End Of The Magic Era Chapter 950

Chapter 950 950 Planar Paths Solidification

950 Planar Paths Solidification

‘No kidding, what kind of accomplishments could a backwater kingdom like the Andlusa Kingdom have in the field of alchemy? I heard that they only have a handful of Artisans. I don’t know if it’s true, but if it is, that would really be too pathetic…

‘It is said that their Master Alchemists can get the highest level of respect and treatment, while some first-rate Master Alchemists are more or less comparable to the leaders of some powerful forces.

‘Hmpf, I’m letting them off lightly! They are taking advantage of us to enter the Raging Flame Battlefield. Without our Odin Kingdom, they wouldn’t be able to open the Planar Path even if they knew the location.

‘It could be said that they are solely relying on our Odin Kingdom to profit. Taking a 50% cut is already quite lenient… Or do they plan on opposing my idea?

‘Do they even have another method? As long as these Andlusan bumpkins aren’t as stupid as Pig Beastmen, they definitely won’t refuse my good intentions.’

Seeing that the Odin Kingdom’s side had already come to a common understanding, Harren couldn’t bear with it.

50% of the profits of the Raging Flame Battlefield… Regardless of the case, Harren wouldn’t agree. 50% of their income, while letting the other side choose first…

The less valuable something was, the bigger the quantity, while the more valuable things would be rare; it was like a pyramid.

After going in, they might be able to obtain a few dozen spirit mana crystals, which would be more or less comparable to an eyeball-sized Bloodstone in terms of value.

But the Black Tower already had a lot of those spirit mana crystals, while they had pathetically few valuable magic gems like the Bloodstones.

If they could use a few dozen spirit mana crystals to trade for a Bloodstone, they would trade their entire supply of spirit mana crystals without regrets.

If the other side took 50% of their loot away, all the valuable things from the Raging Flame Battlefield would be taken away by the Shadow Tower.

Accepting the terms would be like working for the Shadow Tower for free. Wouldn’t they just be entering a dangerous place and facing powerful enemies from all sides just for the sake of some spirit mana crystals?

Regardless of what happened, Harren wouldn’t accept a number as high as 50%.

“Sir Dylas, we can accept the fact that you would be the one blowing the Planar Path open, but 50% as well as the right to pick first is too excessive”

Harren had an awkward expression. Forcibly exploding the Planar Path to open it was something he could accept, and taking a portion as a fee was also possible to bear with After all, the Andlusa Kingdom was indeed weaker, and they were inferior when it came to alchemy. But 50% was just making things difficult.

Dylas had a disdainful expression as he watched Harren with his long and narrow eyes, an unkind grin at the corner of his mouth.

“Damnit, you Andlusans are greedy bloodsuckers! 50% is excessive? If not for our Odin Kingdom, you wouldn’t even be able to enter the Raging Flame Battlefield. You can only go in by relying on our Odin Kingdom. You are just taking advantage of us!

“Take a look at what your foolish group is doing, only waiting to pick up small advantages from the side. Meanwhile, I’ll have to spend a huge price to blow the Planar Path open and protect you. This is just in order to let you profit from us, yet you actually think 50% is too much?

“You are really country bumpkins, only thinking of taking advantage of others. 50%, not 1% less, and I have to pick first. There is no haggling! If you are unwilling, then don’t go. No one is forcing you to enter the Raging Flame Battlefield!

“We are painstakingly opening the Planar Path, yet you are shamelessly thinking of going in. Let’s see how many of you can reach the Raging Flame Battlefield alive without my protection!”

Harren’s expression was very unsightly as he restrained his anger to argue for what he felt right.

“Sir Dylas, giving up 50% of the loot with you choosing first would mean that we would be barely getting anything valuable by going in, so what point would there be in joining?

“And this time, the Raging Flame Beastmen entered so early, so they must have made ample preparations and brought many powerhouses. Without our help to block a part of the Raging Flame Beastmen’s forces, everyone’s earnings would decrease by at least half.

“Even without mentioning the increased number of enemies, the dangers everyone would face would greatly increase, and the losses would be even worse.

“If we go in, the harvest of every member of your Odin Kingdom would double at the very least, while the dangers you would face would be halved. Wanting to get 50% of the loot under such circumstances, isn’t it a bit too excessive? How about 20% of the loot, and we get to choose three things? It’s good and fair for everyone”

Dylas burst into a fit of laughter.

“20%? And you still want to choose three things? You are really naive! I knew you Andlusan bumpkins were greedy and insatiable.

“You can double our loot and reduce the risk by half? You? This is the best joke I heard in years. You think your strength is comparable to ours? Haha, this is killing me! If not for our previous agreement, you and your frail force would easily be dealt with by our Shadow Tower.

“Weaklings should obey the strong. Either pay up 50% of your harvest and let me choose first, or find your own way to enter the Raging Flame Battlefield. Don’t indulge in fantasy, give up on those funny thoughts. You have no right to choose, and no right to bargain with me!”

Harren’s face alternated between a sickly green and a bloodless white.

“Dylas, you are too excessive!”

Dylas laughed so much that his eyes were red. He then pointed at Harren’s nose and scolded.

“Fool! Excessive? Me? You can choose to agree, and you can also choose to refuse. If you don’t agree, then f*ck off to your backwater country, you greedy Pig Beastman”

Dylas raised his head and proudly laughed as he pointed at all the Andlusans with a prideful expression.

At that time, Dylas actually saw a person actually walking out from Lin Yun’s group and fiddling with the Planar Path.

A magic metal plate was taken out by that person, as well as draft paper, a crystal pen, a quill pen, and a bottle of Star Ink. He appeared to be immersed in his work.

A jeering expression appeared on Dylas’ face as he taunted, “Mafa Merlin, that’s one of your subordinates? Are you joking? Don’t tell me you are trying to crack the Planar Path?”

Lin Yun had a very calm expression as he shook his head.

“Of course not”

Dylas’ mood was pretty good. He didn’t feel like getting back at Lin Yun and smiled as he magnanimously waved his hand at Lin Yun.

“Alright, that’s fine. Although your Andlusa Kingdom’s alchemists aren’t that great, they still have a good attitude, taking advantage of this opportunity to gain some knowledge.

“Since you’re being so tactful, I won’t argue with country bumpkins like you. Let me pick 50% of your harvest in the Raging Flame Battlefield, and I’ll let you safely enter the Raging Flame Battlefield after I force open the path.

“I’ll definitely not let any of you be in a dangerous situation. Whether there is a Void Storm or chaotic spatial fluctuations, you won’t lose one person. If you lose anyone, I’ll pass on the cut of your profits. How about it? I’m already being very magnanimous.”

Lin Yun involuntarily laughed and shook his head.

“Dylas, you have too much self-confidence… Or you are just too stupid? Can’t you understand Common Language? I meant that my people aren’t trying to crack the Planar Path, they are solidifying the Planar Path.”

“Solidifying the Planar Path?” Dylas exclaimed, startled.

It wasn’t just Dylas… The other people were also startled as they heard that, and they couldn’t help looking at Lin Yun. There were also many people looking at the small Beastman continuously making calculations at the place where the Planar Path opened.

None of the people present were clueless apprentices. Even those that weren’t proficient in the field of alchemy had some understanding and general knowledge, so they could tell the difference between what was good or bad.

A powerful alchemist was definitely a powerful mage, there had never been an Artisan under the Archmage realm before.

Almost half of those present on the scene were Archmages, so how could they not know about that kind of common sense?

Harren, who had been arguing with Dylas, subconsciously gave up on their bickering and took a step back with some hesitation.

‘Solidifying the Planar Path? Is Sir Mafa sure of himself? If he personally acted, that possibility would be quite great. After all, Sir Mafa could be considered the best Artisan of the Andlusa Kingdom.

‘Moreover, he can compound first-rate potions and True Spirit Magic Tools by himself, and his mastery of puppeteering can’t even be estimated. And ultimately, he is the strongest in the field of arrays, so this might be his field of predilection.

‘Arrays are the foundation of all three fields. If Sir Mafa makes a move, there might be a chance at solidifying the Planar Path But could that Grey Beastman do so?

‘It was said That Grey Beastmen are formidable at puppeteering, but there was no mention of Grey Beastmen having special accomplishment in the field of arrays.’

Solidifying the Planar Path was a lot more complicated than temporarily opening it.

What Sky City’s people were doing was supporting a single bridge connecting the two planes. As time passed, once the Raging Flame Battlefield’s opening was over, that bridge built like a single log would collapse.

Solidifying the Planar Path was equivalent to building a steel bridge. It was a lot safer and stabler, and it would keep existing.

As long as the solidification of the Planar Path was a success, that Planar Path would remain.

‘Is Mafa Merlin serious?’