End Of The Magic Era Chapter 998

Chapter 998 Retrea

As for the one before them, although it was only a Ghost Behemoth, a Behemoth that lost its body and had its melee abilities decreased, its ability to endure injuries had been greatly increased, and physical attacks were almost completely ineffective against it. Its magic resistance was also far superior to Behemoths, so it was a very troublesome opponent.

Dedale burst out with all his strength, displaying power comparable to a Heaven Rank powerhouse, and he could temporarily fight the Ghost Behemoth to a standstill. But he could only keep it in a stalemate, and nothing more.

Dedales burst of orange flames didnt inflict much damage. He could only slowly grind at the death aura covering the Ghost Behemoths body. And the death aura there was almost as thick as the Death Aura of the Undead Plane, so wanting to shave it away was simply a joke.

And the Ghost Behemoth only had close-range abilities, so it couldnt approach close enough when suppressed by spells even if it kept charging. This was a deadlock.

But there wasnt just the Ghost Behemoth there; the biggest threat was that rushing tide. The endless Undead Beastmen were the true threat.

Most of their power was focused on the Ghost Behemoth, meaning that there wasnt much power aiming at the back and holding back.

Everyone withdrew while casting. After ten minutes, that Ghost Behemoth was still chasing like a mad dog, continuously charging with more and more Undead Beastmen in tow.

Suddenly, Lin Yuns expression changed.

The ant-like army had suddenly become orderly.

The most numerous Undead Beastmen slowly arranged themselves into a formation. They set up like long, serpentine rows with some distance between them. That distance made it impossible for them to run into one another.

And the empty spaces between the teams of Undead Beastmen were set aside for the stronger Undead creatures. Teams of Wolf Riders and Skeletal Kodos were frantically charging through those cleared aisles, their speed doubled.

Those Undead Beastmen would usually be piled together in a mess, and many of them would be trampled by the ones behind them.

If the High Level Undead, if they wanted to rush out, they would have to cut a path through the fodder, slowing them down.

But now, everything became organized. Even the mindlessly flying Skeletal Wyverns started assembling into formation as they flew towards the ground together.

One after another, Undead Beastmen got onto the Skeletal Wyverns. There were also Skeleton Archers, Skeleton Spear Throwers, and Death Warlocks. After pairing with the Skeletal Wyverns, they instantly transformed into a large group of Undead Flying Riders.

A large number of Bone Arrows and Bone Spears fell from the sky. At the same time, the leather-wearing Death Warlocks, whose eyes shone with green flames, were continuously casting Death-type spells.

There was a clear change among the Undead, and everyone could clearly understand that this meant huge trouble. An existence that could lead the Undead had appeared.

And sure enough, in the back of the Undead army, a short, mummy-like Undead Beastman wearing a dilapidated robe was holding a pale bone staff in one hand and a moss-green skull in the other.

"Another Heaven Rank, and this one is a Death Shaman!" someone from the Odin Kingdom screeched in alarm as everyone flinched.

A Death Shaman, an existence that led Undead Beastmen. A Heaven Rank Death Shaman could absolutely control all the Undead here, including that Ghost Behemoth.

A swarm of Undead creatures rushing forward like headless chickens couldnt compare with a similar group controlled by a commander. They werent on the same level at all.

The latter could display at least three times the fighting power of the former!

And this was without counting the power of the Death Shaman itself.

Before anyone could react, that Death Shaman floating in the air waved its short bone staff, and a black, ashen halo spread open.

In an instant, all the Undead Beastmen enveloped by the halo let out angry roars. Their wretched white bones were covered in a layer of ashen black light.

Their crazy charging speed instantly tripled as their aura converged together and formed a large cloud of death in the sky.

"Sh*t, Mass Death Blessing! That guy can actually buff over a hundred thousand of the Undead." Enderfas three faces were horrified.

"A Support Death Shaman, sh*t, we have to hurry and flee."

Lin Yun frowned. This matter was troublesome. It would have been a bit better if it had been a combat-focused Heaven Rank Death Shaman, but it was unexpectedly a Support Death Shaman.

It had given up its physical abilities to maximize its ability to command others. Its fighting strength was shown by all those Undead Beastmen.

The spells it could use were all spells that could buff the Undead.

This was the most troublesome part, because the Death shaman could make those brainless Undead display five to ten times their original fighting strength!

It would ultimately result in everyones deaths. These tireless enemies had no concept of time. To them, even chasing for over a year would be no different than chasing for an hour.

But it was different for humans. Let alone a year, ten days would be enough for them to die of exhaustion!

After that Death Shaman released a Mass Death Blessing and buffed over a hundred thousand of the Undead, it raised the skull in its left hand. The Soul Fire within that skull frantically flickered as a strange mumble echoed, and the incantation seemed to echo within everyones souls.

For no less than ten seconds, everyone could only stare blankly as the Death Shaman finished its incantation.

As the incantation finished, the death aura on the earth started flaring up, and all the broken bones covering the prairie started converging.

The Undead that had been shattered started reviving one after another, and the broken bones assembled to form new ones.

The smoke filling the sky swept over the entire prairie, and in an instant, over fifty thousand more of the Undead appeared on the prairie.

"Mass Undead Rebirth"

Enderfas voice was a bit shaky.

The Odin Kingdoms side was pale. This was fear

Morgan mumbled to himself, "Hell, a Support Death Shaman is actually that powerful? He revived tens of thousands of the Undead at once! Whats the point in fighting, we are doomed"

Although they already knew that Support Death Shamans would become better at enhancing others as they grew in level, no one had expected that it would be that powerful.

There werent many existences like the Death Shaman in the Undead Plane. The Beastmen believed that their ancestors either returned to the earth or became Ancestor Souls.

Heaven Rank Death Shamans had never appeared in Noscent. There were only records of their appearances in the Undead Plane. Moreover, even the strongest Undead Overlord wouldnt provoke a Support Death Shaman in the Undead Plane.

Everyone could see why now That guy was just a cheat!

Not only could it control the Undead Beastmen with one arm, but it could still keep buffing the Undead and use Mass Undead Rebirth. Unless the bones had been turned to ashes, no matter how many they killed, the bones would rise up once again.

In these circumstances, a group of weak Skeletons wearing down a Heaven Rank powerhouse wouldnt be surprising.

And with the spell the Death Shaman released, Dedale immediately made a decision and took out a magic tool flickering with silver light.

"Retreat!" he roared.

He threw the magic tool at the Ghost Behemoth. The magic tool suddenly exploded in the air and transformed into a gigantic silver net.

The Ghost Behemoths claws slashed through the nets holes, but the silver net kept transforming as it was torn apart. It looked like it wouldnt be able to tear that net to shreds in a short time.

The four corners of the huge net had 1.5-meter-long awls, and carved on top of the awls were the statues of a giant creature that lived underground. That kind of giant creature was incomparably heavy and huge like a mountain. When slumbering for a millennium, the outside would look like an ordinary mountain.

The awls flickered with silver light in their four corners, and the four statues seemed alive as they transformed into four shadows of that giant creature as they pressured down.

At that time, the Ghost Behemoth was thoroughly trapped, and as it crazily struggled, the earth shook. The magic tool fused together with the earth, and even the Behemoth couldnt struggle free from that terrible weight. But although the silver net was of good quality, it would be torn apart sooner or later.

Dedale looked grim as he decisively chose to give up attacking and roared again, "Retreat!"

Under such circumstances, they could no longer fight.

The group kept fighting while retreating, but without the pressure of the Ghost Behemoth, things had become much more bearable.

"Whats next? What does everyone think, we wont be able to continue like this. There are way too many of the Undead, and with the Death Shaman leading them and making them stronger, they can display at least five times their power. Moreover, with that Undead Rebirth, they effectively have at least ten times their normal power.

"And the Undead are tireless, so theyll never stop chasing. We dont know what this place is, but its definitely not a very large plane. If we cant find a way out, we will definitely be chased to death. The Undead wont give up as long as we are still alive. They could keep chasing for decades!

"We have to think of a way to break away from them"

Dedales gloomily said those words before glancing around at everyone.