End Of The Magic Era Chapter 973

Chapter 973 Mud Lizards

Seeing how effective it was, Lin Yun kept casting ice and fire spells. Hed shrewdly figured out that he could use Low Tier fire spells and ice spells. Even these spells would detonate when they clashed, and they ended up shattering the dozen energy spheres of the Moonlight Deer.

It took less than ten minutes before that Moonlight Deer let out a dismal cry and fell like a small mountain. The surface of its body was covered with bruises and marks, and half of its neck had burst out, with blood gushing out like a brook.

And on the other side, the mage army and Reina were almost done with their fight. The mage armys pure flames and Reinas pure ice were extremely lethal to the Moonlight Deer.

The attack from both sides weakened the Moonlight Deers strength to less than 50%, and ten minutes later, the Moonlight Deers neck was simultaneously impaled by a thick Flame Spear and a Frost Spike.

Enderfa had also completely switched his spellwave to fire spells, while the puppet was only casting ice spells.

The outcome of the pincer attack wasnt inferior to the mage armys effectiveness, and it was even more berserk.

"Damn scoundrel, come and taste Uncle Enderfas spells"

After such a long fight, and after almost being cut in half by the Moonlight Blades, Enderfa had been on edge. He was now laughing heartily as he cast spells.

The Moonlight Deers dozen light spheres had been completely destroyed, and its body was filled with injuries.

Xiubans body was covered in a layer of green wind and was extremely nimble, rather unlike a Beastman. He jumped from the ground and swung Carnage down at the Moonlight Deers knee.

A yellow halo suddenly covered Carnage and doubled its weight as ripples spread out from it.


A sound similar to metal shattering echoed as Xiuban shattered the deers knee, making it unable to maintain its balance.

Xiuban was like a flea darting around the deer. He jumped to another side, and it took him less than five seconds to hit the Moonlight Deers four legs before he finally jumped and slammed it directly on the head.

Shockwaves spread from the Moonlight Deers head as its eyes rolled back. It fell to the ground, frantically twitching.

Xiubans eyes were red, ready for the Moonlight Deers counterattack, but before he could strike it again, that fiercely twitching deer fell motionless, completely dead.

Xiuban scratched his head, seemingly lost as he foolishly asked, "It died?"

Enderfa rolled his eyes, the three faces looking at the Moonlight Deer with some sympathy.

"Damn, a Heaven Rank Magic Beast Even though fake, its still a Heaven Rank Magic Beast, yet it was actually crazily beaten to death by that foolish Xiuban. What a pity"

Lin Yun glanced at the Moonlight Deer. Its hide had been messed up, and blood was seeping even to the bones. Not a single bone hadnt been broken. Even that Moonlight Deers head had been shaken by that monstrous power.

Everyone still had palpitations after the battle. If not for Lin Yun discovering the Moonlight Deers weak point, everyone would have been in danger.

At first, they thought they were still the weakest magic beasts of the same level. After all, they were puny magic beasts that remained in herds. Powerful magic beasts were usually solitary creatures.

Who could have known that these three would be such tough obstacles? They were far too troublesome and had almost buried them here.

They had just finished that arduous battle, but they werent tired. Instead, they went to process the three corpses.

They were light-attributed magic beasts, and Moonlight Deer at that! Their hide was most suitable to make magic scrolls, something everyone could appreciate.

These Moonlight Deer were several dozen meters tall, providing a lot of materials. Although there were only a few intact parts, those small parts could make several dozen magic scrolls, and the deer whose hide was in the best condition could even be used to make over a hundred magic scrolls.

These scrolls wouldnt be low-grade magic scrolls. They could probably be up to 8th-grade magic scrolls. In some situations, light magics high-tier spells were more useful than Health Potions, especially the 8th Tier Spell, Limb Rebirth.

With these materials, everyones safety was greatly increased. As long as they didnt instantly die, they would never die.

After three to four 8th Tier Therapy spells, even someone beheaded wouldnt die, provided their head was immediately reattached.

Xiuban, who was the most berserk fighter, as well as the one most afraid of dying, was now crouched on the side, watching the mage army processing the hide. He wanted Lin Yun to make him three 8th-grade healing scrolls.

Later on, he would carry the three half-meter-long magic scrolls to battle and would tear one off if he was injured.

"Sir Merlin, lets forget about the missing half of my Health Potions, how about swapping the rest for magic scrolls?"

Xiuban kept chattering as Lin Yun was busy dealing with the body of the Moonlight Deer. Xiuban didnt even care that he was covered in blood as he only talked about magic scrolls, his eyes filled with envy.

Lin Yun finished gathering the blood of the Moonlight Deer and silently looked at Xiuban. After seeing the resurfaced magic patterns, Lin Yun casually nodded.

Lin Yun was very surprised that Xiubans magic patterns had reappeared. He felt that Xiuban was either extremely lucky, or his bloodline power was so immense that the bath in God Blood was only able to temporarily suppress his bloodline.

But as he thought about it, Draconic Beastmen were usually rare. Xiubans bloodline was weak to begin with, and he had fused with a drop of blood of a Three-Headed Golden Dragon, the most powerful existence amongst Chromatic Dragons. A drop of blood was enough to raise Xiubans bloodline by a few tiers.

Later, he had merged with the heart blood of an Ancient Poison Dragon, and an Ancient Poison Dragon was an existence far more ancient than Chromatic Dragons. Ancient Poison Dragons were active in Noscent during the era of Gods, while powerful Ancient Poison Dragons were existences that Gods feared.

After fusing with the two bloodlines, it wasnt unbelievable that Xiubans bloodline was so powerful that a Gods bloodline couldnt suppress it. But breaking through the restriction of a Gods bloodline at the 8th Rank of the Sword Saint realm was still extremely lucky.

Obtaining Lin Yuns promise, Xiuban beamed with joy as he ran off to get out of the way.

The group rapidly handled the corpse of the Moonlight Deer. They had to use their fastest speed to process the blood and hide in order to guarantee the greatest efficiency. If they were slow, the light would dissipate, and the effectiveness would greatly reduce.

The hide and blood were processed first, and then it was the antlers turn. After being processed, they would naturally become light-attribute staves of the highest grade. Even if they turned out to be unsuitable as staves, they could be ground up and used as top-grade medicinal ingredients.

They could be made into Radiant Potions, Radiant Heart Potions, Evil-Dispersing Potions, and Treatment Potions.

Those all used the antlers of Moonlight Deer.

There was nothing else especially precious from the corpse of Moonlight Deer.

But these three Moonlight Deer were all fake Heaven Rank Magic Beasts, which made every part of their bodies precious. Even their meat would cleanse the negative status of anyone, apart from darkness-attributed mages and Necromancers. If eaten for a long time, it would give some status resistance.

After harvesting everything, everyone drank a Health Potion to recover, and once most of their mana had recovered, everyone got on the road once again.

After a while, they encountered an Earthen Bear. Lin Yun experimented with the weakness he had discovered earlier and ascertained that the weakness he had discovered for the Moonlight Deer applied to all of these Heaven Rank Magic Beasts.

The ability of these magic beasts to adapt to extreme environments, whether extreme cold or extreme heat, was very poor. Particularly when ice and fire were combined, it would greatly weaken them, and if there was spatial annihilation, their fighting strength would weaken even more.

Lin Yun alone could easily kill this kind of fake Heaven Rank Magic Beast now, and with his subordinates, they were able to finish them off much faster.

Within a few days, they killed eight fake Heaven Rank Magic Beasts and obtained even more mana crystals.

At that time, new information came from the Specter trailing the Henry Family.

There had been hardly any useful information from that side in the past few days, as they had been hunting normally, killing magic beasts.

But now, the Specter had some different information.

The Henry Family found six Mud Lizards. Under normal circumstances, these magic beasts would be Level 10, while the strongest would be Level 15, and they would usually live in swamps. The Mud Lizards usual hunting style would be to wait in the mud for their prey to seek a water source.

And these six Mud Lizards were over a hundred meters in length. They were incomparably huge, and they had a thick layer of mud covering the surface of their bodies. They had tough defense, and the attack power of the Mud Lizard was frightening. With a swat, they would shatter a twenty-meter-tall hill. Moreover, the Mud Lizards were proficient in Earth Magic.

The Henry Family was in a very miserable situation.

Through the field of view shared by the Specter, Lin Yun could see everything. He didnt know what happened to these six Mud Lizards, but they were infuriated by the Henry Family and had surrounded the Henry Family in a small valley, seemingly wanting to eradicate them.

By nature, Mud Lizards didnt like to fight for a long time, and they also hated direct confrontation. They would always go for a one-hit kill when ambushing their prey, and if they met any resistance, even if they were more powerful than the target, the Mud Lizards would be unwilling to fight. They would actually just back off.

This was a very lazy type of magic beast, and it could also be said that they liked to weigh the effort against the reward. Mud Lizards wouldnt act if they had to spend a bit more energy, even if the harvest was a lot greater than the energy spent. They would only fight when they spent very little energy to get a huge harvest.

After these days of fighting, Lin Yun was already certain that these fake Heaven Rank Magic Beasts, even if he didnt know the reason, had all reached their level from their original low levels. Moreover, their habits and characteristics hadnt changed much.