance inside.

"In the Raging Flame Battlefield, we not only have to guard against the Beastmen, but we cant even relax our vigilance against the people of the Odin Kingdom."

After Jouyi finished his words, a pondering smile appeared on Lin Yuns face.

The Raging Flame Battlefield was more interesting than he had thought. The benefits found inside might be more greater than what he could find in the Raging Flame Plane.

The environment of this kind of strange plane attached to the Raging Flame Plane should be closer to the previous eras, and it hadnt been exploited for a long time. It wouldnt be surprising for some good things to be nurtured inside.

This was like a huge treasury that might hold some otherwise extinct vegetation growing in large quantities.

Even the birth of an Extraordinary Magic Tool there wouldnt surprise anyone.

Lin Yun was very clear: That kind of primitive plane was extremely worth it.

And chaotic battles would be inevitable in that place. Let alone a frail alliance like the one between the Andlusa Kingdom and the Odin Kingdom, even struggles within the same kingdom would be very normal.

Jouyi saying those kinds of words showed how chaotic the Raging Flame Battlefield was.

And Harren didnt seem to have much confidence in the trip to the Raging Flame Battlefield this time.

"The Odin Kingdoms six major forces already reached the entrance, and there is a very significant restriction on the number of people that can enter this time. Only five hundred people can go in, Raging Flame Beastmen included. And our numbers would be smaller than the Odin Kingdoms.

The Odin Kingdoms Sky City has already started cracking the Planar Path, so it shouldnt take long before it opens.

Cracking that Planar Path would also result in a huge gain of points. Unfortunately, there is no one on our side that can crack a Planar Path, or at least they would take far too long to do it, so we can only rely on Sky City"

Jouyi nodded.

"Yeah, Sky City had the most points at the start of the attack. Their floating fortresses are too strong, completely crushing those forts. It is said that they spent a huge price this time to make a war fortress enter the Raging Flame Plane.

"Because of the effort they spent to make their war fortress cross through planes, Sky Citys score fell to 3rd place on the scoreboard, but once they started fighting again, their war fortress displayed terrifying power.

"Thats a weapon of war comparable to a Heaven Rank powerhouse. Furthermore, it had a far greater impact on this war than a Heaven Rank powerhouse.

"Among the forces of the Odin Kingdom, Sky City is the most proficient in arrays. Even in the entire Odin Kingdom, Sky Citys power in terms of arrays is reckoned to be one of the very best.

"Without powerful abilities in the field of arrays, Sky City wouldnt be called Sky City."