End Of The Magic Era Chapter 979

Chapter 979 Monsters

These defensive shields formed an arc that led the Hellfire into the Mud Lizard.

In an instant, not only were the limbs of the Mud Lizard set on fire, but its body was also immersed in the Hellfire.

Large pieces of mud dried up from having their moisture evaporated and turned into shattered lumps of earth as the layers of mud armor were burnt down.

The extreme blazing environment started influencing the Mud Lizards mana, throwing its mana fluctuations into chaos. Its casting strength rapidly weakened, as did its counterattack. Apart from struggling on the ground, it couldnt do anything against the flames. More layers of mud waves rolled in, but they only burned up.

After the Mud Lizard was thoroughly ignited, the mage army once again gathered together and chanted something that sounded very strange. Every single one of them was chanting a different incantation.

This was a large-scale combination spell. They relied on quantity to replace quality, and it was the strongest method the mage army knew.

Ordinary mage armies didnt have Lin Yun arranging arrays for them, and they also didnt possess the Joint Chant Array, let alone techniques like Mass Flash. Their strongest methods were large-scale combination spells.

With a few of the most powerful people leading, they would chant extremely long incantations while everyone jointly released a spell. This would consume more mana than a powerhouse personally releasing many skills.

The mage army was chanting an incantation as Reina swooped down, with blue rays of light suddenly appearing as she sprayed towards the Mud Lizards head.

In an instant, a thick, blue pillar of light fell and covered the Mud Lizards head. The ice-blue radiance frantically swept over and instantly froze the flame-covered head of the Mud Lizard.

The temperature suddenly plummeted from being extremely high to being extremely low. The Mud Lizards casting seemed to have paused, and its mana fluctuations instantly became chaotic. Large pieces of mud fell from its body, and it also lost control over the earth elements.

At that time, the mage army finished their incantation and an enormous golden-red spear appeared in the sky and swept down with terrifying power. It was over twenty meters long and two meters thick, and it ruthlessly pierced through the Mud Lizards neck down the center, nailing it to the ground.

Blue blood sprayed out of the Mud Lizards mouth as its limbs straightened and its tail fiercely twitched, not making any more sound.

The battle was over. The mage army flew to the side and went on standby. As for Reina, she only let out a Frost Breath and no longer participated in the fight.

The other Mud Lizard was fighting Lin Yun. Its armor had completely shattered, and it had a huge hole in its neck. It looked like a block of flesh had been scooped out as the miserable white bones could clearly be seen.

At this time, Lin Yun scattered his Ice-Fire Elemental Incarnation and congealed a Four-Element Bomb before casually throwing it at the injured Mud Lizards neck.


A mushroom cloud rose up as the fierce explosion directly broke the Mud Lizards neck. There was only a layer of hide and flesh connected on its side. It couldnt be more dead than that.

The fight on that side was settled way too quickly, and one of the four Mud Lizards attacking the Henry Family split up and rushed over. It barely covered a few dozen meters before being blocked by Enderfa and the patched puppet.

"Come, come, come, let Uncle Enderfa send you to see your ancestors," Enderfa jeered. He controlled the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel to cast ice spells, while the puppet released fire spells.

The two spellwaves attacked the Mud Lizard from two different sides and instantly weakened it.

The extreme heat and extreme cold came into contact and weakened the Mud Lizards power by more than half even without fusing.

The violent spell pressure required no technique. It was purely suppressing a target with quantity, but the Mud Lizard couldnt escape the suppression. The two extreme temperatures made it unable to figure out how to react.

Being suppressed by the spellwaves, the Mud Lizard could only swing its four claws, trying its best to struggle. That thick tail frantically swayed, but to no avail.

As Lin Yuns strength increased, the casting power of the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel, which held one of his Core Meditation Law Sets, rapidly increased. The frantic spellwave was comparable to the all-out casting of a Violent Flow 9th Rank Archmage.

Violent Flow mages had always been looked down upon, but no one could deny the power of those mages. They reduced their cooldowns as much as possible to pour out as many spells as they could. When facing an enemy, they would rain down endless spells, using spellwaves to tear their opponents to shreds.

As for the puppet, whose parts had been changed many times, it was now even more powerful, and just like Enderfa, its frantic spellwaves were the most practical way to handle this kind of huge and powerful magic beast. Just by relying on spells, it could pressure it to death.

Enderfa and the patched puppet once again relied on the clash between fire and ice to keep weakening the power of the Mud Lizard. At that time, Xiuban suddenly appeared in front of the Mud Lizard.

A layer of cyan wind lingered on Xiubans body, while a yellow halo was covering Carnage.

Xiuban grinned as his eyes turned blood red and a layer of bloody light blossomed from his body. In an instant, Xiubans body swelled. Blue veins could be seen on his arms, and the thick arms that could already compare with Lin Yuns waist became one size thicker.

As he took a step, he disappeared as if a cool breeze had brushed him away and reappeared on the head of the Mud Lizard

"Look at the berserk combo created by Uncle Xiuban!" he roared, holding Carnage with both hands as he spun like a spinning top.

The wind made Xiuban nimbler and allowed him to maximize his power. It was like before, when he only used pure power to display 70% to 80% of his strength. Now, every attack carried 100% of his power.

With the addition of the Extreme Heaviness spell on Carnage, its weight sharply increased, raising its destructive power to a new level.

Bloodthirst made all aspects of Xiuban even faster. His dodges, his swings, even the speed at which he registered what he saw, everything became even faster.

With the force of Xiubans rotation, Carnage heavily smashed against the forehead of the Mud Lizard, but an instant later, Carnage struck the same spot once again.

Carnages terrifying sweeping power, the swirling gales, and the fire and ice power on both sides made it impossible for the Mud Lizard to do anything to Xiuban.

Xiuban smashed Carnage into the lizard seven times in the first second, but the spinning didnt stop.

Within three seconds, Xiuban, the embodiment of a tornado, smashed Carnage on the head of the Mud Lizard twenty-two times.

The Mud Lizards skull completely shattered, leaving a huge indentation in its head.

In fact, the Mud Lizard had already died before Xiuban finished.

Xiubans body stopped spinning as he broke out of the mutilated forehead, not caring about that fishy bloody smell as he proudly looked at Enderfa.

"Enderfa, did you see the combo that the great Xiuban came up with? I can already hit twenty times! Unfortunately, that big guy is too weak so I couldnt continue"

One of Enderfas faces disdainfully glanced at Xiuban.

"Fool, you were lucky this time. You were left alone, but it could have interrupted you from the 1st to the 6th hit"

The three Mud Lizards lured by Lin Yuns group were taken care of in less than three minutes, making Morgan and Arnauds eyes widen.

Because of the shock, Morgan was almost bitten by a Mud Lizard, and his Elemental Shield was directly torn apart. If he hadnt instantly used his Runic Shield, he would have already died.

Damn, these crazy dog-like guys are really Mafa Merlins subordinates?

Sh*t, he absolutely deceived me, what injury? What exhaustion? He definitely lied to me! If these people were injured, how could they withstand the power of the Heaven Rank?

And that Mafa Merlin is unexpectedly able to take care of a Mud Lizard by himself, killing it in less than three minutes. It doesnt even look like he used his full power

What was that Elemental Incarnation? Half ice, half fire He is an Archmage, how could he display the Ice-Fire Incarnation? Isnt that something that only Heaven Mages that comprehended the Laws could use?

And what about that black sphere, it didnt give out any mana fluctuations What was that thing?

Damnit, how could his subordinates be so powerful? Half of the people in the mage army are Low Rank Archmages, and the other half are High Mages, yet they are a bit stronger than me. In a direct confrontation, I might not be their opponent

And thats a Frost Dragon, right?

No, its certainly not How could I not know what Frost Dragons look like? That Dragon definitely has the bloodline of Chromatic Dragons, but the power of that bloodline is extremely high.

There is also that strange Beastman. He is fighting just like a Shaman, but his strength is far greater than the strongest Battle Shaman I ever saw. He already exceeded the Sword Saint realm in terms of pure power. Even Beastman Sword Saints arent his match in that regard.

And that ugly looking puppet and that three-faced Magic Tool Incarnation are both comparable to 9th Rank Archmages, and Violent Flow Archmages at that

Hell, who are these people? How could Mafa Merlin find such a group of monsters?

Looking at his own battle, Morgan felt like a sheltered young master that had never fought before. He was fighting very poorly.