Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 1014

Chapter 1014 Swap

For the specialists with high computational abilities, this place was their battlefield. Because of the prolonged overloading, it was nothing unusual for their cerebral vessels to explode, for their nerves to constrict, and for serious brain death.

It was especially so when the Red Tide Plan had reached the most critical point. In order to change the teleportation mode of the Eye of Blood Demon, thousands of workers were working day and night, burning their life and soul every day.

Over the past half year, almost a hundred workers had been heavily wounded or even killed.

Mental derangement and explosions of several cerebral vessels were the most common phenomena.

It was also exactly the effect of the Fire Ant King’s venom.

The venom was slightly corrosive, allowing it to cut off some of the cerebral vessels and deactivate part of the brain nerves. The symptoms were identical to the mental derangement when one overused their brain.

Mental derangement was a common illness in the Eye of Blood Demon. Medical staff had been standing by in the No. 3 cafeteria in the first place. The moment Jin Zhenyi fell over, a doctor and a nurse already rushed to him before his bodyguard started yelling.

After examining his pupils, the doctor said, “It is indeed mental derangement but not a serious case. Send him to the hospital, let him rest a moment, and everything will be good!”

Together, they placed Jin Zhenyi on a portable biochemical medical cabin and left the cafeteria in a hurry.

The incident did not attract much attention in the cafeteria.

Over the past few months, patients of sudden mental derangement were too many. There were even cases where a specialist’s head suddenly exploded, his brains spluttering everywhere, while he was debating with his colleague about a certain technique issue.

Compared to them, Jin Zhenyi’s illness could not have been more insignificant.

He was moved to the hospital of the third alert area.

As the three satellites were about to align and the brand-new Eye of Blood Demon was to be activated, more and more specialists were on the verge of collapse.

Even if they were not mentally deranged, they were also asked to undergo full physical examinations in the hospital and prescribed with appropriate drugs to make sure that their brain was steady at the critical moment.

As the only hospital in the third alert zone, the place was quite lively and packed with patients. All the doctors were occupied.

Thankfully, with Jin Zhenyi’s rank and his condition, he was placed in a double ward as soon as he was admitted. A doctor came to examine him very soon.

“It’s a typical explosion of cerebral vessels because he overexerted his brain. Fortunately, the main vessels were not hurt. The duration of the explosion was not long, either. The blood clot was neither frozen nor suppressing the central nerves.

“Master Jin’s soul power is immense. His braincells are very healthy, too, and are already repairing themselves right now. The blood clot is quickly melting. The broken vessels are being reconnected, too.

“In a moment, I will prescribe a few drugs that will stimulate the activity of the braincells and nutrition drugs that contain abundant spiritual energy for you. Everything will be normal again after Master Jin takes a few hours’ rest in the medical cabin.”

A doctor, with gray hair all over his body and as magnificent as a yak, gave him instructions after performing a thorough examination on Jin Zhenyi.

Like Cultivators, the expert demons had a far more developed brain than the regular ones. For them, the explosion of cerebral vessels was not too serious an ailment. It was almost like sunstroke, anemia, or malnutrition for ordinary people.

As long as the main vessels and central nerves were not affected, they would gradually recover after a while even if they did not take any medication.

At this moment, Jin Zhenyi was slowly back to himself again. With a gloomy face, he nodded and said to his bodyguard, “Little Guan, tell those inside that I will be late!”

After helping Jin Zhenyi into the medical cabin and setting the treatment length to three hours, the doctor left the ward.

There were too many patients waiting to be examined and treated today. Naturally, the doctor would not stand there and idle by for three hours.

There were two medical cabins and three demons in the ward, including Jin Zhenyi, his bodyguard Little Guan, and another worker who was in the middle of treatment.

However, the worker was apparently not as important as Jin Zhenyi. He was not followed by a bodyguard.

Because of the opiate constituents in the biochemical drugs, the guy was already sound asleep. According to the panel in front of the medical cabin, there was more than an hour to go before his treatment finished.

“Master Jin, you can take a rest now. I’ll be on alert,” his bodyguard, Little Guan, said respectfully.

“Alright.” Jin Zhenyi was indeed not entirely relieved of the dizziness resulting from the explosion of his cerebral vessels yet. Also, because of the opiate constituents, he closed his eyes very soon, and his breath became long and deep.

His bodyguard sat down in a chair next to him, straight and absolutely still. He widened his eyes and gazed at Jin Zhenyi without even blinking his eyes.

Right at this moment


The third bug which was lurking in the hair of the bodyguard sent a drop of venom into his veins softly.

The drop of venom, as it turned out, was entirely different from the one that had been injected into Jin Zhenyi’s body. Instead of causing an explosion of cerebral vessels, the venom stimulated the central nerves and triggered a strong feeling of

Gulu! Gulu! Gulu!

The bodyguard’s stomach was uttering boiling sounds, and his face gradually turned from pale to green.

PuPu pu pu pu pu

The bodyguard farted nonstop, and he could not have looked more awful.

Holding his breath, he extended his wings and flapped quickly while he observed the surroundings. Thankfully, Jin Zhenyi and the other patient were both sleeping in the medical cabins.

Gulu! Gulu! Gulu! Gulu! Gulu!

The sound in his stomach was even louder. Holding his belly hard, the bodyguard’s eyebrows were almost standing up as he gritted his teeth to suppress the feeling.

After putting up with it for five minutes, he could not hold back any longer and suddenly rose up.

The ward was a large suite with an independent toilet. Therefore, he did not have to leave the ward.

The bodyguard took out a furry, brown sparrow that looked like a chicken from his pocket and tossed it out.

The brown sparrow immediately hovered around Jin Zhenyi’s medical cabin.

The sparrow was also a demon beast that had been refined. Its eyes were connected to the bodyguard’s brain wirelessly through the feeble brainwaves so that the bodyguard would be able to see what was going on outside while he was in the toilet.

The bodyguard felt safe now. Finally, he rushed into the toilet, holding his stomach.

The moment the bodyguard closed the door of the toilet, a bug the size of a lice jumped out of the ventilation tube on the ceiling of the ward and landed on the head of the brown sparrow precisely!


A sting protruded out of the ‘lice’ and pierced into the brown sparrow’s head, releasing a tiny portion of venom and hypnotization drugs that would jam its retina and optical nerves.

Such surveillance sparrows were one of the most commonly-used demon beasts in the Feather Clan. As the princess of the Gold Crow Kingdom, naturally, Jin Xinyue knew everything about its advantages and shortcomings.

Just when the eyes of the sparrow lost their vigor, the bodyguard in the toilet was enjoying the first wave of dumping. He was at the most inert moment.

The door of the ward was opened slowly, and a shadow dashed in.

Li Yao did not crawl out of the ventilation tube. Instead, he walked into the ward from the corridor.

In a white gown, he covered most of his face with a specially-made respirator. He had crawled to the public toilet at the end of the corridor through the ventilate tube before striding into the ward openly.


Four deep blue pearls were snapped out by Li Yao and formed a cone above Jin Zhenyi’s medical bine. Three streams of bluish rays flooded out and enveloped the entire medical cabin!

The magical equipment was named ‘Wave Blocking Tower’, which could release a barrier and prevent all the waves within the range from spreading to the outside world.

Noises, vibrations, and spiritual waves would all be blocked.

Li Yao turned into a bolt of lightning and crawled into the barrier, looking down at Jin Zhenyi.

The cold killing intent immediately woke Jin Zhenyi up.

However, he was a specialist of rune arrays, not a tough warrior. And even if he were a tough warrior, how would he have been able to resist Li Yao, who was in the superlative height of the Core Formation Stage?

Li Yao opened his right hand and drew Jin Zhenyi out of his medical cabin, grabbing his neck hard.

Jin Zhenyi was dumbfounded. He had no idea where such a murderer came from. His eyes were immediately bloodshot, and he struggled out of natural instinct!

However, he seemed to have been bound by invisible shackles and could not even move any of his feathers. The boiling spiritual energy flowed out of Li Yao’s palm like magma and circulated around his body through his veins before it was concentrated into his brain!

Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa!

This time, the veins all over Jin Zhenyi’s body, along with his cerebral vessels and his central nerves, were really boiling, burning, and breaking!

Jin Zhenyi was killed instantly before he even had the chance to scream!

Li Yao’s face remained unchanged. He shook his right hand, and a red ball appeared in his palm. The surface of the ball was carved with sophisticated spiritual stripes that were bouncing like flames.

He opened Jin Zhenyi’s mouth with his left hand and stuffed the fiery ball into it before he pushed the ball into Jin Zhenyi’s stomach with his spiritual gas.

While Li Yao was casting a spell and making the corresponding gesture, Jin Zhenyi’s abdomen gradually turned transparent, as if a searchlight was shooting out rays of light right against the wall of his stomach.

Raging stripes of fire then appeared on Jin Zhenyi’s pale skin, as if the spiritual stripes carved on the fiery ball had been transferred to his body.

The stripes of fire quietly spread out, burning and consuming Jin Zhenyi’s body, until it turned into a heap of ashes. But not the slightest heat was released to the outside world.

A white ball surrounded by icy stripes appeared in Li Yao’s hand again. He closed his hands and crumbled the ball into powder before he sprayed the powder on the ashes evenly. Then, the ashes were immediately frozen into a large cluster of ice.

Finally, flushing sounds were echoing inside the toilet.