End Of The Magic Era Chapter 999

Chapter 999 Hea

Everyone looked somber. They all understood that they couldnt kill all of the Undead: the charging Heaven Rank Ghost Behemoth, the Heaven Rank Death Shaman commanding them, as well as the endless Undead Beastmen. It could be said that this was a perfect line-up.

Perfect enough to crush them. But it now seemed that these enemies wouldnt let them go. Their spells could easily tear the Undead Beastmen apart into piles of bones.

But everyone clearly understood that the ones who would lose a battle of attrition would ultimately be themselves. There was no living creature in the world that could beat an Undead in terms of endurance. These tireless Undead lifeforms that didnt need to eat, drink, or sleep could chase them nonstop for a few dozen years.

Making a few dozen trips around this plane wouldnt change anything; the Undead would still be full of energy, and wouldnt get fidgety or be in a bad mood. They wouldnt give up unless they tore their prey to shreds.

However, the ones being chased were living beings. After being chased for long enough, their mana would be exhausted, or they would die from physical exhaustion.

This was why the Undead were so scary. In history, Heaven Mages that died to the Undead had almost always been killed through attrition. There were actually very few cases of a Heaven Rank powerhouse being directly killed by Heaven Rank Undead.

They all had terrible expressions. With so many of the Undead chasing them, it wouldnt take long before their mana was completely exhausted. If this continued, someone would die within two days.

Dylas looked very pale, but that turned into a sneer as he suddenly looked at the calm Lin Yun. He then suggested, "We cant keep going like this! We are stuck in a deadlock and cant escape, well only be chased to death at this rate.

"The Undead have Wolf Riders and Skeletal Wyverns among them. How could we escape their pursuit unless we put enough distance between us and them? If this continues, everyone will die."

Dylas words elicited everyones agreement. This was a fact: They would die sooner or later if they couldnt break away from the Undead.

Dedale calmly waved his hand.

"Sir Dylas, do you have any suggestions? Regardless of what it is, we have to change the situation."

Dylas sneered before glancing at Lin Yun with a sinister expression.

"The main reason we are in a crisis is that we cant break away from the pursuit. As long as we break away and dont let them catch up to us, perhaps by making them unable to detect our location, our crisis will be settled.

"But we first need to put enough distance between us and the Undead. Everyone has to work together. We have to split up and send a group to obstruct the Undead for some time."

"The Andlusa Kingdoms people are the weakest, so they are the most suitable to remain behind."

This instantly angered the Andlusa Kingdoms side. Lin Yun sneered as he understood what that fool was doing.

"Idiot, how about you f*cking stay behind then?"

Everyone obviously knew that the people remaining behind would be in the most dangerous situation. The people splitting from the group wouldnt be fighting and retreating They would be stalling the Undead.

The probability of being surrounded was extremely high, and being surrounded by the Undead was ultimately a dead end.

Those left behind would just be cannon fodder used to attract the attention of the Undead army. The longer they fought, the longer they would stall, and the better the chances of escape would be for the other group.

Based on the nature of the Undead, they would thoroughly eliminate the ones left behind before continuing their pursuit.

No one from the Odin Kingdom opposed Dylas suggestion.

They all had strange expressions, but clearly approved of that suggestion. After all, they werent the ones that would be used as cannon fodder. They would be able to escape while sending the Andlusa Kingdoms people to their deaths.

Harren and the others were startled and angry, but they didnt say anything. They waited for Lin Yun to speak. They were too weak, and their losses had been disastrous. The Andlusa Kingdom had nine living beings here, which was less than half of the Odin Kingdom.

The only one in the Andlusa Kingdom that could speak on the same level as the Odin Kingdom was Lin Yun.

Dylas suggestion had been a probe, but seeing that the Odin Kingdom didnt seem against it, his tone became filled with righteousness.

"You are the weakest, so you should naturally be left behind. We all have our own roles. I can use Shadow Magic and cover everyones retreat. Although I cant erase their aura and the aura of life, I can reduce everyones aura to the minimum and hide us from their sight, allowing everyone to escape.

"To escape and find a place to hide, we can only conceal the aura and traces of everyone. This is something only the Sky City can do. If we encounter some danger, we will need Sir Dedale to remove it without slowing us all down.

"The Quicksand Tower is the most suitable candidate when it comes to altering the terrain, and as for the materials needed to arrange an array, only the Henry Family and the royal family can provide everything.

"What can you do? You are still the weakest. What could you do apart from holding the Undeads back?

"If you cant even bring up the rear, you could only be trash that doesnt deserve to retreat with us!"

The few people from the Andlusa Kingdom suddenly got angry. Xiuban grinned as he looked at Dylas while Enderfa sneered.

The Odin Kingdoms royal family sneered and remained silent, the Quicksand Tower also remained silent.

Raphael of the Sky City had an indifferent expression as if he didnt care who was buying time.

Morgan and Arnaud Henrys expressions were awkward, but they didnt say anything.

As for Dedale, he frowned, but also chose to remain silent.

Lin Yun sneered.

"As far as I know, the Shadow Cloak can turn into a Curtain of Darkness so you should be able to bring up the rear on your own. Those brainless Undeads definitely dont have the strength to escape from the range of the Curtain of Darkness.

"Dylas, this isnt good, you have the greatest chances of remaining safe if you brought up the rear, the others would also be safer when retreating.

"You say we are the weakest so we should bring up the rear, but arent you trying to kill all of us by making us bring up the rear?

"We can stay behind, sure, there is no problem, but didnt you say that we were the weakest? Then we cant guarantee how long we will last, maybe two minutes, maybe three

"You think that without us you would be able to rely on your group to escape? To survive?" Lin Yun said with disdain before remaining silent.

But the people on the Odin Kingdoms side had cold sweat trickling down their backs.

Right, the Andlusa Kingdoms side is the weakest, what if they cant even bring up the rear?

How could the Undeads not chase after us? And with ten less people, our strength would be greatly decreased, we would ultimately be dragged down by the Undeads and killed from exhaustion. Wanting to escape would be impossible.

Moreover, if these guys feel that we are just using them, they would consciously give up on their lives and not bring up the rear, dragging us down alongside them before we ultimately die

Damnit, that foolish Dylas, doesnt he see the current circumstances? Why is he still trying to deal with the Andlusa Kingdoms people? Does he think he can escape the chase of those Undeads on his own?

Dedales reaction speed was the fastest. Although Lin Yun didnt say much, he instantly managed to connect the dots. The other people of the Odin Kingdom also had strange expressions, they all started sweating, they had clearly thought about this possibility.

It was impossible for them to trust the forces of their own kingdom, so how could they trust the Andlusan they forced into the task?

What a joke.

This was equivalent to putting their lives in their hands

Dylas had a calm expression, he was thinking on how to keep forcing them when Dedale suddenly intervened.

"Alright, no need to discuss this, our Burning Tower will bring up the rear, everyone else can go on ahead."

This was the best method Dedale could think of, they were the strongest, so not only would they have the great chances of success, the others would have more chances of escaping. Overall, this was the method with the greatest odds to break through this crisis.

The other forces of the Odin Kingdom relaxed after hearing Dedales words, they obviously felt that this plan was the best. A few of the Andlusan remained silent but sighed in relief.

Only Dylas expression remained unsightly.

"Sir Dedale, how could this"

Dylas didnt have time to finish his words as Dedale glared at him and shouted in a deep voice, "Shut up and walk."

Dylas no longer dared to speak after that shout .

Morgan looked at Dylas and coldly snorted, while the other people of the Odin Kingdom glared at Dylas.

The other forces of the Odin Kingdom would happily watch as he took the chance to mess with the Andlusa Kingdom, unless that implicated them.

They were all in danger right now, and Dylas wanting to trap the Andlusan might make them suffer even bigger losses. Even if it was just a possibility, this made everyone look poorly at Dylas.

Lin Yun sneered as he looked at Dylas.

Everyone was fighting together, confronting danger together, working together. It wouldnt matter if bringing up the rear was the last option, but if the Odin Kingdoms people had bad intentions and wanted them to throw away their lives, then they shouldnt blame them for being rude.

As Dedale brought up the rear, the others started frantically casting forward.

Sky Citys Raphael gave Dedale a magic beacon which pointed the direction.

Dedale hovered in the air as he watched the relentless army of Undeads chasing after them. He waved his metal staff and his body transformed into an eight-meter-tall huge flame lifeform with orange elemental flames curling around him. A sea of orange flames slowly formed within several hundred meters.

Dedale chanted a long incantation and terrifying mana fluctuations spread out, transforming into waves of flames that forcibly pressured the surrounding aura of death away.

As the incantation was finished, an orange fire vortex appeared behind Dedale before rapidly expanding. Numerous runes hovered around it, and expanded the fire vortex even more as they merged with it until it reached fifty meters in size.

The terrifying heat made the surrounding space distort.