Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 1019

Chapter 1019 It's Acting Time

The control center of the Eye of Blood Eye was an arc-shaped building made of crystals right below the bloody lake.

The dome of the building was made of the purest crystals through which one could see the lake water, which was as deep and red as wine, as well as the rune arrays that were emitting a mysterious glow in the lake.

When the Heaven’s Origin Sector was studying how to install underwater rune arrays, the problem of the corrosion of the flowing water was never satisfactorily addressed.

However, in the Blood Demon Sector, the demon race had combined the studies of spiritual stripes, rune arrays, and biochemistry.

The demon race produced a type of special demon beast named ‘rune beasts’ through secret techniques. Most of the runes were carved on the cellular level and etched into the rune beast’s body. Then, the rune beasts were released into the water.

As the rune beasts swam freely, the rune arrays would turn into different forms. Together with the countless runes engraved below the blood red lake, the Eye of Blood Demon was established!

Right now, undercurrents were flowing everywhere in the lake. Countless translucent rune beasts were gathering and dispersing. The colorful brilliance that they emitted showered on the control center like scattered stars.

The control center was packed with super large biochemical brains that looked like black hills. They were connected to countless synthesized nerves that were as thick as boas.

Countless specialists were tied up by the ‘boas’ and connected to the biochemical brains. They were breathing deeply and steadily without moving, as if they were dead bodies that could still breathe.

When Li Yao stepped into the control center following four guards, the first thing he saw was such a weird, horrifying view.

Naturally, the second thing he saw was Jin Tuyi.

The commander-in-chief was not tall or strong, now that Li Yao had seen him in reality. He was even slightly hunched, and his furrowed brow gave Li Yao a feeling that he was actually exhausted.

Even though he was wearing glamorous golden armor, he was still not the dominating, charismatic type. Indeed, he looked more like an indifferent technocrat who only wanted to do his own job well.

Perhaps only such a plain-looking guy, who would not look like a king even if he were wearing a crown, could lurk for decades in the darkness and push the dreadful Red Tide Plan forward!

Jin Tuyi was surrounded by more than ten specialists who were reporting the information of all the procedures in the extreme test just now. Occasionally, he would also receive messages from the ground. Other demon emperors there must have been communicating with him about the military affairs.

There was only one last day to go before the Red Tide Plan was really activated. He was at the busiest moment.

Li Yao was more or less relieved. Judging from the situation, Jin Tuyi was not likely to focus all his attention on him.

It was time for him to resort to his acting skills!

The acting skills were not all about acting. More importantly, he had to precisely control every detail, such as his heartbeat, flow of blood, change of pupils, and even sweat glands!

Li Yao walked to Jin Tuyi and waited next to him patiently.

After settling the detailed information on a certain procedure with two specialists, Jin Tuyi turned around and glanced at Li Yao.


Li Yao manipulated his facial muscles to put on a nervous, excited, and even somewhat wronged expression as he greeted Jin Tuyi drily.

In the meantime, the feathers on his wings constricted like the leaves of a mimosa.

Jin Tuyi was both the commander-in-chief of the coalition army of demons and the chief of the Feather Clan. The honorable nobles in the Feather Clan often preferred to call him ‘chief’ instead ‘commander-in-chief’ to indicate that they were his own people.

As for the ‘wronged’ expression, that would be even more reasonable. The stabilizers, which were the bottom level of the magical equipment system, were working in the dirtiest and noisiest environment, and yet they were hardly ever inspected by the higher officials. It was only natural that they felt wronged.

“You’ve been troubled, Master Jin.”

Jin Tuyi patted Li Yao’s shoulder neither too softly nor too heavily.

Li Yao’s soul was almost shocked out of his body.

Thankfully, he performed the most thorough micro adjustments on the muscles and bones in his shoulder within the moment, completely simulating the status of a non-combatant of the Feather Clan who was more than a hundred years ago.

Jin Tuyi did not grow suspicious. He retreated his gaze and browsed through the structural designs and flowcharts while he explained, “The situation has changed. I am hoping to teleport as many warriors as possible in the first wave of the teleportation. Therefore, the parameters have been improved during the extreme test. In the end, fourteen demon emperors were teleported in the first wave, which were four more than we had calculated!

“I thought that, even if the stabilization system could handle the pressure, you would have to switch to the backup plans. If so, the gap between the first wave of teleportation and the second would be very huge. Perhaps, the Eye of Blood Demon would have to be cooled down for half an hour after the first wave of teleportation was conducted in order to begin the second wave of teleportation.

“But as it turned out, you shouldered the pressure perfectly. The gap between the first wave of teleportation and the second was only nine minutes and forty-four seconds!

“As a result, we will be able to teleport more than twenty demon emperors, a hundred devilish warships, and tens of thousands of elite soldiers into the capital city of the Star Glory Federation in two waves in only ten minutes. The enemy will be certainly caught unprepared!

“The workers in the stabilization unit have made the greatest contribution!”

Flattered, Li Yao choked with sobs, hot tears rolling in his eyes. “Chief, II”


Jin Tuyi suddenly changed the topic. Pointing at a structural design floating in midair, he said, “This is the stabilization system that Master Jin repaired at the last moment. I found that, here, at the most critical part of the infrastructure, you changed the previous star-shape tandem structure into the double-helix parallel structure.

“Such a change increased the efficiency of the system by 10% without adding any new cooling towers or rune arrays. That was truly incredible!

“I didn’t know that you had such a profound understanding on the double-helix structure, and you could come up with such an innovative remedy at the most crucial moment!”

For decades, Jin Tuyi had been responsible for the universal development and the teleportation work of the Blood Demon Sector. Even the Eye of Blood Demon was established because of his insistence.

He was also a seasoned expert in the teleportation technology.

Maybe he was not as good as the specialists in the sub-categories, but when it came to the big picture and the ability to find the crux of a problem, he was definitely one of the best!

Cold sweat was almost popping up on Li Yao’ back, only to be blocked by Li Yao’s muscles. He shook his head and said, “Do excuse me, chief, but such a design was actually not improvised.”

“Is that so?”

Jin Tuyi raised his eyebrow, but his eyes were still frozen like ice. There was no telling whether or not he was really interested.

“In fact,” Li Yao said, “my studies on the double-helix structure began more than ten years ago. When I wrote ‘On the Rune Arrays in the Early Years of the Gold Eagle Dynasty’, I studied a lot of the double-helix rune arrays in that era.”

Jin Tuyi frowned. “Wait. I’m a bit confused. Was the double-helix rune array popular in the Gold Eagle Dynasty?”

“Of course not,” Li Yao said solemnly. “But the Gold Eagle Dynasty only became the master of the demon race after overthrowing the Green Serpent Dynasty. In the later years of the Green Serpent Dynasty, the double-helix structure was quite a hit.

“When the Gold Eagle Dynasty was demolishing the Green Serpent Dynasty, they captured a lot of magical equipment and demonic artifacts from their enemy, which were their rewards as valiant warriors.

“Therefore, in the early years of the Gold Eagle Dynasty, many experts and generals would use the trophies of the Green Serpent Dynasty they captured as their burial objects. I discovered quite a number of them in the few relics of ancient tombs I studied.

“As I studied them more, I grew fond of the structure as it is relatively more stable.”

Jin Tuyi nodded. “So, it was the Green Serpent Dynasty”

Like an inarticulate man who had finally been given the opportunity to brag about his achievement, Li Yao’s eyes beamed with joy as he went on. “The double-helix structure from the later years of the Green Serpent Dynasty is truly marvelous. We cannot get to the bottom of it even if we talk for three days and three nights. For the simplest ‘Rolling Wind Rune’, there will be four different approaches to craft it with the double-helix structure, namely”

Behind Jin Tuyi, one of the guards coughed and said in a low voice, “Commander, you still have a meeting in the next.”

Li Yao blushed and hurried to conclude, anxiously, “All in all, I’ve been thinking for a long time about applying the double-helix structure to our current architecture. However, the current architecture was already stable enough, and I was not sure whether or not such a change was worthwhile. I thought for a long time and failed up come up with an answer.”

“I understand that Master Jin had a mental derangement this morning. You must’ve considering the question too hard, didn’t you?”

“Thank you for your concern, chief,” Li Yao said gratefully. “It is just a minor ailment and doesn’t hurt at all. Anyways, since we had no choice today, I tried the double-helix structure at risk, but it seemed to be functioning quite well.”

“Quite well indeed.”

Jin Tuyi accelerated the pace of the conversation. He seemed to be very satisfied by Li Yao’s reply, or maybe he had not been suspicious of Li Yao since the very beginning. Straightforwardly, he said, “I have discussed with the specialists in the control center just now. Everybody studied the brand-new stabilization structure and agreed unanimously that there was nothing wrong with it.

“I asked you to come here today because I want to tell you that you should employ the new structure when the system is officially activated tomorrow. As for the specific adjustment of parameters, you can discuss it with the specialists in details later.

“On the other hand, I must thank you for your hard work, too, Master Jin. The renaissance of the Blood Demon Sector cannot be achieved without the efforts of heroes behind the curtain!”

Li Yao’s eyes were suddenly red.

Jin Tuyi patted his shoulder again.

“One last day!


“I guarantee that everything will be different after tomorrow. It will be a new beginning for our race. We will embark on a different path that is completely different from the past!”

Li Yao raised his wings, refreshed and excited. “Rest assured, chief. We will certainly do our best. We will grit our teeth through it even if thirty demon emperors are to be teleported at the same time!”

Jin Tuyi smiled and extended his wings, bumping Li Yao’s wings softly.

It was a courtesy for farewell between the nobles of the Gold Crow Kingdom.

He did not seem to have noticed anything wrong when Li Yao turned around and disappeared in the short-distance teleportation array with a hunched body.

“Let’s go!” Jin Tuyi waved his hands at his guards. “Let’s go to the flagship for the last strategical meeting!”