End Of The Magic Era Chapter 968

Chapter 968 Moonlight Blade End Of The

Lin Yun was somewhat hesitating. Theyd encountered three at the same time, and they were all magic beasts with low combat power. It was really a good opportunity.

But these Moonlight Deer were clearly different from the previous magic beasts.

They were enlarged versions of the inferior magic beasts, but these Moonlight Deer had countless runes on the surface of their bodies forming a crescent moon, and energy spheres were hanging down their antlers.

They didnt look accommodating The mana fluctuations emitted by those energy spheres could be felt from several kilometers away, and no one believed that they were just decorations.

His subordinates were elites that he had painfully nurtured. He would regret it for a very long time if he lost one of them. especially the mage army. Individually, they were very weak, as the strongest was only a Peak 2nd Rank Archmage.

After advancing to the Archmage realm, their advancement speed slowed down, as they werent in any sort of special environment. But although their individual strength wasnt that outstanding, the fifty mages were becoming more and more coordinated. When standing together, they were definitely comparable to a powerful 9th Rank Archmage, and they were even superior in some situations.

Now, twenty of them could jointly chant with the Joint Chant Array, and during battle, using their arrays became an instinct.

Moreover, these mages werent just good at fighting All fields of expertise related to magic could be found within the group. Some were proficient with runes, some excelled at coordination, and some had extensive knowledge

After being nurtured for such a long time, losing one would be a huge loss. This would far exceed the worth of a Moonlight Deers mana crystal.

Bit giving up so easily would be too regrettable. Moonlight Deer were rare light magic beasts, and there were three Level 40 ones before them. Their hide could be processed into material for magic scrolls, their blood would be the best light ink, and their antlers were innate light magic staves.

After frowning for a long time, Lin Yun lowered his voice and said, "Get ready to fight. These three Moonlight Deer are just too rare. We might not find another chance to hunt for a Level 40 light-attributed magic beast for a very long time, as a true Level 40 light magic beast isnt something we can kill. If we cant defeat them, we also wont be able to chase them. Wasting this opportunity would be unfortunate.

"Moonlight Deer hide is too suitable as a magic scroll material. It could be used to make some backup High Tier healing scrolls, and the effects could be on par with Health Potions"

After Lin Yun spoke his decision, everyone started making their preparations. The fifty mages all had the same instinctive reaction: When they heard the order to battle, they all used Fire Elemental Incarnation.

As Lin Yun strongly requested them to master Fire Elemental Incarnation, the fifty mages discovered one after another that every time they fought while using it, the power of the Fire Elemental Incarnation would keep increasing. Furthermore, their mastery over fire spells, their casting speed, and their power completely rose. It was even more clear when they used Flame Flash.

They could all feel that every time they used Flame Flash, their speed was far faster than before, and they could travel further with each use. The most practical life-saving spell had already become an instinct, and they didnt need to think when casting it.

The fifty mages transformed into a fire cloud and rushed down the cliff. Reina didnt say anything else as she jumped into the sky, instantly transforming into a graceful Frost Dragon.

Xiuban loudly roared as he leapt down the cliff, not caring about the sheer, three-hundred-meter precipice.

Lin Yun used Flight to fly towards the jungle, casting Lava Incarnation in midair, rapidly increasing the surrounding temperature. The surrounding Iron Trees started withering before he even touched the ground. In an instant, three hundred meters of the jungle had turned into a lava pond.

The sudden change immediately made the three eating Moonlight Deer become vigilant. The closest Moonlight Deer raised his head, neither looking at the approaching cloud of fire nor paying attention to Reinas magnificent figure. It was instead staring at Lin Yun.

A sharp neigh came out from Moonlight Deers mouth, and in an instant, the two other Moonlight Deer rushed over.

These two Moonlight Deer jumped over a hundred meters into the air with each leap. They travelled more than a kilometer in barely two jumps. The three Moonlight Deer gathered together, and the surrounding light apparently distorted.

Lin Yun frowned. This was the worst possible situation. The three Moonlight Deer were together and would be harder to kill.

The lava under Lin Yuns feet rolled into a giant wave that rose into the sky, forming a Lava Dragon that dove towards the center of the three Moonlight Deer.

Facing that attack, the three Moonlight Deer raised their heads, and the countless runes forming the crescent moon on their bodies scattered and reassembled in a densely packed circle.

In an instant, following the convergence of light elements, the light surrounding the three Moonlight Deer distorted intensely, and ten-meter-long Moonlight Blades kept shooting out like spinning crescent moons.

The large Moonlight Blades slashed towards the Lava Dragon and cut it into pieces in less than a second, making the lava collapse and disperse.

Lin Yuns Magic Array caught the trajectory of those Moonlight Blades and he kept flashing within the flood of lava. His mana was rapidly being consumed like a broken dam.

Lin Yun personally controlled the lava, circumventing the three Moonlight Deer and encircling them.

Facing that flood of lava, the three Moonlight Deer dodged in different directions, jumping over a hundred meters in the air and throwing more Moonlight Blades at Lin Yun from three different directions while still airborne.

In an instant, several dozen Moonlight Blades flew over, making Lin Yun feel numb. He roused his calculation ability to its pinnacle, his Magic Array working at full-capacity as he calculated their trajectories and attack pattern.

These Moonlight Blades were even thinner than paper, like a transparent membrane, but they were sharper than any sharp sword.

The several dozen Moonlight Blades covered over a hundred meters of space, crisscrossing and slicing through almost the entire area. Nothing bigger than a head would remain intact within this hundred-meter range.

The Iron Trees flickering with a metallic radiance suffered no effects from the Moonlight Blades. It was as if these radiant Moonlight Blades were just some afterimages that casually passed through those trees.

Nothing seemed to happen until the first Moonlight Blade hit the ground and made the ground shake. At this point, the Iron Trees suddenly collapsed and split into several dozen pieces. The surface of each piece was as smooth as a mirror.

That was due to the Moonlight Blades sharpness. They didnt cause any apparent effect when cutting through the Iron Trees, but the cuts ended up being revealed when the ground shook.

Even if it wasnt a huge shake, the cut Iron Trees couldnt maintain their complete shape and silently broke down.

The Moonlight Blades sliced through the lava, and the places that had been struck were like cut cheese, unable to merge together.

And in the lava pond, the ten-meter-tall Lava incarnation had already accomplished its goal. Lin Yun had scattered the power of the Lava Incarnation, making it shrink to be only two meters tall. Under the frantic work of the Magic Array, he kept flashing within the lava pond, continuously calculating the direction of the flashes and when the lava pond was getting sliced.

It was like Lin Yun was an ordinary person suddenly being assaulted by several dozen knife-wielding thugs and being forced to continuously dodge them. Each knife was grazing Lin Yuns body as he danced on the edge of the blades.

These condensed Moonlight Blades were terrifying. They didnt make any sounds as they sliced through the air, and besides the Moonlight Blades themselves, they didnt possess any impact power but that made them all the more terrifying.

Lin Yun kept barely dodging as his Elemental Shield was easily sliced by a Moonlight Blade as if it met no obstruction.

Lin Yuns Runic Shield was his strongest shield, and the second most powerful defensive shield was his Elemental Shield. His Elemental Shield was enough to fight against a peak 9th Rank Archmage, yet it wasnt even able to resist a Moonlight Blade.

In less than three seconds, Lin Yun flashed thirty times in the lava pond. He dodged all the Moonlight Blades, but the lava pond had been cut several hundred times, no longer looking the same at all. The cuts left cracks, just like a yawning abyss. It would take four to five seconds for the lava to reform together each time.

As the lava pond was cut, Lin Yun couldnt flash to another side and could only stand there, within a two-meter-wide cube of lava.

If there were more Moonlight Blades, even Lin Yun, with his formidable computing abilities and the huge support from his Magic Array, he would only be able to block from that point on.

Seeing those cheese-like blocks of lava, cold sweat trickled down Lin Yuns forehead.