End Of The Magic Era Chapter 996

Chapter 996 Devour

The six people of the Cloud Tower, the Black Tower, and the royal family all turned pale. No one thought that even when being unable to cast, the Dark Ancestor Soul would unexpectedly show that it could also summon. And at the last juncture, the Dark Ancestor Soul quickly released all its power and summoned an Undead army.

Harren turned pale, and his casting abilities greatly slowed as despair could be seen in his eyes.

We are finished There are over ten thousand Elite Undead here. Even if they are only Level 20, it would allow the ones chasing us to catch up, many of which were past level 30. And thats not mentioning the 200,000 to 300,000 ordinary Undeads.

As long as these Undead stall us for ten minutes No, if they even stall us for three minutes, escaping from the encirclement will be impossible.

The experienced and knowledgeable Jouyi was also somewhat despairing. There were many records of explorations of the Undead Plane, but all those under the Heaven Rank only had one outcome after being surrounded by the Undead: death.

And in the distance, the Odin Kingdom had clearly noticed this groups circumstances, but they didnt have the energy to look after them. They had just killed a Death Priest and ended up surrounded by a swarm of the Undead. If they didnt break away, they would end up in the same situation as the Andlusa Kingdom, and no one was in the mood to mock others.

Only Dylas smiled as he glanced at the Andlusa Kingdom. He took joy in their misfortune before continuing to fight.

They all thought that the Andlusans were doomed. Even a Heaven Rank powerhouse would have to pay a heavy price to break free under such circumstances.

"Merlin, what should we do, this is bad" Enderfas middle face was casting nervously, the left face was looking all over the place for a way out, while the right face was asking Lin Yun.

Lin Yun slightly frowned. He wasnt very worried about the low-level Undead; he had the Undead Predator ability, after all. Moreover, as he killed over ten thousand of them on the way, Undead Predator had been strengthened.

The Sage Chapter frantically devoured Undead Essence and had already been upgraded once, allowing Lin Yun to cast 5th Tier Ultimate Spells. As for Barton and Lagulin, a deep aura of death covered their bodies. They had eaten past the point of being full and would get stronger once they finished digesting the Soul Fires after this matter was over.

The number of the Undead past Level 25 was a bit too high, and rapidly breaking through the encirclement was a bit troublesome.

"Keep up with me! Use all your power to break through! Xiuban! Charge!"

Barely after Lin Yun finished his sentence, Xiuban grinned and swung Carnage while charging into the army of the Undead. Lin Yun added a bunch of buffs to Xiuban. The latter didnt need things like shields, as those were actually just cumbersome for him.

Xiuban charged in with a loud roar, and Lin Yun chased behind him after using Haste. Reina, Enderfa, and the patched puppet followed behind Lin Yun.

Jouyi, Harren, and the Azurewave Sword Saint were startled by Lin Yuns action. Taking the initiative to attack the Undead army to cut a bloody path out under such circumstances How was that any different from throwing away ones life?

But waiting there was also a dead end. Jouyi and Harren glanced at each other before unhesitantly following Lin Yun out. The Azurewave Sword Saint was shocked, but he ultimately clenched his teeth and followed. Making a stand there would lead to their ruin anyway, so they might as well stake everything.

Lin Yun was very fast. He was protected by a shield as he followed twenty meters behind Xiuban. Undead Predator was now covering forty meters. Any of the Undead that were Level 20 or below would turn and leave when reaching that range, not daring to enter that area.

The Level 20 Undead suddenly stopped as Lin Yun charged. Their Soul Fires crazily flickered as if they had encountered something extremely frightening, and they turned tail and ran.

Most of the numbers consisted of Low Level Undead, and while they ran away, the rest of the army was running forward. This suddenly threw the Undead Army into chaos.

As for the Undead that were above Level 20, the higher their level, the stronger their resistance to Undead Predator. Undead Predator would only make the movements of those that were Level 25 and above slow down for a bit before being ineffective.

But whether Lin Yuns charge created chaos or made the enemies pause, it gave opportunities for Xiuban as he opened the path.

The Undead in his way were like a pile of scarecrows standing and waiting to be swept away by Xiuban. The huge hammer in Xiubans hands was like a palm-leaf fan. One sweep would flatten the Undead within ten meters. Whether they were Level 20 or 30 made no difference in front of Xiubans strange and terrifying power.

Lin Yun, Enderfa, Reina, and the patched puppet would also instant-cast a few spells to tear the stronger ones to shreds, not affecting their speed as they followed.

Jouyi, Harren, and the Azurewave Sword Saints eyes were wide open as they saw Lin Yuns group moving like a sharp arrow and irresistibly rushing into the army of the Undead without slowing down even after five hundred meters.

Especially the Azurewave Sword Saint, who didnt know Lin Yun He was flabbergasted when seeing such circumstances.

Whats going on? Whats up with those Undead? They are actually retreating?

Those Low Level Undead are scared? Their Soul Fires are flickering to that degree Heavens, there is still something the Undead are afraid of?

No They are afraid of Mafa Merlin?

After following for a few hundred meters, the Azurewave Sword Saint more or less understood. What use would there be for his brain if he couldnt understand? He glanced at Jouyi and Harren before finally realizing why they had unhesitantly followed after him.

Seeing that he was falling behind, the Azurewave Sword Saint immediately suppressed his thoughts and faced two of the Undead that were pouncing at him. He didnt dare to use his sword and waste time, so he instead relied on his Battle Aura Armor to force his way through.

Lin Yun suddenly frowned as they were about to make it out of the encirclement. The Undead getting pressured by Undead Predator started grouping up, and the effect of Undead Predator was getting weaker and weaker.

There was a bit over a hundred meters left before they rushed out, but now, Undead Predator only had a small effect, and the range of effect was continuously shrinking.

Damnit, Undead Beastmen are troublesome. They are like the priest and the Ancestor Soul All of their auras were refined, allowing them to suppress Undead Predators effects.

After doing some calculations, Lin Yun came to the conclusion that Undead Predator would lose its effects after ten more seconds.

"Go all-out! Charge out!"

Lin Yun loudly shouted as he used Fire Elemental Incarnation and let out fire runes from his mouth.

In an instant, the void collapsed as if a passage leading to a large river in the Fire Elemental Plane had been opened.

The river of roaring flames washed down inexorably and cleared away the Undead in front of them. As it continued on, Lin Yun flickered within, instantly appearing several hundred meters away and breaking away from the encirclement.

After breaking through, Lin Yun immediately turned to face the tide of the Undead.

He took out three fifty-centimeter-long scrolls and tore them open. The scrolls turned into light that disappeared into the sky.

Then, three meteorites appeared in the sky and forcibly tore through the plane. The three meteorites were arranged in a row as they rapidly plummeted.

After releasing the three scrolls, Lin Yun immediately spat out fire runes. A total of twelve fire vortexes appeared above Lin Yuns head.

In an instant, twelve thick spellwaves appeared and frantically swept the chasing army of the Undead. More than half of the Undead surrounding Jouyi were dealt with.

After getting rid of the encirclement, the group still had lingering fears, their faces somewhat pale.

"Dont stop, keep going!" Lin Yun frowned as he urged everyone on.

Under such circumstances, Jouyi and the others could only display grateful expressions, as they had no time to thank him.

Lin Yun stopped casting once the group made it out. The twelve fire vortexes cleared away all the Undead within two hundred meters, but that was negligible when compared to the army pursuing them.

At this time, the three summoned meteorites fell a hundred meters away from each other, creating huge mushroom clouds and shockwaves. As the shockwaves layered over each other, they swept away all the Undead within a kilometer, turning them into fragments.

After the shockwave, numerous Soul Fires floated in the air like fireflies. Lagulin and Barton travelled within that area and Devoured their Soul Fires. Their bodies were no longer visible, as they were now shrouded in black smoke, and a shouting Beastmans skull could sometimes be seen forming.

They had devoured too many and were close to bursting

Lin Yun put away Lagulin and Barton to let them slowly digest those Soul Fires. This time, if all went as expected, the two of them would absolutely advance.

The quality of these Soul Fires was extremely high. The lowest level one was at Level 20, while the highest was over Level 30. Devouring over ten thousand Soul Fires and being full was a good thing.

He threw the Book of Death into the air, and a vortex appeared on the Sage Chapter, devouring the Undead Essences on the ground.