End Of The Magic Era Chapter 958

Chapter 958 958 Dark Cloud

958 Dark Cloud

The claw swatted the lava pond and instantly collapsed into a large amount of Bewitching Foxfire.

That Foxfire instantly ignited half of the pond, and the boiling lava couldn’t extinguish those flames. Instead, the Bewitching Foxfire rapidly started spreading, trying to ignite the entire lava pond.

Lin Yun flashed twice and discarded that half of the lava pond. The outer part of the pond had been ignited, but Syudos couldn’t devour such a huge amount at once even though he had already fused with a lot of its characteristics.

Syudos would take more time to devour the Bewitching Foxfire than the Foxfire would take to ignite the entire lava pond, so Lin Yun decisively cut off half of the lava pond.

Lin Yun dodged and cautiously forbade Syudos from leaving the range of his protection. And sure enough, after Lin Yun flashed away, the Bewitching Foxfire flared up and suddenly converged towards the center before loudly exploding, destroying everything within that area.

If Syudos had been devouring that Bewitching Foxfire, he would have been annihilated.

Lin Yun had a cold expression. That crafty fox had already awakened wisdom as a Heaven Rank Magic Beast, but had been using the fighting style of ordinary magic beasts to make them think it hadn’t, all in order to pull such a trick.

With Syudos here, the Crimson Firefox’s Bewitching Foxfire was far less dangerous, as it would instead be devoured by him.

In just a few minutes, Syudos rapidly rose to level 37, and although his levelling speed had slowed down, it was still increasing as he devoured the flames.

This showed that the Bewitching Foxfire was a high-grade flame. Moreover, it more or less contained Extraordinary Power from a magic beast. To a Flame Spirit like Syudos, that was equivalent to directly raising his level. This was like a medicine upgrading his Life Essence.

If he kept devouring it, he might even be able to advance to level 38, and it might be possible to advance to higher levels!

The Crimson Firefox had thought hard about how to get rid of Syudos, but unfortunately, Lin Yun simply didn’t let Syudos leave the range of his protection.

Its first move failed, but the Crimson Firefox showed no intention of stopping its attack, as it already had two more moves prepared. As the Bewitching Foxfire exploded, the Crimson Firefox suddenly opened its mouth and glaring orange flames spurted out, targeting the mage army in the sky.

The sudden surprise attack made the mage army unable to dodge, so they could only block. In an instant, that Bewitching Foxfire reached the front of the mage army.

The mage army’s defenses were completely useless in front of the Bewitching Foxfire. The flames couldn’t break through their defenses, but it ignited their huge Fire Shield. The orange Foxfire was like a wave that rapidly spread towards the entire mage army.

Half of the flames surrounding the mage army was ignited in an instant, and the Fire Elemental Incarnation of one of the mages was even infected by Bewitching Foxfire.

It first suppressed Lin Yun, then prepared a trap for Syudos, and then finally casually threw Bewitching Foxfire to the vulnerable mage army. That Foxfire had been even more advanced than the one covering its body, like the flames had been condensed into a shining liquid.

After igniting the mage army’s elemental sea of flames, the Crimson Firefox narrowed its eyes and exposed a cold and gloomy grin. The flames extending out of its three continuously swaying tails suddenly scattered, and it looked like three tails grew once again.

The thick flaming tails tripled in size as they turned into whirlwinds of fire that fiercely attacked Xiuban, Enderfa, Reina, and the patched puppet. At the same time, the Crimson Firefox leapt and started pressuring Lin Yun.

It sliced with the claws from both paws and flames spread out, forming two enormous fiery claws that attacked Lin Yun from both sides.

The lava pond was instantly broken down by these two flaming claws, and some lava was spent over a kilometer away due to the impact. The few remaining trees ended up being turned into ashes in an instant.

As the ashes drifted in the air, loud air blasts shot in all directions. The strong gales were like endless Wind Blades that ripped through everything within a kilometer.

After that, the Crimson Firefox smirked and opened its mouth to condense an Energy Sphere full of an aura of destruction. From initially being fist-sized, it rapidly expanded to reach seven to eight meters in diameter.

At that point, the Crimson Firefox unhesitantly shot that destructive Energy Sphere towards the center of the air blast storm, crushing all the air blasts in an instant as it hit the center.


A mushroom cloud formed from raging flames rose up and destroyed everything within several hundred meters. It didn’t scatter for a very long time after rising to the sky, but countless shockwaves spread everywhere.

The Crimson Firefox was suddenly surprised. It raised its head as it noticed that the bewitching aura coming from that half-ignited fire cloud was dissipating and a Flame Spirit, whose body had already turned orange, was rapidly shuttling through the fire cloud to cleanly devour the Bewitching Foxfire.

All of the Bewitching Foxfire dissipated in three seconds.

Meanwhile, Lin Yun hadn’t been killed by the destructive Energy Sphere. Instead, he was floating below the mage army.

Lin Yun sneered as he floated in the air.

He had felt something wrong at the start of the battle, so he had secretly notified everyone not to remain too close. How could a Heaven Rank Fox that awakened Bewitching Foxfire be easy to handle? It definitely had the cunning of foxes.

And unexpectedly, as a Heaven Rank Magic Beast, it fought defensively, kept to a three-hundred-meter area by everyone, until it suddenly burst out to attack.

Apart from the mage army that simply couldn’t dodge, everyone unhesitantly avoided the Crimson Firefox’s counterattack as it appeared. And although they cut sorry figures, they weren’t injured.

Lin Yun, who had been given special attention, was swatted from both sides, forcing him to give up control of the lava pond, scattering Lava Elemental Incarnation as he drank a bottle of Void Potion he had previously crafted.

The potion transformed him into nothingness, making any attack targeting him ineffective. His body, mana, and aura completely disappeared.

After flying up, he instantly noticed that crafty fox preparing an Energy Sphere.

Although the Void Potion was extremely effective and allowed one to disappear from space and render attacks ineffective, it wouldn’t be able to completely protect the user when facing a completely unreasonable mix of different types of energy like a destructive Energy Sphere.

The Energy Sphere could destroy everything in its range, and even space would collapse into fragments. No one dared to provoke some first-rate magic beasts because of that simple and cruel attack.

When Noscent developed to its peak, they discovered as many planes as there were stars, and many ended up being destroyed. Among those, a lot more were destroyed by Heaven Rank Magic Beasts than by battles between Heaven Rank powerhouses.

Lin Yun had previously read that during the days of Bane ruling Noscent, he fought with an extremely powerful Extraordinary Magic Beast, and just as he was about to kill it, that magic beast tried to take him down with it.

Its attack was a simple and powerful destructive Energy Sphere that collapsed the entire plane’s spacetime.

The branch of the river of time that drove everything within that plane snapped, and the entire plane was frozen at the instant of its collapse. That nearly dead Extraordinary Magic Beast, as well as the entire plane, was rapidly frozen.

And that was also the most difficult situation Bane had ever been in, and he had almost been stuck in that plane.

Thus, Lin Yun was very afraid of Extraordinary Magic Beasts’ destructive Energy Spheres. That kind of completely unreasonable ability was far more troublesome than a Heaven Mage.

Floating in the air, Lin Yun once again used Lava Incarnation, making his mana turn into smoke and spread through the sky. A large, dark cloud appeared in the sky, and then, it looked as if a lava pond was floating in the air.

The flames within the lava pond kept churning, and the terrifying mana fluctuations were tossing about like a tsunami. That pure mana could compare to a genuine Heaven Mage’s if not for the fact that it lacked Extraordinary Power.

“The real battle starts now! Even if the Crimson Firefox is already at the Heaven Rank, it is nothing more than a Crimson Firefox! Apart from Bewitching Foxfire and the destructive Energy Spheres, it has nothing worth praising”

Lin Yun sneered and waved his Draconic Staff, and dozens of huge meteors fell down from the dark cloud in the sky. The meteors fell down with extreme pressure and ruthlessly crashed down on the Crimson Firefox.

The enormous fox bared its fangs, glaring at Lin Yun and completely ignoring the others. In its eyes, everyone else wasn’t worth its attention.

The others all withdrew a bit, silently moving back to the edge of the battlefield.

As those meteors kept falling, the Crimson Firefox’s three tails turned into a blur as they rapidly whipped those meteorites. It continuously crushed the meteors into fragments while spitting out Bewitching Foxfire from time to time.

After spitting out the Foxfire three times, the Crimson Firefox once again threw out a destructive Energy Sphere. This one didn’t fly into Lin Yun, but into the dark cloud.

A circular hole appeared in the center of the cloud in an instant and rapidly spread, shattering the dark cloud into fragments.