End Of The Magic Era Chapter 997

Chapter 997 Ghost Behemoth

The Sage Chapters light rapidly flickered as it got strengthened once again. It could now copy 6th Tier Ultimate Spells. Moreover, after devouring so many Undead Essences, it could be used for a very long time.

The Undeads within several hundred meters had been cleared away, but the ones behind them were still chasing. Lin Yun sneered as he took out four fifty-centimeter-long scrolls, as well as a more powerful, meter-long scroll.

The first four were all 8th Tier Summon Meteorite Spells, while the last one was a scroll that had been modified by Lin Yun. By relying on quantity and size, he forcibly increased the power of the spell, and while the power of the spell couldnt compare to Extraordinary Spells, it wasnt much inferior.

After tearing a total of five scrolls, Lin Yun started frantically running away.

Terrifying mana fluctuations appeared where Lin Yun had been standing as the smaller four scrolls transformed into flowing light and dissipated. As for the bigger scroll, it floated in the air and unfolded, reaching over seven meters in length. The scroll was covered in numerous patterns and runes emitting terrifying mana fluctuations and turned into ashes as a thick ray of light shot into the sky, disappearing from sight.

After three seconds, a terrifying rumble could be heard as a huge meteorite leading four smaller meteorites rapidly fell towards the ground.

Lin Yun flinched as he saw the three-kilometer-big meteorite. He had known that this spell would be extremely powerful, but he hadnt expected his luck to be so good that the meteorite would span three kilometers, let alone that it would contain metal resources.

The three-kilometer-big meteorite might be reduced to be a few dozen meters in width by the time it hit the ground, but the power of the meteorite would definitely be comparable to a several-hundred-meter-rock if it contained a vein of ore, as only the impurities would be burnt off.

Lin Yuns face slightly turned green, he no longer cared about the Soul Fires and Undead Essences at this time.

"Run faster if you dont want to die!"

Lin Yun, who had ended up being last after using the five scrolls, rapidly caught up to the group and didnt slow as he madly sprinted. Xiuban, Reina, and Enderfa didnt have a wisp of hesitation after hearing Lin Yuns words and focused all their power into frantically running away.

Due to what happened earlier, Jouyi and the others didnt dare to hesitate and did as Lin Yun asked. The nine individuals and the patched puppet ran like mad dogs.

A group of recklessly chasing Skeletal Wyverns charged into the falling meteorites, but they couldnt touch the meteorites at all.

The meteorites fell at an extremely rapid speed, one second they were still a kilometer high, while they fell the next second, creating chaotic gales in their wake. Over a thousand Skeletal Wyverns were torn to shreds.


A loud sound spread through the ground as the earth shook. A mushroom cloud soared in the sky, visible even a few kilometers away as it reached over a kilometer in height.

Then, that terrifying shockwave spread out, travelling a few kilometers in one second. The Undeads hit by the shockwave were turned into fragments and even their Soul Fires were completely destroyed.

After a few kilometers, the power of the shockwave suddenly decreased and could only kill some Low Level Undeads.

As for the Andlusan group madly charging forward, they were also hit by the shockwave, but its power had already decreased.

Even with their shields, the group was sent flying out.

After falling down, they all spat out some soil, their shields torn open and their robes in pitiful state as they were somewhat injured. But that kind of injury would be healed with a Health Potion and not a scar would be left.

They stood up and looked behind them with horrified expressions.

There was a huge kilometer-big hole as well as a few hundred-meter holes in the surroundings. The terrain within a kilometer had been thoroughly destroyed, the earth disintegrated. The originally smooth prairie was now filled with holes.

"Merlin, this Did you plan on getting rid of us too?" Enderfas three faces were horrified as he said those words with a shaking voice.

Lin Yun drank a Health Potion, his face slightly greenish. He didnt know how to explain, because the Summon Meteorite Spell was a bit special.

If a rock-based meteorite was summoned, the greater part of that meteorite would burn before reaching the ground and its power would be comparable to a powerful 8th Tier Spell.

But with luck, he could summon a meteorite with metal ore within, sharply increasing the power of the spell. The meteorite being ten times more powerful wasnt an exaggeration.

Because a meteorite containing metal ore veins would have less of its content burnt off and would be bigger as it fell.

And when it came to impact power, a metal sphere would do more damage than a rock.

Moreover, when summoning the meteorite, what mattered wasnt the structure, but the dimension. Whether it could be dragged over by the mana depended on the dimensions.

Thus, that spells power depended on luck. So far, he had only summoned ordinary meteorites, but Lin Yun hadnt minded. He especially made a greater scroll, and unexpectedly got a stroke of luck and summoned a meteorite carrying metal.

After falling to the ground, the power of the spell was comparable to a 9th Tier Extraordinary Spell.

If they had run just a bit slower, they would have died to Lin Yuns spell

"Hurry up and move, there is no time to explain" Lin Yun urged before rushing forward.

And how could the Odin Kingdom not notice what happened on the Andlusa Kingdoms side? Dedale face turned a bit greenish as he saw the power of that spell.

Dylas face was completely white.

Damn, that Mafa Merlin actually had an Extraordinary Scroll. Such a powerful spell is definitely comparable to a 2nd Rank Heaven Mages strongest spell No, one had to be at least a 3rd Rank Heaven Mage to cast such a spell

Hmpf, they are pretty lucky. They might have not been encircled by Undeads, but that Extraordinary Scroll has been used. What could they do if they were surrounded again?

Damn scoundrel, you are really lucky, Ive yet to see an Extraordinary Scroll

On the side, Morgan couldnt help wiping the cold sweat trickling down his forehead, his mind filled with second thoughts.

Ahhh, an Extraordinary Spell, that Merlin guy still was still hiding such a huge killing tool. But even without an Extraordinary Scroll, those Undeads simply wouldnt be able to do anything to Merlin.

Even if we all died, Merlin and Dedale would be able to escape

The luckily summoned ten-time-stronger meteorite was able to stop the Undeads chase for a bit, and that time was very valuable.

Whether it was the Odin Kingdom or the Andlusa Kingdom, they both had no plans to fight to their death

There was really too many Undeads

Both groups gathered together once again, but the ground shook once again before they could say anything as a large group of Undead Mages used a large-scale summoning spell.

A boundless aura of death converged and the earth fiercely shook as a 150-meter-tall colossus emerged from the ground.

That huge monsters body was covered in a layer of thick death aura and its body was similar to a several-hundred-meter-tall black monkey. It was half-sitting, half-lying down, its two arms were supporting him from the ground and each of its hands had three long claws over twenty meters in length.

Its head was like a mix between a dinosaur and a hippopotamus with two elephant-like tusks curving over its lips, it also had three rows of sharp dog teeth crisscrossing.

Combined with that sinister aura, it was emitting a lot of pressure.


The echoing roar felt like an explosion echoing in their ears. Even the Undead Beastmen within several dozen meters of that huge monster exploded one after another, their Soul Fires completely extinguished.

Seeing that huge monster appear, everyones expression suddenly changed, while Dedale and Lin Yun slightly flinched.

"Heavens A Heaven Rank Ghost Behemoth" A screech echoed from the group.

Cold sweat was dripping from their backs.

"Kill that guy, if we dont kill it, we wont be able to break away from these filthy Undeads" Dedale decisively ordered before taking the initiative to attack, the Burning Soul thoroughly fusing with him as he went all-out.

A large number of fire spells fell from the sky and transformed into a large wave of fire that ruthlessly flowed towards that Ghost Behemoth, burning every Undead Beastman to ashes.

The Ghost Behemoth curled his lips, displaying those sharp teeth. His bloody red eyes were attentively watching Dedale.

Its roar created ripples in front of him and gales rose as the earth instantly collapsed into fragments of various sizes.

That several-dozen-meter-wide wave of fire was slightly stopped by that roar, but the Ghost Behemoth didnt take advantage of that opportunity to dodge. Instead, its four limbs touched the ground as he started charging forward.

Those twenty-meter-long sharp claws fiercely grabbed at the burning wave and a terrifying power made the space in front of its body start fluctuating. Spatial cracks kept flickering at the place the sharp claws grabbed.

The several-dozen-meter-wide wave of fire was forcibly torn apart by this Ghost Behemoth. The Ghost Behemoths two claws crisscrossed as he pierced through the wave of fire and forcibly crossed two hundred meters of the river of fire spells in less than three seconds. After passing through the river of fire spells, the latter was also torn to shreds and turned into ordinary elemental flames.

Seeing that Ghost Behemoth being so fierce, everyones expressions sank and no one could afford to save some energy.

That Behemoth was originally a war trump card that the Beastmen had kept under control, it would only appear in a large-scale military campaign.

That kind of terrifying beast had no casting abilities but was unrivalled in terms of pure physical power, even Dragons werent their opponents. The rulers of Behemoths were the Golden Behemoths, they were the only creatures that could fight a Golden Dragon in melee range in Noscent.

Gold Dragons had the most powerful bodies within the Chromatic Dragon Race. In a melee, they could be said to be the existence at the apex in terms of physical strength. And Three-Headed Gold Dragons could be said to be the strongest lifeform in terms of physical power, Gods excluded.

The Golden Behemoths being able to match Gold Dragons showed just how powerful they were.