End Of The Magic Era Chapter 98

Chapter 98 Alchemy Puppet


Now, he only needed one more thing.

Every alchemy puppet had unique control runes. Different types of alchemy puppets had a different number of control runes. For example, the mining alchemy puppets produced by the Gilded Rose only had three or five control runes and could only carry out a few types of instructions like extracting ore and transportation.

But the control runes of some battle puppets would be a lot more complicated, and the number could reach several dozens or more. Since battle puppets couldn’t think by themselves, only by having enough control runes would they be able to adapt and react to any situations.

What Lin Yun lacked now were the control runes.

‘Looks like an unsolvable problem.’

Wanting to find the control runes of an alchemy puppet that had been shut down for over three hundred years was an impossible task.

But Lin Yun actually smiled.

While smiling, he took out the Inheritance Ring. ‘Too obvious, in all of Noscent, only the Black Tower was capable of crafting a Gaugass Battlemage puppet model.’

In other words, the remains he found earlier most likely belonged to this alchemy puppet’s master.

That master had left two items behind.

A Spiritual level magic staff, which was the mana source of that alchemy puppet.

And an Inheritance level Ring, which Lin Yun hadn’t had time to study yet, but if it didn’t contain the control runes of the alchemy puppet, what else could it be?

Lin Yun didn’t spend too much time thinking farther and took out the Inheritance Ring. Under the rotation of the Magic Array, mana poured into the ring, and with a click, a deep Nesser sound echoed in Lin Yun’s ears.

One, two, three, four…

Lin Yun hadn’t expected that the alchemy puppet would have a total of 130 control runes!

Moreover, those 130 control runes were divided into a few layers, each layer more precise than the one before. Most of the lowest control runes could even be modified to add casting skills to the alchemy puppet. This was quite overpowering, tantamount to having the usual benefits of an alchemy puppet along with the casting skills of a mage.

Naturally, the prerequisite was that the master of the alchemy puppet had to have already mastered that skill.

This wasn’t a problem for Lin Yun.

After remembering all the control runes, Lin Yun put the ring back in his pocket. It was the first time he had felt truly relaxed ever since the Bone Devil had awakened, because he knew that he now had the power to fight against it. If everything went smoothly, he might be able to get hold of the Nether Iron Vein in advance.

He inserted the magic staff into the alchemy puppet’s body, the huge Elemental Amber filling the empty spot for the mana source. A large amount of mana poured in like a waterfall, and three seconds later, the alchemy puppet’s finger moved. Ten seconds later, the Gold Essence frame’s arrays began radiating with light.

After thirty seconds, the alchemy puppet’s body shook fiercely under the radiance emitted by the Elemental Amber.


“Attack!” Lin Yun pulled out the Spiritual Magic Staff and simultaneously ordered through the control runes in Nesser Language. The originally stiff body immediately straightened and grabbed the Gold Essence Lance next to its body before rushing to the pathway at an astonishing speed.

Lin Yun finally understood how the pathway had been carved, and in fact, it couldn’t really be described as being carved. The alchemy puppet with its heavy plate armor was like an armored bulldozer. A sweep from the three-meter lance in its hand was enough to easily plow through the earth. In just a moment, it soared through the hundred meters or so of the narrow passage.

Just as the alchemy puppet rushed in, the Bone Devil entered from the other side. The sinister roar filled that narrow space. The two phosphorous lights within the empty sockets pulsated as several dozens of Dark Fire Bullets were rotating around it, just like sinister will-o’-wisps.

The Bone Devil was clearly distracted when the alchemy puppet appeared.

Despite the Bone Devil’s strength being similar to that of a High Mage, it wasn’t nearly as intelligent. With its pitiful mind, it was really difficult to understand a strange existence like this alchemy puppet. It wasn’t an undead being, but neither was it a living lifeform, yet it was letting out astonishing mana fluctuations. What kind of creature was that?

The alchemy puppet wouldn’t clear up the Bone Devil’s question, though. The Gold Essence Lance swept over, sending the Bone Devil’s huge body flying. A deep sound echoed out as it struck the wall.

But the Bone Devil was worthy of being a powerful undead lifeform with the strength of a High Mage. After being struck with such a heavy blow, it only roared in indignation before staggering back up. The alchemy puppet’s blow had clearly infuriated this hegemon of the black wasteland. The two lights were burning as it rushed towards the alchemy puppet with an angry roar.

Another deep clash echoed as the two non-human creatures knocked into each other. A hegemon of the black wasteland controlling Dark Fire Bullets, and an alchemy puppet wielding a Gold Essence Lance. This fight had just started, yet it already looked like a desperate brawl.

Each time the two combatants collided, loud sounds that would make one feel numb would thunder out. Defense had no part in that fight, and they only went all-out with their attacks. This fight was fierce enough that even a Great Swordsman would turn pale upon watching. The Bone Devil would endure the Gold Essence Lance passing through its body in order to ensure that its own Dark Fire Bullets would land, and the alchemy puppet would let the Dark Fire Bullets hit its body in order to land a blow on the Bone Devil.

Among the dust, a sinister hole could be seen on the Bone Devil’s chest as three of its ribs had already broken. Naturally, the alchemy puppet was hardly better off. The thick Gold Essence plate armor had already been heavily dented in several locations, and there was even a sharp bone piercing through its stomach.

Lin Yun left down the long passage while continuously chanting the control runes, tightly holding the Spiritual Magic Staff and the Sage Chapter in his hands.

His palms were soaked in sweat.

Because he knew that he only had one chance.

If he missed that opportunity, no matter how fierce the alchemy puppet was, he would have no choice but to remain in the Bone Plane. After all, this alchemy puppet was merely at the 1st Rank Great Mage and 5th Rank Great Swordsman level. Compared to a Bone Devil that could contend with a High Mage, it was still quite far off.

It looked like the alchemy puppet was a match for the Bone Devil at the moment, but Lin Yun knew that it wasn’t because of the alchemy puppet’s inherent strength, but rather because he was manipulating three control runes each second.