Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 1007

Chapter 1007 Name Extend Of

The Gold Crow Kingdom, as a country of the Feather Clan, looked vastly different from the superpowers on the continent such as the Kingdom of Lion Butchers or the Nether Spring Kingdom.

The territory of the Gold Crow Kingdom was in the middle of the most ragged mountains and the most rapid rivers of the Blood Demon Sector.

On the land that was broken, unpopulated, and barely reachable for most animals, only birds and the Feather Clan could come and go as they pleased.

A very special plant named Gold Crow Wood grew there. It was claimed to be the descendant of theJianmu1, a legendary divine tree in the primeval era. It could have a height of thousands of meters, and its roots could cover dozens of square kilometers. One such tree was enough to make a forest.

When three or four Gold Crow Woods grew together, they would produce a boundless forest.

Not only could the Gold Crow Woods collect tremendous nutrition through the roots that could reach thousands of meters below the ground, they were also able to collect the spiritual energy in nature through the leaves that were packed with super tiny holes. By gathering the thin spiritual energy around them, they produced the Gold Crow Fruits, which were of a high value for training.

Therefore, residents of the Gold Crow Kingdom considered the Gold Crow Woods that were thousands of meters tall as natural cities.

They built houses on the Gold Crow Woods. They travelled through the branches and the vines. They had also established floating mountains and rune arrays that made use of the wind energy on the Gold Crow Woods.

The Gold Crow Wood was the source of life for the Feather Clan. Even the name of the country came from the tree, too.

However, right now, the town made of three Gold Crow Woods and one floating mountain was burning furiously in weird purple fire!

Amid the branches of the Gold Crow Woods, many ugly low-level demons who had wings on their back were fighting against the high-level members of the Feather Clan who were handsome and emitting dark, golden brilliance!

Everybody was roaring thunderously. In the end, one of the Gold Crow Woods collapsed violently because of the fire and the intense blast!


When the giant tree collapsed, the low-level demons in shabby clothes shouted in a voice that resembled a landslide, “Long live God Chaos!”

Similar riots broke out almost at the same time in more than ten towns of the Gold Crow Kingdom.

It was the aftermath of the Riot of Bloody Blade.

After Void Turmoil City was occupied, the rebellions of the Blade of Chaos, which caused quite great trouble for a while, seemed to have died down. The entire organization was seriously wrecked. Even its leader the Fire Ant King had been exposed to public and had been forced to run away, hiding in the shadows.

It seemed that the Riot of Bloody Blade had been completely suppressed.

However, just like the final vigor of a dying man, the Blade of Chaos launched a revengeful counterattack in the hometown of Jin Tuyi, the commander-in-chief of the coalition army of demons, with all their remaining forces as a last struggle before the organization was shattered.

Right now, the elites of the four major demon kingdoms were all gathered in the Eye of Blood Demon, and their home defense was at its weakest. Therefore, the Blade of Chaos’s ambush worked out. For a few days, they were marching unstoppably.

However, the rebels were untrained after all. The Gold Crow Kingdom did not even need to summon the elites back from the Eye of Blood Demon. When the regular army within the kingdom was gathered and confronted the rebellions, the seemingly overwhelming insurrections perished as quickly as they broke out.


Nobody knew that, while the fire of the Riot of Bloody Blade was consuming countless towns, an organization that was a hundred times scarier than the Blade of Chaos was secretly on the move, too.

It was the newborn Skyfire.

Furious Flame, Wild Tide, and Electric Shock, the three special tactical squads under Skyfire, snuck into various towns of the Gold Crow Kingdom without alarming anyone under the cover of the Riot of Bloody Blade!

The members of the three tactical squads all belonged to the best special forces of the federal army and the coalition army of demons. Some of the new recruits were the core members of the Blade of Chaos whom the Fire Ant King had trained for decades. Their average capability far exceeded that of the normal special forces, not to mention the regular army, which was not qualified to go to the Eye of Blood Demon.

Now that the best troops of the Feather Clan had marched to the Eye of Blood Demon, they were utterly unstoppable in the Gold Crow Kingdom.

While the Riot of Bloody Blade was giving off its last radiance, they were searching for their targets in the various towns of the Gold Crow Kingdom.


A team made of seven Furious Flame elites slid into a nest-like villa constructed on a Gold Crow Wood silently.

All the guards of the town were trying to resist the mobs.

The owner of the villa, on the other hand, had fled from the town earlier.

Seven bright green mystic rays beamed out of the heads of the seven soldiers while they searched every corner of the villa.

“Fingerprints have been retrieved!”

“A hundred and twenty-two scattered feathers have been collected!”

“The files in the biochemical brain have been copied!

“A secret booth has been found. All the files are copied!”

“Excellent. Retreat through Route No. 2 in thirty seconds!”

Very soon, the team that seemed to be made of ghosts evacuated from the town. Pretending to be mobs who had been crushed by the regular army, they dispersed and flew in every direction in the dark night.

From beginning to the end, they did not even leave a single footprint. Nobody knew that they had visited.

Thousand Feathers City was one of the largest towns of the Gold Crow Kingdom.

Thousand Feathers Institute, the most famous academical establishment of the Feather Clan, was located here.

It was the center for the studies of teleportation arrays in the Blood Demon Sector. However, in the final madness of the Riot of Bloody Blade, it was temporarily caught in the turbulence.

When all the regular soldiers of the Feather Clan were suppressing the mobs in the front, the members of the Electric Shock Squad snuck into the library and the affiliated hospital of the Thousand Feathers Institute like ghosts.

“The roster of all the specialists of teleportation arrays has been copied!”

“Blood sample and iris image have been collected!”

“Voiceprint and scent data have been collected!”


Similar infiltrations took place over the next three days in more than ten towns of the Gold Crow Kingdom, large and small.

The fingerprints and voiceprints of a lot of members of the Feather Clan were stolen, many seemingly unattractive files were copied, and some of the members of the Feather Clan were even hypnotized for interrogation.

In the overwhelming fire raised by the Riot of Bloody Blade, such incidents were merely insignificant sparks. Nobody paid any attention to them at all.

Three days later, nine hundred and fifty kilometers to the east of the super teleportation array Eye of Blood Demon, a biochemical carrier, which was refined based on the skeleton of a Titanic Blue Whale, was cruising in the lead gray sky lazily.

It must have been a long time since the biochemical carrier was last maintained in a dock to keep the proliferation of the cells. The strengthened skeleton on the surface of the carrier was covered in cracks. The membranes and shells among the skeletons were slightly decaying, too, and giving out a stinky smell. A lot of flies were attracted by the stench and danced around the vehicle in humming noises. Anybody who walked close to the carrier would immediately cover their nose and run away.

At first glance, it was the most ordinary carrier with a slob owner, being used to deliver the most worthless goods, if not garbage.

However, below the disguise of the dirty, decayed appearance, it was actually the most advanced, and also the last, super high-speed devilish warship of the Blade of Chaos!

The cracked skeleton and the decayed membrane on the surface could be shed instantly to reveal the muscular, scary body of the real warship that looked like a shark.

At this moment, inside the super high-speed warship, which had been named Chaos, the leadership of Skyfire had been gathered.

It was going to be the command center for the operation to sabotage the Eye of Blood Demon.

When Jin Xinyue stepped into the bridge, Han Tuhu and Suo Chaolong were whispering to each other.

The two mortal enemies in the past were forced to collaborated because the series of unexpected, abrupt changes.

At first, they were not particularly fond of each other.

But as they held their grudge and continued the cooperative training, they gradually started appreciating each other’s skills.

Although it would be too much to call them friends, they had acknowledged each other’s professional abilities and regarded each other as a reliable working partner.

The two of them were concluding the gains and losses of the operations that had been implemented recently. This was the first time that Skyfire had been on a real mission. Although it seemed to be wasteful to ask them to deal with the mediocre local security forces, the two captains still drafted the most thorough plans as best they could. However, a lot of problems were still exposed during the operations.

Jin Xinyue’s arrival interrupted their conversation.

The two of them looked at each other both in amazement.

Although they had been working with each other for a couple of days, this was the first time that they had seen Jin Xinyue in person.

However, it was certainly not the first time that they heard her name.

It was needless to say anything about Suo Chaolong. As a noble of the Kingdom of Lion Butchers, he was no stranger to saintesses of the Pantheon of Demons, who he knew to be combinations of the most cunning spies and the cruelest assassinations. Generally speaking, he would rather not meet any of them.

Han Tuhu was the same.

The Star Glory Federation had established a dedicated database for the experts for the Blood Demon Sector.

Jin Xinyue was a professional in disguise, infiltration, and investigation, and it was possible for her to sneak into the Heaven’s Origin Sector. Naturally, he had read Jin Xinyue’s files. The female demon whose danger level was marked as five-star had left a quite deep impression on him.

Jin Xinyue’s long hair was bound by a gold ring refined by Li Yao. She was wearing a black, reflective leather suit that highlighted her graceful curves. Her shoes, which had been installed with daggers and nails, were emitting clicking noises as she walked, making her more determined and resolute.

After finding out her ‘belief’, she had developed an intimidating aura around her. Both Han Tuhu and Suo Chaolong felt a bit choked when around her. She was not even eclipsed when she was standing next to the Fire Ant King!

“The commander-in-chief’s daughter is indeed extraordinary!”

“Li Yao is truly unbelievable. How did he manage to recruit such a woman as his disciple, making her so loyal to him?”

Han Tuhu and Suo Chaolong looked at each other and were awed by Li Yao’s approaches again.