End Of The Magic Era Chapter 984

Chapter 984 You Must Die

A loud sound echoed as a mushroom cloud rose in front of Gallsworth, filling the entire sky with smoke and chaotic mana fluctuations. The terrifying explosive power pushed Gallsworth two steps backward, but he managed to block it with an Aura Burst.

As soon as the danger was lifted, Kraff immediately asked the Ancestor Soul protecting him, "Ancestor Grandpa, how are you?"

Just when Kraff said those words, a shriek echoed beside his ear, "Be careful!"

Smoke and mana fluctuations were covering Gallsworth from the front while a Four-Element Bomb unexpectedly moved in an arc, bypassing Gallsworth and instantly arriving before Kraff.

Realizing what was happening, Gallsworths eyes widened in surprise, but he simply couldnt do anything about it.

That Four-Element Bomb landed beside Kraff and exploded with extreme momentum that seemed to want to tear through everything.

In that instant, the Ancestor Soul that followed Kraff for decades was torn to pieces by that brutal force, and the remaining force fiercely hit Kraffs body, mutilating his arms. Were it not for Gallsworths timely rescue, Kraff would have directly been torn to shreds by that fierce spell.

After putting the seriously injured Kraff aside, Gallsworth slowly raised his door-like greatsword and coldly looked at Lin Yun.

The two continuous Four-Element Bombs had made an impression on Gallsworth. Although those Four-Element Bombs were extremely powerful, they had too many weak points. After seeing the first one, he felt that the threat would be sharply reduced if one could evade it, because that terrifying speed made it so that the Four-Element Bomb could only move in a straight line.

No one had expected the Four-Element Bomb to actually be able to fly in an arc.

This was Lin Yun latests modification: While making it spin, both sides received different amounts of power, maintaining the speed while also flying in an arc.

"What a pity"

Regret could be seen on Lin Yuns face. It was the first time hed used the arced Four-Element Bomb, but he unexpectedly didnt manage to kill anyone.

Gallsworth was coldly staring at Lin Yun, his heavy armor covered in a layer of Battle Aura Armor. Golden light could be seen within the scarlet aura completely covering Gallsworth.

As the explosion loudly echoed, Gallsworth disappeared, and that greatsword seemed weightless as it instantly slashed at Lin Yuns body.

But the sliced Lin Yun dissipated into a mirage while terrifying mana burst out like a volcanic eruption.

A huge wheel shadow appeared behind him, and within it, a deep starry sky filled with countless runes could be seen. Lin Yun was floating at the center of the wheel shadow, just like a God descending upon the earth.

Gallsworth kicked the air as if it was no different from the ground, his one dash stretching across several dozen meters, and casually slashed over with that unwieldy greatsword.

Overbearing scarlet light covered the sky, with a stand of gold lingering within. A sharp aura soared as even the clouds were cut in two.

Then, a berserk aura rapidly condensed, and several dozen crystalline scarlet swords rapidly flew towards Lin Yun.

The handle of every single one of those crystal swords was ten-meter-long, and they all slashed at him together. The space shuddered from the Aura Slashes, and the air was filled with aftereffects of the attacks.

Lin Yun raised his Draconic Staff and opened his mouth to let out a brilliant rune. Countless runes came out of the wheel shadow, transforming into a flood of runes washing over.

Multicolored elements frantically converged in the air, and there were a hundred thousand waves of runes linking together with these magic elements and Lin Yuns terrifying burst of mana. They all merged together into a several-dozen-meter-thick spellwave.

The spells of the four elements condensed together, frantically flowing down and directly clashing with those dozens of scarlet crystal swords.


Thunder boomed deafeningly. Even 9th Rank Archmages and Sword Saints would flee this place in horror.

As Lin Yun and Gallsworth started their fight, the two groups below them also followed suit and started fighting.

Enderfa was the first to attack, followed by Reina, Xiuban, the mage army, and the patched puppet.

The Gold Beastmen in front of them also fiercely counterattacked. Countless spells clashed as the fierce battle started.

And in the sky, Gallsworth was coldly looking at Lin Yun, surprised by the latters strength. Although it was just a casual Aura Slash, he had already reached the pinnacle of power, and his Aura could condense like crystal. It was at least ten times stronger than an ordinary Aura Slash, yet it was easily resisted.

Gallsworth switched to a two-handed stance, his body turning into a shadow as he approached Lin Yun. He suddenly slashed when he was within a hundred meters.

The berserk Aura sprayed out of the greatsword, transforming into a fierce demonic head that flew at Lin Yun. Its bloody mouth was open as it wanted to tear Lin Yun apart.

Lin Yun coldly looked at that demonic head and rapidly condensed a Four-Element Bomb that flew into the demonic heads mouth.

A loud explosion echoed as the scarlet demonic head exploded, and a shockwave filled with the aura of destruction spread like a smoke ring.

Over a hundred meters away, a Gold Beastman Sword Saint that had just jumped up was hit by that shockwave, and his body instantly disappeared. At that time, the remaining power of the explosion hit the ground and created cracks all over.

The Gold Beastman spurted a mouthful of blood, and he was obviously shocked as he looked at the battle in the sky. The aftermath alone was enough to nearly cripple an 8th Rank Sword Saint like him.

Gallsworth remained mostly expressionless, but his grim face was slowly exposing a hint of emotion as he felt troubled.

But before Gallswort could recover, large flames appeared behind the chaotic area left by the explosion. The crimson elemental flames were like a huge lid covering everything.

In less than a second, the sea of elemental flames spread everywhere within four to five hundred meters, and many flames were surrounding Gallsworth from all directions.

Gallsworth sneered, not retreating at all, and instead, he rushed towards the center of the elemental flames. The crimson aura on his greatsword frantically twisted before his sword appeared to suddenly extend, its tip piercing towards the center of the sea of flames.

As expected, there was a Four-Element Bomb in the center of the flames that collided with the extended tip.

Due to the collision, the extended portion of Gallsworths greatsword dissipated, and a big hole was formed in the center of the sea of flames.

Immediately, the surrounding flames transformed into a huge circle of fire with Gallsworth in its center.

Gallsworths expression suddenly changed. He didnt have time to dodge as his surroundings shone with a blue light.

Over a hundred blue Bursting Flames suddenly came out of the seemingly ineffective ring of flames.

At this distance, the Bursting Flames arrived almost instantly and started colliding against each other before even reaching Gallsworth.

This gave Gallsworth no chance to rush out.

Blue flames covered all directions, and the sweeping explosive force pressured Gallsworth in the center.

Gallsworth frowned and grasped his greatsword with both hands. The mana patterns on his body lit up for a moment before ten large Fire Shields layered upon one another to form an egg-shaped defense.

For three seconds, the endless Bursting Flames exploded in the center, accumulating more and more pressure for a final explosion.

The explosion created from the accumulation of several hundred Bursting Flames was something that could only be blocked by Heaven Rank powerhouses or those with special True Spirit Magic Tools. Anyone else would die.

But Lin Yun was currently frowning, and he unhesitantly used Flame Flash to dodge.

A light suddenly appeared within the blue flames and pierced through the sea of fire, stabbing at Lin Yuns previous location. After that wisp of golden light reached that place, it exploded once more and transformed into a golden sphere covered in thorns that fiercely pierced everything within ten meters, forcibly extinguishing the elemental flames.

Within the blue flames, darker red flames with wisps of gold were raging as a huge, half-transparent soul appeared within the boundless flames.

The hundred-meter-tall soul had a malevolent face and appeared to be a Beastman with long legs and a long tail. That monstrous-looking soul was the worshipped Ancestor Soul of the Gold Beastmen.

With the emergence of the Ancestor Soul, Gallsworths greatsword changed shape and became a four-meter-long huge totem pillar. Mysterious runes were covering the pillar, and berserk mana spread like a tide.

Gallsworth was floating in the air with an indifferent expression, but his gaze was filled with killing intent.

"I didnt expect the weakest Andlusa Kingdom to have a powerhouse like you. You have to die."

After saying those words, Gallsworth went all-out. The Aura covering his body became even more sinister, and blood-dyed barbs spread out of his Battle Aura Armor, emitting a terrifying aura of mana.

The fusion of aura and mana actually created momentum that far exceeded 9th Rank Archmages and 9th Rank Sword Saints.

And this wasnt over The huge Ancestor Soul behind Gallsworth extended both hands to embrace Gallsworth. That towering body rapidly shrank and transformed into a blue light that merged with Gallsworths body. Layers of berserk mana were rapidly bursting out of Gallsworths body to emit a thick, solid smoke.