End Of The Magic Era Chapter 972

Chapter 972 Ice And Fire

Suddenly, two more energy spheres hanging down from the Moonlight Deers antlers disappeared. At the same time, a ripple of light flashed over the deers body, and its injuries instantly recovered, including its snapped legs. As the 2nd halo flashed, the crystal armor covering its body also formed again.

This time, the Moonlight Deer recovered to its peak at the price of five energy spheres. And on the antlers of the Moonlight Deer, there were already five new energy spheres growing, making Lin Yuns eyelids twitch.

This time, his Summon Meteorite ambush had been successful, but he wouldnt be able to pin the Moonlight Deer in place for more than three seconds

The battle had fallen into a deadlock once more, but the pressure had increased because the Moonlight Deer had been thoroughly infuriated. Lin Yun clenched his teeth as he cast a large wave of lava spells to pressure it while simultaneously refining a Four-Element Bomb.

The Four-Element Bombs terrifying speed and power were far greater than any spellwave, but it was an 8th Tier Spell. Although Lin Yun had the support of his Magic Tools, letting him cast without caring about his mana consumption, he could only cast two Four-Element Bombs.

From what he calculated, if he could shoot several dozen Four-Element Bombs at once, it could reach the power of a 9th Tier Extraordinary Spell.

If he purely enhanced the power of a single Four-Element Bomb, he might be able to create a nuclear explosion.

He thought about the power of a Four-Element Bomb filling the sky like a nuclear warhead. That pure, destructive power might be on par with the Energy Sphere of a Heaven Rank Magic Beast. It would be an explosion that would greatly change the terrain

The fighting had sunk into a deadlock. Through calculations, he estimated that the Moonlight Deer were a bit weaker than the magic beasts they encountered before because they simply didnt release Destructive Energy Spheres.

But even with the reduced destructive power, the battle was very troublesome. Their endurance was even more frightening, and as long as they didnt receive a fatal injury, even if all their legs were broken, they would immediately recover. Under such circumstances, they would ultimately drag their enemies to their deaths.

The battle continued being in a deadlock with everyone being severely pressured while their abilities were severely restricted.

The mage army had already been forced to use Mass Flash in a life or death crisis, and Reina was also casting while fighting in close-quarters.

Because of the pressure, the bloodline power hidden within Xiubans bloodline took the opportunity to resurface amidst the bloody cracks.

Meanwhile, the puppets components started overheating from the overload, and it was emitting a large amount of white steam.

The mana core of the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel was also a bit overloaded with the huge burden in such a short time.

As for Lin Yun, his potential was squeezed to its peak, and he used all his cards: Magic scrolls, Summon Elemental Dragon, the Book of Death, the Book of Mantras, Syudos He would have also summoned Shawn, if the latter hadnt been at the Radiant Fort.

Suddenly, Lin Yuns Magic Array caught a trace of a different aura.

That aura made Lin Yuns expression change. Even if he was in the middle of battle, he couldnt help glancing towards his mage army.

There, his mages kept using Mass Flash before casting a rain of Fire God Spears towards the Moonlight Deer. Reina was casting and fighting in close-quarters, fighting a bitter battle.

That Moonlight Deer was angrily attacking, not bothering to dodge, casting with red eyes while fighting Reina.

Just now, that faint variation had been created by the careless clash between Reina and the spells of the mage army.

The golden-red Fire God Spear and Reinas huge Frost Lance simultaneously attacked the same area of the deers body, instantly shattering the light crystal armor in that area. It even covered the Moonlight Deer with a trace of chaos energy, slowing the recovery speed of the light armor there.

That minute change disappeared in an instant, but it had been caught by the Magic Array working at full capacity.

Feeling excited, Lin Yun didnt have time to think about that matter and only wanted to improve the process.

"Kurumu, Hellfire, Reina, Frost Breath!"

Lin Yun instantly gave the command to the mage army and Reina.

After receiving the command, they instinctively carried it out.

The mage armys Joint Chant Array was ready at all times in groups of ten mages or more. In an instant, fifty mages started chanting the incantation of the Joint Chant Array.

Five golden-red mana patterns instantly appeared under the hooves of the Moonlight Deer. The gorgeous mana patterns rapidly spread, and in less than two seconds, they covered over thirty meters.

A terrifying heatwave emerged from under the Moonlight Deers hooves as all the runes and patterns started blossoming with a golden radiance.


The earth started shaking as Hellfire erupted like a volcano. Five Hellfire Arrays were joined together to form a thirty-meter-thick column of flames.

A light sphere disappeared from the Moonlight Deers antlers, and another layer of defense appeared on the surface of its body. In an instant, half of the Moonlight Deers body rushed out of the range of the Hellfire.

But at that time, Reina shot out a brilliant, ice-blue ray from her mouth.

The cold aura spread and snow started floating down. The ray impacted the Moonlight Deers body, and the half of it that had made it out of the Hellfire was immediately covered in a layer of ice, which spread across the body of the deer.

The Frost Breaths power then clashed with the Hellfires power. The pure heat from the Hellfires flames could be considered a first-grade power, and Reinas Frost Breaths had the temperature of the coldest ice spell.

The two powers clashed, and half of its body was suffering from extreme heat while the other half was suffering from extreme cold. The Moonlight Deer let out a blood-curdling shriek, and the mana covering its body started becoming chaotic.

A light sphere dissipated from its antler, but it had no visible effect.

In less than three seconds, three light spheres dissipated, but they didnt seem to have any effect. Even the mana fluctuations started rapidly falling, and even more mana became chaotic as its aura rapidly plummeted.

In the distance, Lin Yun calculated in less than a second that at least half of the Moonlight Deers aura would dissipate in a few seconds. Moreover, that chaotic mana reduced its fighting power by half.

Lin Yun caught the entire process this time, and after combining it with the information gleaned through the battle, Lin Yun came to a conclusion.

The clash between extreme heat and ice at very cold temperatures could produce a strange fusion that would greatly reduce the strength of the Moonlight Deer and cause a lot of damage.

The fights they had on the way also flashed in Lin Yuns mind

When battling the Frost Ape, they used pure flames with extreme heat and sent it running away

When fighting earth-attribute magic beasts, ice spells and fire spells displayed the greatest effect, but ice had been ignored as theyd felt that the destructiveness of fire spells was greater.

In an instant, a large amount of information flashed in Lin Yuns mind, and less than a second later, Lin Yun shouted, "Use fire and ice spells! Merge both! Its best if they hit the same spot!"

At the same time, Lin Yun scattered his strongest Lava Incarnation and used the Ice-Fire Elemental Incarnation.

Half of his body was covered in raging flames, and half of his body was emitting extremely cold white mist. He was also casting both fire spells and ice spells.

It was safe to say that the power of the Ice-Fire Elemental Incarnation normally wasnt as great as the Lava Incarnations, but as the spells hit the same spots, their power far exceeded the Lava Incarnations!

Lin Yun clearly understood that this kind of abnormal status was the weak point of the Moonlight Deer!

No, this was the weakness of these strange fake Heaven Rank Magic Beasts. Normal Moonlight Deer didnt have this kind of weak point!

Half ice, half flames If these spells were cast with 70 to 80% of his power, the damage theyd cause would be close to 200%.

Suddenly, a Frost Lance and a Fire God Spear collided together and something unexpected happened. The ice power and the flame power were of equal strength, creating a wisp of annihilation power as they clashed.

The tips of the Frost Lance and the Fire God Spear were simultaneously destroyed, and elemental power thoroughly dissipated in a fist-sized area.

This was just a small amount of annihilation power, yet it directly created a bloody hole the size of a head on the surface of the Moonlight Deers body. It also caused a chain reaction on the surrounding light crystal armor as a large area disintegrated.

The Moonlight Deers mana was becoming more and more chaotic, and its casting abilities were weakened by half.

Lin Yuns gaze suddenly shone and he increased his casting output, but this time, he was mixing in some low-tier spells. He added Ice Spheres and Fireballs, making them clash on the surface of the Moonlight Deer.

After going through Lin Yuns meticulous calculations, an Ice Sphere and a Fireball clashed and were completely destroyed, leaving behind a small spatial annihilation region.

The Moonlight Deer had barely calmed down its mana fluctuations when they suddenly became chaotic again.

The spells were equivalent to a breeze blowing ripples on the surface of a lake, while the spatial annihilation was like someone throwing a huge rock in the lake, ferociously stirring the Moonlight Deers mana.

One of the energy spheres hanging down from its antlers was extinguished by that fierce fluctuation because it was unable to keep its shape.