End Of The Magic Era Chapter 952

Chapter 952 952 Raging Flame Battlefield

952 Raging Flame Battlefield

Lin Yun picked up the Bloodstone and said with a calm expression, “No requirement, only some materials were needed to solidify that Planar Path. But my subordinate did spend some time on it, so ten Level 35 spirit mana crystals are enough as a reward.”

Dedale smiled.

Ten Level 35 spirit mana crystals? That’s considered a reward?

Level 35 spirit mana crystals were relatively precious things, with each one being worth over a dozen Level 30 spirit mana crystals, and that was in the cheapest circumstances. Normally, a dozen Level 30 spirit mana crystals would at most be traded for a Level 33 or 34 spirit mana crystal.

But after entering the Raging Flame Battlefield, encountering Level 39 magic beasts would be a normal occurrence. Any magic beasts under Level 30 would have to be an advanced type that gathered in huge numbers. Low-level magic beasts that had smaller populations had already been extinguished from the Raging Flame Battlefield.

Casually killing a Level 39 magic beast would net more than ten Level 35 spirit mana crystals.

But magic beasts’ mana crystals could only be considered the most ordinary treasures. Anything they would choose would far surpass the value of mana crystals. This was the same as being free of charge compared to Dylas’ 10%.

After the Burning Tower handed over their fee, the other forces of the Odin Kingdom also unhesitantly handed over some spirit mana crystals.

Moreover, none of the forces handed over anything worth less than ten Level 35 spirit mana crystals. Although they had a lot of mana crystals, they might not necessarily carry ten Level 35 spirit mana crystals at all time, so they could only use other things instead.

The value of these things could be considered on the high side, just like the Bloodstone that Dedale had taken out. Although its purity wasn’t very high, it was worth over twenty Level 35 spirit mana crystals.

Even if the Odin forces were looking down on the Andlusa Kingdom, they had a whole new Level of respect for Lin Yun after seeing the Planar Path being solidified, especially at such a speed.

No one minded the almost free fee, and they handed it straight over.

The Andlusa’s side was even more straightforward as they paid their fees without a second thought. If they didn’t have enough mana crystals, they would give treasures surpassing the worth of the mana crystals.

Compared to 50% of the loot from the Raging Flame Battlefield, a fee of ten spirit mana crystals was nothing. Could this even be considered a fee?

It was just a small gesture.

As people saw it, Lin Yun was just doing a good deed, and those few mana crystals were just in order to not let his subordinate work for nothing.

Of the people present, who would care about ten spirit mana crystals?

Everyone happily paid the fee, and only Dylas had a dark expression. His big show had been ruined in a short time.

‘Damn b*stard, that guy definitely did it on purpose! He already knew how to solidify that Planar Path… No, it’s that Grey Beastman subordinate of his. He definitely knew that he could solidify the Planar Path here, but he waited for me to coerce the others and offend them before he enticed them…

‘Not only did I offend everyone in vain, but I also lost a lot of profit.’

Dylas looked furious, but he still took out ten Level 35 spirit mana crystals. Why would he open a new Planar Path now that this one had already been opened?

The solidified Planar Path before his eyes was already safe, and they would be able to enter the Raging Flame Battlefield very quickly. This would cut the gap between them and the Raging Flame Beastmen to a negligible Level.

And the price was only ten spirit mana crystals.

But if he used a Magic Tool to force open a Planar Path, the price would be over a hundred times worse. This was a simple matter of calculations, because he would need to use a very valuable magic gem in order to activate the Magic Tool.

Ordinarily, even a thousand spirit mana crystals couldn’t even be traded for this kind of magic gem, because people simply wouldn’t trade it away.

Dylas’ face was dark. He had a subordinate hand over ten Level 35 spirit mana crystals to Lin Yun. Ten, not one less, not one more, and their Level was exactly at 35. It perfectly matched Lin Yun’s requirement and didn’t exceed it at all.

It was worse than all the other forces.

“Dylas, I’m sorry… When I said ten Level 35 spirit mana crystals, it was for everyone else except you. If you want to go, you have to pay a hundred, not one less.”

Dylas’ expression greatly changed as he heard that.

“Damnit, Mafa Merlin, you are trying to rip off our Shadow Tower? Ten times? Why do the others only have to pay ten while we need to pay a hundred? No way, you are delusional!”

Dylas straightforwardly rejected Lin Yun’s requirement.

Lin Yun didn’t seem bothered at all by Dylas lashing out. “Don’t want to pay? Sure, I don’t care. In that case, you can take your Shadow Tower into the Raging Flame Battlefield with your Magic Tool. Can’t you blow open a Planar Path? I’m not ripping you off, and I’m not making things difficult for you. You can make your own decisions.

“As for why the others only have to pay ten while you have to pay a hundred, I learnt from you. You can choose not to pay, but unless you pay up, you can’t use this Planar Path,” Lin Yun said with an indifferent attitude.

The sound of Dylas’ teeth grinding echoed, but no fierce words came out.

A sum of one hundred Level 35 spirit mana crystals was no longer a small amount. Not many 9th Rank Archmages carried a hundred Level 35 spirit mana crystals.

Apart from some powerful alchemists, very few people had so many mana crystals, as they would have already traded them for all kinds of materials.

Dylas remained silent, his expression continuously fluctuating. A hundred Level 35 spirit mana crystals wasn’t an unacceptable price, because the cost of opening the Planar Path himself and using a Magic Tool to protect themselves was already several dozen times higher.

If he was unlucky in that unstable Planar Path and encountered a Void Storm or a Spatial Storm, or the even more terrifying Spacetime Storm, the price he would have to pay would be a hundred times higher than a hundred spirit mana crystals.

The Andlusans didn’t speak and only watched with amusement, not worried that they wouldn’t enter the Planar Path.

Not a single one of the Odin Kingdom’s five forces were thinking of standing up for Dylas after his tentative of extortion. Dedale even howled in laughter, not hiding his ridicule and enjoyment.

“Dylas, if your Shadow Tower is too poor to take out a hundred spirit mana crystal, then you shouldn’t stay there, this place is too dangerous. You should hurry up and return to play with mud.

“Here, here, one spirit mana crystal, consider it my gift to help poor souls like you…”

After saying so, Dedale did take out a Level 30 spirit mana crystal and threw it to Dylas, as if he was helping a beggar out.

Dylas had a dark expression as he used a Mana Hand to take back those mana crystals and throw several kinds of magic gems at Lin Yun.

Lin Yun held the magic gems and conscientiously inspected them while Dylas looked at the scene, almost puking blood.

“There is no problem, those six magic gems are genuine and are worth more or less 102 spirit mana crystals, you can enter the Planar Path.”

Dylas clenched his fists from anger, but he endured the urge to say anything. He had already been humiliated and had offended everyone.

Seeing Dylas’ humiliation and the fact that he admitted defeat, everyone tacitly agreed to walk towards the Planar path.

Dedale was laughing even louder, “Alright, the joke is over, it’s time to sort out those brainless two-legged beasts.”

The group walked into the Planar Path one by one, but Lin Yun wasn’t in a hurry and stood behind, calmly waiting.

Eight forces had already gone in, and Dylas was about to enter when glared at Lin Yun like a viper, his gaze holding hardly concealed malice.

“Mafa Merlin, you’d best pray you don’t meet me in the Raging Flame Battlefield, or you’ll understand how cruel fate can be. Be careful!”

Lin Yun hardly cared about Dylas’ threat and indifferently chuckled.

“You should understand this well, fate loves to play jokes.”

Dylas snorted and then turned to enter the Planar Path, disappearing like the others.

“Merlin, why have you let these people go in, while accepting so little mana crystals! You let them off too lightly” Enderfa asked as he watched Dylas disappearing while hovering next to Lin Yun.

Lin Yun shook his head and didn’t say anything. He looked at Dylas disappearing within the Planar Path with an indescribable expression.

It would have been possible to only make the Andlusan forces enter, or just his own force.

Unfortunately, the Raging Flame Battlefield had its own share of aboriginal magic beasts as well as a large number of Raging Flame Beastmen powerhouses.

The magic beasts were a bit better to handle, the powerful magic beasts didn’t live in large groups so they would at most encounter two, and that could be handled.

But those Raging Flame Beastmen wasn’t something one or two forces could handle.

Apart from dealing with the original dangers of the Raging Flame Battlefield, they still had to deal with the threat of the Raging Flame Beastmen.

Just by relying on themselves, or the Andlusa Kingdom, they wouldn’t have enough power.

The Laws within the Raging Flame Battlefield were very special. Heaven Rank powerhouses with Extraordinary power couldn’t enter. The Laws containing Extraordinary Power were different from this plane, they might cause that Raging Flame Battlefield’s plane to collapse, or separate from the Raging Flame Plane.