End Of The Magic Era Chapter 953

Chapter 953 953 Sirius

953 Sirius

The most important thing was that Heaven Rank powerhouses simply couldn’t pass through the Planar Path. If a Heaven Rank powerhouse tried to do so, the Planar Path would collapse, and the connection between the two planes would be severed. This would make the Heaven Rank powerhouse fall in the endless void, dying without leaving a corpse behind.

And there was a limit to the quantity of people. If there was nothing unexpected, the Raging Flame Beastmen’s side was filled with powerhouses and their numbers were roughly similar to the human side, while their strength wouldn’t differ too much.

The Odin Kingdom and the Andlusa Kingdom’s powerhouses more or less matched the Raging Flame Beastmen’s powerhouses when added up. Even if they could suppress the Raging Flame Beastmen, their advantage wasn’t that big.

Moreover, the Odin Kingdom surpassed the Andlusa Kingdom in both number and strength. Under such circumstances, most of the power restricting the Raging Flame Beastmen came from those six forces.

If the Andlusa Kingdom entered on their own, they would only end up being destroyed, let alone profiting…

And Lin Yun wasn’t just letting Dylas off when he allowed him to enter the Planar Path after paying such a paltry sum.

Lin Yun had been thinking with a pondering smile.

When he saw Dylas, he suddenly discovered something interesting and crafted a plan. But he needed Dylas for the plan… His blood, to be more precise.

“Let’s go, Sir Crowits, did you think about it? Do you want to accompany me?” Lin Yun turned his head to look at Crowits.

When they came, Lin Yun had specially asked Crowits some things about the Raging Flame Battlefield and wanted to enter together with him.

Crowits, as an old Beastmen, knew some things about the eight tribes, and he even knew many secrets. He knew more than the clan elders of the Grey Beastman Tribe.

It would be a lot more convenient if such a person entered the Raging Flame Battlefield with him.

But unfortunately, Crowits didn’t like fighting. He was enthralled by puppeteering and simply didn’t want to go to the Raging Flame Battlefield. After his strength reached the Archmage realm, he became a formidable Artisan, and the Grey Beastman Tribe simply couldn’t let him go to such a dangerous place.

He came up here only because he suddenly had some insights regarding arrays and Planar Paths.

He knew that it was impossible to solidify a Planar Path to the Raging Flame Battlefield, so he only came to experiment.

“Sir Merlin, I won’t go. I’ve already stopped fighting for a long time, and I’ve never been to the Raging Field. Our Grey Beastmen knew very little regarding that place. The Grey Beastmen stopped entering the Raging Flame Battlefield since the humans came to the Raging Flame Plane. I’m not even sure what the place might look like now”

Lin Yun nodded and didn’t force him. He let Crowits return to the Grey Beastmen’s fort before taking his subordinates and entering the Planar Path.

As they stepped into the Planar Path, the surroundings transformed into an endless void. Light was twisted around them, only leaving a central circular passage leading to some unknown location.

Here, they could clearly feel the terrifying energy fluctuations coming from outside. They would be instantly killed if those fluctuations erupted, and even Heaven Rank powerhouses wouldn’t have it easy.

Outside of the passage, they could faintly see some distorted scenes. Some of them showed events of the previous eras, and some even flowed backward.

This was spacetime chaos. If developed, it could turn into a Spacetime Storm and would easily destroy a plane.

Lin Yun silently sensed the aura here. The chaos contained the auras of all Laws, with the spatial aura being the densest. He cautiously used his Magic Array to catch that wisp of pure spatial aura.

After a second, the surrounding distorted light dissipated as a vortex appeared, swallowing everyone into it.

The light before his eyes suddenly darkened, and he had yet to clearly see his environment when the smell of sulfur assaulted everyone’s noses.

They then felt the temperature become extraordinarily high as they appeared in a barren land. Rivers of lava were flowing everywhere, and chunks of black rock were floating atop the lava.

A loud roar echoed, and it was followed by a terrifying wave of mana fluctuations. The lava of the kilometer-wide lava lake in front of them churned as huge plumes of black smoke covered the sky.

An enormous head emerged from the lava lake.

It had red skin, three scarlet eyes, and four crisscrossing thick black fangs that showed a sinister expression.

“Sirius!? Heavens, how could that kind of monster appear here? That thing should have become extinct during the God Wars!”

Enderfa clearly was shocked by that monster.

Even Lin Yun only faintly remembered that such a monster existed.

“Merlin, raise everyone’s vigilance, that monster is a terrifying magic beast that went extinct in the God Era. They have incredibly low intelligence and are pure wild beasts. They live in places filled with lava, and their food is lava. Moreover, whenever they start living in a place, the environment slowly starts changing.

“The lava spreads further and further, and aside from lava, they destroy everything in their territory. Whether there was a living creature or an ordinary tree, they would all be the targets of destruction.

“Be especially careful of their 3rd eye”

Enderfa’s three faces were filled with amazement, but they also looked as if they had seen something delicious…

Lin Yun floated in the air, slightly frowning.

Just after entering the Raging Flame Battlefield, he had already encountered a monster that had gone extinct since the era of Gods. And it was a Peak Level 39 Sirius that was even emitting a wisp of Extraordinary Power. It looked as if it would soon advance to the Heaven Rank.

In fact, it might already have started the advancement process when it suddenly sensed the appearance of lifeforms, angering it.

The Sirius’ body slowly came out of the lava.

It towered over a hundred meters in height, with arms that were almost eighty meters long. In comparison, its torso was very small. It relied on its huge arms to walk.

Those arms were covered in vein-like cracks, which lava was flowing out of before combining into strange ancient magic patterns.


The Sirius suddenly set off a massive tidal wave of lava that flowed towards everyone.

Lin Yun floated up, not joining in the fight, letting his subordinates take care of things.

A Peak Level 39 beast with Extraordinary Power was the best test to take a look at his subordinates’ recent increases in strength. They definitely wouldn’t be able to handle a Heaven Rank, but this magic beast would suit their needs perfectly.

When faced with that tidal wave of lava, Reina instantly turned into her Frost Dragon Shape and took to the sky.

Ice aura instantly spread from her, and the temperature started dropping precipitously as ice fragments fluttered in the air. Many ice elements were forcibly condensed in this hot area.

Reina’s body had gone through some huge transformations. She had become slimmer, with the oversized Draconic build disappearing, and her Dragon Scales had become thinner. The decorative patterns on the scales had also become more profound.

Reina’s dependence on her wings had greatly reduced. She was faster, more agile, and she could fly longer.

She lightly flickered and avoided that hundred-meter-tall wave.

The patched puppet and Enderfa didn’t even try to dodge as they directly started casting.

The two thick spellwaves entangled and turned into a distorted spellstorm. This surge of power clashed with that tidal wave of lava, blasting a large hole in the tidal wave.

Xiuban ran on top of the solidified chunks of lava and charged towards the lava wave. When he swung Carnage, it sent air billowing away with its terrifying power, making Xiuban look like a big air blast.

A loud explosion echoed as Xiuban shattered a rock when he kicked off of it and turned into a shadow rushing through the lava wave.

The white blast of air fiercely impacted the wave of lava as Carnage ruthlessly smashed towards it.

In an instant, a thick ripple spread across the entire lava wave from Xiuban as a shockwave swept through everything. An explosion echoed from the tsunami of lava as Xiuban’s body didn’t stop in the slightest. He pierced straight through it and continued his charge towards the Sirius.

They didn’t even think of moving away or roaming around the battlefield. They all just rushed forward to directly confront the opponent.

The Sirius suddenly got angry in the face of that provocation. Two of its arms supported its body while the remaining four inserted themselves into the rivers of lava and pulled out four huge spheres of lava.

Those massive spheres suddenly shrank and darkened while a bursting aura spread from them.

Then, those sturdy arms compressed the lava spheres and threw them at everyone.

After throwing the four compressed lava spheres, the Sirius didn’t show the slightest sign of pausing as it continued grabbing more of them.

Under the monstrous power of the Sirius, the compressed lava spheres kept emitting sharp whistles as they travelled several hundred meters in an instant.