End Of The Magic Era Chapter 974

Chapter 974 Rotten Flower

Lin Yun couldnt understand the situation before his eyes. Although it was a pack, it was a pack of solitary Mud Lizards, and they seemed to want to get rid of the Henry Family at all cost. This would be a huge loss to the Mud Lizards, as the Henry Familys people barely had meat on their bones compared to some creatures. There wasnt even enough to be a Mud Lizards appetizer.

But Lin Yun couldnt help smiling as the lizards were crazily attacking.

Those guys were really running out of luck. It looked like they wouldnt be able to resist the six Mud Lizards for long. Six Heaven Rank Mud Lizards were determined to get rid of them, so it was only a matter of time. They might last for over a day, but even if they did their best, they would certainly be eradicated within two days.

Lin Yun took his group and followed the reaction of the Specter towards the Henry Family.

The Henry Family had been moving in the same direction as Lin Yuns group, moving towards the place resonating with the mana crystals. They had been going from a different direction, but they werent too far away.

With Flight, it only took three hours for Lin Yun to reach the battlefield.

He landed on a mountain in the distance and was overlooking the small valley, unable to hide the grin on his face.

The Henry Familys people were really too miserable. The small valley was actually a good spot. It had a narrow entrance, while the inside was quite spacious. This was a huge advantage to the Henry Familys people. Although the two mountains on both sides of the valley were very tall, they were very smoothly inclined, making it quite easy to cross them.

The six gigantic Mud Lizards were blocked at the mouth of the valley. Four of them were crazily casting, while two were lying on both sides of the valley, apparently forcing their way into the valley.

A kilometer away, Lin Yun and the others could hear the deafening sounds of the earth shaking, and they could clearly feel the mountains continuously being crushed.

The earth would fiercely shake every time a Mud Lizards tail twitched, and the Mud Lizards claws were frantically swiping at the entrance of the valley, gradually expanding it.

At this rate, the entrance of the valley would widen enough for all of the Mud Lizards to rush in and tear the Henry Familys people apart.

Within the valley, the members of the Henry Family were standing in one spot, casting, with some of them floating in the air. But they werent even attacking the Mud Lizards. They were instead trying to prevent the Mud Lizards from expanding the entrance.

The mountain peaks on both sides were covered in darkness, and a layer of darkness was covering the sky, making it seem like night had fallen. This stopped the Mud Lizards from going around.

Taking advantage of the layer of darkness being shattered once again, Lin Yun looked over and noticed a huge sunflower-like plant hidden within. It looked more or less like a sunflower, but it had a big, toothy mouth continuously spouting ash-brown gas.

Just as that plant appeared, one of the Mud Lizards opened its mouth and sprayed out a thick slurry of mud to thoroughly destroy it. If they got just a bit closer, they would start sneezing, apparently feeling very uncomfortable.

Floating in the sky, Morgan promptly threw a seed before once again using a layer of darkness to cover both sides of the valley, repelling a Mud Lizard trying to climb over.

A hint of amazement could be seen in Lin Yuns eyes.

The Henry Family was really well-off They actually had Rotten Flower Seeds, and from Morgans actions, it looked like he had many of them.

In order to make the Rotten Flower grow immediately, they needed the poison sac of Man-Faced Spiders.

Rotten Flowers were the bane of many magic beasts, and many of them hated the smell. They would react like a human suffering from hay fever if they caught a whiff of that smell, making them keep sneezing and feeling very uncomfortable.

The Curtain of Darkness wasnt used to hide the mountain path. It was actually hiding the position of the Rotten Flower that would make those Mud Lizards instinctively refuse to climb over the sides of the valley.

After releasing an Eagle Sight spell, Lin Yun was able to see the corner of the airship within the valley. Their airship had already fallen and was piercing the ground. It appeared to be unusable.

After checking carefully, Lin Yun noticed some eggshells within the wreckage

He finally understood why these Mud Lizards were going crazy.

The Henry Family, these rarely seen fools, unexpectedly wanted to steal the eggs of the Mud Lizards, but they were caught in the act. As a result, even their airship with terrifying defenses crashed.

Although these fake Heaven Rank Magic Beasts were strange, they retained the same habits and characteristics of their species. If someone stole their eggs, even shattering them, they wouldnt give up unless they tore the culprits apart.

There was a red barrier of light at the entrance of the valley, which apparently was formed by a set of True Spirit Magic Tools belonging to the Henry Family. But now, the barrier was clearly getting damaged, and one of the four True Spirit Magic Tools had already been destroyed.

The radiance emitted by the barrier was also uneven: The left side was a bit brighter, while the right side was a bit darker and was fluctuating even more fiercely when attacked.

Lin Yun silently calculated that within half an hour at most, another True Spirit Magic Tool maintaining the barrier would be destroyed. If one more True Spirit Magic Tool was destroyed after that, the remaining one wouldnt even be able to release a layer of defense at all.

What the Henry Familys mages were doing now was to prevent the Mud Lizards from destroying the right side of the barrier, but their effectiveness was minimal. They could only defend for now because of the large river that Arnaud had summoned to continuously attack the entrance of the valley.

Mist was rising where the water crashed down, and beside the large river, there was also a dense fog forming, covering the sight of the Mud Lizards. But the fog had very little effect on the Mud Lizards. Mud Lizards originally didnt focus on their eyesight because they actually relied on scent.

The Henry Family took out a large number of barrier scrolls and threw them one by one. Although they were completely on the defense, they could still keep it up.

"Damn, these guys are really well-off! We have been here for ten minutes, yet they already used over thirty magic scrolls, and from the size of the scrolls, most of them are 6th-grade magic scrolls," Enderfa exclaimed, before continuing to watch the play.

Xiuban was cheerfully sitting on a huge boulder, eating while mumbling with dissatisfaction.

"These huge lizards are really too stupid. They can just go around and jump into the valley, yet they are still using this costly method"

Lin Yun squinted as he looked with keen interest, even watching from the Specters point of view. The other sides Spirit Snake had already caught sight of them, but Lin Yun pretended to be unaware.

In the valley, Henry Morgan was floating in the air, and he saw Lin Yuns group looking over as if they were watching a show. He gnashed his teeth before proceeding to cast a Curtain of Darkness. He then threw out a Rotten Flower Seed and a Man-Faced Spiders poison sac.

After the Curtain of Darkness was torn apart once again, the poison sac of the Man-Faced Spider shattered near the seed. Venom splashed in a large area before the Rotten Flower Seed fell into it. The seed germinated in an instant and crazily absorbed the surrounding venom before transforming into a complete Rotten Flower spitting out its acrid scent.

That scent was used to attract prey, and once something approached, Man-Faced Spiders would kill the prey and would eat its internal organs, while the corpse would become fertilizer for the Rotten Flower.

But that scent completely repulsed Mud Lizards.

Morgan clenched his teeth. After adding a new Rotten Flower, he took out scrolls from his spatial ring. A scroll would last ten seconds before its defenses were torn to shreds and its effects dissipated.

The scrolls continuously used and the potions being drunk one by one were like a large river of gold flying away.

And all the while, Lin Yuns group was casually watching from a kilometer away.

These Andlusan insects They are definitely getting back at us! Last time they discovered that I took away the mana crystal, and now that we are in danger, they are acting as if they are watching a show.

Damn, even if you dont plan on helping, shouldnt you be hurrying to leave when seeing this kind of situation? What are you doing watching?

Those scoundrels actually want to watch us get eliminated? Dont even think about it! Our Henry Family might be lacking some things, but money definitely isnt one of them. We can last at least three days just relying on magic scrolls and potions, and I dont believe that no one else will come within three days.

Damned country bumpkins, youre enjoying the show, arent you? You are actually chatting and eating!

Morgan, through the Spirit Snake, noticed that Lin Yuns mage subordinates were resting while discussing how they would deal with the Mud Lizards if they were the Henry Family. They also mocked the Henry Family for picking such a spot to defend, as this had cut off their escape path.

Xiuban was eating a huge hunk of meat from a magic beast while cursing the Mud Lizards for being too stupid for not having killed the people inside the valley already.

Lin Yun was keenly watching while reading a book.

Morgan had a greenish complexion as he inwardly cursed. His chest was heaving from rage, but he was helpless to do anything about it so he could only inwardly rage.

Beside Morgan, Arnaud had also discovered Lin Yuns group, but he was also helpless. Seeing Morgan fuming, Arnauds expression became even more serious.