End Of The Magic Era Chapter 992

Chapter 992 Moron

The Odin Kingdoms royal family, the Henry Family, and the Shadow Tower also followed suit and attacked. The group took advantage of that opportunity to frantically cast spells. The Nine-Tailed Icefox dragged its stiffened tails, and it could only cast with less than half of its tails.

At that time, Dylas raised his staff and rapidly chanted an incantation.

Four shadows appeared around the Nine-Tailed Icefox, sticking close to the floor as they silently attacked like vipers. When they approached, they transformed into four large shadow hands and grabbed the Icefoxs limbs, trapping it.

"Hurry up and attack, I can only hold it for a few seconds," Dylas loudly screeched, paling as he grabbed onto the Nine-Tailed Icefox.

In the back, Enderfa grinned as he mumbled in a low voice, "That guy actually has some use! That is the Shadow branch of Shadow Magic. He cant be considered too weak if he is able to control Shadow Bind to that extent.

"But that Dedale really is fierce enough, his burst power isnt much inferior to Merlins"

Seeing such a good opportunity, the Odin Kingdoms group seemed to have gone crazy. Dedale rushed within a hundred meters of the Icefox, spouting endless orange flames and directly suppressing its head.

The others also joined in with their spells. The Quicksand Tower released large waves of sand that endlessly covered the Nine-Tailed Icefoxs four limbs, forcibly twisting them. Some sand even covered the Icefoxs neck, as if trying to snap it.

Altogether, there were Sky Citys rain of rays, the Odin royal familys storm of Wind Blades, the Henry Familys magic scrolls and storms of spells, as well as the Shadow Towers Shadow Bind

Less than three minutes later, the Nine-Tailed Icefox was half-dead from the groups burst.

Dedale used the Incarnation of a Flame Elemental and flew above the Icefox before impaling its head with a large Fire God Spear, thoroughly ending its life.

Within the group, Dedale did the most damage to the Icefox. He was the strongest, and only his spells could cause a bit more damage to the Icefox. If not for Dedale, the others wouldnt have been able to injure the Icefox very much, and wanting to kill it wouldnt have been possible.

The impulsive group of people took less than ten minutes to kill that Icefox, and Lin Yuns group didnt have the opportunity to make a move.

In fact, Lin Yun hadnt planned to act from the start. He was just watching his surroundings, from the floor to the pillars, and also checking out the tall, cliff-like wall at the end of the hallway and the patterns on it.

These patterns didnt seem strange, but the scope was huge, and they were too complicated. The others simply didnt care about it, but Lin Yun took notice. Although he hadnt figured out any clues yet, he felt that these patterns werent as simple as they looked.

Lin Yun didnt make a move, but Jouyi, Harren, and the Azurewave Sword Saint did. Unfortunately, the Odin Kingdoms people were like a group of crazy mad dogs that had seen a bone. They were flocking all over it, and the others simply didnt have the chance to get involved. Dedale was especially extreme, as his way of fighting was completely different from that of an orthodox mage. He was fighting like the Andlusa Kingdoms Battlemages, charging frantically.

Jouyi and the others couldnt even intervene. They could only look at the Odin Kingdoms people chaotically bullying the Nine-Tailed icefox.

Lin Yun was still looking at the surrounding patterns after the fight was over. When he noticed this, Dylas sneered and loudly exclaimed, "It is said that the Andlusa Kingdoms people are just a pack of weaklings, but I hadnt expected them to be such cowards! They saw a true Heaven Rank Magic Beast and didnt dare to act! They could only hide in the back like slimes.

"Come, that Nine-Tailed Icefox has already died, there is no need to be afraid. Come!

"What? You hid in the back like cowards and didnt exert yourself during the fight, but now that the fight is over, you still want to laze around?"

A few of the Andlusans were immediately angered by this.

Harren defended himself with a dark expression. "What do you mean by lazing around, Sir Dylas? There is only so much space here, and we can only attack the Nine-Tailed Icefox from the front. How could we have the opportunity to make a move? Forcibly meddling would have messed up everyones fighting rhythm."

Jouyis complexion wasnt too good either. Anyone labelled as a lazy coward wouldnt feel good.

"Sir Dylas, please be careful with your words. We simply couldnt join in the fight earlier. If wed forcibly joined in the fight, it might have allowed the Icefox to free itself of its bindings. The advantage that had been gained would have been needlessly lost. That is why we didnt join."

The Azurewave Sword Saint also looked very displeased as he coldly snorted. He remained silent, but his gaze was as sharp as a knife as he looked at Dylas.

And none of Lin Yuns subordinates even cared about Dylas.

Enderfa disdainfully scolded, "Moron."

Xiuban grinned as he waved at Dylas and taunted, "Come, come, Uncle Xiuban is rather itchy."

As for Lin Yun, he barely glanced at Dylas and completely ignored him.

That guy is making a ruckus again A Nine-Tailed Icefox that just reached adulthood was attacked by a group including a powerhouse like Dedale. What use was there in others making a move too? What an idiot.

Moreover, you met a magic beast and directly rushed to kill it, with no knowledge of the situation. You completely forgot where we are, yet you are still proud of killing it without thinking.


Lin Yun kept looking around the arrangement of the temple while Dylas continued to criticize others with an air of complacency.

Seeing that Lin Yun didnt say a word and "tacitly acknowledged" his criticism, Dylas was invigorated and pulled Morgan to the side to keep speaking.

"Sir Morgan, what do you say, arent these Andlusan insects a bunch of lazy cowards? When encountering a battle, they hid in the back and just watched it happen. Especially Mafa Merlin, he is so ashamed that he didnt dare to retort after hearing my words.

"No wonder they killed so few magic beasts before! It turns out they were just hiding when encountering danger. I say, those Andlusan insects must have had such great losses due to encountering more danger after hiding from it for so long.

"It is a miracle that these cowards managed to survive so far. I bet it wont take long before they are wiped out. Do you agree?"

Morgan had an awkward expression as he forced himself to smile, absent-mindedly echoing his words. "Haha, Sir Dylas, your words are reasonable, hmm, reasonable"

Morgans smile looked very bitter. He wanted to hide into the crowd, but there was nowhere to hide from the enthusiastic Dylas. He cautiously checked on Lin Yun from the corner of his eyes and noticed that he was more interested in the surrounding patterns and wasnt paying attention to this side. This made Morgan sigh in relief.

He turned to look at Dylas posturing, wishing that he could slap him.

This damned guy If you want to die, go die on your own, dont drag me in. Mafa Merlin isnt that accommodating. This was just a newly awakened Heaven Rank Magic Beast. That guy probably could have handled it on its own. You think that just because he didnt attack it meant that he didnt dare?

Damn! Fortunately, Sir Merlin didnt pay attention to me. If he just casually said something that let the other forces members know of what I did, even if I returned alive, I would be killed by those violent women.

Last time, the Great Elders daughter used a True Spirit Magic Tool as a bounty, and moreover, those violent women put forward at least three more True Spirit Magic Tools as a bounty! If they learned that it was me, I would really be screwed.

Dylas noticed that Morgan was a bit distracted, but he didnt really mind. He only asked, "Sir Morgan, whats going on? It looks like you are thinking of something else."

Morgan forced himself to answer as he wondered if putting a Dark Sphere in Dylas mouth would shut him up.

"Ah, its fine, Sir Dylas. I was thinking about the casting problem earlier. If I had slowed down my casting speed, I would have been able to cast even more destructive spells. Sorry, Ive been lost in my thoughts"

Dylas didnt think much of Morgan being absent-minded. He kept talking some more with a smile before pulling in other people to get their approval.

Dylas had barely turned around when Morgan squeezed back into the crowd, trying his best to look invisible.

Dylas sought the approval of others to fan the flames when Dedale came over with a sneer.

"Hmpf, there cant be any cowards or lazy people in the team I lead. When fighting, as long as they are alive, the members of my team all have to raise their weapons to fight.

"When faced with an enemy, the lazier someone is, the faster they will die. Not only would they lose their own life, but they would affect the entire team.

"Such a person would definitely be kicked out of my team. I wont lead any lazy bums," Dedale said with disdain.

The battle style of the Burning Tower was well-known throughout the Odin Kingdom; they were like the swordsmen among mages, specializing in burst power. In battle, all of them would attack together and use such speed that the enemy wouldnt be able to react, bursting with power far beyond the enemies imagination. They would expand upon their advantage until finally tearing their enemies apart.

The people that didnt take action during a battle were the ones they despised the most. Even if they were facing a slime, unless the enemy was killed, they wouldnt allow people to relax their vigilance.

Everyone heard Dedales words, and when paired with the terrifying strength he had just revealed, everyone nodded. Dylas was so happy he couldnt help himself.

"Right, thats the case! How could one be lazy in a fight? This must be put to an end. Fortunately, we didnt form a team with them at that time. If wed let them join our ranks, wouldnt that have hurt us when it came to fighting?"