End Of The Magic Era Chapter 994

Chapter 994 Death Temptation

The Undead Plane was so terrifying mainly due to the endless amount of Undeads. One could attack until their hands went limp from exhaustion, and they still wouldnt be able to kill all the Undeads. There had been numerous expeditions to the Undead Plane in Noscents history, yet, the Undead Plane had only been conquered by a handful of individuals.

The rest all died in the Undead Plane, and most of them didnt die from a battle injury, but from mana or stamina exhaustion.

It would be mistaken to believe that they would be safe if they flew up since Beastmen Skeleton Warriors couldnt fly. There was a large group of Skeletal Wyverns in the sky, numbering over ten thousand. There was so many that it was impossible to count their numbers. Even if a Heaven Rank powerhouse didnt die from being besieged by that group of Skeletal Wyverns, they would still be injured.

In fact, the ground was a bit safer. Although there was a huge amount of Beastman Skeleton Warriors on the ground, they were Level 10 and would be swept away by a casual spell. The fastest way to break through the encirclement was from the ground.

Dedale displayed the characteristics of the Burning Tower, he was the first to make a move in every battle.

Facing these low level Undeads, Dedale directly released the Magic Tool Incarnation of the Burning Soul and roused the magic robe to the point where they were on the verge of fusing.

Dedale swung that huge metal staff and orange flames spurted, transforming into a large wave of flames that washed over everything in its way. The ignited Undead Beastmen took less than a second before completely transforming into ashes.

Dedale started breaking through while the others formed a large group following him. Lin Yun also unhesitantly rushed out. The others might be thinking that Dedale was casually looking for a way out, but Lin Yun clearly understood, probing revealed that this direction had the least amount of Undead Beastman Warriors and it was where the Undeads were the most spread. The amount of chasing Undead was also at its minimum. This was most likely the best direction to escape from the siege.

When faced with the endless Undead Beastmen, no one dared to be careless and everyone was going all-out.

Dedale was rushing to the forefront with a ten-meter-wide wave of orange flames. The power of these flames could instantaneously kill Level 10 Undeads and everything covered by the flames would turn to ashes.

The Quicksand Towers mages could display far greater power here than in the temple. The pitch-black earth rapidly turned into sand, which rapidly surged and protected the Quicksand Towers mages. Waves of sand was spinning around them, and when they encountered Undead Beastman Warriors, the sand waves would crisscross and shatter their bones.

The Odin royal family, the Henry Family, and the Shadow Tower all used their own method to break through the siege. The Odin royal family let out a metal carriage dragged by puppet horses, the Shadow Tower let out a large amount of shades in the surroundings, using the shades to mislead the Undead Beastman Warriors, attacking to buy time and save power.. After all, saving power was key when facing an army of Undeads.

Sky City was the only force from the Odin Kingdom in a troublesome situation. Their floating fortresses were easy targets for the Skeletal Wyverns. The flying Wyverns couldnt display their power within the dense army of Undeads, but in the sky, the huge advantage in numbers could be felt. They would crash if they didnt hurry to put away their floating fortresses.

As for the Andlusa Kingdoms side, it was led by Lin Yun. Lin Yun was fully using his Fire Elemental Incarnation and summoned an elemental sea of flames. Just like Dedale, he was using pure elemental flames to burn these Undead Beastman Warriors into ashes. From time to time, he would release a Flame Impact to clear all the Undead Beastmans within a few dozen meters.

Almost no Undead could get within thirty meters of Lin Yun.

Under Lin Yuns lead, Jouyi, Harren, the Azurewave Sword Saint, and the rest of the Andlusa Kingdom were breaking through the encirclement at a speed no slower than the Odin Kingdom.

Although they were breaking through very smoothly, Lin Yuns expression was very unsightly. Within one minute, they had already travelled two kilometers. That speed could be said to be really fast. Those Undead Beastman Warriors couldnt stop them.

But after a sweep of Eagle Sight, they could see numerous Undeads covering the ground behind them. It was unknown how many there were, but there was forty to fifty thousands within sight.

Although the amount of Undeads ahead of them was lacking, it wasnt that much inferior. However, the Undeads ahead of them were a bit weaker than the ones behind them, and there was fewer high level Undeads as well.

Behind them, a large number of Skeletal Wyverns were forming black clouds covering the sky, and four to five hundred Skeletal Kudos could be seen on the ground.

And far behind, there was also a cavalry unit with three to four thousand tall Undead Wolf Riders sitting atop their huge Skeletal Wolves. They were like arrows chasing through the sea of Undeads, directly trampling the Undead Beastmen blocking their way. They had trampled three hundred to four hundred Undead Beastmen while chasing over a kilometer.

Lin Yun was very clear about the consequences of being surrounded by these Undeads. No more than five out of thirty would be able to survive if they were surrounded.

Even Lin Yun, with his Natural Demiplane making him unable to run out of mana, wouldnt dare to let himself be surrounded by these Undeads.

More and more Undeads appeared behind them as the group travelled over five kilometers. Those high level Undeads were already getting close, and with the Undeads in front slowing them down, being overtaken was only a matter of time.

They had almost escaped the encirclement at this time, there were only some scattered Undead Beastmen before them.

Suddenly, the earth shook and a several-dozen-meter-wide area burst open as a ten-meter-tall Skeletal Kodo rushed out of the ground.

The Skeletal Kodos hooves trampled the ground, causing ripples to appear on the ground, just like a calm lake being disturbed. The earth started shaking within several hundred meters and the chaotic power fused with the rich aura of death as the impact spread.

In an instant, everyone stopped in their tracks during their attacks, it was followed by a strange ripple that spread out from the back of the Level 39 Skeletal Kodo.

It looked as if everyone were carrying shackles worth a few hundred kilograms, reducing their speed by 30%. Their soul also seemed covered by a layer of shadow and their perception sharply fell.

At this time, everyone could see a 1.5-meter-tall Undead Skeleton riding on the back of the Kodo.

"Damnit, Death Priest"

Enderfa was a little drowsy as he floated in the air and Lin Yun instantly buffed the surrounding people with Mind Defenses. He especially added three to Enderfa.

In the legends, Death Priests were the retainers of the Death God. They walked the world outside of the Undead Plane to tempt people to throw themselves in the embrace of death. They were most proficient in their Death Temptation, casting a layer of shadow over people souls and unconsciously making them feel that they would be better off dead. After death, the soul draped in shadow would directly transform into a Soul Fire and their body would also turn Undead.

After recovering, they discovered that the split second in their mind had actually lasted five seconds and the fastest Skeletal Wyverns and Undead Wolves were already catching up.

Dedale angrily scowled, he rose from the ground and flew in the air as he charged towards the Death Priest on the back of that Kodo.

The orange flames surged like a volcano and an orange vortex appeared in the air, spurting boundless orange fire spells that submerged the Kodo below.

The Death Priest brandished its bone staff while blocking ahead of him with Bone Shields. Unfortunately, this couldnt withstand Dedales rage.

After ten consecutive Bursting Flames exploded at the same time, the Death Priests Bone Shield exploded in an instant, and burning orange flames submerged the Death Priest.

And that Skeletal Kodo opened its mouth wide, seemingly wanting to cast a spell to protect the Death Priest. But just as it opened its mouth, the orange flames in the surroundings crazily poured into its mouth, as if being attracted. In less than a second, those orange flames converged into a ten-meter-big Fireball.

Dedale then spat out a rune and that fireball collapsed in its center. The seventeen-meter-big conflagration condensed into a three-meter-big dark red Fireball in less than a second. It was emitting unstable mana fluctuations and an extremely terrifying aura.

The Fireball then went out of control and an explosion echoed as chaotic power surged forth. The orange flames exploded on the skull of the Skeletal Kodo and the Soul Fire leaking from its eye sockets was instantly destroyed.

A Level 39 Bone Kodo was killed in an instant, but its passenger didnt even pause. It fearlessly released another Death Temptation.

Dedales angrily scowled. He ignored the Death Temptation and cast over fifty Bursting Flames. After seeing the large blue flames thoroughly submerging the Death Priest, he cast a Mind Defense on himself.

Mind Defense couldnt completely resist Death Temptation. Fire Shields were protecting Dedales surroundings and he then let the flames protect him against the ground.

Death Temptation reduced peoples perception and covered peoples souls in a layer of shadow. It only felt like a split second, but in reality, a very long time had passed, and that long time was deadly.

Dedale didnt panic at all, he faced the large group of Skeletal Wyverns in the sky, and didnt really care about it, he only released a large amount of orange flames ahead of time and let those Skeletal Wyverns attack.

After two seconds, Dedale landed on the ground, the Fire Shields protecting him still unbroken. After recovering from the Death Temptation, Dedale joined the fight once again.

The rest of the Odin Kingdom didnt have time to care about others, they were all stuck in their bitter struggles.

The Andlusa side had also sunk in a bitter struggle, Lin Yun summoned Barton and Lagulin to join the fight. The death aura was so rich in this place that an Undead Mage and a Death Knight like Barton and Lagulin could display strength far above their own.