Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 1016

Chapter 1016 Stabbing Into The Heart

Li Yao’s heart was immediately beating fast. He wondered how he had raised the enemy’s suspicion.

Was it his smell? The Wolf Clan had the keenest noses.

For experts of Li Yao’s level, he was already able to lock the pores all over his body and seal the sudoriferous glands temporarily, thereby stopping his real scent from dispersing.

Also, Skyfire had stolen a few garments as well as bedding from Jin Zhenyi’s home. They retrieved the features of his smell and produced perfumes of similar scent.

Li Yao had smeared the perfume on his body evenly, especially on the underarm and the wings. His smell was 99.99% identical to Jin Zhenyi’s.

However, it was only 99.99%!

Although one’s smell might slightly change when they ate different food or had just soaked in the biochemical drugs for three hours, the enemy’s suspicion was not likely to go away easily now that it had been raised!

The officer in the leader’s nose tip was flapping, and his blood red eyes were glittering, as he bowed toward Li Yao respectfully.

Shaking his fluffy tail, he apologized, “Do excuse us, Master Jin. According to the commander, starting from today, all specialists who enter the working area at an irregular hour will have to go through another random test.

“You wouldn’t mind if I absorb a drop of blood from a random place in your body for another blood test, would you?”

Li Yao thought quickly. He frowned, and his eyelids were jumping crazily. The feathers on his back were all standing up, with a hint of redness on the tips of the feathers.

It was a way that a silver-blood demon of the Feather Clan expressed his anger when he was insulted.

The number and angle of the feathers that were erect both mattered.

Right now, twenty-two feathers on Li Yao’s wings were standing up, and the tips of twelve were red. It was a sign of medium anger.

It meant ‘I understand it’s your job, but you are wasting my time’.

Although the officer of the Wolf Clan might not know the sign language of the Feather Clan, Li Yao’s bodyguard definitely did.

As he expected, his bodyguard flapped his wings, too, and almost a hundred feathers were standing.

His position was much lower than Jin Zhenyi’s, and he was speaking in a much ruder way than Jin Zhenyi did, too.

In the Feather Clan, raising a hundred feathers was almost equal to pointing at somebody’s nose and cursing them.

The officer of the Wolf Clan was still looking at them with a smile. He was neither pissed nor letting them through. But the smile in his eyes was getting colder and colder.

Li Yao sniffed hard and said impatiently, “Do it quickly!”

His bodyguard glared at the guards, too, and retreated the rooster-like feathers.

They were both aware of the rules of the Eye of Blood Demon. Raising the feathers just now was just a protest of the nobles. They were not really going to refuse the examination.

“Thanks for your understanding. All for our glorious victory.”

The three officers of the Wolf Clan gathered and took out a shining jade badge.

A fuzzy shape of a body was carved on the jade badge, with a light spot that was moving quickly among the different body parts.

“In case the examiner and the examinee conspire, the location of the blood sampling is pure random. Right now, even I don’t know which part of your blood I will be collecting.

“Please do not feel offended if I am forced to collect it from a sensitive spot,” the fluffy-tailed officer of the Wolf Clan said gently and smiled as if in embarrassment, before he extended his paw to the jade badge.

After all three officers moved their paws to the jade badge, the quickly moving red spot on the shape of body slowed down gradually.

Eventually, it stopped at the left ankle!

It was a rather unexpected location.

Normal infiltrators would never realize that they would even need to stick a blood vesicle to the ankle!

The officer of the Wolf Clan was smiling even more sunnily, but the brilliance in his eyes was slowly freezing into two icy cones as he stared at Li Yao’s left foot. He said, “Please open your hands and wings, and do not touch your left foot. Then, lift your left foot real slow. My assistant will help you take off your shoe.

A storm of ice seemed to be spurting out of his eyes. His face grave, he opened his hands and wings and straightened his left foot without saying anything.

The other two officers of the Wolf Clan took off his boot and sock and brought over a hollow syringe. The first officer of the Wolf Clan was going to do it himself.

The officer was holding the syringe in one hand and a cotton swab in the other. He wiped Li Yao’s ankle for a moment and smiled at him.

Then, he pierced the syringe into the ankle as quickly as a lightning, not in the location where he had just wiped but half an inch next to it!

“Do excuse me. My hand slipped.”

The officer apologized in the sincerest way before he sent the drop of blood that he had collected into the test equipment.

Li Yao was breathing fast and raising his feathers again. This time, more than forty feathers were standing up, indicating that he was about to burst into fury!

His bodyguard was rubbing his fists, too, and gritting his teeth so hard that sparks were spluttering out.

The three officers of the Wolf Clan smiled at them while their paws were placed right next to their sabers, their fingers slightly bouncing.

All the soldiers nearby held their breath, too. Even the air seemed to be pumped away.


“The blood sample is identical to the archive. Test passed. Confirmed identity: Level-1 Specialist Jin Zhenyi, silver-blood, of the Feather Clan!”

The officer’s face remained absolutely unchanged. He smiled warmly and bowed to Li Yao. “Sorry for wasting so much of your time, Master Jin. Please proceed!”


Li Yao flapped his wings and turned around to the lift angrily.

But he was greatly relieved deep down in his heart.

Jin Xinyue and he had deduced that the security checks would definitely upgrade at the critical moment of the Red Tide Plan.

Therefore, not only did he conceal a drop of Jin Zhenyi’s blood below his fingerprint membrane, he had also preserved more than ten drops of Jin Zhenyi’s blood inside his body with special dissolvable capsules!

Inside Li Yao’s body, there was still a mental devil.

That was a great master in the manipulation of blood. It was quite easy to send the ‘blood capsules’ to any part of the body with the constriction and expansion of the veins.

The officer of the Wolf Clan’s trick was indeed very smart, and his control over his micro-expression was perfect. However, his fluffy tail betrayed him without him knowing.

Li Yao keenly sensed that he was up to something else when his tail shivered unnaturally. Since Li Yao was on full alert, his trick certainly failed to fool Li Yao, who had calculated the real position that the syringe was piercing into within the moment and delivered Jin Zhenyi’s blood to the place in time.

Therefore, after all the trouble, the guard still only collected Jin Zhenyi’s own blood. Naturally, the test was passed!

There were more than ten similar drops of blood inside Li Yao’s body in case he encountered unexpected tests again.

“The Claw Clan is always nitpicking the Feather Clan!”

The lift slightly shivered before it quickly sank deep underground, but the bodyguard still had not calmed down. “The Claw Clan and the Insect Clan have led the Blood Demon Sector for a thousand years. They are already used to call the shots about everything. The Feather Clan and the Sea Clan are but vassals in their eyes!

“This is the first time that someone from the Feather Clan has become the commander-in-chief of the coalition army. Those son of b*tches are so disappointed that they always looking for trouble!”

Li Yao sniffed. He flapped his wings and slowly constricted them while the tips of his wings surpassed his shoulder and covered his ears.

It was a signal that he was in an awful mood and preferred silence.

The bodyguard quickly shut his mouth. The two of them remained quiet while the lift brought them to the working area that was thousands of meters below the ground.

For confidentiality and security reasons, every unit corresponded to a different workplace. Most of the workplaces were not connected to each other.

For Li Yao, it was more convenient for him to lurk in the deepest darkness quietly.

As it turned out, it was not until the lift sank to the bottom that a narrow, long pathway showed up in front of them.

As the bronze gate covered in glamorous stripes slowly opened at the end of the pathway, deafening soundwaves blew out. Together with the overwhelming heat and the intense radiation, Li Yao confirmed effortlessly that it was the stabilization room at the bottom level of the enormous magical equipment system.

With a gloomy face, Li Yao strode into the room. His braincells were more active than ever, and an astronomical amount of information was ready!

It was a shocking gamble. He did not know the first thing about the situation inside the stabilization room. What problems would there be? What kind of colleagues would he met? How should he address them? What was his job exactly?

It was both agitating and thrilling!

Li Yao felt that his heart was pounding.

A bald member of the Feather Clan who looked like an owl walked close and greeted to him in a smile. However, the information expressed by his short and silly wings was definitely not friendly.

Li Zhengzhi, a specialist of rune arrays in the Feather Clan, also a teacher in the Thousand Feathers Institute. His research field overlaps with Jin Zhenyi’s, and he has huge contradictions with Jin Zhenyi in academics. The two of them have had multiple public arguments and are in a rather bad relationship right now!

At this moment, the files of the specialists of the Feather Clan that Jin Xinyue collected a few days ago proved to be helpful. Li Yao instantly recognized the owl.

He greeted back coldly and retreated most of his feathers, but he concentrated four feathers on the tip of his wings and shook them slightly toward the stranger.

It was a gesture of provocation.

However, it was more befitting for Jin Zhenyi’s character and the tension between the two specialists.

As he expected, Li Zhengzhi grinned and left, not talking to Li Yao anymore. He did not notice that his old nemesis was actually a counterfeit.

Li Yao took every second to observe the stabilization room.

The stabilization room was approximately the size of a football field, and it was almost a hundred meters tall. But the dome collapsed toward the middle like a giant pan that was sitting on the top of their heads.

Li Yao assumed that it was the bottom of the bloody lake on the ground.

They were right below the lake’s center.

On the ‘dome’, thousands of rune arrays had been carved. Complicated tubes dangled down from the rune arrays like an iron forest growing in the sky. The ‘vines’ that were actually tubes spread out and disappeared into the wall and below the floor.

Around the ‘dome’, a gargantuan gyro-shaped cooling tower had been installed in every direction. Surrounded by countless tubes, they were rotating quickly at a speed of more than 6,000 rpm.

The deafening noises were mostly generated by the four cooling towers.

Got it now.

Li Yao glanced around and ascertained that it was a classic stabilization system based on heat transformation.