End Of The Magic Era Chapter 983

Chapter 983 Ancestor Soul

It was rumored that Gallsworth could have advanced to the Heaven Rank already, but he wanted to break through with an unprecedented momentum by simultaneously becoming a Heaven Rank Sword Saint and a Heaven Rank Warlock. His momentum would be outstanding with the two kinds of power simultaneously advancing to the Heaven Rank. At that point, even if he just advanced to the Heaven Rank and was on the same level as other Heaven Rank powerhouses, no one would be his opponent.

More importantly, that guy had also been recognized by the Ancestor Soul worshipped by the Beastmen for over ten thousand years, and he could borrow some of the Ancestor Souls power. In the Gold Beastman Tribe, even the Tribal Chief was very polite and respectful of Gallsworth, and he entrusted Gallsworth to teach his only son.

Lin Yun frowned as he recalled some information pertaining to that guy. The most important part about that guy wasnt that he had yet to reach the Heaven Rank, but that he already had the power of a Heaven Rank powerhouse!

In addition to that, the Raging Flame Battlefield strengthened the Raging Flame Beastmen, making the situation even more troublesome

Also, Gallsworth had yet to make a move. The Cloud Towers group had been exhausted by the group of Gold Beastmen and the son of the Tribal Chief, Kraff. If Gallsworth had personally done anything, they wouldnt have lasted more than three minutes before being wiped out.

The Cloud Towers people were pleasantly surprised as they noticed Lin Yun rushing over with his group, but Jouyi actually appeared worried as he saw him.

"Sir Merlin, be careful, thats Golden Behemoth Gallsworth! He can display power surpassing the Heaven Rank and can even resist a Heaven Rank powerhouse when going all-out. And with the support of the Raging Flame Battlefield Be careful"

Jouyi looked worried, but he didnt say that Lin Yun couldnt handle Gallsworth. He just warned him to be cautious.

As Lin Yuns group appeared, Kraff also looked pleasantly surprised.

"Hahaha, some prey finally took the bait. Sure enough, not killing these weak guys was a wise choice. Very good, lets kill off these weak chickens first before using the new prey to lure even more prey. Im really a genius.

"We can first kill all those fragile humans before teaching a lesson to the other Beastman fools"

Kraff flew out of the Beastman group while bursting out with loud laughter as if he had already killed all these humans.

The Gold Beastmen didnt continue pursuing the Cloud Tower after Lin Yuns group arrived.

Lin Yun casually slipped a dozen Health Potions and Magic Spring Potions into Jouyis hands as he indifferently looked at the Gold Beastmen on the other side.

The worried expression on Jouyis face wouldnt easily disappear. He split the potions with the mages at his side before drinking his. He wanted to say something, but he ended up remaining silent.

He had already noticed that these Beastmen had no intention of killing them quickly. If Gallsworth acted, they wouldnt have been able to resist for long before being destroyed. The Beastmen kept chasing after them but didnt attack with full power. This was obviously to lure in more people, but Jouyi hadnt expected that the ones lured would be the Merlin Family.

Jouyi inwardly sighed, Haaa, this time, our Andlusa Kingdoms losses will be disastrous.

Although Mafa is powerful, Gallsworth is the number one powerhouse among the Gold Beastmen. Not only is he a Sword Saint with power capable of enduring a 1st Rank Heaven Mage, but he can also borrow the power of a Beastman Ancestor. This would make his power endless, as he wouldnt have to worry about consumption.

After entering the Raging Flame Battlefield, his strength became far more powerful than it normally was in the Raging Flame Plane. Even Sir Dubois of the Black Tower might not have the upper hand if a fight were to happen here.

I harmed the Merlin Family This might greatly influence what happens in the Raging Flame Planes campaign. The Raging Flame Beastmen might be able to reverse the entire situation.

Forget it, lets go all-out. Mages have never fought timidly, and if we fight with everything we have, we might have a chance to escape.

Jouyi led the powerhouses of the Cloud Tower, and after drinking the potions, they all glared at the Gold Beastmen with determination.

"Sir Jouyi, have your people treat their injuries and recover their mana for now. Let me handle this."

Jouyi was stunned as he looked at Lin Yun, and just as he was about to say something, Kraff burst out in laughter.

"Humans are really experts at blowing hot air It can even send our tribes Kodos flying! Since you want to throw away your lives, I shall satisfy you. Keep the useless chickens at the front, they can be used as bait."

After saying that, Kraff flew out from the Beastmens ranks, and mana fluctuations comparable to a 9th Rank Archmages gushed out. Strands of golden light appeared on that bronze-colored skin as Kraffs body became similar to liquid gold, and dark red flames carrying a hint of gold surrounded his body.

In an instant, an aura of destruction spread out. The ominous burning power seemed to come out from the chests of all the Gold Beastmen. This was the bloodline of the Gold Beastmen, which apparently included both Hellish and Abyssal blood.

The degree of hostility between Hell and the Abyss was no less than there was with Noscent. Simultaneously possessing these two bloodlines was something very challenging. There were many Gold Beastmen that would lose their lives due to an internal conflict between the bloodlines.

But as long as they didnt die, the Gold Beastmen would be able to use the power within their bloodlines to let out formidable spells. These flames not only had the heat and destruction of Hellfire, but they also had the ominous sulfur aura of the Abyss. They were very powerful.

Kraff kept laughing as he waved his hand. A few dark red fireballs suddenly flew towards Lin Yun. These initially slowly burning fireballs became frantic as they suddenly rushed out. The flames expanded, and the man-sized fireballs instantly reached almost eight meters in diameter.

Strands of golden-red flames kept flowing within the darker flames. The surrounding air was thoroughly distorted, and it felt as if those fireballs were twisting into a vortex.

But Lin Yun completely ignored Kraff. He hadnt thrown a single glance at him and only kept staring at Gallsworth. Lin Yun casually waved his hand when faced with Kraffs attack, and a few fire runes flew out, entering the large fireballs.

Those fireballs contained terrifying power distorted in an instant and exploded ten meters from Lin Yun, evaporating all moisture within several dozen meters. Even the wet earth had become dry.

An orange flame was floating beside Lin Yun. It was as if those exploding flames had been attracted over and disappeared within that fireball of their own volition.

In the air, Kraffs expression greatly changed, while Gallsworth finally opened his eyes, fiercely looking at Lin Yun with a sharp gaze.

"Ding, ding, ding"

Between them, the metallic sound of gold could be heard echoing from the sharp clash.

In the back, Jouyi looked at Lin Yun with shock. He hadnt expected Lin Yuns strength to have reached that level.

Once the comprehension of High Rank mages reached the peak, they would be able to easily scatter the spells of weaker mages. But this was something very rarely seen within the same rank.

Kraff was a 9th Rank Arch-Warlock. Although that fireball seemed ordinary, it contained the power of multiple flames. More importantly, once affected by it, it would be very difficult to break away from it.

Mafa actually relied on a few fire runes to scatter the spells structure, and he also scattered Kraffs control over the spell. This can only mean one thing

There is a huge gap between Kraff and Mafa!


Kraff was shocked, but he didnt have time to think as a Four-Element Bomb condensed by Lin Yun suddenly appeared in front of him.

The shocked Kraff couldnt dodge. He only had time to raise a Fire Shield before the Four-Element Bomb exploded

A terrifying power swept over as the Four-Element Bomb exploded. A direct hit from would definitely be comparable to a top-notch single-target spell.

Kraff felt like he had been slapped by a behemoth. His Fire Shield wasnt even able to block a bit of the power as he was sent flying.

A golden light blossomed from the necklace with three beast teeth that he wore on his chest, and a strand of golden light covered his body to resist that terrifying explosive strength.

But the teeth exploded one after another until the layer of light covering Kraff completely dissipated.

That terrifying explosive force rapidly tore through Kraffs body, and his skin was mutilated.

At this time, a totem crest in Kraffs bosom glowed, and a translucent Beastman Ancestor shot out, attached himself to Kraffs body, and emitted a desolate aura that resisted the explosive power with difficulty.

But Kraffs body just kept flying back while the halo on the surface of his body slightly dimmed.

Kraff didnt have time to relax before another Four-Element Bomb rushed over. His face turned as white as a sheet of paper as his Ancestor Soul Magic Tool was destroyed in an instant. If not for the Ancestor Soul instructing him and protecting him ever since he was a child, he would have already died from the explosion.

But that Ancestor Soul wasnt that kind of Totem Ancestor Soul. Totem Ancestor Souls were souls born from the worship over countless years, while this was a more ordinary Ancestor Soul. It had been a Beastman powerhouse that obtained the admiration and worship of Beastmen after his death, allowing his soul to transform into an Ancestor Soul.

That Ancestor Soul had directly received the brunt of the impact. It had already suffered a lot of damage, and it could disappear if it didnt rest and meditate.

Kraff started panicking as he faced another attack. At this time, Gallsworth suddenly appeared in front of that Four-Element Bomb, the greatsword in his hand bursting with a golden light as it swung in front of him.