Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 1010

Chapter 1010 Release The Tidal Force

Jin Xinyue dragged the light beam from the ground to the underground. Pointing at the translucent structural design, she said, “The Eye of Blood Demon is based on a natural lake. Its main body is deep below the lake.

“The fourth and the fifth alert areas are both on the ground. Their defenses are relatively weak.

“However, between the fourth alert zone on the ground to the third alert zone below the ground, there are multiple security checkpoints. Everybody entering and exiting will be asked to check their fingerprints, voiceprints, blood, and irises. They will have to confirm their files and current tasks, too. It is impossible to sneak in through the security checks.”

“Can we fabricate another worker?” Han Tuhu asked.

Jin Xinyue shook her head. “Our time is too limited for us to create a second camouflage. The most critical issue is, we don’t know exactly when a certain someone inside will get out and exactly where they are going. Therefore, it is impossible for us to swap.

“Assuming that we pass through the security checks under the identity of someone who is still inside the Eye of Blood Demon, the database will certainly flag it. We will be exposed immediately.”

Han Tuhu and Suo Chaolong looked at each other in bewilderment, thinking hard.


Jin Xinyue zoomed in the picture and displayed Demon Lake City and the third alert area below the ground respectively. “According to the structural designs we have stolen, there are multiple secondary ventilation tubes between Demon Lake City and the third alert area below the ground.”

“Ventilation tubes again? Isn’t it a clich?” Suo Chaolong asked. “Besides, are the ventilation tubes of the Eye of Blood Demon so easy to crawl into?”

“Good question!” Jin Xinyue gave him a thumbs up. “Master has investigated through secret arts. The ventilation tubes are teeming with all kinds of insect-type demon beasts that are highly inconspicuous and dangerous. It is barely possible to break in without being discovered.”

Suo Chaolong was dazed. “Then”

The Fire Ant King said casually, “That is why I am going to sneak in together with Li Yao.

“In the Blood Demon Sector, narrow spaces in the large buildings, such as ventilate tubes and drainage canals, are almost exclusively defended by insect-type demon beasts.

“Hehe. Speaking of the manipulation of the insect-type demon beasts, is there anybody in the entire Insect Clan better than me other than Elder Nether Spring? Even Master Hollow Wind is no match for me!

“Now, to avoid suspicion and to implement the Spore Stratagem, Elder Nether Spring is hiding in the Nether Spring Kingdom right now and will in no way appear in the Eye of Blood Demon.

“Master Hollow Wind is one of the core warriors of the battle. He must be spending all his time training or resting. It is impossible for him to manage a few bugs in the secondary ventilation tubes in person!

“If I am there, won’t the few bugs be at my mercy?”

The Fire Ant King crossed his arms, with confidence beaming out of his body.

Suo Chaolong and Han Tuhu looked at each other and smiled in embarrassment. They had almost forgotten that the leader of the Blade of Chaos was among the strongest demon emperors of the Insect Clan and was a great manipulator of bugs!

If he went there, too, would the bugs in the ventilation tubes really be a problem?

“However,” the Fire Ant King continued, “if I manipulate the insect-type demon beasts remote, I’m afraid that the brainwaves to be released will be too strong, which will likely be perceived by other demon emperors.

“Therefore, I am going into Demon Lake City together with Li Yao. By then, I will control the bugs from a safe location at a closer distance so that Li Yao can sneak into the third alert area through the secondary ventilation tubes smoothly!”

Jin Xinyue nodded. “The so-called ‘third alert zone’ is in fact the relaxation zone for the workers in the Eye of Blood Demon.

“It is impossible for the workers to return to Demon Lake City every day. After they finish their job each day, they go to train and sleep in the underground relaxation area. They will only return to the ground when it is a holiday. Therefore, the underground relaxation area is a minor town with facilities such as a cafeteria, hospital, dormitories, gyms, and so on.

“Our target is the hospital in the third alert zone!

“According to the structural design, it is the only hospital in the Eye of Blood Demon. When the specialists are ill or mentally deranged because of exhaustion, they will be sent to the hospital for treatment.”

Suo Chaolong thought quickly and realized what their goal was. “You are planning to swap with the real Jin Zhenyi in the hospital so that you can openly return to the first alert area under his identity?

“That sounds like a plan, but how do you know that Jin Zhenyi will go to the hospital at a time that we desire?”

With a mysterious smile, Li Yao replied, “He will go to the hospital.

“However, Jin Zhenyi’s clearances are not high enough. His workplace should be in the second alert zone outside of the core unit, which is not the most critical location.

“It can’t be helped. The real critical location of the Eye of Blood Demon must be heavily guarded. Chances are that multiple demon emperors are monitoring the place without even blinking.

“Even if I can sneak into the first alert zone, I am not confident that I can maintain my disguise without giving myself away when so many demon emperors are observing me.

“The second alert zone is the furthest we can go.”

Han Tuhu and Suo Chaolong both nodded.

The two of them knew the importance of the Eye of Blood Demon very well. It was already difficult enough to approach the critical location. The enemy would certainly not be idiotic enough to let a random guy into the heart of the facility.

“However,” Han Tuhu asked worriedly, “now that Jin Zhenyi only works in the second alert area, is it possible to completely demolish the Eye of Blood Demon from his workplace?”

“Normally speaking, it would be very difficult,” Li Yao replied frankly. “The Heaven’s Artillery, the Eye of Blood Demon, and the ‘universal slingshot’ in the Flying Star Sector have two to three sets of spare units that they can switch to seamlessly when the working units are down.

“Even natural disasters such as earthquakes or meteorites may not be enough to destroy it.

“Although Jin Zhenyi is a stabilization specialist, he is certainly not the only one in the Eye of Blood Demon. Even if I sabotage the stabilization system, there will still be multiple backup systems.

“Also, when the accident takes place, all the demon emperors in the Eye of Blood Demon will definitely be highly vigilant, and I will not have a second chance to launch a strike.

“Therefore, I cannot destroy the Eye of Blood Demon from Jin Zhenyi’s post.

“Unless, of course, the circumstances are not normal.

“That is the moment when Blood Sparrow, Blood Tiger, and Blood Shark, the three satellites, are in the straight line, building up the tidal force to the strongest point, and when the Eye of Blood Demon is activated and the wormhole leading to the capital city of the federation is opened!

“At that time, the entire Eye of Blood Demon will be functioning at the highest intensity. Most of the rune arrays will be overloading!

“It will be the system’s most vulnerable moment!

“As long as I make the correct calculation, I will be able to trigger a chain reaction by sabotaging the stabilizing rune arrays and release all the tidal force that has been concentrated!

“I will not be blowing up the Eye of Blood Demon with crystal bombs.

“Instead, I will be cutting the ‘ropes’ that bind the ‘tidal force’ with my crystal bombs and setting free the ferocious beast that will rip apart the Eye of Blood Demon!”

The insane plan and the magnificent demos on the light beam refreshed Han Tuhu and Suo Chaolong, who were both amazed.

Pondering for a while, Han Tuhu said, “You are saying that you will stay there until the last moment, and when all the best troops and the demon emperors appear in the Eye of Blood Demon for teleportation, you will be causing havoc right below their feet?”

Li Yao nodded. “That’s right.”

Han Tuhu did not know what to say.

He was going to ask,Isn’t it dangerous?

But on second thought, it was too redundant.

Were any of the things that Li Yao had done in the past ten years not dangerous?

Thinking for a moment, Han Tuhu asked, “Is there no other choice?”

Li Yao blinked and almost could not suppress his excitement. “No, there isn’t. This is the only way to destroy the Eye of Blood Demon at the most critical moment, and it will not be repaired in the next couple of months.”

Han Tuhu breathed heavily. “Got it. What’s our mission?”

“The best experts of the world have gathered in the Eye of Blood Demon,” Jin Xinyue said. “Only super experts such as Master and the Fire Ant King have the ability to sneak in. Others will not only be killing themselves but also exposing our purpose if they sneak in.

“Therefore, our mission is to reinforce them from the rear.

“However, honestly speaking, if the Eye of Blood Demon is shredded by the tidal force, it will certainly be mayhem. Of course, everything will be good if Master escapes on his own. But if he is attacked by several demon emperors, even all the soldiers of Skyfire will not be able to rescue him.

“For us, we have a more important task, which is to prevent the outbreak of the Spore Stratagem!

“Over the past month, Skyfire has analyzed all the experiment data and the genes retrieved from the Nether World. Then, with the sample of my blood, they have successfully separated the relatively pure Divine Blood of Chaos. Let’s call it ‘Chaos serum’!

“Right now, the laboratory on ‘Chaos’ is accelerating the research and has made significant progress. It won’t be long before the synthesized Chaos serum is produced.

“It will be the best antidote for the Demon God Virus!

“However, the antidote alone will not be enough. Should the Demon God Virus break out, and a large epidemic area is created, how are we going to distribute the antidote, how are we going to inject it into the infected, and how are we going to persuade those who are not infected to take vaccines?

“By then, everything will be a mess. Nobody will believe the rebels such as us!

“If we don’t have any options, we will have to make it happen by force through Skyfire.

“If the virus goes out of control, how are the hundreds of members of Skyfire going to inject the antidote into the thousands of victims and persuade the hundreds of thousands of potential victims to take the vaccine? It will be an urgent problem that we must address!”

Han Tuhu and Suo Chaolong both frowned and felt the weight of the task.

However, if Li Yao could even destroy the Eye of Blood Demon, they would certainly complete the task however difficult it was so that Li Yao would not be risking his life for nothing!

The Fire Ant King suddenly rose up and glanced around. “Are there any questions? If not, the meeting will be concluded now. Let’s check our time.

“In six hours, the Blink Operation will begin!”