Everlasting Dragon Emperor Chapter 523

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Dragon Emperor was blocked on the website today, and it was really emotional.

This book is Komakis second book. I am grateful for this achievement. The first thing I want to thank is my editor-in-chief.

Without the guidance and guidance of Sunny Giants over and over again, let me write a better story, Dragon Emperor will not have today's results.

In the first book, Komaki thrashed the street badly. In this book, under the guidance of Sunny, when he started to write, he could say every word and every sentence and carefully consider it.

Yes, thank you very much.

Also, thanks to the editor-in-chief, Taishan boss.

Finally, I want to thank my brothers and sisters. Without everyone's support, Xiaomu can't go today.

Xiaomu works every day during the day and code words at night. It is very tiring, but because of everyone's support, Xiaomu can persist.

Every one of your recommendation tickets, every comment, and even every subscription after being put on the shelf can give Xiaomu great motivation.

In the future, Xiaomu will work harder and write better stories to share with everyone. Thank you. (This chapter is free)