Fishing The Myriad Heavens Chapter 523

Chapter 523 Gangster Rabbit Ji Qi

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The ability that caused even Bei Feng to gasp with shock was the gangster rabbit’s fourth spirit power ability, the death substitution technique!

An attack from a weapon that belonged to an expert above the Thousand Year King realm was something that even fifth or sixth layer Thousand Year King realm experts would not be able to block!

Not only had the weapon gained intelligence, it also contained the Martial Dao Will of the expert!

The gangster rabbit’s body had clearly been cleaved into two, but it actually managed to escape like a golden cicada shedding its shell, forcefully evading the call of death!

Although the restrictions on this spirit power ability were very highit could only be used once a month, and every time it was used, the gangster rabbit’s cultivation would drop by half a small levelthe usefulness of this technique was simply too shocking!

If used properly, this spirit power ability was akin to an extra life, and one that could be used repeatedly!

The price for using it was only that the gangster rabbit had fallen from the First Layer Thousand Year King realm middle stage to the First Layer Thousand Year King realm primary stage. As compared to death, this was an extremely good deal.

When he looked at the heavily bruised gangster rabbit again, Bei Feng could not stop himself from roaring with laughter again. This rabbit’s looks were simply too hilarious.

The gangster rabbit originally already looked quite dumb and cute; with its face swollen up to this extent now, it was extremely funny no matter how one looked at it.

“Squeak! This King is not in a very good mood right now; stop making that face in front of me! If you laugh like that, you’re making me want to laugh as well”

The gangster rabbit pouted unhappily.

“En, this one has received proper education and strict training before, so in normal circumstances, I will never laugh. But this time, I really can’t endure it! HAHAHA”

Bei Feng started speaking in a dignified manner, but towards the end, he couldn’t help but to start laughing again.

“You’ll lose this rabbit like this.”


The gangster rabbit took advantage of the time when Bei Feng was laughing and sneaked behind him; then, it raised a furry paw and smacked down.

Bei Feng screeched in pain; this damned gangster rabbit was actually so good at bearing a grudge. It knew that there was an extra huge bruise on the back of his head, and it still accurately struck down on it.

Without saying anything else, he turned around and grabbed the gangster rabbit by its two long ears while it was still grinning dumbly, directly lifting it up.


The gangster rabbit snorted coldly and raised its muscular legs, kicking him away.

The man and beast started to fight once again, and their strikes were each more sinister than the other’s.

A few moments later, Bei Feng was laying flat out on the ground again, watching the starry sky of the seperate dimension, and allowing the bitter taste of the stalk of grass in his mouth to spread through his tongue.

“Human, this King thought that you were a real man, but you’re actually such a sinister bastard!”

The gangster rabbit was similarly splayed out on the ground listlessly. It hugged a one-meter-plus-long carrot in its arms and munched noisily.

The gangster rabbit was feeling extremely complicated right now. As a Thousand Year King level Demonic Beast, its intelligence was even above regular humans’. The moment the Thousand Crane mark sank into its forehead, even if it didn’t want to admit it, it knew that it could not escape its fate.

Bei Feng spat out the stalk of grass in his mouth, and mumbled exasperatedly, “I was also forced and left with no choice, duh. Who asked you to be hell-bent on chasing me.”

“This King swears right now, if you remove that mark from this King’s forehead, this King will definitely not do anything against you. Furthermore, I can agree to any three conditions you name,” the gangster rabbit said seriously.

“Sorry, I only know how to cast the spell, I can’t remove it.”

Bei Feng rolled his eyes and immediately rejected the offer.‘After beating me up so badly, you still want your freedom? Dream on! It’s best if you work for me obediently for the rest of your life to make it up.’

Bei Feng was speaking the truth. The Yin-Yang legacy only recorded the casting methods, and did not mention anything about a counter spell.

Every disciple of the Yin-Yang School only had a single chance to choose their target, so they would consider very seriously before making their choice. They naturally would pick the most outstanding creature to accompany them and help them walk further.

The gangster rabbit stared steadily at Bei Feng, and Bei Feng did not avoid its eyes. The man and beast met gazes for a moment, and finally, the gangster rabbit’s face sunk like a deflated balloon. It wanted to cry, but had no tears

Bei Feng took out large numbers of precious spirit herbs casually, placing them on the ground. These spirit herbs had all been taken from the spatial rings of those cultivators who died here, so he did not feel anything about using them. Grabbing a bunch as if they were mere cabbages, he stuffed them into his mouth. As he munched, he suddenly asked, “Do you have a name?”

“This King doesn’t have a name; do you think that this King is the same as you humans? Pretentious and arrogant, giving names to each other.”

The gangster rabbit also grabbed some spirit herbs unhesitantly and quickly absorbed them, allowing its body to heal as quickly as possible.

“Let me give you a name, then how about XiaoWang1?” Bei Feng said with a serious face.

“You’re the bastard, your entire family are bastards!” The gangster rabbit instantly cursed.

From the mannerisms of this rabbit, it looked like it was about to get up and start fighting again.

Seeing the actions of the gangster rabbit, Bei Feng instantly panicked, and hurriedly said, “How about Ji Qi!”

When he saw the gangster rabbit putting its butt back on the ground, Bei Feng let loose a sigh of relief, and wiped the cold sweat off his brows. How come even Demonic Beasts were so hard to dupe nowadays?

The gangster rabbit did not reply, and it wasn’t clear whether it agreed to the name or not. As large amounts of spirit herbs settled into its stomach, its aura began to grow stronger and stronger again.

Bei Feng was cultivating as well, revolving his blood Qi quietly.

There were actually some top-grade spirit herbs here, from the cleverer cultivators who plucked them amidst the battle below earlier.

The medicinal energy spread from his stomach, and circulated to all his limbs and organs.

His body was like a sieve at this moment; there were holes all over, and his veins were punctured and injured. This was the result of the gangster rabbit’s blood control ability, turning his own blood into swords and cutting his body.

Fortunately, his mental power and soul were powerful, allowing him to suppress his injuries in the first moment. Otherwise, things wouldn’t be that simple now.

Putting aside the other stuff, Bei Feng’s five viscera and six bowels were all ruptured, and even with so many spirit herbs, he would have to recuperate for at least a few more months to recover.

But, to Bei Feng, these injuries could only be considered as superficial wounds; he only needed some time and appropriate spirit herbs, and he would recover completely.

One hour later, a layer of white mist rose out of Bei Feng’s body. At the same time, the bruises on his body began to disappear.

His swollen face also recovered mostly. At this moment, it only looked slightly swollen; it was much better compared to before.

The heaviest injury was the one on the chest, caused by the dark golden halberd. Because it had been imbued with the power of Martial Dao Will, the wound could not close.

Bei Feng spat out a breath of turbid air and closed his eyes. His injuries had mostly been settled now. The remaining ones would take a long period of recuperation to completely restore.

Bei Feng walked towards the gangster rabbit; although the gangster rabbit had stopped its blood from flowing out of the wound, it was still unable to cause the wound to close. Furthermore, if the Martial Dao Will was left in the wound for a long time, it would inevitably cause some hidden injuries in the future.

The moment Bei Feng stood up, the gangster rabbit opened its eyes and stared at him. Bei Feng shrugged his shoulders and stated his intentions casually, not bothering to care what the gangster rabbit thinks about it. “Let me help you remove the energy on your chest.”

‘The weapons of experts above the Thousand Year King realm are actually so powerful; even though it used a death substitution technique, it still received a heavy injury. Quite apparently, the death substitution technique is still a spirit power ability with limitations. If the halberd had been just a little stronger, perhaps this old rabbit would’ve still not been able to escape its death,’Bei Feng thought silently in his heart.

Following that, his own Martial Dao Will began to gather on his fingertips before being infused into the gangster rabbit’s wound.


A loud boom rang out like thunder in Bei Feng’s mind. This was the second Martial Dao Will that he’d come across apart from his own. If the weapon shard Martial Dao Will was likened to an all-conquering intent, this one was simply one word: domineering!

The instant his Martial Dao Will came into contact with this Martial Dao Will, the figure of a mighty man of indomitable spirit able to hold up the heavens and to support the earth appeared in his mind. This man held a dark golden halberd in his hand, his entire body radiating a dauntless and domineering aura.

This image passed in the blink of an eye, and Bei Feng hurriedly calmed his heart as he moved to remove the Martial Dao Will from the gangster rabbit’s wound.

If Bei Feng’s Martial Dao Will was counted as level one, the remnant Martial Dao Will on the wound was at least the equivalent of level three. However, this Martial Dao Will was not intact, and was in a broken state.

Most likely, a portion of the Martial Dao Will was left on the doppleganger that was left behind by the gangster rabbit’s death substitution technique; the remaining portion was inflicted onto the gangster rabbit’s body.

Bei Feng used his Martial Dao Will to slowly chip away at the more domineering one.

A full half an hour later, when Bei Feng’s Martial Dao Will was almost fully drained, he finally managed to fully remove the remnant Martial Dao Will on the gangster rabbit’s wound.

Bei Feng breathed a sigh of relief as he wiped the beads of sweat off his brows.

Such precise control of his Martial Dao Will to slowly chip away the remnant Martial Dao Will had greatly wearied Bei Feng’s mind.

His own Martial Dao Will was nowhere near as strong as the dark gold halberd’s; if he accidentally triggered the remnant Martial Dao Will and caused it to launch a retaliation, while Bei Feng would be fine, the gangster rabbit would be in a lot of pain.

The moment the remnant Martial Dao Will was removed, the wound on the gangster rabbit’s body quickly closed up.

In just a short moment, the wound was no longer visible. Even the faint scar was covered up by new fur, and it was difficult to imagine that it’d received such a heavy injury there before.

The gangster rabbit opened its eyes, and its blood Qi rose sharply, even higher than before!

Because of the link he had with the gangster rabbit, he instantly knew that it’d broken through to the Second Layer!

This was where the true strength of the Thousand Crane technique lay. It allowed the owner of the mark to comprehend the cultivation realms above themselves in advance.

The gangster rabbit’s breakthrough gave Bei Feng the exact feeling as if he had broken through as well, allowing him to understand the Thousand Year King realm. This experience would be very beneficial for him in his future cultivation.

“Let’s break this formation first; otherwise, if that person returned with the experts of his family, both of us will be like sharks caught in the net,” Bei Feng said without further hesitation. At the same time, he was furrowing his brows with unease. There was no telling how strong this formation was, and he wasn’t sure if he and the gangster rabbit could break it at all.