Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 1008

Chapter 1008 Blink Operation

Behind Jin Xinyue, Li Yao and the Fire Ant King walked into the room side by side while studying the structure of the Eye of Blood Demon.


Jin Xinyue’s intimidating aura instantly receded as she bowed in respect.

Li Yao did not even raise his head. He kept dwelling in the complicated structural design while he made a gesture and said, “Our time is too limited. Every second must be sized. Let’s save the self-introductions until after the meeting, shall we? Meeting first!”

“Understood, Master!”

Jin Xinyue triggered more than ten light beams through the mini crystal processors. She then introduced to Han Tuhu and Suo Chaolong, “You must be very familiar with the background files of the Red Tide Plan and the Spore Stratagem, captains. In order to prevent the Red Tide Plan and the Spore Stratagem, the only solution is to destroy the Eye of Blood Demon, which will solve our problems once and for all.

“To destroy the Eye of Blood Demon, we have planned an operation with all the available forces of Skyfire.

“The code name for the operation isBlink!”

“In the Blink Operation, my master and the Fire Ant King will sneak into the Eye of Blood Demon, and you and me will stay on ‘Chaos’ for surveillance and support.

“Over the past few days, while you were leading Skyfire squads to carry out secret missions, my master and I went to the nearby of the Eye of Blood Demon and collected a lot of information. Together with the intelligence that I gathered from the Gold Crow Kingdom through clandestine channels, we have come up with the preliminary infiltration plan.

“I will now introduce every procedure of the Blink Operation to you. Feel free to ask questions if you find any part obscure. Don’t overlook a single detail.”

Jin Xinyue paused for a moment and gestured. Pictures of a bloody lake taken from various angles were immediately displayed on the light beams.

It was a lake around a hundred square kilometers. The surface of the lake was as rampant and appalling as that of an ocean, with dirty waves surging nonstop.

“The center of the great lake is the Eye of Blood Demon, the largest teleportation array of the Blood Demon Sector so far,” Jin Xinyue explained. “We estimate that the elite troops of the coalition army of demons will be teleported to the capital city of the Star Glory Federation through the Eye of Blood Demon in three daysMay 12.”

Han Tuhu coughed and frowned. “Are you sure about the estimated date?”

Jin Xinyue smiled and explained, “Yes, for a simple reason. The Eye of the Blood Demon, and the Heavenly’s Artillery of the Heaven’s Origin Sector, are two super teleportation arrays beyond the technology level of the two worlds. They have to be boosted by such enormous energy that cannot be provided solely by crystals.

“In the Heaven’s Origin Sector, the Heaven’s Artillery is established on a volcano with intermittent eruptions. It has to be boosted by the blast of the underground magma, which, on the other hand, is patterned. There will be a minor outbreak every month and a major one every three to five months.

“Therefore, the Heaven’s Artillery can only be used in certain periods of a year.”

As a high-level officer of the federation, Han Tuhu knew a thing or two about the mechanism of the Heaven’s Artillery. Realizing that it was the truth, he nodded.

Jin Xinyue continued her explanation. “It is the same in the Blood Demon Sector. The Eye of Blood Demon can only be driven by a natural force. The only difference is that our help is not the force of underground magma but tidal force.”

Han Tuhu was confused. “Tidal force?”

Jin Xinyue gestured again and triggered a new light beam, displaying the orbits of the Blood Demon Planet and its three satellites, namely Blood Swallow, Blood Tiger, and Blood Shark.

On the light beam, the three satellites were drawing subtle curves unpredictably, approaching each other one moment and drifting apart the next.

“The Heaven’s Origin Planet has only one satellite, ‘Heavenly Moon’, whose orbit is very stable. Therefore, the tidal force that it triggers is relatively weaker,” Jin Xinyue said.

“In comparison, the Blood Moon Planet has three satellites. Not only are they ten times larger than Heavenly Moon, they are also much closer to the Blood Demon Planet.

“The three enormous satellites attracted and interfered with each other, resulting to the unsteadiness of their trajectory and the tremendous pulling force on the Blood Demon Planet.

“The tidal force which is too strong has ripped apart the surface of the Blood Moon Planet and caused the highly unstable areas with chaotic electromagnetic fields. It is also one of the reasons why the environment here is harsh and the resources are hard to be developed.

“However, the strong tidal force can be made use of, too, as an important source of energy.

“The Eye of Blood Demon has been constructed on the foundation of the tidal force.

“You see, in a certain period every month, Blood Sparrow, Blood Tiger and Blood Shark align, although not very precisely. At that time, their attraction force will overlap and trigger an overwhelming tidal force on a certain area of the surface of the Blood Moon Planet!

“The area is exactly where the Eye of Blood Demon is located!

“This is the map of the Eye of Blood Demon.

“The mysterious lake is both like a funnel and like a swirl. With the rune arrays carved at the bottom of the lake, the tremendous tidal force will be absorbed into the swirl before it is blown out with the enhancement of the crystals, creating a super large wormhole on the surface of the lake that tears apart space and time!

“Although the operation mode of the Eye of Blood Demon must’ve changed, the fundamental mechanism is still the same. It will still have to count on the tidal force.

“In three days, it will be the day when the trajectories of the three satellites are closest to each other, to the point that they are overlapping, and when the tidal force is the strongest!

“The trajectories will remain overlapped for more than half a day by our estimation, which means that, if they are lucky, the wormhole leading to the capital city of the Star Glory Federation will be maintained for one day.

“How many troops will be able to be transported in one day?

“Therefore, in three days, it will be the best, if not the only, opportunity to activate the Red Tide Plan in the coming half year!”

Han Tuhu gasped.

It would indeed be a dreadful view when the terrifying space gap appeared in the sky of the capital city of his homeland for an entire day!

“Over the past few days, Master and I have been observing from a hill three hundred kilometers away from the Eye of Blood Demon.

“The Eye of Blood Demon seemed to be tranquil, but there were actually undercurrents everywhere. Carriers and troops were entering the area from all directions, but they all disappeared in the depths of the Eye of Blood Demon. The demonic energy released from underground was extraordinarily impressive, too.

“Our conclusion is that there must be an enormous space below the Eye of Blood Demon that is enough to accommodate hundreds of thousands of warriors.

“So many elites troops, including all the top experts of the four major demon kingdoms and the dozens of demon cities, as well as most of the demon emperors of the Blood Demon Sector!

“With such enormous warriors guarding the place, it is impossible for us to attack it by force.”

Han Tuhu and Suo Chaolong looked at each other and did not reply.

The two of them were rather proud. They were confident that their troops were as good as any troop in the Heaven’s Origin Sector or the Blood Demon Sector.

However, the newborn Skyfire had less than a thousand warriors. They would be drowned even if the hundreds of thousands of soldiers of the coalition army did nothing but pee on them.

Besides, there were also dozens of demon emperors. Even though they were not the super experts like the twelve demon emperors of the Pantheon of Demons, the possible damage that a low-level demon emperor could deal when on a rampage was not to be underestimated, either.

Sneaking into the Eye of Blood Demon, which is so heavily guarded, and even destroying it? It’s too difficult!

It is an impossible mission!

Desperation was written all over the faces of Han Tuhu and Suo Chaolong.

But Jin Xinyue was not moved. She said with a smile, “Since attacking by force is not an option, we will have to find a way to sneak in.”

“Sneak in?” Suo Chaolong frowned. “Passing through the defense of hundreds of thousands of soldiers and dozens of demon emperors and reaching the center of the Eye of Blood Demon? Is it possible?”

“At least, it should be easier than to sneak into the headquarters of the Pantheon of Demons,” Jin Xinyue said. “For the sake of confidentiality, all the troops that are required in the Red Tide Plan have been gathered in this place very quickly. They are not familiar with each other. Also, they are busy training their street fighting skills for the battle in the capital city. There will be a lot of loopholes that we can make use of.

“On the other hand, they must be under an illusion, too. Now that so many troops and experts have been concentrated here, even the craziest lunatic will not come to get themselves killed, will they?

“Even the demon emperors must be considering how to break into the capital city of the Star Glory Federation or taking a good rest while they still can. They will not care too much about the security issues.

“Furthermore, the Feather Clan was the greatest contributor when the Eye of Blood Demon was built more than ten years ago. The construction and maintenance of the entire defense system was supervised by the Feather Clan.

“A few days ago, the teams of Skyfire brought back tremendous assets from various locations around the Gold Crow Kingdom, allowing us to basically figure out the structural design of the Eye of Blood Demon. After careful analysis, we have determined the workers who are most likely to be in the Eye of Blood Demon right now.”


A slim, gloomy old man, with a pair of gray wings behind him, appeared on the light beam.

“Jin Zhenyi, a hundred and thirty-three years old, is a famous specialist in spiritual tattoos and rune arrays in the Gold Crow Kingdom. He is best at the stabilizing rune arrays and has published multiple monographs. He taught in the Thousand Feathers Institute for many years.

“More than ten years ago, when the Eye of Blood Demon was first built, Jin Zhenyi was already part of the team. He was responsible for the stabilizing system in the infrastructure.

“But Jin Zhenyi hasn’t shown up in the Thousand Feathers Institute for half a year. The official announcement said that he went back to his home for rest due to mental derangement. But after investigating his home, we have discovered that he hasn’t been there, either.

“If our judgement is correct, Jin Zhenyi must’ve been summoned in secret, and he is working in the Eye of Blood Demon right now!”

Li Yao stood up. Looking at the somewhat agitated old man on the light bean, he said, “I will sneak into the Eye of Blood Demon under the disguise of Jin Zhenyi, the ‘specialist in stabilizing rune arrays’, and find an opportunity to blow it up!”