End Of The Magic Era Chapter 95

Chapter 95 Black Towers Interest


The Black Tower of this era was just one of the many forces of the kingdom, and it wasn’t considered a peak force in the eyes of the masses. But Lin Yun knew that in at most ten years, the Black Tower would quickly rise and become one of the two strongest forces in the kingdom alongside the Cloud Tower.

At its peak, the Black Tower controlled the entire eastern side of the kingdom and a few dozen planes of all sizes. It bred countless powerful mages, and their fighting strength could be rated as being amidst the top forces of all of Noscent.

Lin Yun had already made some speculations when the Mage Eye first found those bloodstained clothes.

Lin Yun had been wondering who had been the first to enter the Bone Plane. Was it this house’s former master, or the following master, Locke Merlin? But Lin Yun hadn’t considered that it might be a mage from the Black Tower.

Although the current Black Tower wasn’t as formidable as it would be ten years later, it would definitely have one or two Archmages. If they learnt of the existence of the Bone Plane, Lin Yun would never have the opportunity to take advantage of this place.

Furthermore, Lin Yun clearly remembered that the Black Tower never controlled the Bone Plane.

‘Could it be that this mage met misfortune in the Bone Plane before he could inform the Black Tower?’

The more Lin Yun thought about it, the more strange it seemed. He scrutinized the Spiritual Magic Staff in his hand while considering the situation.

‘Hold on’ Lin Yun’s eyes fell onto the back of the magic staff.

He had been startled by the black lightning symbol and hadn’t taken the time to examine it carefully. He understood after taking a longer look at the symbol. There was a lance crossing through the middle of the black lightning symbol.

‘I see’ Lin Yun was now able to relax.

Lance and Lightning, that was the symbol used by the Black Tower around three hundred years ago.

At that time, the highest authority of the Black Tower was the Council of the Seven. Battlemage Gaugass had owned three of the seven seats, until the Black Tower underwent a major change. Battlemage Gaugass announced that he was splitting from the Black Tower to migrate 250 kilometers into the Savage Highland. From that point on, the Black Tower forever lost the lance symbol.

In other words, that pile of bones was over three hundred years old.

Lin Yun immediately understood when he recalled this.

Indeed, that unfortunate mage hadn’t been able to send news to the Black Tower. The only thing that the Black Tower might know was that there was something unusual about his house, but they surely weren’t expecting that there was a Planar Path leading to the Bone Plane. And the dramatic changes happening at the Black Tower due to Gaugass’ departure took a bit over two hundred years to settle…

Would the Black Tower have left a place as fertile as the Bone Plane alone if they knew about it?

But it seemed that some people had started paying attention to this place in recent years.

Lin Yun couldn’t help frowning while thinking of that. The Monchi Family had been targeting his house continuously ever since he transmigrated. From Fario’s debt to the actions of Larry, the 9th Rank Mage of the Viper Nest, how could Lin Yun not see it?

Whether it was Fario or Larry, there was the shadow of the Monchi Family behind them.

Lin Yun even suspected whether Locke Merlin’s shipwreck was linked to the Monchi Family.

But fortunately, it was only the Monchi Family for now.

In other words, the entire Black Tower wasn’t paying attention to this location, only a powerful member of the Black Tower was. That powerful person was most likely someone with a seat at the council. Otherwise, how could he easily transfer two Great Alchemists to serve the Monchi Family?

Lin Yun’s heart was a bit less strained as he arrived at this conclusion.

It wouldn’t be a big issue as long as it wasn’t the entire Black Tower.

The only thing Lin Yun lacked was time. There would be nothing to worry about if he had the time to get the Book of Death.

That Extraordinary Magic Tool was not only the crystallization of the Bone Plane’s power, but it was also the control center of the entire Bone Plane.

As long as he had the Book of Death in his hands, Lin Yun would be able to completely control the Bone Plane. No person or power would have the chance to touch the Bone Plane. What they would be facing then wouldn’t be Lin Yun, nor the Bone Plane, but rather, the Universe’s Plane Laws.

Lin Yun was now racing against time. Once he had five Magic Arrays, and once he had the fighting strength of a High Mage, only then would Lin Yun be qualified to seek the Book of Death.

When he held the Book of Death, Lin Yun wouldn’t even need the Planar Path anymore, because the Book of Death was the key to the Bone Plane. Lin Yun would be able to enter the Bone Plane as he wished, and he would also be able to control anything he wanted in the Bone Plane. At that time, it would be that powerful member of the Black Tower that should be worried. Lin Yun could use the power of the entire Bone Plane to deal with him.

But too much time was needed to reach five Magic Arrays. If Lin Yun relied on his own ability to set them up, it might take a couple of years, and even that would be considered extremely short.

The only shortcut was the Reincarnation Eye in the prince tomb.

‘Looks like I have to set up a caravan and leave for the Poison Fog Canyon once again after finishing up here.’

After making sure there was no danger, Lin Yun collected the staff with a feeling of relief and then kept searching the old remains.

There was something strange about it. That skeleton had been in the Bone Plane for at least three hundred years, but it showed no signs of becoming undead. After all, this was a place filled with death energy, so the skeleton normally would have been eroded by the abundant energy.

But he had been in the plane for over two hours, so he didn’t have the time to pursue this line of questioning. He could only finish plundering the remains as fast as he could before leaving for the Bone Plane. Otherwise, he would be stuck in the Bone Plane once the Planar Path closed.

Unfortunately, the rest of the harvest was far inferior to the previous one.

Lin Yun searched for a long time and only found an Inheritance level ring. But he couldn’t test the effect just yet. He would only be able to slowly study it after going back to the Gilded Rose.

After making sure that he hadn’t overlooked anything, Lin Yun got up and checked the surroundings with his Light spell before planning to return to the surface.

Who would have thought that this would create a problem?