End Of The Magic Era Chapter 951

Chapter 951 951 Bloodstone

951 Bloodstone

Harren was hesitating a bit. Although he already had some first-hand knowledge of Lin Yun’s abilities, the matter was too incredible this time. Solidifying a Planar Path was at least over a hundred times more troublesome than opening a temporary path.

That gap was comparable to the gap between an ordinary Master Alchemist and a formidable Artisan. It could even be said that the difficulty couldn’t be represented in terms of rank It was completely incomparable.

As for Sky City’s alchemists, they were currently led by an Artisan and had four Master Alchemists and a dozen Great Alchemists. Yet after such a long time, they had yet to even open the Planar Path, let alone solidifying a Planar Path.

This was a huge gap, something impossible. If they had been able to solidify a Planar Path in the past, human forces wouldn’t have had to wait every time for the Raging Flame Battlefield to open before being able to enter.

Harren clenched his teeth and gave up on the bargaining with Dylas, because 50% of the loot was the same as not having any loot when considering the danger.

He might as well give up now, and if the Planar Path was solidified, he wouldn’t have to worry about the 50%.

Even if it didn’t work, at worst he wouldn’t go to the Raging Flame Battlefield, where the risk would far outweigh the profits…

Most of Andlusa’s people weren’t convinced that Lin Yun’s subordinate, that seemingly ordinary hairless Grey Beastman, could solidify a Planar Path.

But they didn’t say anything. It was their Andlusa Kingdom, after all, and if it succeeded, they would end up getting more benefits.

As for the five forces of the Odin Kingdom, doubt could be seen in their eyes as none of them believed that it was possible. But no one stood out.

Compared to 10% of the loot, what if the solidification was successful?

As long as the Planar Path was solidified, that path would always exist. Not only would they be able to safely enter the Raging Flame Battlefield this time, but the next time the Raging Flame Battlefield opened, the human forces wouldn’t need to waste any time. They would definitely have an advantage over the Beastmen.

Only Dylas laughed heartily, laughing so much that his waist was bent forward and tears could be seen at the corners of his eyes.

“Hahaha You are killing me, Mafa Merlin, I haven’t had such a good laugh for a long time! Solidifying the Planar Path? Damned fool, do you know what solidifying the Planar Path means? Do you know what that represents?

“At your age, I’m afraid that you have been too focused on increasing your rank. You are a 7th Rank Archmage, but do you have any alchemy knowledge? Do you not know common sense?

“Your joke put me in a good mood, so I’ll teach you some common sense for free. I won’t even take a single mana crystal!

“My words might be too esoteric, and I’m afraid you won’t be able to understand. Let’s say there is an abyss between two planes. What Sky City’s people are doing right now is setting up a rope so that we can pass over.

“Solidifying a Planar Path would be equivalent to building a bridge made through a Magic Tool. It would be spacious, stable, and safe. Even a Pig Beastman would be able to safely pass through.

“Although the alchemists that Sky City brought out this time might not be the best Artisans of the Odin Kingdom, they are still peak alchemists, and they can only open the Planar Path. The Odin Kingdom’s best Artisan is unable to solidify a Planar Path here.

“And you think you can do it? Don’t joke about it, everyone clearly knows what kind of level your Andlusa Kingdom has reached. Don’t embarrass yourself if you have no abilities. Still pretending when you have no ability is shameless. As a proverb says, this is burying your head in a pile of cow dung.

“Haha, Mafa Merlin, you must have been very lucky to be able to live until today with that kind of intelligence ”

Jouyi and Harren had terrible expressions. When Dylas mocked Lin Yun, he took jabs at the entire Andlusa Kingdom. They wanted to say something, but they didn’t know what to say.

They would still have some confidence if Lin Yun personally acted, even if that matter seemed impossible.

But it was a different matter if that unremarkable subordinate was taking care of it…

The expression of the representative of the Andlusa’s royal family had also become dark. He had originally gotten angry because of the demand of 50%, but now Lin Yun had come out with that hand and was embarrassing the Andlusa Kingdom.

A member of the royal family had already walked out, ready to berate Lin Yun.

But at that time, a slight trace of spatial fluctuations appeared, just like a drop of water falling onto a calm lake.

A small ripple spread out and instantly made everyone react.

Dylas’ mocking words came to an abrupt halt as he turned to look towards the Planar Path.

And it wasn’t just Dylas. Those silently mocking forces of the Odin Kingdom looked as if they had just seen a God, staring at the busy Crowits.

After that faint spatial fluctuations appeared, they seemed to give rise to a chain reaction, and a silvery light floated in midair.

That slight spatial fluctuation seemed to burst like a volcano, just like a tsunami sharply rising up, spreading waves around.

Gales whistled as the calm elemental power of the surroundings flared up. The surrounding hills were instantly razed by those spatial fluctuations, and the sand all around was sent flowing out.

In the air, that silver light converged and formed a fist-sized silver vortex. That vortex then slowly expanded, far more slowly than a Planar Path opening.

After three seconds, that fist-sized silver vortex doubled in size.

Seeing this scene, all the alchemists of Sky City paled, their eyes opening wide. The crystal pen in the hand of that Artisan also fell onto the fine sand as he foolishly looked at that silver vortex.

“Heavens, sol Solidified Planar Path…

Dylas looked at that slowly growing silver vortex, stock-still as if he had been frozen by a Medusa’s Petrifaction Spell. He was staring with his mouth wide open and his mind blank, having completely forgotten what he had just been saying.

“This he really started solidifying it”

After that silver vortex converged, not only did it become a lot stabler, but there wasn’t a single bit of distortion. The fierce spatial fluctuations showed that this Planar Path was already opened.

The vortex was growing very gradually, which was characteristic of a Planar Path being solidified for the first time. This meant that once the Planar Path was opened, it would remain solidified.

These tsunami-like mana fluctuations seemed to be fiercely tearing through the space.

Anyone with the slightest bit of common sense and understanding towards Planar Paths could understand the situation from these characteristics.

The Planar Path was truly solidifying, and it was a success.

And it had been so fast…

That person from the Andlusa Kingdom’s royal family had his mouth wide open, staring at the scene in shock. He had already forgotten what he had planned on telling Lin Yun as he wondered to himself since when the Andlusa Kingdom had such a powerful alchemist.

Jouyi and Harren glanced at each other. Even if they had some expectations and had guessed that this might end up in a success, they hadn’t been 100% certain.

Both saw the shock in each other’s eyes.

Discovering a new plane and solidifying a Planar Path… This was the power mastered by every formidable force.

But the current situation was special. The Raging Flame Battlefield was a special plane that had no fixed planar coordinates. Without fixed planar coordinates, solidifying a Planar Path should be impossible.

Every time they cracked the Planar Path, they had to calculate the new coordinates and position, as well as the method to open the Planar Path, it required a lot of effort.

Every time, they had to go through the trouble of opening a new Planar Path.

Now, this Planar Path was in front of everyone, and it wouldn’t take long before it was successfully solidified. Everyone felt their common sense collapse, and their general knowledge crumble.

‘Is this real?’

Whether it was the Andlusa Kingdom’s side or the Odin Kingdom’s side, everyone was foolishly looking at that silver-colored vortex as it slowly revolved.

No one moved for the next three minutes, as none of them were able to take their eyes off the silver vortex.

The silver vortex was only considered stable when it grew to be ten meters wide and a deep hole appeared.

The surging spatial fluctuations also dissipated, replaced by the slow-moving spatial fluctuations specific to a Planar Path.

It was like a calmly flowing stream peacefully spread into the surroundings.

Looking through the black hole in the center, they didn’t see darkness, but a deep passage that looked like a starry sky.

The materials used to solidify the Planar Path were completely submerged in the void, and they disappeared. The solidification of the Planar Path was complete, and from now on, that Planar Path would always exist.

“It truly solidified,” Dylas mumbled as he stared awkwardly at the Planar Path, completely stunned.

“Alright, the Planar Path has been solidified. Every force wanting to pass through the Planar Path should pay ten Level 35 spirit mana crystals.

“Naturally, you can choose to not pay and just open another Planar Path yourself.”

At this time, everyone recovered from the shock as Lin Yun’s gentle voice echoed in their ears.

“Ten Level 35 spirit mana crystals?” Dedale exclaimed in disbelief before smiling.

He unhesitantly took out an egg-sized Bloodstone.

“Here, this is our burning Tower’s fee. This egg-sized Bloodstone is worth at least twenty Level 35 spirit mana crystals. Are there any other requirements?”