End Of The Magic Era Chapter 989

Chapter 989 Entrance

Everyone wanted to occupy one more spot to increase their fighting power within the temple, and thus, Dylas sudden words made the eyes of the leaders shine.

Right, if we dont have enough spots, we can snatch the spots of the Andlusa Kingdom. They couldnt collect their share of mana crystals anyway, isnt that a good opportunity?

The Sky Citys leader took the lead, "You cant even gather enough mana crystals together, you dont have the qualifications to occupy an area. Arent you dragging all of us down? I really didnt expect the Cloud Tower and the Black Tower to be that rubbish, the both of you only got nine mana crystals together, this is really disappointing

"Even some of our Odin Kingdoms forces unable to enter the Raging Flame Plane Battlefield are several times stronger than that. This is really disappointing. The Andlusa Kingdom actually fell to this level."

The usually silent leader of the Quicksand Tower also said with a hoarse tone, "You might as well give up your spots since you cant gather enough mana crystals, dont waste everyones time."

The prince of the Odin Kingdom nodded as he coldly looked at the Cloud Tower and the Black Tower, "I had heard that the Cloud Tower and the Black Tower were quite powerful, but I hadnt expected to see this. This is why people say you shouldnt believe rumors. Such weak forces dont even have the qualifications to exist in the Odin Kingdom, they would be destroyed within three days.

"Hand over your spots and dont burden us. Let me see Your two forces can just collect some resources outside. Dont follow us, that would be throwing your life away and implicating us."

The Odin Kingdoms forces were all of the same mind, criticizing the Cloud Tower and the Black Tower for being too weak and burdening everyone.

Jouyi and Harren almost spat out blood in anger.

The two of them had extremely unsightly expressions, but they couldnt retort. They hadnt gathered enough mana crystals yet still wanted to occupy an area, this was really burdening the others.

The Merlin Family alone had provided twenty two mana crystals, thus the Odin Kingdom couldnt use anything against them. But the two towers only gathered nine together and that was far from the thirty six required. At this rhythm, the human side wouldnt be able to enter the temple.

Seeing that everyone was supporting him, Dylas immediately jumped in and pointed at Lin Yuns group.

"Hand over the mana crystals and f*ck off. Dont drag us down, you wont be able to bear the consequences if we cant enter the temple because of you.

"Dont blame me for being rude if you keep dragging us down. Are you trying to drag us to death?"

Dylas took out his magic staff and his Shadow Cloak appeared as he planned to drive out the Andlusa Kingdoms forces away.

Jouyi and Harren were red from anger. As the leaders of the Black Tower and Cloud Tower, when had they been coerced by someone like that? And because their own strength was too inferior nonetheless

Lin Yun looked at the Odin Kingdoms people with a wooden expression.

"Whats the hurry? Doesnt our Andlusa Kingdom possess another force?"

Dylas coldly answered, still pressuring them, "What do you mean another force, we are all here. If someone is missing it means that they are dead. Andlusas country bumpkins are awful weaklings. Having you enter the Raging Flame Battlefield was the biggest mistake. Now that you are dragging us down, leaving you behind would be the best choice.

"Hmpf, you are still hoping for the last force to arrive? Dont put your hopes too high, those Andlusan purebred chickens definitely died. Even if they hadnt completely fallen, they would be half destroyed like the Cloud Tower and Black Tower. Dont put your hopes on the small chance that they gathered five mana crystals.

"Your Merlin Family has been able to hunt so many magic beasts because you grasped some ingenious killing method, dont think Im unaware of your business transaction with the Henry Family.

"If not for this, weaklings like you definitely wouldnt have gathered half of the mana crystals required" Dylas sneered.

The other forces of the Odin Kingdom didnt speak, but their attitude showed that they agreed with Dylas.

At that time, Dedale came out and immediately ordered Dylas to withdraw before ordering Lin Yuns group, "Since you are unwilling to give up on the third area, then we will give you some spots. We dont have time to wait on you. Ill make up for the five mana crystals you are missing and then Ill distribute the ten spots.

"Your three forces will have a total of three spots while the remaining seven spots will be given to our Odin Kingdom."

Dedales words reduced the number of spots of the Andlusa Kingdom to three, while the Odin Kingdoms spots had reached twenty seven.

Such a huge gap was bound to ensure that the Andlusa Kingdom shouldnt think of getting any harvest. With only three individuals, the Odin Kingdoms people only needed to use a tiny bit of effort to wipe the Andlusa Kingdoms side. They might not even have to do it themselves.

How could Lin Yun agree to this kind of severe condition.

Harren blurted out with a shocked expression before Dedale could finish his words, "Impossible, we cant give up the third area. Three spots? You are dreaming!"

Dedale sneered and instantly used his power to pressure Harren, his eyes filled with a cold killing intent.

"What? You dont want to give up your spots? Do you want everyone to wait until you have enough mana crystals? To wait until the Raging Flame Beastmen catch up to us?

"Either you come up with enough mana crystals now, or you give up your spots. We cant just wait for you here!

"Wanting spots when you are weak is a waste, you might as well give them to people powerful enough to contend against the Raging Flame Beastmen!"

The Cloud Tower and the Black tower were disgruntled, they were the most powerful forces of the Andlusa Kingdom. But they had suffered disastrous losses and they were the weakest forces here.

The Cloud Tower had been unlucky and came across the most powerful Beastmen in the Raging Flame Battlefield, the Gold Beastmen. As for the Black Tower, they had come across several magic beasts at once. The towers losses were disastrous and their most important True Spirit Magic Tools had been destroyed, the two forces would be unable to handle one of the Odin Kingdoms forces now.

At that moment, Lin Yun softly said a word.


Dedales expression slightly changed as anger coursed through his eyes.

At this time, fluctuations came from the thin veil of mist as the Andlusa royal family finally appeared. It looked like the Andlusa royal family hadnt suffered disastrous losses like the cloud Tower and the Black Tower.

Seeing the Azurewave Sword Saint walking over, Harren promptly asked, "Do you have five mana crystals?"

The Azurewave Sword Saint was puzzled, but he also noticed that the current atmosphere wasnt very good and nodded.

Harren sighed in relief, "Take them out quickly, we are still missing five mana crystals to open the entrance of the temple."

Lin Yun remained calm as he held all the mana crystals. Dedales condition couldnt be accepted, and agreeing to it would only lead to becoming cannon fodder.

Moreover, the Andlusas royal family had yet to reach this place at that time, so they could still get thirty mana crystals together.

The Cloud Tower and the Black Tower had been extremely unlucky and suffered disastrous losses, but even so, they still gathered nine mana crystals. As for the royal family, they had the Azurewave Sword Saint who wasnt inferior to Jouyi and Harren, along with the royal familys Magic Tools.

The Gold Beastmen had already encountered the Cloud Tower so the former naturally couldnt meet the Andlusa Kingdoms royal family. They wouldnt have fallen unless they met a group of five or six magic beasts, and if they arrived, regardless of how they looked, they would definitely have gathered at least five mana crystals.

The Azurewave Sword Saint was wise and experienced. He handled matters in an earnest way and wouldnt take the initiative to provoke six Pseudo-Heaven Rank Magic Beasts like the Henry Family.

Since they gathered enough mana crystals, the Odin Kingdom could no longer use that excuse.

Dedales complexion was a bit unsightly. He stopped Dylas coercing. Not making the Andlusa Kingdom hand over all their spots was giving them an opportunity, but they didnt feel grateful, which made him a bit angry.

He frowned as he looked at the remaining four forces of the Andlusa Kingdom.

"You are really too weak, occupying ten spots is too wasteful. Merge your team with our team and we shall redistribute the spots, weaklings shouldnt waste the spots to enter the temple.

"Youll burden everyone when we meet the Raging Flame Beastmen if you are too weak."

Lin Yun calmly shook his head.

"No need, ten spots are just enough for us to use, there is no need to trouble yourself."

Dedale was resentful as he coldly snorted.

Damnit, that group of Andlusan country bumpkins are really stubborn, they are so weak yet are still wasting the spots. There are thirty spots, if I could distribute them all, I would naturally distribute them to the thirty strongest individuals.

Hmpf, you dont know how to be grateful. What an embarrassment. You wont get any harvest if you go in with such a weak strength, you would actually be dragging us down once you all die, lowering everyones strength and giving the advantage to those Raging Flame Beastmen.

Dedale didnt say anything else, he was in a bad mood.

The Andlusa side gathered thirty six mana crystals and could naturally occupy that corner. Regardless of how the spots were distributed, this had nothing to do with the Odin Kingdom.

They then put in the mana crystals and distributed the spots.

The Odin Kingdom was a bit different, everyone wanted one more spot. In fact, the Andlusa Kingdom distributed their spots faster than the Odin Kingdom.

Lin Yun, Xiuban, Reina, and the patched puppet occupied four spots, while the Cloud Tower, the Black Tower, and the Andlusa Kingdoms royal family occupied two spots each.

Enderfa was a Magic Tool Incarnation and the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel was fused with one of Lin Yuns Core Meditation Law Set. Even if his body was different from Lin Yuns, he didnt need to occupy a spot.

After two minutes, the Odin Kingdom finished distributing their spots and the thirty people went into different sides of the array in front of the door. The thirty round protrusions were placed at the arrays thirty nodes.

Terrifying mana fluctuations appeared as the one hundred and eight mana crystals were embedded on the entrance.

If the power contained within the one hundred and eight mana crystals was released at once, even the soul of a Heaven Rank powerhouse would be blasted to smithereens by the explosion.

Yet, that many mana crystals could only be used as the keys to the temples entrance.

Mana surged and spread out from the entrance, the ancient power felt similar to an Ancient Gods awakening. The numerous patterns covering the temple started shining.