Everlasting Dragon Emperor Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Rebirth

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The sun sets and the sky glows.

Outside Fenghuo City, on Cuiyun Peak, there is a stone table, beside which there is a stone bench, and a pair of young men and women are snuggling with each other.

The teenager was thin, his face pale, and his face was pristine.

The girl has a snow-white long skirt with skin like jade and beautiful appearance.

The girl's head was leaning on the shoulder of the teenager, and it was like a pair of fairy couples under the sunset.

"Yao'er, I wish I could do this forever!" said the young man with a happy smile on his face, and said gently.

"Brother Ming, of course, we have said that we will be together for a lifetime."

A happy smile appeared on the girl's face.

The boy is named Lu Ming and the girl is named Lu Yao.

Looking at the smile on Luyaos face, Lu Mings eyes were more gentle, holding Lu Yaos weak and boneless jade hand, and said: "Yaoer, although my veins are blocked, I cant condense my true energy, but as long as I can wake up my blood, to When the elders will buy elixir to clear meridians, then I can practice."

"I will definitely become a martial arts strongman, guarding you all your life."

"Thank you brother Ming."

Lu Yao's eyes showed a touch of color, and he said: "Brother Ming, there was really a pulse tester. Have you inherited your father's bloodline?"

"Yes, Yao'er, so in the future your man will definitely be a strong man." Lu Ming's face showed a confident smile.

Lu Yao smiled slightly and picked up the wine glass on the stone table. In the wine glass was the famous blood tongue orchid wine, which exuded a light fragrance.

Lu Yao made a quick kiss on Lu Ming's face, his face was ashamed, and he picked up the glass and said, "Brother Ming, come, Yaoer rewards you."

Lu Ming took the wine glass and said, "Yaoer, you invite me to drink a glass of blood tongue orchid wine every day. I really appreciate having you by my side."

Talk about it, pick up the glass, and drink it.

The aroma of wine lingered at the tip of the tongue, Lu Ming's heart was as sweet as the aroma of wine, but at the next moment, he felt a bit of a spin.

"Yaoer, why am I a little dizzy? Your wine..."

Lu Ming held the stone table and looked at Lu Yao, but at this time, he found Lu Yao's face a little cold.

"Hahaha, Lu Ming, Yao'er has been with you for three years, it's nothing more than Yangmai. Now is the time, don't you contribute your bloodline?"

At this time, a middle-aged man appeared from the side and was Lu Yao's father.


Like a thunderbolt on a sunny day, it exploded in Lu Ming's mind.


Lu Ming looked at Lu Yao in disbelief, but Lu Yao's eyes were full of indifference.

"Why? I love you so much!"

Lu Yao's indifferent eyes, like a sharp knife, thrust into Lu Ming's heart. He roared and pounced on Landing Yao.

But Lu Yao just retreated slightly, he threw himself on the ground.

"Xuanyuan Sword School Duan Mulin, six years old, cultivated two half-years, and entered the Warrior Realm, nine years old, entered the Warrior Realm, now 16 years old, one of the four Geniuses of Xuanyuan Sword School, and you, Frail and sick, the meridian is blocked, and bluntly, you are just waste. Even if you wake up your blood, it is still waste. Can you compare with Duan Mulin?"

"This kind of genius is my good match. If you want to marry him, you must awaken the powerful bloodline. Since you love me so much, it is better to complete me. With your bloodline, help me awaken a stronger bloodline."

A cold voice came from Lu Yao's mouth.


At this time, the middle-aged man stepped on Lu Ming's back, a sharp knife appeared in his hand, and said, "Lu Ming, give your blood!"


In the spine, the pain of the heart drowned Lu Ming, Lu Ming roared, and the voice was full of loneliness, helplessness and despair.

Gradually, Lu Ming fell into boundless darkness.

"Lu Yao, I treat you like a love, why do you hurt me!"

Lu Ming roared, and suddenly sat up from the bed, and the bed made of pressed Nanmu made a creak.

Lu Ming sweated a lot, it turned out to be a dream.

No, it was not a dream. How could all this be a dream? It was a fact that happened three days ago.

Lu Ming is a descendant of the Lu family, his father is the owner of the Lu family. And Lu Yao, the daughter of the first elder of the Lu family.

They grew up together and grew up together, and they can be said to be inseparable from each other. In private, they have even vowed to swear all their lives in private.

Lu Ming couldn't think of it. Lu Yao and the elders would shoot him and take him away.

"Strength, everything is because of my lack of strength. If I have extraordinary talent and strength, how dare they treat me like this?"

Lu Ming clenched his fists, trembling, and his eyes were covered with bloodshot eyes.


This is what Lu Yao called him. It seemed that Lu Yao's words three days ago still echoed in his ears.


At this time, the door was pushed open, walked into a weak middle-aged woman/woman/person, looking at Lu Ming on the bed, and asked with concern: "Ming Er, do you have nightmares again?"

This beautiful woman is Lu Ming's mother, Li Ping.

Three days ago, it was Li Ping who was worried about Lu Mings safety and went out to find Lu Ming, otherwise Lu Ming was dead.

Since Lu Ming's father was rumored to be killed outside when he was rumored six years ago, he and Li Ping lived together.

Lu Ming looked at Li Ping, his eyes softened and said, "Mother, it's okay, just a dream."

Looking at Lu Ming's pale face, Li Ping was sitting by Lu Ming's bed, touching Lu Ming's forehead, and said in a heartache: "It has been three days. Every time you yelled Lu Yao to harm you, Minger, what the **** is going on? What? Is your injury because of Lu Yao..."

Lu Ming said: "Mother, nothing, you heard it wrong."

Lu Ming did not tell Li Ping that Lu Yao and the elders had done it, because Li Ping did not practise martial arts and told Li Ping that it would harm her.

Li Ping stepped back and said: "Minger, in the future, you can't call Lu Yao's name directly. Two days ago, Lu Yao awakened the fifth-level bloodline and also opened a god-level meridian, which has now been obtained. Recognized by the Presbyterian College, two months later, the Lu family will be in charge of the Lu family and become the owner of the Lu family. Calling the name of the family owner directly, I am afraid that it will be disrespected.

"What? Lu Yao wants to take charge of the Lu family? She doesn't think about it."

Lu Ming let out a low roar, his eyes were bloodshot, his teeth clattered, his teeth were all crushed, and blood bleed out.

After Lu Mings father was rumored to have been killed six years ago, the Lu family has been managed by the elders home for the past six years, and no new owner has been established.

Seeing Lu Ming look like this, Li Ping was so scared that Liu Shen had no master, just holding Lu Ming's head, tears kept flowing, and said, "Ming Er, you don't want to scare the mother, the mother has lost your father and can't lose you anymore."

"Dad...Where are you, Minger believes that you will not die, now, Minger is helpless, and even the head of the family can't be kept."

Lu Ming held a pendant tightly around his neck. With too much force, his nails penetrated into the flesh, and blood oozed out continuously.

This pendant, made of bronze, is the size of a broad bean. It was sent back from outside by Lu Ming's father before the accident. For the past six years, Lu Ming has been with him.

The blood from the palm oozed out and flowed to the bronze pendant.


Suddenly, the bronze pendant shook slightly and became hot.

Lu Ming hadn't reacted yet. The bronze pendant was shocked and turned into a little powder. He drilled into Lu Ming's palm and disappeared into his palm.

Then, Lu Ming felt that there was a hot energy, from his palm, along the arm, one up, after a while, he stayed in the Yintang cave of the eyebrow.

"Kowloon is not dead, the blood is reborn!"

Suddenly, a huge roar sounded in Lu Ming's mind, and the shaking Lu Ming's mind buzzed.

"Kowloon is not dead, the blood is reborn!"

"Kowloon is not dead, the blood is reborn!"


A continuous roar rang continuously in Lu Ming's mind, and then, a hot breath, starting from the eyebrow, rushed to Lu Ming's spine.

At the next moment, the roar disappeared, but there was a burst of itching on the spine, and the whole body became hot.

"what happened?"

Lu Ming was completely puzzled.

At this point, the itching on the spine became more intense, and it seemed that something was slowly growing.

"Ming'er, what's wrong with you, don't scare your mother."

Feeling the abnormality in Lu Ming, Li Ping was even more afraid, and was somewhat at a loss.

"Blood Rebirth? Can I really be reborn?" Lu Ming wondered.

There are records in ancient books that only a very small number of people, after being deprived of their blood vessels or damaged for other reasons, can regenerate their blood vessels and grow a new blood vessel.

However, most of the rebirth of the bloodline is very low, and it is not useful.

But there are also very few people who can stand up and stand back, regenerate cocoons, rise in destruction, detach from the past, and awaken to the strongest bloodline.

But the odds are so small that they are negligible. There are few records in ancient books.

Lu Ming didn't think about the awakening to the strong bloodline, but after all, the chance is too small. As long as he can awaken the bloodline, he is very happy.

With blood, he can practice martial arts and change his destiny.

At this moment, the strange body slowly disappeared, and Lu Ming smiled on his face, saying: "Mother, I'm fine!"

"What are you doing? This is the main palace. You can't break into it."

Suddenly, there was a soft drink outside, and Lu Ming heard it, it was the voice of Li Ping's personal maid Qiuyue.


"Go away!"

With a cold drink and a slap, a young man with a somber face came in.

"Madam, young master!" A girl about sixteen years old followed, her face red and swollen, and a slap mark appeared, which was Qiuyue.

"Lu Chuan, you? What do you want to do?"

Lu Ming got up and drank coldly.

The person named Lu Chuan is Lu Yao's eldest brother. He is 31 years older than Lu Yao and 16 years old this year.

When Lu Chuan saw Lu Ming, his eyes flashed with surprise, and it seemed a little surprised that Lu Ming was not dead, and then a sneer: "Lu Ming, you are right, my sister Lu Yao, will be in charge of the Lu family, staying in the main house, So this main house, you are no longer eligible to live, please move away."

Li Ping turned pale. Although she knew that there would be such a day, she didn't expect it to come so fast.

Li Ping smiled miserably and said: "Lu Chuan, Ming'er is injured. After two days, Ming'er is injured, and we will move away."

"In two days? I will move out today. Do you want to be here, do you think I don't know?"

Lu Chuan sneered.

"Today? Ke Minger has a wound. It's so late today. Let Ming Er rest overnight and move!"

Li Ping begged a little.

"Resting? He can't wake up with a single bloodline. The waste that is blocked by the meridians is better to rest. It's better to die. Well, I must move away today anyway." Lu Chuan said indifferently.