Everlasting Dragon Emperor Chapter 1888

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Taiyi Sword Tomb, the place where the sword is buried!

According to legend, in the distant era, a terrible and powerful sword repair fell in the Taiyi sword tomb. Here became his graveyard, attracting Wanjian Chaozong, countless unowned swords, flew here, accompanied by the terrible strongman , Buried here together.

Behind, there are countless powerful sword repairs, coveting the inheritance of the existence, in order to compete for the heritage of the sword repairs, a fierce battle took place here.

Countless people have powerful sword repairs, died here and buried their bones.

Here, a terrible sword tomb is formed.

Later, many sword repairs reached the end of their life, when they were about to fall, they would walk here and let themselves be buried here.

Over time, the strong men buried here and the swords buried there do not know how many, endless.

Over time, Taiyi Sword Tomb has also produced some wonderful treasures.

For example, the sword source is a rare treasure. Refining the sword source can refine the true elemental sacred power and improve cultivation.

Some people will come here to find some spiritual swords.

Here, since ancient times, there have been too many sword repairers strong. It is said that even the emperor-level sword repairs are not rare. Some people leave the swords as real treasures, with good luck, they can get it. Too.

Therefore, the Taiyi sword tomb attracted many people to come and explore.

Many people come every year, especially those who build swords.

Tai Sui Baolian was discovered by those who searched here.

Lu Ming glanced around, and he saw some figures near the cave.


An old man with a gentle face flew over, looked at Lu Ming and Qiu Yue, smiled and said: "The two also want to enter the sword tomb to explore?"

"Not bad!"

Lu Ming nodded.

"Exactly, the old man and some friends want to form a team and enter the sword tomb together. After all, the sword tomb has a chance, but there are also dangers. There are many people who can help each other. Can the two friends be together?"

The old man smiled.

"Team together?"

Lu Ming thought deeply.

Taiyi Sword Tomb has a chance, but it is also dangerous.

Since ancient times, so many powerful men have been buried here, and some dangerous things have also been born, that is Jiansha.

Jiansha, when encountering creatures, they will fight, no spirits.

Jiansha has strengths and weaknesses. Some swords are extremely powerful. It is very dangerous for single players to encounter. Therefore, it is normal for many people to choose to form a team.

"Senior and junior are here to find a holy medicine."

Lu Ming spoke.

"Haha, that's right, Tai Yijian's tomb. The scope is very broad. The two of you alone are undoubtedly a needle in a haystack. With us, everyone pays attention to each other and the chance is greater!"

The old man laughed.

"Okay, I promised!"

Lu Ming pondered for a moment, then nodded.

The old man said it rightly. It is really difficult for the two of them to find. It is really difficult to form a team with everyone.

And among these people, maybe someone has been here for a short time, maybe they can get some useful news.

"Okay, haha, come, let me introduce you to others!"

The old man smiled, led Landing Ming and Qiuyue, and walked towards the others.

There were exactly eight people at the mouth of the cave, and the old man introduced it.

After the introduction of the old man, Lu Ming knew that the old man was called Wu, and he had the most holy consummate practice. Among these people, the old man had the highest cultivation practice.

"Two little friends, we have to wait for a while and wait for more people before we go in!"

Wu Chudao said that he always had a gentle smile on his face, giving people a feeling of being easy to get along with.

"Wait, no problem!"

Lu Ming nodded.

Finding Tai Sui Po Lin is not going to be done overnight. It doesnt matter if you wait a few more days.

A lot of people came to explore Taiyi Sword Tomb. Then, every two days, someone would come, and Wu was drawn into the team.

After more than ten days, there are already more than 20 people in their team.

"Okay, people are almost there, let's go!"

Wu Chudao said that he would fly towards the cave first, and everyone followed.

This cave is very huge and leads to the underground, unfathomable.

Lu Ming and others flew down and flew around for a long time until they finally reached the end.

"This... really looks like an underground world!"

Lu Ming glanced, and found that under the cave, there was a whole world, which could not be seen at a glance.

Here, there are peaks, but there is nothing, nothing.

There are only swords.

Put a rusty sword either on the ground or on a mountain peak.

But almost all of them lost their spirituality, and in the endless years, they are about to corrode.

"Let's set up the formation, so as not to encounter an attack and get in a hurry!"

Wu Chudao said, and then he will arrange the formation.

Lu Ming and Qiuyue were arranged to the end, some of them in the middle, some in front and around.

Lu Ming's eyes flashed slightly, and he found that those who were arranged in the front, back, left, and right were the people who joined the team in the back.

And Wu took five or six people in the middle.

According to his argument, he cultivated the highest, sat in the middle, and supported the Quartet at any time.

Everyone also had no opinion and chose a direction to run forward.

Tomb of Taiyi Sword gave the impression of silence.

Between heaven and earth, there was silence, and occasionally a breeze blew through, the grass was not growing, and it was extremely desolate.

They ran forward hundreds of miles, and they saw the same scenery.

Here, it belongs to the outer zone, and the swords it encountered are decaying. There will be no gain in this area.

Going all the way, I don't know how much distance I walked. In front of me, two figures suddenly fluttered.

These are two shadows, and they can't see clearly, like a ghost.

As soon as the two black shadows saw Lu Ming and others, their eyes exhaled sharp air, which turned into two sword lights and rushed towards the crowd.

"It's two swords, but the strength is only Ming Shengjing!"

Wu opened his mouth, waved his hands, and two vigorous shots shot out, defeating the two swords.

After the two sword shas were defeated, they turned into two energies, which disappeared into the ground and disappeared.

It is said that this sword is hard to kill, it can only be defeated temporarily. After being defeated, it will escape into the ground, and after a period of pregnancy, it can reappear.

The crowd continued to move forward, and then encountered several swords, but their strength was not strong, and they were easily defeated.

Suddenly, there was a weak sword in front.

"There is Jianyuan in front!"

Department Wu's eyes lit up.

Obviously, this was not the first time Wu Wu entered the Taiyi Sword Tomb. He was very experienced. According to a weak sword intention, he could judge that there was a sword source ahead.

Everyone converged, and proceeded carefully. After bypassing a mountain, they saw dozens of swords.

The difference is that the body shape of these dozens of swords looks very solid, like the essence, and emits an amazing sharpness like a sword.