End Of The Magic Era Chapter 963

Chapter 963 963 Want To Fight?

963 Want To Fight?

Magic beasts that were able to advance to the Heaven Rank would establish their own Demiplane. Magic beasts didn’t deeply research like humans, so they simply relied on the Demiplane to accumulate mana.

This was why some of the more powerful Heaven Rank Magic Beasts would even have a hundred times the mana of a mage on the same level.

This strange Frost Ape before them was level 40, but it hadn’t awakened wisdom and wasn’t able to display the power of the Heaven Rank.

It was just like an ordinary Frost Ape that was scaled up

It could only be considered a fake Heaven Rank at most. Apart from the Heaven Rank Magic Beast’s instinct of attacking with a destructive Energy Sphere, it didn’t pose any threat.

Lin Yun went all-out, casting while frowning.

The Frost Ape was suppressed until it could no longer raise its head. It screamed, and fled while covered in a thick layer of ice armor…

Everyone was shocked as they saw this, and even Lin Yun looked baffled.

A Heaven Rank Magic Beast was sent fleeing by a group of Archmages?

What was this?

Seeing this situation, everyone chased after the Frost Ape, and a large number of spells flew over. The Frost Ape’s fur turned black from the burns, and it kept getting slower as it got more injured.

Just as the Frost Ape was about to be killed, something happened.

Four orange flowing lights suddenly appeared in the sky and rapidly fell down, hitting four corners around the Frost Ape. A terrifying aura of mana that clearly belonged to a True Spirit Magic Tool erupted.

Those four spear-like objects were like orange crystals. The bottom part looked like spears, while the upper part had many magic beast sculptures carved on them, with the sculpture of a “clever beast” carved on top. That clever beast’s eyes were emitting light as if it was alive.

Clever beast was like a nickname. The clever beast was called Simate and was a very special magic beast. That kind of magic beast innately awakened wisdom just like a human child, and as it grew, its intelligence would keep on increasing. It was a kind of magic beast that was proficient at learning.

Their race was very small in stature, and even after reaching adulthood, they would only be as big as a kitten. Their fighting power was also terrible. A Level 30 clever beast might not be the opponent of an ordinary Level 20 magic beast.

But no magic beast would crazily attack a clever beast. It was rumored that clever beasts were Gods’ pets, very wise magic beasts. Although their personal strength was inferior, they had a very formidable ability.

Seals and barriers!

Places occupied by clever beasts had very powerful defensive barriers. Their seals were also formidable. If given enough opportunity, a Level 30 clever beast might be able to seal a Level 35 magic beast.

That kind of magic beast could almost never be seen, and there had been no record of one in a millennium.

These four crystal spikes with clever beasts carved on them pierced the ground. Seemingly having noticed something, the Frost Ape panicked and angrily roared.

Then, four Magic Tool Incarnations appeared atop the four crystal spears, all in the shape of clever beasts. With the appearance of those clever beasts, the four crystal spears burst out with power. A brilliant orange light burst out of them, transforming into a barrier of light covering all sides and locking the Frost Ape within.

The Frost Ape’s attacks struck the barrier, but they were like drops of water falling on the surface of a lake, only creating some ripples. The Frost Ape simply couldn’t struggle free from that barrier.

Just as the barrier appeared, a large ship also appeared in the direction that the Frost Ape had been running to. The ship was over twenty meters long and six meters tall. It had a large number of runes and patterns carved on it, and it was fitted with many defensive magic tools. Although they were inferior defensive magic tools, being integrated in the array greatly raised the defenses of the ship.

It had no weapon systems, but the defenses were quite amazing. After all, this era wasn’t the future Noscent when any Archmage could get a hold of a low-grade magic battleship.

First of all, the energy supply system for magic battleships was a huge problem in this era. Being able to manufacture a ship without weapon systems was already a great achievement. A battleship armed to the teeth wasn’t something that could be done in this era. Perhaps if some major force spared no costs, they might be able to craft one.

The battleship rapidly approached the barrier, and a group of people flew out of the ship before casting countless spells at the barrier.

The Frost Ape’s attacks could only create ripples in the barrier, but the barrier didn’t affect these spells coming from outside at all.

The Frost Ape, which had been on its last legs, was now trapped and could only face the endless flood of spells.

On the other side, Lin Yun and the others were chasing behind. The spells they had released only created fluctuations on the barrier and were unable to pass through.

By the time Lin Yun arrived, the Frost Ape in the barrier emitted a blood-curdling scream and tumbled down like a mountain.

As the Frost Ape was about to breathe its last breath, a side of the barrier dissipated, and only the side blocking Lin Yun and the others remained.

But something happened just as that side of the barrier dissipated. The nearly dead Frost Ape unexpectedly rose up and burst out with newfound power, wanting to escape.

Just as the Frost Ape jumped up, a black hole appeared under its feet. Everything in the surroundings was sucked in as if that bottomless abyss would devour everything.

The black hole instantly expanded to become ten meters wide, and the gravitational pull sharply increased, forcibly drawing the Frost Ape in.

The Frost Ape roared in fright. After falling, its limbs stuck to the ground as it tried to resist the black hole’s gravitational pull. Meanwhile, there was a barrage of spells shooting down at it from a group of gorgeously dressed mages.

A pitch-black sphere smashed onto the head of the Frost Ape and loudly exploded. It was like a giant ruthlessly slammed the back of the Frost Ape’s head, making it lie on its stomach.

Then, a large number of Dark Arrows rained down and stabbed into the Frost Ape’s head. The Frost Ape’s aura of life rapidly dissipated as it loudly screamed.

The entire sky was covered in smoke as a snakelike silver rope rapidly pierced into the wound on the back of the Frost Ape’s head and took out a deep blue mana crystal before disappearing into the airship.

In the distance, Lin Yun was hovering in the air, his eyes shining.

Although the barrier was blocking them, it wasn’t blocking their sight, and it didn’t stop mana reactions. A large number of spells had struck the other side of the barrier. Smoke surged, and the spells were very chaotic. Anyone else wouldn’t have noticed the mana crystal of the Frost Ape had already been plundered.

But Lin Yun had faintly seen a light and caught a bit of aura as the Frost Ape’s mana crystal had appeared. He had managed to recognize that silvery light.

That was a very special True Spirit Magic Tool known as a Spirit Snake.

The essence of a Spirit Snake was a rope, but a kind of precious material known as Dust Mithril had been added within. That was a very rare material in Noscent that could only be found within the Endless Sea. It was even rumored that some ore veins of Dust Mithril could be found drifting within the endless void. Those found in Noscent all came from fallen meteorites.

With Dust Mithril, the Spirit Snake was able to awaken its Magic Tool Incarnation, but its Incarnation couldn’t separate from the Magic Tool. This made the Spirit Snake become a genuine living creature, but without mana fluctuations, life aura, or body heat. Apart from seeing it directly with one’s eyes, no detection spell would be able to discover that thing.

Even if the area was covered in mana, it would still remain undetectable.

During the peak of Noscent, that thing was the best Magic Tool for stealing or investigating. It was even more precious than a Mid-Rank True Spirit Magic Tool.

Lin Yun had a strange smile on his face but remained. He only acted as if he hadn’t seen anything.

Owning a ship that could only be used for locomotion No offensive power, but able to use True Spirit Magic Tools to form a barrier, as well as the Spirit Snake…

Seeing the other side wearing gorgeous robes while being armed to the teeth, Lin Yun didn’t need to think much to know that this was the Henry Family of the Odin Kingdom.

He had heard people talk about them before, but had yet to see them himself. But now, he could feel the upstart aura they emitted. Their level of wealth truly wasn’t ordinary.

They casually took out a few True Spirit Magic Tools, including one that had awakened wisdom. They definitely were wealthy.

Before, those Raging Flame Beastmen had spared no effort to try to snatch the Crimson Firefox’s mana crystal, and now, the Henry Family came to snatch the Frost Ape’s mana crystal.

But the people of the Henry Family had some skill. They had used a total of five True Spirit Magic Tools to stealthily snatch the Frost Ape’s mana crystal.

‘What is going on with these mana crystals?’

Lin Yun didn’t say anything, but his subordinates exploded. They had painstakingly fought for a long time, and that Frost Ape had started fleeing. Now it was dead and someone was trying to snatch it? What the hell?

The instant the barrier dissipated, Xiuban raised Carnage and rushed over, charging towards the corpse the Frost Ape while roaring, “Damned scoundrels! Uncle Xiuban had been fighting for hours and was about to kill that big guy, yet a bunch of scoundrels like you can to snatch my prey! Do you want to fight? Come, come! Uncle Xiuban’s Carnage is extremely hungry!”

Xiuban stomped the ground in rage with an extremely red complexion, while the rest had similarly ugly expressions.

The mage army transformed into a fire cloud and floated up. Kurumu raised his Dragonscale Staff, ready to battle. The ice elements around Reina were roused as she was ready to fight. She hadn’t had a chance to do much during the battle against the Frost Ape, a pure ice-type magic beast.