Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 1006

Chapter 1006 Everything Is Under Control

Jin Xinyue immediately understood it.

Instead of putting on a stunned expression, this time, she thought quickly and said, with sharp brilliance beaming out of her eyes, “I think that his comrades did it for more than just revenge!

“I believe that they even wanted to be found guilty of murder!

“If they were found guilty, it would suggest that the federal government acknowledged that ‘ghosts’ shared the rights and responsibilities of ‘human beings’ before the ‘Affirmative Action for Ghosts’ was enacted.

“Then, all the cases where the ghosts were persecuted, enslaved, and slaughtered over the past hundreds of years would likely be overruled!”

Li Yao nodded and praised, “You’ve understood everything at the first clue. As expected of the saintess of the Pantheon of Demons.

“Maybe you are right. But the grudges between human beings and ghosts over hundreds of years involved too many things. Therefore, they were eventually found not guilty and set free. It was a sign that the previous cases before the Affirmative Action for Ghosts were enacted would not be pursued any further in case the society was divided.

“All in all, what I am trying to say is that ghosts and demons share a lot of similarities on a certain level, and the integration of the deceased and the living will shed light on the integration of demons and human beings, too.”

Li Yao paused for a moment. Sorting out his thoughts, he continued, “You might not know this, but ten years ago, when I left the Star Glory Federation, investment on the biochemical technology had already soared. Many of the technologies were actually stolen from the demon race.

“Wars are always the fastest, most efficient means of communication. No matter how we speak evil of each other, we will never hesitate to learn and absorb the advantages and shining points of the enemy.

“The reason is very simple. Those who do not learn and absorb will likely be wiped out.

“Therefore, no matter how demons of the Blood Demon Sector decried human beings of the Heaven’s Origin Sector as shameless, cowardly worms, they would still have to utilize the crystal processors, light beams, and rune arrays on a large scale. Many beast tides were actually for the purpose of looting the magical equipment and jade chips of the Heaven’s Origin Sector.

“Even the most extreme, conservative, and condescending demon emperors would not refuse to calculate the drawbacks in their arts through crystal processors, would they?

“By the same logic, although the Star Glory Federation considers the Blood Demon Sector its mortal enemy, it has never stopped us from developing the biochemical technology, sometimes even by stealing from the Blood Demon Sector.

“In the field of treatment for the heavily wounded, the ‘regrowth of lost limb’ technology, which is still in the experimental phase, is far more advantageous than the ‘artificial limb’ technology.

“I’ve been thinking lately about one thing. If a ‘demonic cell’ whose genes have mutated under induction is considered as a component in a body, then, how many demonic cells will make a human being a demon?”

Jin Xinyue was silent.

At this moment, she was completely lost about the boundary between ‘human beings’ and ‘demons’.

For example, was she a human being or a demon?

What about her master? Was her master, Li Yao, a human being or a demon?

Li Yao sighed and said, “You asked me a question just now. Are those ugly, fearsome, bizarre-shaped bronze-blood demons and black-blood demons human beings in my eyes?

“I really don’t know the answer to the question. I feel that I will be a hypocrite no matter how I reply.

“I can only say that I believe in the possibility of the integration of human beings and demons, which will be just like the integration of human beings and ghosts that happened before.

“Besides, under the current circumstances, in the cruel, dark forest, the integration will do everyone good.

“However, integration takes time. Perhaps, a very, very long time.

“I will do everything I can, like the angry young man did, to facilitate the integration and to shorten the time it takes.

“This is my stance right now. This is what I am fighting for right now.

“Now, would you like to stand on my side?”

Li Yao extended his hand to Jin Xinyue.

Jin Xinyue was deep in thought.

Due to the high-speed functioning of her brain, her sweat was vaporized into a vague mist, wreathing her in what seemed to be a translucent shell.

Finally, she made a step forward and broke the shell, putting on the purest smile.

“Master, I seem to understand where to look for my ‘belief’ now.

“Let’s go and destroy the Eye of Blood Demon!”

As Li Yao and Jin Xinyue set off to destroy the Eye of Blood Demon, the commander-in-chief’s residence in Heavenly Path City was full of hustle and bustle.

The intimidating aura unleased by six demon emperors filled the vast meeting room with immense pressure. The air in the room seemed to be compressed. Regular officers of the coalition army all found it hard to breathe as if they were in the deep sea.

Streams of information flowed into the meeting room.

“In the range of the explosion, constituents of blood and scraps of membrane suits have been found. After examination, they have been determined to be the debris of two victims!

“The search in Heavenly Path City has been completed. Other than the scene of explosion, no anomalies have been detected. No accomplices have been found, either!”

Jin Tuyi, commander-in-chief of the coalition army, listened in silence and casually said, “It seems that they have indeed killed themselves in the explosion.”

The news of his daughter Jin Xinyue’s death seemed to have caused no hard feelings to him at all.

Yuan Riyue, another demon emperor whose son had been killed by Li Yao, burst into fury. He bellowed, “They died just like that? I didn’t even have the chance to cut the scumbag into shreds!”

Jin Tuyi smiled and said, “Being killed now is more miserable for them than being cut into shreds, isn’t it? Now, we have to focus on our business. There is no need to be distracted by such trivia. If your fury has not been soothed yet, wait until we march into the capital city of the federation where you will be able to slay thousands of human beings as offerings to the deceased.”

“Thousands will not be enough!” Yuan Riyue grinned hideous with brutality beaming out of his eyes. “Even if I butcher everyone in the city, my hatred will not be soothed!”

Another demon emperor of the Claw Clan, who was short and slender, squinted and said calmly, “I still feel that it is a bit weird. Commander, are those crystal bombs enough to blow an expert in the Nascent Soul Stage into nothingness without any bone left?”

Jin Tuyi waved his hands impatiently. “Our enemy was an explosion expert. During his fleeing over the past half month, he has killed a lot of our elites with his crystal bombs. Was it really strange that he carefully prepared some powerful bombs for himself in order not to be captured by us alive?

“Alright. There’s no need to discuss the issue anymore. The threats have been cleared. They are dead for sure now!

“Let’s concentrate our attention on the Red Tide Plan. It is going to be a battle that will decide the fate of our race. We must reflect on every detail in case of any negligence!”

Jin Tuyi was the commander-in-chief of the coalition army of demons. Theoretically speaking, all the other demon emperors were his subordinates. Now that he had declared that the two intruders were dead, what was there to say?


All the demon emperors bowed to Jin Tuyi in respect.

Jin Tuyi nodded and turned over, focusing on the map of the capital city of the federation.

From the beginning to the end, every muscle in his brain did not have the slightest change.

His heartbeat and flow of blood remained absolutely the same, too.

Thousands of kilometers away, three hundred meters below the ground, inside Elder Nether Spring’s secret residence in the depths of the Nether Spring Kingdom, Elder Nether Spring, Lu Wuxin, Despot, Swirl, and the leadership of the ‘Nether World Watch’ were gathered together, studying everything that had happened in Heavenly Path City a moment ago.

Elder Nether Spring had sent a lot of spies to Jin Tuyi. Quite a few armed forces in the coalition army of demons belonged to the Insect Clan, too. Therefore, what happened in Heavenly Path City was displayed to him in the most vivid and thorough way only a few hours later.

“It seems that Jin Tuyi did not grow suspicious of us. Instead, he was brutal enough to kill his own daughter. Our great trouble has been resolved!”

“You are truly wise, Elder,” Swirl said with delight. “You knew exactly what choices Jin Tuyi would make!”

“Of course.” Elder Nether Spring smiled casually. “Jin Tuyi has been working on the Red Tide Plan for so many years. The Red Tide Plan is essentially his second life. He is already fascinated by the Red Tide Plan. Anything that impedes the Red Tide Plan will be determined to be false by him intuitionally!

“The guy was trying to talk him out of the Red Tide Plan, which he treasured as his own life, with a few groundless assumptions? How hilarious!”

Swirl, Despot, and Lu Wuxin adulated at the same time. “Elder’s wisdom is unparalleled in the world!”

Elder Nether Spring shook his hand and changed the topic. “However, we still cannot slack in our surveillance of Jin Tuyi. Nothing is really certain until the Eye of Blood Demon is activated. We must be prepared for possible changes!”

“Rest assured, Elder!” Swirl smiled. “Our spies have been around Jin Tuyi constantly. It was funny that he asked the ‘Dark Clothes Society’, his secret intelligence organization, to investigate his eldest son’s relationship with us when he suspected him. He did not know that even the Dark Clothes Society has been seriously compromised by us!

“Right now, Jin Tuyi’s every move is under our control. He can only move forward according to Elder’s will under Elder’s manipulation while he does all the menial work for us and makes the Red Tide Plan a perfect stepping stone for the Spore Stratagem!

“The winners and the losers have been decided. Even if Jin Tuyi realizes what is going on, he won’t be able to change anything. Not to mention that he is still intoxicated in the fancy dream of the Red Tide Plan, hoping to finish the war in one battle!”

With his hands behind his back, deep and frantic brilliance beamed out of Elder Nether Spring’s eyes. “Excellent. The day when the red tide sweeps over the world and the spores break out will be the day of the rise of the third life form! We are destined to be the masters of the new world. Everything has been within our calculation so far. Who can stop us?”