End Of The Magic Era Chapter 971

Chapter 971 Surround And Kill

Enderfas three faces distorted as he looked at the Moonlight Deer before him. They had just managed to get the upper hand after Xiubans magic patterns resurfaced, until this happened

Enderfa gritted his teeth and cursed before continuing to attack with the patched puppet. As for Xiuban, he kept fighting the Moonlight Deer in close range with the help of his magic patterns.

But that method would have no result unless something broke the deadlock. Even if they fought for three days and night, there would be no result, and the Moonlight Deer would definitely not be the first one exhausted.

"Damnit, Merlin, hurry up. We will end up running out of stamina within an hour. At that time, we will end up dying to three grass-eating deer that dont even know how to fight. Thats way too shameful"

One of Enderfas faces looked towards another side, there, Lin Yun was fighting alone against a Moonlight Deer and was under the most intense pressure.

At Lin Yuns location, over a kilometer of Iron Trees had turned to ashes, and waves upon waves of lava were continuously churning. Lin Yun, in his ten-meter-tall Lava Giant shape, was continuously flickering, frantically casting lava spells from all sides and crazily hitting the body of the Moonlight Deer.

The Purple Dragons shadow was floating behind him, hugging the wheel shadow from which countless runes spurted out.

He had the buff of the Element Chapter and was using the All-Encompassing Chapter. He had even used the Element Chapter to summon a Level 39 Flame Elemental Dragon.

The Flame Elemental Dragon he summoned now was far more formidable than before. It was completely formed from orange flames, and those were the higher elemental flames of the Fire Elemental Plane. The Flame Elemental Dragon didnt do anything, it was only floating in the air, distorting the surrounding space and emitting extreme heat that made the trees within a few hundred meters automatically ignite.

But that Flame Elemental Dragon could only act as a disturbance when faced with that fake Heaven Rank Moonlight Deer. It could only increase the density and activity of the surrounding fire elements and diffuse high-grade flames from the Fire Elemental Plane, raising the power of all fire spells by a tier.

A cloud of fire and black smoke appeared in the sky, and meteors dragging long black trails fell towards the Moonlight Deer, one after another.

The rain of meteors, alongside the endless lava spells, could only suppress that Moonlight Deer, nothing more.

Lin Yun had a solemn expression, his Magic Array was already working at its pinnacle and his mana was being consumed like a broken dam. Just as his mana reserves were about to be completely empty, Lin Yun used his Demiplane to replenish his mana.

Lin Yuns mana reserves far exceeded all Archmages. Just in terms of quantity, he could already compare to a mage that had advanced to the Heaven realm. But his mana was getting consumed at an extremely fast pace.

Lin Yuns expression darkened as he saw the light ripples flashing over the Moonlight Deers body, healing those black burns as well as repairing the light crystal defense at the cost of one of its light spheres.

If this went on, he would only be able to slowly wear it down, who knew when he would be able to kill that Moonlight Deer. According to the recovery rate of the energy spheres hanging down the Moonlight Deers antlers, it would take at least three days before he could exhaust and kill that Moonlight Deer. And that was if nothing unexpected happened and the deer wasnt able to escape.

Some powerful spells in his arsenal were rendered useless by the Moonlight Deers speed. No matter how powerful a spell was, it was useless if it couldnt hit its target.

As he frowned, Lin Yun made the Flame Elemental Dragon engage the deer in close-quarters to suppress it in that location.

At the same time, Lin Yun increased his casting power, rapidly spinning the lava pond around the Moonlight Deer. Just as the Flame Elemental Dragon coiled around the Moonlight Deer, four lava vortexes condensed in four different directions, and boundless lava spells formed waves of lava that violently suppressed the Moonlight Deer.

Although it caused little injury to the Moonlight Deer and only rapidly consumed its light crystal armor, it was able to pin it down

Lin Yun took out a 1.5-meter-long scroll. The scroll was emitting a layer of light, as well as the aura of a Heaven Rank Magic Beast.

This was a magic scroll made from the belly hide of the Crimson Firefox, and the spell written on it was the Summon Meteorite that Lin Yun had specially researched.

This was a spell with no restriction towards ranks but had to be an 8th Tier Spell at the very least to be successful. The more mana used, the higher the spells tier.

If Lin Yun could instantly consume all his mana to use that spell, that spell would become a 9th Tier Spell without a problem.

The meteorite summoned was an actual physical object, and not just elements manifested by a spell. Its speed would be extremely fast as it fell and its main body would continuously reduce as it burned during its fall. If the mana used to summon the meteorite was inferior to an 8th Tier Spell, the meteorite summoned wouldnt even be able to reach the ground before completely burning out. Thus, to successfully summon that spell, it had to be at least an 8th Tier Spell.

A magic scroll made from Heaven Rank Magic Beasts most suitable leather wouldnt be as powerful as Lin Yun actually spending time and mana, but it had one advantage: It was instant!

Lin Yun poured a wisp of mana into the scroll, making that thick scroll blossom with a glaring light as it instantly unfolded like a painting being spread out. Numerous runes and patterns were written on that scroll, and no blank space bigger than a fist could be found on in.

This was Lin Yun sparing no effort to compress the format and assemble the spells runes and patterns with the greatest efficiency. It would be harder to compress the size of the scroll any further.

An ordinary 1st-grade magic scroll would be palm-sized. Magic scrolls of that size actually appeared quite often in low tier spells fights. Even many Magic Apprentices used those scrolls for battle. As for 8th-grade magic scrolls, the smallest one in this era would be over a meter in size.

A one-meter-long, thirty-centimeter-thick scroll could be used in a fight? What a joke

Almost no one ever used magic scrolls in a battle between Archmages. Only mage armies might use them during military campaigns.

Moreover, the high-grade scrolls were basically used by the major forces when conquering planes. Very few high-grade magic scrolls would be sold in Noscent, because ordinary mages simply couldnt buy them.

The scroll written by Lin Yun used the hide of Crimson Firefox and was actually not very suitable for a Summon Meteorite spell. The hide of earth magic beasts was most suitable. Summon Meteorite was considered to be a composite summoning spell of the earth element and spatial element. It was very complicated.

It was just that the hides of the earth-attributed Heaven Rank Magic Beasts they killed these past few days werent suitable for magic scrolls.

The scroll floated in the air and dissipated in rays of light, which then formed a flowing light that flew towards the sky and disappeared. A second later, a faint flaming light could be seen in the sky, just like a shooting star. It was growing bigger at a visible speed.

The Moonlight Deer seemed to have sensed the danger and frantically sent Moonlight Blades over, riddling the Flame Elemental Dragon with terrifying wounds.

But elemental lifeforms were different from ordinary lifeforms. These wounds had very little impact on the Flame Elemental Dragon. It was like flames being cut open before instantly joining together again. These wounds were healed just from the surrounding elemental flames.

In addition, there were four huge lava vortexes continuously spouting out lava spells from different directions. Although the Moonlight Deer wasnt suffering too much damage from them, they were pinning it down.

Lin Yun opened his mouth and runes started flying out, making lava gush out from under the deer. The lava transformed into two large hands that grabbed the deers hind legs.

No matter how much the Moonlight Deer struggled, it was temporarily unable to break away. In less than three seconds, that meteorite fell on top of the Moonlight Deer with tyrannical power.

The meteorites speed was dreadful The flaming trail dragging behind it was close to two kilometers in length and was like a red mark slashing the sky.

The meteorite had already shrunk to only five meters in size when it was about to hit the Moonlight Deer. That terrifying speed brought terrifying power, and it even looked like the front of the meteorite was covered in a layer of light.

The Moonlight Deer let out a loud neighing sound as three of its energy spheres were consumed to form a layer of crystal around it.

The meteorite hurtled straight into the crystal shield, creating a huge shockwave that spread out in all directions. It looked as if a huge smoke ring instantly appeared in the sky.

The meteorite shattered, and the huge crystal shield became covered in cracks before exploding alongside the shockwave.

Underneath, the Moonlight Deer let out a shout and fell on its stomach, its four limbs broken by the impact. As for the Flame Elemental Dragon entangling the Moonlight Deer, it let out a scream before its body snapped into multiple pieces. A fire vortex appeared, and the Flame Elemental Dragon left the battlefield.

One hit seriously injured the Moonlight Deer, but that didnt surprise Lin Yun. Moonlight Deer werent good at fighting and were typically only good at fleeing. They were far inferior to other magic beasts of the same level in any other area.

But Lin Yun didnt seem happy even if the Moonlight Deers legs were broken. Instead, he frowned and cast with all his strength, sharply increasing the speed at which lava spells came out of the lava vortexes. He wasnt paying attention to the mana consumption and wouldnt be able to keep this up for long.

A large number of spells fell onto the Moonlight Deer, making it issue a blood-curdling screech as its fur was turning black from burns.