End Of The Magic Era Chapter 995

Chapter 995 Tide

It was also a pity to kill the Undead but give up on their Soul Fires. They didnt have time to collect them, but Barton and Lagulin didnt need to collect them. With the innate devouring abilities of the Undead, they could forcibly absorb and devour Soul Fires.

As for Lin Yun, he was holding the Book of Death and flipped it to the Sage Chapter before rousing its power to keep devouring the Undead Essence falling in his surroundings.

The Sage Chapter hadnt been used for a very long time, because it could no longer make itself useful. The Sage Chapter could only copy Ultimate Spells up to the 4th Tier, and 4th Tier Ultimate Spells only had the power of a 6th Tier Spell. Even if Ultimate Spells were powerful, they werent too useful.

Moreover, the Sage Chapter required too many Undead Essences in order to raise the tier of the copied Ultimate Spells. He could only visit the famous Undead Plane later on, only that place had enough of the Undead to kill.

But there were a lot of them in this place. It could absolutely compare to some of the Undead Planes remote areas. Killing the endless Undeads would be enough to upgrade the Sage Chapter.

The Andlusa Kingdoms group converged at Lin Yuns location. Xiuban, who had been fighting chaotically, was dutifully remaining within thirty meters of Lin Yun.

The Undead that appeared at this time were extremely weak. Xiuban could shatter their bones just by attacking with his body, but even he had his limits. As long as he stopped for a bit, he would be submerged by the endless swarms of the Undead. These Undead were lining up to be destroyed trying to make him die of exhaustion.

The earth suddenly shook, just like the prelude to a volcanic eruption. Black smoke a dozen-meter-thick surged from the ground, emitting an evil aura of darkness. The smoke rapidly condensed and transformed into a hundred-meter-tall Ancestor Soul.

The Ancestor Soul was dark grey, and dark grey smoke was lingering on its body. It looked like an ordinary Beastman, but its thick arms were hanging down to its knees. The length of the four fangs going over its lips surpassed ten meters. Important parts of its body were covered with terrifying barbed tips.

Many Undeads were hanging from those seemingly transparent barbed tips, those were Undeads that were crowding the ground.

Several dozen Undead Beastmen were hanging down from those barbed tips. That kind of injury didnt matter to bony Undeads, but in less than two seconds, those Undead Beastmens Soul Fires were devoured by that Dark Ancestor Soul, their bones also turned to fragments and they fell.

Not only did their Soul Fires end up devoured, but even the essence of their bodies was also cleanly devoured. After devouring their essence, the barbed tip on the Dark Ancestor Soul became even sharper.

The Dark Ancestor Souls face turned extremely sinister, its eyes filling with a crazy desire for slaughter as its huge palm ruthlessly fell towards Xiuban.

The terrifying power forcibly blew the air out of the atmosphere, and the Dark Ancestor Souls huge hand fell before the air could even squeeze back in.

Xiuban swung Carnage and clashed with the Dark Ancestor Souls palm. In an instant, black and white streams of airs with terrifying slicing power spread in the surroundings. A wave of air less than fifty centimeters in width rushed out over a hundred meters and turned a group of Skeleton Warriors into pieces.

Xiuban roared, becoming bloody red as the earth below his feet loudly exploded. It was like it had been smashed by something invisible and collapsed in an instant.

As for that huge Dark Ancestor Soul, its body was swaying, its thick arm seemed to have been forcibly torn open.

Xiubans eyes were deep red, the steam surrounding his body turned into a cloud of white smoke, and a cyan stream of air drifted around the surface of his body while a yellow halo was covering Carnage. A bloody light suddenly appeared and expanded his body, making him reach three meters in height. The blue veins on his arms were bulging and his arms became as thick as Lin Yuns waist.

The wind made his body even more flexible, while the power of the earth made Carnage even heavier. The Bloodthirst spell increased his speed acceleration by 30% to 40%. And this wasnt all, following Xiubans roar, the magic patterns on his body shone once more and a golden green flame suddenly appeared and wrapped around Carnage.

Xiuban suddenly jumped and ferociously hit the lower leg of the Dark Ancestor Soul. His terrifying power exploded, and it was coupled with the sweeping flame power coming from the Three-Headed Gold Dragon and Ancient Poison Dragons bloodlines.

But the Ancient Poison Dragons power was clearly more powerful, Xiubans flames were completely dark green, with a wisp of gold light floating within.

It was an ordinary fire enchantment, but it underwent mutations due to the transformation of Xiubans bloodline. Xiubans terrifying power barely made the Dark Ancestor Soul sway, but the strange burning power and poison contained within the enchanted flames made a three-meter-big area on the lower leg of the Dark Ancestor Soul cave in, with a moss green layer of flames continuously burning there.

The sudden blow made the Dark Ancestor Souls eyes burn even more fiercely like flickering flames.

The ten-meter-big palm ruthlessly swatted at Xiuban and sent him flying, and the power behind the attack created a huge hole when Xiuban hit the ground.

Lin Yun remained expressionless, that kind of power would make Xiuban feel some pain at worst, but he definitely wouldnt be injured.

"Get rid of that Dark Ancestor Soul first!"

If they didnt get rid of it, they would be dragged down to their death. They would sink into an endless battle when the chasing Undeads caught up, and that battle would never end unless they killed all the Undeads.

There were so many of the Undead here that they just couldnt see the end of it. It was like an extra layer of earth. Getting rid of all of them was out of the question. Lin Yun roughly estimated that there were at least 200,000 to 300,000 of them Just within sight

Even a Heaven Rank powerhouse would be killed if they were trapped.

The others also understood this and changed their target to handle this Peak Level 39 Dark Ancestor Soul. After a dark transformation, that Ancestor Soul had obtained Undead Power and Darkness Power, making it even more powerful. The strength that it displayed already exceeded Level 39.

Lagulin and Barton withstood the surrounding Undead army while the remaining nine people and the patched puppet frantically burst with power, doing their best to get rid of that Dark Ancestor Soul.

Lin Yun used Fire Elemental Incarnation and summoned eight fire vortexes above his head. The boundless fire spells transformed into eight fire spellwaves which then revolved and transformed into a several-dozen-meter-thick Flame Storm, pressuring that Dark Ancestor Soul from the front.

Enderfa and the patched puppet released a storm of fire spells together, and the two cannons also emerged from the patched puppets knees before a glaring golden ray laser shot towards the Dark Ancestor Souls body.

Reinas ice spells were less effective against these Undead lifeforms, thus she only sprayed a Frost Breath at the Dark Ancestor Souls legs to freeze it on the spot while also casting some debuffing ice spells, decreasing the speed of the Dark Soul Ancestor.

Jouyi, Haren, and the Azurewave Sword Saint used their own abilities: Galaxy Storm, Dark Corrosion, Sky Sword, and others

A group of stars gathered together to form a galaxy which washed over the body of the Dark Ancestor Soul, shattering the barbed tips. Thick darkness then covered and kept corroding the body of the Dark Soul Ancestor, as if there was a demon howling within. As for that piercing sword of light, it was putting the most pressure on the Dark Ancestor Soul, it cut like a hot knife through butter and directly severed an arm of the Dark Ancestor Soul.

Everyones burst made that Dark Ancestor Soul unable to cast and ended up knocking it down. The huge flood of spells forcibly suppressed the Dark Ancestor Soul down, and no matter how much it struggled, it couldnt rush out of the spell suppression.

Xiubans eyes were red as he rushed to the head of the Dark Ancestor Soul and kept smashing Carnage. The ground kept shaking each time the terrifying power smashed down.

The strange enchanted flames possessed the effects of the Three-Headed Gold Dragons purification flames and the Ancient Poison Dragons poison flames. Soon, the Dark Ancestor Souls head was covered in those, and the flames kept burning its head, using its power as fuel to keep burning.

But that Dark Ancestor Soul wasnt a true lifeform, it was a soul, its power came from worship, and while its fighting strength hadnt reached the Heaven Rank, its vitality could compare to Heaven Mages who comprehended the Law of Life and it could be characterized as an immortal freak.

After three minutes, the Dark Ancestor Souls body shattered and distorted, half of its head had been broken by Xiuban while the remaining half had been burnt by those strange golden-green flames. But even then, the Dark Ancestor Soul hadnt died.

As the Dark Ancestor Souls aura was weakening and its body was about to be torn apart, the remnants of the Dark Ancestor Souls eye emitted a crazy and hostile light before its body suddenly exploded with a roar.

Black smoke filled the sky, but the smoke didnt soar and instead spread out, covering everything with a kilometer.

Then, a terrifying transformation happened. The dark smoke infiltrated the ground and the earth started shaking frantically. Undead Beastmen dug out of the ground one after another, and all of them were Level 20 or higher Undead Beastmen.

In addition to their huge bone hammers, these Undead Beastmen all possessed shields. Apart from Elite Undead Beastman Warriors, there were also Undead Wolf Riders, Undead Kodos, and Death Warlocks

Numerous Undead beings appeared, and with the original Undead Beastmen, their numbers within a kilometer exceeded ten thousand.

More importantly, Lin Yuns group had been thoroughly surrounded by this army of the Undead.

There were also several thousand Skeletal Wyverns circling in the sky, ready to dive down and attack at any moment. All their paths were blocked, leaving them with only one option, fighting to the death.

And looking at the tide of the Undead continuously pounding against them, they were all somewhat despairing.