End Of The Magic Era Chapter 985

Chapter 985 Chapter 985

Gallsworths tall body kept growing taller and taller until he ultimately turned into a three-meter-tall giant with spiky hair as hard as steel essence.

At that time, Gallsworths momentum exceeded the limits of the Sword Saint and Archmage realms. That terrifying power emitted a huge amount of pressure which made it harder for both humans and Beastmen within a kilometer to breath.

In the distance, Jouyi was looking at Gallsworth with a shocked expression.

"Heaven Rank, damnit, that guy can fuse with the Ancestor Soul and increase his strength to the Heaven Rank! The rumors are true! No wonder the Golden Beastmen are unstoppable, its over, no one in the Raging Flame Battlefield can contend against that guy"

After probing for a bit, Gallsworth noticed that Lin Yuns strength far exceeded his imagination and immediately used all his strength in order to kill him.

Lin Yun frowned and scattered his Fire Elemental Incarnation. Lava started appearing on the surface of his body as he instantly used Lava Incarnation to turn into a nine-meter-tall Lava Giant.

Purple light flew out of the Draconic Staff and transformed into the shadow of a hundred-meter-tall huge Purple Dragon, which then grasped the wheel shadow behind Lin Yun.

At this time, the runes within the wheel shadow became even more frantic, their amount crazily increasing. This caused Lin Yuns Lava Incarnation to swell up and reach thirteen meters in height.

A book, which looked like an ancient iron book, appeared in his left hand. The shackles binding that book collapsed on their own and the book automatically flipped itself open. Light blossomed from both the Element Chapter and the All-Encompassing Chapter, making Lin Yuns Lava Incarnation reach up to eighteen meters.

At that time, an aura that didnt pale against Gallsworths blossomed as boundless elemental power converged towards Lin Yun. The earth below Lin Yun started shaking and the ground collapsed into chunks of earth that rapidly shattered. Then, the boundless earth and boundless flames fused, transforming into soaring lava.

From a distance, it looked as if a volcano had erupted as wave upon wave of lava flowed out and hovered around Lin Yun. After a few seconds, a three-hundred-meter-wide lava pond had formed around Lin Yun.

Gallsworth looked at this scene, the killing intent in his eyes increasing.

So young, yet able to exert so much power before even reaching the 9th Rank of the Archmage realm I might not be his match by the time he advances to the 9th Rank

Such a formidable genius has to be exterminated here, I absolutely cannot let him leave the Raging Flame Battlefield alive, or I might not have another opportunity to kill him afterwards.

After thinking of this, Gallsworth waved his huge totem, dark red fire vortexes appearing behind him. The ominous Abyssal aura spread through the air as dark red meteors carrying golden wisps of light erupted like a Meteor Shower.

The numerous revolving meteors formed a thick flood pushing down towards Lin Yun.

Lin Yun spat out a rune, the Draconic Staff in one hand and the Book of Death in the other, and the lava under his feet formed six huge lava vortexes.

Endless lava spells burst out. It felt as if there were volcanic eruptions in the sky as a boundless amount of lava shook the sky and collided with the falling meteors.


A thunderous sound echoed as heaven and earth shook. It took less than two seconds for chaotic and berserk spells to cover everything within several hundred meters.

Gallsworth didnt take the upper hand in a spell battle, and neither did Lin Yuns torrent of spells overwhelm the other side. The extreme spell clash only lasted a full minute.

Gallsworth suddenly retreated.

After retreating, Gallsworth scattered the layer of soul light and put away the totem.

Lin Yun frowned as he looked at Gallsworth, but didnt take the opportunity to attack, he only coldly looked over.

Gallsworth similarly coldly looked at Lin Yun.

"Sir Mafa Merlin, right? Your strength is beyond my expectations. I didnt expect that there would be someone able to tie with me in the Raging Flame Battlefield.

"Your head shall remain on your neck for the time being, you can keep your life for now. We dont have time to waste with you. This isnt the time for the final battle.

"You should cherish this time. Ill personally cut off your head during our decisive battle, then Ill hang it in my bedroom as a trophy."

Gallsworth flew away after saying those words. The battle on the ground had also stopped. Those Gold Beastmen on the ground had malevolent expressions as they sneered at Lin Yuns subordinates and the Cloud Towers people before slowly retreating, but still mindful of sneak attacks.

Lin Yun watched as these Gold Beastmen left and sneered.


Gallsworth hadnt gone all-out, he had left some power hidden, but that didnt mean Lin Yun couldnt do the same. Gallsworth was the strongest Beastman powerhouse in this place and he could display the power of the Heaven Rank. Moreover, he might actually be stronger than Dubois in this place due to the buff of the Raging Flame Battlefield.

Wanting to defeat that kind of powerhouse was very difficult, let alone killing them.

If they truly fought, the final outcome would be disastrous to both of them, they would both suffer enormous losses. And from what the other side insinuated, there was something even more important than fighting, thus, there was no reason for going all-out against him.

Lin Yun contemplated for a bit.

When he landed, he made his subordinates recover their spent energy.

The Gold Beastmen were very powerful, the weakest one among them was an 8th Rank Sword Saint. They also had a Beastman Shaman accompanying them, thus, they wouldnt be weaker than his subordinates if they went all-out.

Moreover, the Gold Beastmens innately possessed a formidable bloodline, making them a bit stronger than humans of the same rank. Especially the Sword Saints, they were all more powerful than humans of the same rank. As for Arch-Warlocks, their bloodline similarly wasnt weak and they wouldnt be weaker than mankinds mages, they were actually a lot stronger than most human mages.

As the fight ended, the Cloud Towers group had recovered about half of their strength from drinking the Health Potions and Mana Spring Potions, but their group had been reduced to less than half of their original effectives. This time, the Cloud Towers losses could be considered disastrous.

If not for Jouyis protection, the Cloud Towers remaining mages might not have been able to last so long.

"Thank you very much for your help, Sir Merlin, had you not been there, we would have"

Jouyi felt disappointed, they had suffered huge losses. Just in terms of 9th Rank Archmages, they had lost three people. Those were the strongest powerhouse of the Cloud Tower. Moreover, they had also lost an 8th Rank Archmage they had been nurturing carefully.

He had become an 8th Rank Archmage at 35 and had yet to meet any obstacle on the path of magic. It had been very likely that he would advance to the Heaven Rank in the future, before his fall

In order to save the rest of the people, he had destroyed three of his True Spirit Magic Tools, including the Starry Sky Reflection which was a deterrent against Andlusa Kingdoms first-rate forces.

It could be said that the Cloud Tower didnt have to worry about being attacked as long as they had this Magic Tool. The Starry Sky Reflection could create a spatial maze in the shape of a starry sky. It also knew all kinds of terrifying environments. It was a rarely seen first-rate True Spirit Magic Tool with spatial power.

It was now destroyed as the Magic Tool Incarnation had completely collapsed. The loss of that Magic Tool might influence the status of the Cloud Tower in the Andlusa Kingdom.

The Cloud Towers ruling position would absolutely be shaken if other forces learnt of this.

The current losses were disastrous and they were all injured, thus, with the threat of the Gold Beastmen, Jouyi decisively requested Lin Yuns cooperation.

Cooperation was a nice way to put it, they were just being protected by Lin Yun. The Cloud Tower didnt have a share of Lin Yuns harvest, they only got some natural resources they gathered themselves. The fake Heaven Rank Magic Beasts all belonged to Lin Yun.

After several days, Lin Yun had already gathered as many as twenty fake Heaven Rank mana crystals.

But something happened when the twenty mana crystals were gathered together.

All twenty mana crystals emitted light, before resonating with the area they were heading to. Lin Yun could now clearly feel that the resonating area was twenty kilometers ahead of them.

At the start, Lin Yun could only feel a direction from one mana crystal, but now, he could clearly feel the area and could even get a rough feel of the surroundings.

He put away the mana crystals and quickly led everyone there. It took ten minutes before they reached the place resonating with the mana crystals.

A huge temple was now standing before them.

A thin layer of mist could be seen lingering in the surroundings of the temple. That layer of mist was safeguarding the temple and an ancient aura could be felt through that thin layer of mist.

The temple was over a hundred meter in height and there were twelve thick stone pillars erected in front of it. The stone pillars were covered with all kinds of magic beasts statues, as well as numerous ancient Beastman Runes.

In the center was a 66-meter-tall circular stone door. The door was very strange and didnt possess the shape of a regular entrance. Rather, it seemed to have been put together from three triangles.

A large amount of ancient runes were carved in the stone doors surroundings, as well as sculptures of some extinct magic beasts.

There was no mana reaction, but everyone could feel a kind of pressure from the soul, as if there had once been a formidable powerhouse standing there, whose pressure could pass through time.

Amazement could be seen in Lin Yuns eyes. That temple and the stone door formed a very ancient array, and it was a very powerful one.

Without a special key, it would be impossible to activate that huge ancient array. That kind of vague and indistinct pressure which seemed to be directly affecting ones soul was coming from that deactivated ancient array.

The stone door was divided into three parts, each of which had thirty-six holes. Lin Yun took out a mana crystal, and pondered for a bit, as that mana crystal seemed to be a perfect fit for the holes.

As he hunted for those mana crystals, Lin Yun had noticed that regardless of their elements, these mana crystals all had the same size and shape.