Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 1009

Chapter 1009 Impossible Infiltration

Han Tuhu carefully observed Jin Zhenyi’s body and face before nodding. “The body and facial bones of the specialist are indeed similar to Li Yao’s. Although body shape, bones, and muscles are all changeable for experts at Li Yao’s level, more similarities will still mean lower odds of being discovered.”

“It is not just about the appearance,” Li Yao said. “Jin Zhenyi is the best candidate that we have selected after analyzing the files of dozens of experts.

“As a super teleportation array, the Eye of Blood Demon is an enormous amalgamation of rune arrays, magical equipment, and demonic artifacts.

“The specialists of the Feather Clan who have gone missing over the past half year are more than a few to our knowledge. We can assume that they are all working for the alteration of the Eye of Blood Demon.

“Taking the specialists that were working on the Eye of Blood Demon in the first place, the total number of staff must be several thousand.

“However, in order to blow up the Eye of Blood Demon, we must sneak into a critical location.

“Disguising as a worker or an assistant will be meaningless.

“Such a large magical equipment system must’ve been designed with redundancies. Destroying a few ancillary units will not damage the system at all.

“By estimation, I will lurk in the Eye of Blood Demon for half a day or an entire day. I will have to communicate with other specialists and even complete the tasks assigned to me.

“The Eye of Blood Demon employs a lot of biochemical technology and demonic artifacts that are combinations of cells and machines. Therefore, most of the specialists are adept at biochemistry and the refinement of demonic artifacts. I wouldn’t say that I do not know the first thing about them, but I am certainly not a professional, either.

“If I pretend to be a specialist in such a field, I will be exposed ten minutes after I get started with my job.

“Jin Zhenyi is different. He is good at the spiritual stripes and rune arrays exclusively, which barely involve any biochemical technology. Over the past few days, I’ve studied all his monographs. His research fields partly overlap with mine. Therefore, it will not be a problem for me to pretend to be him for a short time.”

Compared to human beings, demons kept more spiritual stripes and rune arrays in the era of ancient Cultivators forty thousand years ago. Therefore, the magical equipment and demonic artifacts that they crafted were in a more vintage style.

Li Yao possessed Ou Yezi’s memory pieces. He was a specialist in ancient magical equipment himself. Therefore, it was certainly not going to be a problem if his job was related to ancient spiritual stripes and rune arrays.

“On the other hand”

Li Yao drew multiple rough illustrations on an empty light beam. “For super large systems such as the Heaven’s Artillery or the Eye of Blood Demon, the structure is more or less the same, in that they have an independent stabilizing and cooling unit other than the core unit.

Li Yao had participated in the modification of Ice King in the Flying Star Sector in person, which had given him a profound understanding about super large teleportation systems.

“Such a super large system is usually made of millions if not billions of rune arrays that have to be integrated and work perfectly. Naturally, compatibility and stability issues are inevitable.

“The so-called ‘stabilization specialist’ is the one responsible for keeping the entire infrastructure steady and preventing it from falling apart.

“It is a very important post, but it is usually far away from the core unit.

“Other specialists may have to work in the control room or on the teleportation arrays together. When Jin Tuyi and other demon emperors come to inspect, I will have to confront with them face to face. I am not confident that Jin Tuyi will not be able to see through me.”

Although Jin Tuyi’s Red Tide Plan was destined to fail, Li Yao thought very highly of him, and he did not wish to run into the commander-in-chief of the coalition army before the operation began.

“The stabilizing unit is like the cooling cabin in a crystal warship. It is usually at the bottom level of the entire system, filled with tremendous noise, waste, and garbage. The environment is very harsh. Generally speaking, the leaders will never inspect such places.

“One more thing. The specialists more important than Jin Zhenyi who work in the core unit must be better protected and monitored. It will be more difficult for us to get close to them.

“Theoretically speaking, Jin Zhenyi is the specialist of the highest level that we can approach.

“Besides, Jin Zhenyi is a man who favors technology to talks. It is his favorite hobby to study all kinds of rune arrays. He has few partners in his work, too. Therefore, the likelihood of being exposed is the lowest if I pretend to be him.

“Lastly, a little private reason.

“Although Jin Zhenyi is a knowledgeable specialist, he is also a pervert. Several chaotic-blood slaves were savaged to death by him before. Even in the Thousand Feathers Institute, he was never among the most respected. Killing someone like him will make my mood better, and when my mood is better, I will be more confident about the operation that follows.”

Jin Xinyue triggered two new light beams and said, “After picking Jin Zhenyi as our target, we have broken into Jin Zhenyi’s home and his office in the Thousand Feathers Institute through the operations of the Furious Flame, the Wild Wave, and the Electric Shock squads, retrieving his fingerprints, voiceprints, iris information, two hairs, a feather and a half, and even a syringe of blood.”

Suo Chaolong raised an eyebrow. “You’ve even found his blood?”

“The security measures in the Gold Crow Kingdom are more or less the same. One of the procedures is the comparison of blood,” Jin Xinyue explained.

“Jin Zhenyi was once involved in two confidential projects in the Thousand Feathers Institute. He left a blood sample there for the security check. A few days ago, we replaced the true sample with a false blood sample.”

Suo Chaolong did not participate in the operation to break into the Thousand Feathers Institute. He did not realize what had happened until this moment and could not help but feel proud of the soldiers that he had trained.

“On the other hand,” Jin Xinyue continued, “we have also hacked Jin Zhenyi’s personal biochemical brains in his home and his office and copied countless audio and video files about him.

“In the past day, Master has been studying the features of Jin Zhenyi’s speech and movement through the files.

“The laboratory that Skyfire established on ‘Chaos’ is also experimenting on the new fingerprint membranes and the drugs that can alter one’s voiceprint. Even the hair and blood are being duplicated. We are striving for the most immaculate disguise.

“The defense system of the headquarters of the Pantheon of Demons represents the highest level of the Blood Demon Sector. Assuming that the security measures of the Eye of Blood Demon are the same as the Pantheon of Demons, there will still only be examinations of fingerprints, voiceprints, hair, blood, and irises. With our careful preparation and Master’s acting skills, theoretically speaking, those security measures can totally be broken through!

“Are there any questions?”

Han Tuhu and Suo Chaolong pondered for a moment. Then, a critical question occurred to them at the same time.

“There is. A very serious one!

“Let’s say that Li Yao can slip into the role of Jin Zhenyi perfectly. According to your intelligence, Jin Zhenyi is currently working inside the Eye of Blood Demon, isn’t he?

“Then, Li Yao will be the ‘second Jin Zhenyi’. Under what excuse will the new Jin Zhenyi sneak into the Eye of Blood Demon? And how is he going to take care of the real Jin Zhenyi?

“If the ‘false Jin Zhenyi’ means to sneak in, the ‘real Jin Zhenyi’ must get out of his workplace at first so that they can be swapped somewhere, right?

“But how is it possible?

“Jin Zhenyi hasn’t been back home for more than half a year. Now that a great war is coming and the Eye of Blood Demons will be opened in three days, why would he leave the Eye of Blood Demon at such a crucial moment without a good reason?”

Jin Xinyue smiled. “Yes. Jin Zhenyi indeed does not have any reason to leave his workplace.

“Also, for the specialists of Jin Zhenyi’s level, after they leave their workplace, a bodyguard will follow them everywhere like their shadow. Even when Jin Zhenyi is in the toilet or taking a shower, his bodyguard will still wait dutifully outside.

“Therefore, we have to finish the first part of the journey by ourselves, too.”

Jin Xinyue clapped her hands softly. The Eye of Blood Demon on the light beam was enlarged, enlarged, and enlarged. It turned translucent, with five circles each covering the last one appearing from the center to the outside.

Jin Xinyue pointed at the five circles and said, “Please take a look, everybody. This is the defense system of the Eye of Blood Demon. It is classified into five alert zones.

“The fifth alert zone at the periphery includes the airspace and the underground three hundred square kilometers around the Eye of Blood Demon. It is watched by the devilish warships and patrolling beams. There are also sentry posts that examine the personnel and assets going in and out of the area.

“The fifth alert area is relatively weakly defended. With capability of Master and the Fire Ant King, the sentry posts are not going to be a problem for them.

“After passing through the level-5 alert zone, here, to the southeast of the Eye of Blood Demon, is a town named Demon Lake City. The town and surrounding area is the fourth alert zone.

“The Eye of Blood Demon is too large and requires thousands of workers, most of whom are the intelligent silver-blood demons. Obviously, they cannot work like slaves.

“In order to provide a comfortable working environment for the silver-blood demons and to keep them in the Eye of Blood Demon, Demon Lake City was established. It is essentially a town for the family of the workers of the Eye of Blood Demon. Many silver-blood demons who work here will settle their family here so that they can reunite every week.

“Additionally, since the Eye of Blood Demon has been used to explore the world fragments recently, the secret treasures retrieved from the world fragments are usually concentrated and sold in Demon Lake City, too. Therefore, a lot of merchants have settled in the city.

“Thousands of workers and their family, the merchants of the secret treasures, and the bronze-blood demons and the black-blood demons who offer service to them make the population of Demon Lake City more than a hundred thousand. Restaurants, schools, hospitals, auctions All those facilities can be found there. It is a rather prosperous midsized city.

“Perhaps in case that others notice the anomaly of the Eye of Blood Demon, Jin Tuyi hasn’t locked Demon Lake City yet. The town is still connected to the outside world.

“However, for most of the outsiders, Demon Lake City is the furthest place that they can get to.”