End Of The Magic Era Chapter 965

Chapter 965 Misunderstanding

Moreover, the chances of success for the fusion were relatively high. A highly suitable swordsman could directly become a Frost Swordsman, and his fighting strength would become far superior to that of ordinary Swordsmen.

That Frost Ape was a rarely seen Level 40 Frost Ape. Even if it was a fake Heaven Rank Magic Beast, it had a part of the power of the Heaven Rank, so the value of its hearts blood would be far superior to its Level 40 mana crystal.

Under such circumstances, Morgan still schemed to steal a mana crystal, so even a fool would know that it was more valuable.

"You say that we took the Frost Apes mana crystal, but I cant give an explanation. When I say we didnt take it, it means that we didnt take it. Do you think our Henry Family would lack a Level 40 ice mana crystal?

"Hmpf, any magic tool on my body wouldnt be worth less than a Level 40 mana crystal. Our Henry Family is reputable, and our words are true.

"The most valuable part of the Frost Ape is the heart blood. How could a mana crystal compare? If you want to frame use, you shouldnt be using such unreliable reasoning!"

Morgan had a cold expression. The front that he had been putting up had disappeared, replaced by a cold and unyielding expression, but all they could see was his shameless behavior.

Hearing this, Xiuban immediately flew into a rage. His body started emitting steam, his chest was heaving up and down, and his skin reddening. He was about to attack.

"Damn b*stard, you actually dare to act dumb, and you dont want to acknowledge it? Uncle Xiubans Carnage will make you acknowledge it. You are even more shameless than Enderfa"

Kurumu still had a calm expression as he used Fire Elemental Incarnation. The entire mage army paused their gathering tasks and took out their Dragonscales Staves before using Fire Elemental Incarnation as well.

"Sir Morgan, there is no need to fight for the sake of a Level 40 mana crystal. Hand over the mana crystal. This is the only option. This is the Raging Flame Battlefield, a very dangerous place. We may be unwilling to fight, but that doesnt mean we are afraid of battle. Stealing our loot can only end with shedding blood."

Morgan was still hovering in the air, sneering.

"What a joke! Our Henry Family being greedy for a Level 40 mana crystal? What a huge joke. The daily income of our Family is worth more than ten Level 40 mana crystals! What use would we have for that mana crystal?

"All I see is a group of Andlusan country bumpkins seeing the wealth of our Henry Family and trying to extort us.

"I always said that the Andlusa Kingdoms werent so petty. But it now looks like I overestimated you lot.

"Anyone who tried to extort our Henry Family would see that our Henry Family not only has wealth, but also formidable magic. Anyone eyeing the wealth of our Henry Family will be ruthlessly torn apart.

"You think you can rob us? Come, lets see your power."

After saying so, Morgan took out his magic staff, which was made from a branch of a Bloodsucking Magic Tree. It was like a pitch-black viper, and a sphere made from eight runic leaves of the Bloodsucking Magic Tree was affixed to the top of the staff.

That tree grew in the darkest parts of the Abyss and was one of the most suitable types for a darkness-attributed magic staff, which was very rare in Noscent.

When Morgan took out his staff, an aura spread out like a tide of darkness. Morgans surroundings became dark, and as the mana spread out, it made peoples hearts accelerate.

Meanwhile, Lin Yun was still watching from the back like a bystander without making a move.

At this time, a man in his thirties came down from the airship, similarly wearing a gorgeous robe and several magic ornaments. There was also a silver water sphere floating beside him, continuously changing shape and distorting the light into seven colors.

After that man came out, the faint sound of crashing water echoed as a drizzle fell. Steam also kept rising out around them.

Morgans oppressive aura was instantly cleansed away by that drizzle.

"Morgan, we are members of the Henry Family. We shouldnt be using power to express our anger."

That man wore a faint smile that didnt feel excessively enthusiastic. His hair was also meticulous, and he had a gentle voice, gentle like the drizzle.

"Arnaud, I was impulsive."

Morgan nodded and sneered as he looked at Lin Yun and the others before retreating.

Arnaud Henry had a faint smile while appearing very serious.

"Your words make sense. Fighting for the sake of a Level 40 mana crystal isnt wise, but this is the Raging Flame Battlefield. There are high chances of encountering Heaven Rank Magic Beasts, and just like the Endless Sea, dangers are everywhere.

"Fighting here wouldnt be good for any of us. If we encountered Raging Flame Beastmen or a Heaven Rank Magic Beast, both sides would suffer disastrous losses.

"I think that this is what those Raging Flame Beastmen want to see the most."

Arnauds words slightly eased the atmosphere. Morgan also scattered his mana and stayed silent in the back, as did Kurumus group.

Arnaud was still smiling, appearing to be reasonable.

"Our Henry Family started as a business, so fighting for no benefits is meaningless to us. We absolutely wouldnt do something like that. Regardless of what you say, we dont want to fight you, because its meaningless.

"This kind of matter isnt something we want either. The price paid would be far more important than a Level 40 mana crystal.

"Moreover, please recall what happened carefully. Our people have never gone close to the Frost Ape.

"From the start, we only saw the Frost Ape crazily running and didnt notice you. Because of this, we dealt with that Frost Ape and killed it in the process. Our people didnt even get within a hundred meters of it.

"A raging Heaven Rank Magic Beast is very terrifying, so we could only remain a bit further away to cast. After killing that Frost Ape, you appeared, and you should have seen that our people hadnt approached the Frost Ape.

"Thus, the matter of gathering the Frost Apes mana crystal was simply impossible. I believe that with the strength of Sir Merlin, no one would be able to stealthily collect that Frost Apes mana crystal without being found out."

Arnaud was very eloquent. His words left everyone speechless, as everyone seemed to remember that he was indeed right.

The previous fight had been extremely fast, and before the Frost Ape died, the spells had been very chaotic. In that place, it was impossible for anyone to stealthily rush in to gather the Frost Apes mana crystal.

The chaotic spells covered up their line of sight as well as detection spells, but every single Henry had remained visible from start to finish. They all came to the conclusion that none of them had appeared within a hundred meters of the Frost Ape.

If the two groups encountered each other just as the Frost Ape died and no one had collected anything, then what happened to that mana crystal?

The sounds of Xiuban grinding his teeth echoed. He was certain that they had taken it, but he couldnt say how.

Arnauds words were eloquent, but he didnt mention anything about handing over the mana crystal while cleansing any suspicions of the Henry Family.

Lin Yun still had the same strange smile on his face as he glanced at Arnaud.

Although others might not understand, Lin Yun knew how the Henry Family had taken the mana crystal.

Arnaud kept saying that none of the Henry Familys members had collected it with a face full of confidence because no one had gone close. It had been a Spirit Snake doing the work, a special True Spirit Magic Tool.

Moreover, these words were also faintly criticizing Lin Yuns group for taking it and then trying to extort the Henry Family.

It wasnt said outright, but Arnauds words hid another meaning, which was even more loathsome than Morgans.

Lin Yuns mages were very angry, and every one of them got ready to battle. But no one could say anything against Arnauds words.

"Sir Merlin, lets get rid of those guys"

Xiuban ground his teeth, but before obtaining Lin Yuns order, he wouldnt dare to attack.

Kurumu also turned to look at Lin Yun.

"Sir Merlin"

The eyes of the always calm Kurumu were now burning with anger.

Lin Yun slowly floated down and raised his hand to calm down everyones anger. He then looked at Arnaud and Morgan before faintly saying, "Since you say you didnt take it, I shall act as if you didnt take it. Its only a Level 40 mana crystal, but let me give you a word of advice Sometimes, lying comes at a huge price."

Arnaud shrugged and said with a regretful expression, "It looks like Sir Merlin doesnt believe us, but we truly dont know anything about that matter. Our people really didnt collect the mana crystal without permission. Sir Merlin is misunderstanding"

Morgan sneered, "Haha, just say it if you want to extort the Henry Family! If you lack a mana crystal, we will bestow you one"

After saying those words, Morgan flew back to the airship and no longer paid attention to the people below.

Arnold slightly bowed and smiled.

"Sir Merlin, we still have our assignment, so we wont bother you any longer. We are very regretful about this misunderstanding. Next time we meet, I hope to be able to cooperate with Sir Merlin."

A pondering smile appeared on Lin Yun as he watched the members of the Henry Family getting on their airship and departing.

Xiubans teeth were almost breaking from all the clenching, he stomped his feet like an angry bull before loudly shouting.