Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 1017

Chapter 1017 Sabotage Plan

At first, the noises, vibrations, and additional light would be transformed into heat when the runes on the dome were running.

Then, the four cooling towers would carry the heat away.

What flowed in the interconnected tubes was all cooling liquid. When it passed the cooling tower, the cooling liquid would absorb tremendous heat and be vaporized into steam, which was then transmitted deeper underground through other tubes.

Li Yao estimated that an underground river would be down there to transform the steam into cooling liquid for recycle purposes again.

Through such a way of circulation, the redundant heat was consumed to the largest extent, and the stability of the Eye of Blood Demon above would be ensured.

However, what if the cooling towers were all blown up?

Li Yao thought quickly. Based on everything he had observed, he deduced the rune arrays and the structure of magical equipment in the core unit above him. By his preliminary estimation, the core unit of the Eye of Blood Demonthe main teleportation arrayshould be several hundred meters right about his head.

There are more than twenty workers in the entire stabilization room, but they are all non-combatants.

Six bodyguards and sentinels are here. But they are in the level of demon general at best. As long as I calculate the route of attack well in advance, I will be able to finish every one of them in two seconds.

Defense rune arrays have been deployed outside the cooling towers, but I doubt they can withstand a full-strength strike from me!

The real tricky question is that, even if the four cooling towers are blown up, the core unit’s temperature will only soar, and it is not necessarily enough to destroy the entire system.

The core unit must have backup cooling and stabilizing approaches.

Li Yao thought quickly. Rolling his eyes, he came up with a solution.

When the three satellites align, and the tidal force is strongest, the temperature of the core unit will certainly be at the highest point, and the cooling towers will have to be functioning at the highest efficiency to bring it down.

If I blow up the four cooling towers at the same time, the temperature of the core unit will instantly soar to an unbearable level. Perhaps it will be somewhere between three thousand degrees to four thousand, like a furnace of scorching molten steel.

Naturally, the core unit must be made of the most heat-proof and pressure-proof materials. Perhaps, it has also been added with the cores of the demon beasts of the fire class. Several seconds will definitely be far from enough to burn through the core unit.

In the meantime, after three seconds at most, the backup stabilization system will be activated and cool the core unit in time. During the entire process, there is even no need to halt the teleportation arrays. Even though a large batch of soldiers is being teleported during the accident, they will not be hurt at all!

But what if I insert a few crystal bombs into the core unit during the several seconds?

The core unit was only several hundred kilometers from the stabilization room. They were connected to each other through various kinds of tubes, which were certainly not impregnable.

With the drill of mystic rays and the formidable, upgraded version of the Cell Obliteration Cannon, it was not entirely impossible for Li Yao to blast a hole of hundreds of meters in the broken underground.

What Li Yao planned to insert into the core unit were powerful ice bombs, in which blue icy crystals that had been compressed to the minimum had been stored.

When an object turned into its liquid form from the solid form or from its liquid from into its gaseous form, its volume would expand exponentially.

The blue icy crystals that Li Yao utilized, when turning from solid icy crystals into cold mist, would expand thousands of times in size.

When the blue icy crystals in an extremely low temperature got in touch with the core unit that was thousands of degrees in temperature, their size would certain grow by more than a thousand times in only 0.01 seconds. What would happen next?

It was like throwing an enormous ice block into scorching furnace; it was going to be an out-and-out disaster.

This is how I’m going to do it!

Li Yao licked his lips in eagerness, and his eyes almost turned into burning firewood.

He had detonated countless crystal bombs in his entire life, but this was definitely going to be the most splendid one!


While he was fantasizing, a few workers came over. A young man in the lead greeted him respectfully.

They had all learned the news that ‘Jin Zhenyi’ had suffered mental derangement. Naturally, they were here to show their care.

Li Yao’s eyes suddenly shone as he recognized the young man.

In the database provided by Jin Xinyue, the profile of the young man was right there. His name was Wu Dawei, and he was the student that Jin Zhenyi thought most highly of in the Thousand Feathers Institute. He was essentially Jin Zhenyi’s true disciple.

However, as for the few workers behind him, Li Yao was not able to tell their names.

Also, how were the jobs in the stabilization room divided, what duty did he have specifically, and what was he supposed to do next according to the schedule?

If he could not resolve the questions, he would be seen through in the next second.

The few bodyguards and sentinels were sitting in the corners of the stabilization room and staring at them on alert.

There was at least one day to go before the three satellites got into position. Right now, the tidal force that the Eye of Blood Demon absorbed was not strong enough. Even if Li Yao suppressed everybody right now and blew the icy bombs into the core unit, he would not be able to deal too much damage because the temperature of the core unit was not high enough. It was quite possible that the enemy would repair it quickly in the remaining one day.

Therefore, he had to work here under Jin Zhenyi’s identity for an entire day!


Li Yao immediately put on a gloomy face as he stared at his ‘disciple’ coldly.

Cold sweat popping out of Wu Dawei’s forehead. He stammered, “MaMaster, I’m told that you had a mental derangement in the morning. Do you feel better”

“Cut the crap!”

Li Yao raised his feathers and quickly shivered them, as if he was more than infuriated by his disciple’s poor performance. “Why have you triggered the ‘Thousand Feet Mystic Ice Array’ in the No. 4 rune array group to the maximum? Look. The mystic rays released are more than one inch long with blurred boundaries. It is a sign that the rune array is very unsteady right now!

“Yes, by doing that, the overall cooling efficiency will be improved by more than 3%, and there doesn’t seem to be anything wrong.

“However, have you considered the possibility of an earthquake? The three satellites are about to align. The tidal force is going to be stronger than ever. The gravity environment here will be highly abnormal!

“Even if the odds of tectonic movement are only one thousandth, it is still possible that we will run into one!

“How did I teach you before? You must take the slightest unexpected factors into consideration! If you have made up your mind to exploit the potentials of the No. 4 rune array group, you should at least establish a simple safety circuit with the No. 6, No. 7, and No. 8 rune array groups! Should the No. 4 rune array group overload, the excessive energy would still be guided to the safety circuit!

“Four rune array groups are enough to neutralize the risk of one rune array group! Do I have to teach you such common sense to you in person?”

Wu Dawei blush and retreated his wings while Li Yao was berating him. He nodded quickly. “Understood. Understood. I’m on it.”

Li Yao glared at all the other workers. “I am only late for half a day, and look at what you’ve done!”

Everybody looked at each other in bewilderment and reeled back slightly.

They all knew that Jin Zhenyi was rather bad-tempered. Now that he had just experience a minor mental derangement, he was apparently in an even worse mood.

Nobody was willing to talk to him anymore since he was apparently not very interested in talking.

With a gloomy face, Li Yao said coldly, “Give me your work log. I’m going to check how many more mistakes you have made from last night to right now!”

All the workers submitted their logs obediently before they were dismissed to their own stations by Li Yao.

Then, with the help of his disciple, he sat in Jin Zhenyi’s place.

Naturally, Jin Zhenyi had his own log, but the work log had a password.

When he killed Jin Zhenyi, the time had been too limited for him to elicit the password from him!

Therefore, he could only read other workers’ logs in such a way and infer the situation inside the stabilization room and Jin Zhenyi’s duty.

Shua! Shua! Shua! Shua!

Li Yao stuck the jade chips to his forehead one after another.

The jade chips that the demon race utilized were almost identical to those of human beings, except that the information contained inside was transmitted through the resonance of brainwaves. Although the speed of transmission was relatively lower, it was more stable and reduced interference.

After reading the logs in more than ten jade chips, Li Yao smiled confidently.

He had basically understood the general structure of the stabilization room and everybody’s jobs.

Jin Zhenyi and Li Zhengzhi were both specialists of rune arrays in the Feather Clan. They had a high expertise in the field of stabilization and compatibility. They were the director and the deputy director in the place.

The infrastructure of the Eye of Blood Demon had four independent stabilization plans. The two of them each was responsible for two.

Currently, the No. 1 plan was being operated. Jin Zhenyi was taking the lead, and Li Zhengzhi was his assistant.

If the No. 1 plan went wrong in certain accidents, the system would be immediately switched to the No. 2 plan, which Li Zhengzhi was in charge of.

On the other hand, if the leader had an accident, such as Jin Zhenyi’s mental derangement in the morning, the other stabilization specialist would take over all the work in time as a substitute.

The arrangement of ‘two leaders, four plans’ ensured the normal functioning of the stabilization room.

So, this is the case. Most of the debugging has been completed. There is no complicated work anymore. I only need to sit here and monitor everyone’s progress!

Excellent. As I expected, Jin Zhenyi’s No. 1 stabilization plan did not adopt any extraordinary rune arrays or spiritual stripes. I can figure out all the details.

Luck is truly on my side. The operation this time is too smooth and immaculate!

Li Yao’s pupils sudden constricted to the minimum as he felt a bad omen.

Not good!

According to my battle experience over the past ten years, whenever I was greatly relieved and thought that I had completed a certain mission smoothly and perfectly, something would go wrong the next moment!

It was almost like my luck likes to play tricks on me!

Therefore, I cannot relax, and I cannot think that I’m doing great!

That’s right now. I must hypnotize myself. I must convince myself that the mission is too arduous, too complicated, and full of peril. Endless dangers and obstacles are still waiting for me

Right at the moment


The ten or so rune arrays on the dome of the stabilization room suddenly emanated dazzling brilliance, as if they had been heated by a thousand degrees within a moment, before they exploded simultaneously in earsplitting noises!