Everlasting Dragon Emperor Chapter 4605

Chapter 4605: The Top Ten Races

"There is also these continental fragments around the main continent. In order to fight for the territory, the two sides sometimes send people to attack from these peripheral continental fragments. Therefore, whether it is the fortresses or the surrounding continental fragments, there are strong guards! "

"I'm sitting on this piece of mainland fragments, taking turns. Everyone sits in town for a hundred years. You came here very coincidentally. After three days, I will sit in town for a hundred years. Then I will return to the main continent and take you there. The main continent."

Tang Jundao.

Lu Ming nodded, but his gaze fell on the center of the main continent.

In the center of the main continent, there is an area, dark and fuzzy, and it occupies a very large area, half of the main continent.

Moreover, in such a large area, there is no white or red line, nor any white or red dot.

But around this area, there are a little white or red dot around this area.

"This area is the core battlefield of the main continent. This area is very dangerous and terrifying. It is full of terrifying evil spirits and killing intent all year round, and it also breeds many terrible poisonous insects. When the evil energy and killing intent are flooded, even if it is There is only one dead end for the strong from the Origin Realm. There is a strong from the Origin Realm on the side of Zeng Today Palace, who was stung to death by a mosquito in the core battlefield."

Tang Jundao.

Lu Ming took a deep breath. The fact that Feihuang said that the strong man in the original realm was stung to death by mosquitoes, which happened on the battlefield of Qianqiu.

"Of course, danger is accompanied by opportunity. This core battlefield was the core place of the war in the last epoch. It also contains the most opportunities, source-level magic weapons, treasures with original imprints, top Qi training techniques, gods There are even more advanced treasures than the source-level **** soldiers, treasures that must fight desperately even in the source realm!"

"Every once in a while, the evil spirit and killing intent of the core battlefield will fade. At that time, a large number of powerful men from the two major forces will enter it to explore."

Tang Jun explained.

Lu Ming also showed a touch of emotion. In such places, if he gets some opportunities, he can benefit infinitely, and it is normal for his cultivation to advance by leaps and bounds.

Next, Lu Ming stayed here.

Three days passed in an instant.

Three days later, an old man came here.

This old man has a strong aura, and he is a divine master with seven layers of existence.

The most peculiar thing is that this old man looks similar to the human race, but has two heads, one has black skin and black hair, and the other has white skin and white hair.

"What race is this?"

Lu Ming muttered in his heart.

He had never seen such a race, nor had he heard of it.

"Senior Tianyue!"

Tang Jun gave the old man a fist.

"Don't call me senior, I should call you senior."

The old man named Tianyue shook his two heads.

He knew Tang Jun's identity, the daughter of Taboo Sword Ancestor, who was taller than him in terms of seniority and age.

"A hundred years have come, this continent will be handed over to the old man, Miss Tang Jun can return to the main continent!"

Tianyue Road.

After a hundred years, it is clear that Tianyue is here to take over.

Although Tian Yue looked at Lu Ming curiously, he didn't ask much.

"Then please!"

Tang Jun clasped his fists, and then left the continent with Lu Ming and flew towards the main continent.

"Are you curious about what race Tianyue comes from?"

On the way, Tang Jun asked suddenly.

I have to say that this woman is very intelligent, and she can see what Lu Ming is thinking at a glance.

"Yes, I'm very curious, I have never heard of such a look."

Lu Ming said.

"It's normal if you haven't heard, he is from the heaven and earth clan."

"In the long past, the heaven and earth clan was famous in the prehistoric universe, and it can be ranked in the top ten on the list of prehistoric races!"

Tang Jundao.

"Top Ten Races!"

Lu Ming was a little shocked.

"Yes, the top ten races. The Heaven and Earth Clan at its peak were extremely powerful, even stronger than the current Angel Clan, Blood Clan, etc., but in the end, the Heavenly Palace suspected that the Heaven and Earth Clan had collusion with the Fate Soul Heavenly Court at that time, and dispatched masters to destroy them all Heaven and Earth Race."

"The prosperous Tiandi Clan was destroyed by this, and only a few Tiandi Clan survived, hiding in the dark, waiting for an opportunity to take revenge."

Tang Jun explained.

"It was destroyed by the Heavenly Palace again!"

Lu Ming's eyes contained cold light, and he thought of the Tianxin clan in the Tiangong Heaven Prison. At its peak, the top ten races of that era were also destroyed by the Tiangong.

"Throughout the long history of the primordial universe, there are not a few powerful races among the top ten races, but many of them were eventually destroyed in the hands of the heavenly palace. Those who survived by these races all hated the heavenly palace and wanted revenge, so in the end They all joined the Heaven Extinguishing Army, otherwise, how could the Heaven Extinguishing Army really fight against the Heavenly Palace? The birth of the Heavenly Extinguishing Army is also caused by the unrighteousness of the Heavenly Palace."

Tang Jundao.

Lu Ming nodded. He had always suspected that the Heaven Extinguishing Army was founded by the taboo sword ancestor Tang Feng and Feihuang. It has only been a few dozen stellar years, and how can its strength compete with the Heavenly Palace.

Now I finally understand.

Over the long years, Tiangong has set up too many enemies for itself, and there are not a few of the top ten races destroyed in history. These races have very strong talents. After years of dormancy and development, their strength cannot be underestimated.

These races have joined the Heaven Extinguishing Army, plus the descendants of the primitive gods and primitive gods left behind, as well as the top powerhouses such as Tang Feng and Feihuang. Their strength is already very terrifying. Only in this way can they compete with the Heavenly Palace. Long time.

"On the Qianqiu Battlefield, you can still see other Zengjin's top ten races."

Tang Jun smiled.

Soon, they came to a fortress on the main continent.

In the main continent, you can't fly randomly. You must pass through those fortresses and walk along the areas with weak killing intent and evil spirits. If you accidentally enter those areas full of killing intent and evil spirits, it will be very dangerous.

Starting from this fortress, we passed several fortresses along the way, and finally came to a giant city.

This huge city is very old and is said to be left over from the last era.

The wall has been made of peculiar rocks and is extremely hard. Even the strong of the Origin Realm would have to work hard to break it.

Here, it has become the most important fortress of the Heaven Extinguishing Army in the Qianqiu Battlefield. Here, there are also a large number of masters. Once a fortress is attacked by the Heavenly Palace, it can immediately send strong support.

"Many strong people!"

As soon as he arrived in this ancient city, Lu Ming felt tremendous pressure.

Because, he felt that there was a terrible atmosphere everywhere in this ancient city.

These breaths came from masters, most of them were from the Divine Master Realm. Lu Ming carefully felt that there were hundreds of breaths from the Divine Master Realm.

Some auras are extremely terrifying, not weaker than the existence of Tiangong Tianjun level.

However, I didn't feel the aura of the Origin Realm, which was natural. The existence of the Origin Realm had to hide the aura, and naturally it was not something Lu Ming could sense.