End Of The Magic Era Chapter 969

Chapter 969 Mass Flash

These Moonlight Deer were really different, they didnt fight like the ordinary members of their races, they actually threw a powerful wave of attacks.

A surge of mana spread over three hundred meters and instantly swept away the remnant power of the Moonlight Blades, allowing the lava to fuse together once again in the shape of the lava pond.

At this time, the three Moonlight Deer also landed in separate locations after their high jumps. Their huge bodies caused a loud rumble as they fell. The Iron Trees fell down like sand castles, bursting into pieces as they were stepped on by the Moonlight Deer.

Shockwaves spread out from the three Moonlight Deer and forcibly pulled out the surroundings Iron Trees from the ground while those within several dozen meters were torn to pieces.

At this time, Lin Yuns risky move ended up effective as his subordinates caught up to the Moonlight Deer.

The mage army and Reina were in charge of one, Enderfa, the patched puppet, and Xiuban were in charge of another, while the final one was left to Lin Yun.

The three Moonlight Deer were forcibly separated and couldnt converge together, reducing the threat to a minimum.

The mage army had transformed into a fire cloud and had set up an array. They were rapidly moving through the air to quickly dodge the Moonlight Blades while releasing fire spells to pressure the Moonlight Deer, stopping it from leaping away.

The fifty mages were converging the power of the array on one side, while a group of ten mages were using the Joint Chant Array.

Each powerful spell incantation was divided in ten, and the ten individuals were simultaneously chanting but their incantations were different, and the speed at which they were chanting was the same as an ordinary mage.

Moreover, everyones incantation, everyones sound didnt match with the others. It was like everyone was chanting a different word of the incantation, which would form the complete incantation when added together, making them spend less mana to release a formidable spell.

The incantation of the Joint Chant Array was different from ordinary incantations. This was an incantation Lin Yun had taught them, the way they split the incantations into parts and coordinated was a very complicated matter.

But now, there was seven to eight 10-meter-long golden red spears falling from the sky every second. Their casting speed could compare to a top-notch 9th Rank Archmage.

This kind of single-target spell with extreme piercing ability was the best kind of spell to handle a huge magic beast like the Moonlight Deer, and they could display some suppressing effects.

And more importantly, Reina hadnt chose to cast from the sky, she instead chose close-quarters combat!

In her Frost Dragon Shape, Reinas body was seventy to eight-meter-long. And with the evolution of her Life Essence, Reinas Dragon body had become slender and her four sharp claws had become even sharper. Some draconic lines had started appearing on her claws, and every time she attacked, it would have a freezing effect, as well as a very powerful lacerating effect towards shields.

Dragons werent just proficient in magic, they also fought in close-quarters. Only a few lifeforms could surpass Dragons in that regard, but that clearly didnt include those Moonlight Deer with close to no close-quarters abilities.

Reina dove down, her huge draconic claws ruthlessly grabbing towards the Moonlight Deers body, ripping through the air. This forced the Moonlight Deer to focus on Reina.

Reinas claws were about to tear through the Moonlight Deers hide. The runes on the surface of the Moonlight Deers body rapidly moved and a layer of moonlight spread over the Moonlight Deers body, as if it was wearing a thin layer of light muslin.

As Reina grabbed onto that layer of faint light, it felt just like an ordinary knife trying to cut through a thick piece of leather. The light flickered, but wasnt torn apart.

The Moonlight Deer was immediately alarmed by the claw attack. It lifted its front hooves and stamped towards Reina, cracks appearing around its back hooves, instantly spreading over a hundred meters and making the earth shake.

Although Frost Dragons werent among the Dragons most proficient in melee battle, their innate melee abilities were far superior to Moonlight Deer who had no close-quarters abilities.

But, Reina was still at a disadvantage, even if she added spells in the mix. There was a huge gap between level 39 and level 40, and even if those Moonlight Deer were fake Heaven Rank Magic Beasts, that gap wasnt easily breachable.

That made up for the close-quarter gap, but whether it was power or speed, the three Moonlight Deer were stronger than Reina in every aspect. That huge hoof kick landed on Reina, whose physique was a lot higher than most Frost Dragons, and sent her flying. A dozen Dragon Scales shattered from the kick

As Reinas pressure was slightly reduced, the Moonlight Deer immediately sent a dozen huge Moonlight Blades towards the sky. Those silent and powerful Moonlight Blades cut through the fire cloud and instantly sliced the sea of fire, forcibly severing the connection between the mages.

If it took more than ten seconds, a mage from the mage army might end up sliced. But thankfully, Reina rejoined the fight after a few seconds and firmly pressured the Moonlight Deer.

Reinas Dragon Scales could only slightly obstruct those Moonlight Blades as they grazed her body, giving her a bit of breathing room. If not for that small amount of time, Reina might have been turned into a corpse by the Moonlight Deer, who were known for being harmless.

After several clashes, Reina and the mage armys eyes were red, as they had been pushed to their limits.

The mage army couldnt form their inseparable connection, making their fighting strength sharply fall. The sea of fire was maintained by the fire elements continuously converging over.

The bigger the sea of fire, the stronger the power of the mage army, the faster their casting speed, and the more powerful their spells, as well as the safer they were.

Now, a casual Moonlight Blade could cut off the elemental sea of fire and make them lose connection to each other, as well as disabling the effects of the arrays. This was a huge blow.

After several back and forth, Kurumu ground his teeth and transmitted a rare order, "Mass Flash!"

A rune spat out of Kurumus mouth, and, while facing a dozen Moonlight Blades that showed signs of surrounding them, the fifty mages all had a solemn expression.

In a split second, the hundred-meter-big sea of fire sharply spread to two hundred meters, and the elemental flames kept spreading out before finally transforming into a huge flame net covering four to five hundred meters.

Kurumu raised his shining staff, and just as the light flickered, the Dragonscale Staves of the mage army resonated and shone together, transforming the fifty mages into a ball of fire, and with a flash, the fifty mages reappeared a hundred and fifty meters away, none of them missing.

The fifty mages couldnt help having an excited expression on their faces as the Mass Flash was successful. The Mass Flash could only be successful after the mage armys coordination reached its peak, if one person wasnt on the same wavelength, the fifty mages wouldnt be able to flicker away.

And if they were successful, they could flash instantly to any place the flames spread too, just like a personal Flash.

Moreover, the flashing distance was far higher than a personal Flash. This was the first time they used that spell in battle, they had yet to completely master it so they only flashed one hundred and fifty meters away. Once they got more practice, they could even double that distance, and that distance would keep increasing as they grew stronger.

In the future, the thousand mages of the famous Blazing Army were able to sweep through a Fire Elemental Plane without losing a single person because of that Mass Flash!

Its just that when compared to Kurumu and the others, every member of that Blazing Army had mastered Fire Elemental Incarnation to its pinnacle, and the thousand mages could flash several dozen kilometers away in an instant, they were extremely powerful.

Using the opportunity given by the Mass Flash, the mage army was able to form an array and maintain their fighting strength. If not for that, they would just be a group of Low Rank Archmages and would be no different from live targets in front of the Moonlight Deer.

Reina and the mage army displayed their most powerful abilities, but they could only manage to not lose.

Although it was difficult, they still forcibly stalled that Moonlight Deer and stopped it from leaving, but that deadlock wouldnt last long.

On another side, Xiuban, Enderfa, and the patched puppet were fighting another Moonlight Deer, and they werent really doing better than the mage army and Reina.

Enderfa controlled the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel and followed behind the patched puppet.

The Moonlight Deers Moonlight Blades contained some special light power that could cut through anything as long as it wasnt a power exceeding it or anything completely absorbing light.

In short, apart from pure darkness power, anything that could be seen could be cut, even air and water wouldnt be able to fuse back together for a short time after being cut. Magic Tool Incarnations were no exception, they would immediately lose the cut part if they were hit by the Moonlight Blades, and their memories and intelligence might be harmed.

Thus, Enderfa kept hiding behind the puppet, crazily casting spells through the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel.

The spellwaves of the four elements released by the patched puppet and Enderfa were fused through a simple and rough method, making the released spells completely collapse before transforming into a pure elemental storm containing destruction power.

Several-dozen-meter-thick huge rays of colorful lights shot out of the storm and kept attacking the Moonlight Deer.

The Moonlight Deer angrily neighed, the runes on the surface of its body moving about as several spinning Moonlight Blades flew out, cutting through the Elemental Storm and chasing after Enderfa and the patched puppet.

The Elemental Storm contained berserk destructive power, and, while the Moonlight Blades could pierce through the Elemental Storm, they couldnt prevent the Elemental Storms power from sweeping over and tearing everything apart in its way, even the Iron Trees were turned into dust that dispersed in the sky.