End Of The Magic Era Chapter 955

Chapter 955 955 Crimson Firefox

955 Crimson Firefox

At most, one could collect fur, teeth, claws, the heart, and some special bones from ordinary magic beasts.

After collecting these, most of the body of the magic beast was worthless. At best, the meat could be used for food, but many magic beasts had meat with extremely strange properties. It either couldn’t be eaten, or the taste was very bad.

Lin Yun sighed with emotion. They had only just entered the Raging Flame Battlefield, and they had already gotten a huge harvest. Even if they couldn’t get anything valuable afterward, this Sirius with a wisp of Extraordinary Power was already enough to make up for it.

After finishing plundering the corpse, Lin Yun took everyone to keep raking in money, and soon, they arrived near a monster habitat. There, they dug out a large number of fire crystals as well as some fire-attributed magic metal.

They chose a direction and kept pushing forward, and their surroundings gradually started to be covered by vegetation, with some relatively precious plants among them.

The mage army kept harvesting large amounts of valuable medicinal ingredients. These were precious raw materials for potioneering, and many of them would be very difficult to buy in Noscent.

They didn’t meet any powerful magic beasts like the Sirius for the next three days. The strongest they encountered was only an ordinary Level 39 magic beast.

However, they even encountered a rock beast with such shocking defenses that even when Xiuban slammed it with Carnage, its outer shell suffered no damage. However, its internal organs were still shattered by that blow.

But although they hadn’t encountered anything too powerful, the weakest magic beast they encountered alone was level 35. The weaker Level 30 magic beasts were all in groups of a few dozen at the very least.

They even encountered a pack of over two hundred Forest Wind Wolves, with the weakest being at level 30 and their alpha being level 35.

Apart from magic beasts, the other dangers of the Raging Flame Battlefield also started appearing. Spatial cracks could suddenly appear in places with unstable space, and if one was careless, they would instantly be turned into a corpse.

There were even some places where detection spells couldn’t detect anything, but when they stepped in, they would immediately sink into a quagmire that continuously drained their mana.

Some other places were rich in mana to the point that they couldn’t tell if the whole area was an illusion. The illusion seemed to be filled with terrible plants that absorbed mana and blood. When burnt, these plants could even hide underground.

The successive battles and dangers didn’t create too many problems, but the harvest was huge.

This place’s magic beasts were the same. All of their body parts could be used as materials, whether it was the fur, bones, flesh, or organs, everything was valuable.

Even the flesh of those Level 30 Forest Wind Wolves could be stored to be eaten after their return, allowing the mages with weaker bodies to reinforce their strength while also making them more nimble.

The most important part was that this still wouldn’t affect their casting; it would even greatly benefit it.

Lin Yun was prepared to bring back the flesh and give it to the Grey Beastmen. After mixing it with some medicinal ingredients, the flesh would greatly reinforce their physical strength.

Although the flesh of these magic beasts had no effect on a freak like Xiuban, when it came to those frail Grey Beastmen, as long as they kept eating it for a few days, their bodies would at least double in terms of physical ability. This was like a hidden way of increasing their survival odds.

Apart from the materials on the magic beasts’ bodies, there was also a lot of magic metal.

Lin Yun felt disinclined to mine those and only sent puppets to mine some very valuable ore veins. He even found Stardust Magic Rock and excavated some thick ore that he could cut into over thirty pieces.

Stardust Magic Rock had been almost completely excavated in Noscent, so the only pieces of it that still showed up came from the Endless Sea or some other planes.

Stardust Magic Rock had two effects. The first was to filter a mage’s mana like a sieve, getting rid of the impurities within the mage’s mana, some of which the mages themselves didn’t know about.

As the mana became purer, the mana cost of spells would reduce, and the casting power would strengthen. This was a benefit that no mage could refuse.

The most important part was that this thing, if only used to purify mana, wouldn’t wear down. On the contrary, the impurities would be absorbed, making the Stardust Magic Rock even bigger and stronger.

The bigger the Stardust Magic Rock, the better the purification effect. If it was the size of a human head, even the mana of a Heaven Rank powerhouse could be purified.

The other benefit was that it could be used in order to set up arrays. If the Stardust Magic Rock was added to the center of an array, it would increase the array’s power.

If the Stardust Magic Rock was purely used as the foundation of the array, it would raise the grade of the array!

Almost all the large-scale defensive arrays of the major forces included some Stardust Magic Rock. Some hidden forces like the Merlin Family’s Holy Land or the Black Tower’s Holy Land had arrays set up with Stardust Magic Rock as the key. Thus, besides the members of their own family, almost no one could discover them.

Now, he discovered over thirty pieces, and the biggest one was almost the size of a head. Lin Yun couldn’t help smiling.

With these, the strength of his subordinates would inevitably rise up again, and he could also use it himself. Moreover, if he established a secret base later, he could use these Stardust Magic Rocks.

The good luck disappeared on the 4th day, apparently all used up.

They had just bypassed a peak filled with spatial cracks and chaotic space when Extraordinary Power suddenly burst out in front of them.

In the distance was a 60-meter-tall Firefox with three enormous, pillar-like tails continuously swaying. Pure flames were burning all over the Firefox’s body, and as it opened its mouth, a large sphere kept expanding in front of it.

The sphere was orange at first and then quickly turned blue. It was soon a huge blue and black sphere of energy.


Air blasts were created as the four elements condensed into a halo in front of the Firefox’s mouth.

That showed that the power of the energy sphere was too great. The air was exploding from being suppressed too tightly, and the elemental power within several dozen meters was compressed in an instant, creating that four-colored halo.

The blue and black energy sphere swept over with terrifying power, spinning towards Lin Yun’s group as an endless tornado was curled behind the energy sphere.

The nearby terrain was swept up and broken apart by these whirlwinds, leaving behind a huge ravine spreading over seven hundred meters.

“Damnit, a Heaven Rank Crimson Firefox! That’s the magic attack of a Heaven Rank magic beast! Hurry up and dodge!” Enderfa’s three faces shouted at the same time, as if he had seen something very horrifying.

Everyone used their own methods, either flying up to dodging to the side, and within a second, everyone managed to dodge several dozen meters away. This was already enough to dodge the energy sphere, but no one stopped trying to get even further away.

The energy sphere seemed slow, but it only took one second to move seven hundred meters and hit the peak covered in spatial cracks that Lin Yun’s group had just circumvented.

That ten-meter-wide energy sphere impacted the center of the mountain. A spatial crack that had appeared at that spot was forcibly crushed by the energy sphere, and space kept shuddering from the impact.

With the pressure emitted by the energy sphere, the precarious peak became even more unstable and the originally two-meter-long spatial crack had now become almost five times as long!

It was like a pitch-black mouth had appeared out of nowhere, silent, but emitting a terrifying aura.

There wasn’t even a plane behind that crack because it led to the endless void. After falling in, even a Heaven Rank powerhouse would be out of luck, as this was a dead end.

But after being pressured by the energy sphere, those terrifying spatial cracks looked as if they were alive. They were forcibly flattened and folded by the sphere. The space distorted, and from a distance, everything on the mountain peak turned strange.


At that time, everyone heard the sound of the energy sphere’s impact as it pierced through the middle of the mountain.

In no less than two seconds, everyone had fled two to three hundred meters away, and they were able to see the huge, jet-black mushroom cloud spreading out of the mountain.

Lightning and fire kept flickering within the black cloud as the blue and black kept crisscrossing, spreading several hundred meters into the sky.

Then, a visible ripple spread through the space, just like a tsunami.

As the shockwave spread, everything in its way was ground into pieces, shattering the mountain and everything on it. Ten layers of the ground were gouged out.

Everyone had solemn and shocked expressions. They barely managed to dodge over two hundred meters away, but the shockwave had already caught up to them.

It was like a transparent barrier continuously expanding, and anything touched by it would disintegrate.

The fifty mages gathered together and formed an array to use their huge Fire Shield to protect themselves.

Lin Yun frowned, his expression not very good. He directly used his Runic Shield and waved his Draconic Staff to add a layer of four Elemental Shields, while still moving back to reduce the force of the impact ever so slightly.