Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 1020

Chapter 1020 Blood Demon's Smile

At 10:33 a.m. on May 12

There were twelve hours to go before the three satellites lined up. It was estimated that the tidal force would be the strongest in the upcoming twelve to fifteen hours.

If one were to observe it from the universe, the Blood Demon Planet was like a lump with bumps and dents in an irregular, oval shape. The earth dipped with ravines that could be ten thousand meters deep and rose high, as if rows of spurs and tusks had grown out of the surface of the planet.

The phenomenon was caused by the three satellites around the Blood Moon Planet, namely Blood Tiger, Blood Sparrow, and Blood Shark.

The size of the three satellites was much larger than ‘Heavenly Moon’, the only satellite of the Heaven’s Origin Planet. Their distance to the Blood Moon Planet was much shorter, too.

When they brushed past the Blood Demon Planet, the conflict of the attraction forces and the friction of spiritual energy would pull tremendous materials on the surface of the planet out and blow them up into space, as if the three satellites were growing tails.

At this moment, the three satellites were still rushing on their trajectories. As if they were guided by a mysterious force, they were dashing for the same point.

If there was just one satellite and its mass was not huge, it was very easy to calculate its orbit around a planet. However, the trajectories of three heavy satellites, which boasted mysterious crystal mines that would general a strong attraction force, would influence each other and be too complicated to estimate.

Naturally, the three satellites would not collide. Instead, they would form an almost straight line, with a subtle angle in between.

By then, if one were to look at the night sky, which was slightly purple, from the surface of the Blood Demon Planet, they would see three bloody crescent moons.

The largest of the moons was like a curled lip, and the other two appeared to be narrowed eyes. Together, they assembled into a weird smile.

Therefore, such a phenomenon was also known by the demons as Blood Demon’s Smile.

A great tide was coming. Wind was roaring, and waves were surging in the bloody lake. Water was soaring up to the sky like volcanic eruptions like raging bloody dragons which were attempting to rip apart the entire universe.

Next to the lake, the coalition army of demons had torn apart all their camouflage. The fully-armed legions of the demon race flooded out of the underground. Waving their hands and claws, stretching out their wings and tails, bashing their chest and sneezing, they formed more than a hundred intimidating squares while they boarded the devilish warships.

Many enormous demon beasts were being installed with strengthened external skeleton and various kinds of magical equipment and demonic artifacts with the help of demons. They were also being injected with vaccines and protective drugs against the unique germs of the Heaven’s Origin Sector.

The demon beasts were sneezing anxiously and roaring in hunger and thirst. They seemed to be aware, too, that this was going to be the last war!

Above the Eye of Blood Demon, Blood Demon, the general flagship that the Blood Demon Sector produced after decades of work, was docked.

The command center for the ultimate war against the Heaven’s Origin Sector was established on Blood Demon!

When the wormhole leading to the capital city of the Star Glory Federation was created and the Red Tide Operation was activated, the general flagship would also march into the Heaven’s Origin Sector for a final battle!

Inside the top-secret meeting room in the commander center of the Red Tide Plan on Blood Moon, there was a detailed military map of the capital city ring of the Star Glory Federation behind Jin Tuyi, including the garrisons and the headquarters of the major Cultivation sects.

In front of him was a 3D map of the capital city, on which all the buildings, even including every public toilet, had been marked clearly.

Across the model of the capital city of the Star Glory Federation were more than twenty demon emperors and almost a hundred demon kings.

The aura of the top experts rubbed and crashed, causing invisible sparks that shook the model of the capital city.

The skyscrapers were twisting, splitting, and breaking apart in the shocks.

“According to our latest report, the troops in the northern battlefield commanded by General Yuwen have been defeated,” Jin Tuyi said, as calm as ever. “The fake troops in the north fought the federal army for five days before the Giant Blade Pass. They could not hold it any longer and are fleeing to the Dark Desolate Domain, and the federal army has indeed sent a lot of troops to chase after them as we expected.

“But it is a pity that the hunting troops are not the best crystal suit legions of the federation but mediocre troops who are pretending to be crystal suit legions.

“It seems that our first feint has been seen through by the Heaven’s Origin Sector. Also, the Heaven’s Origin Sector is pretending that they have been fooled by us so that our wariness will be lowered, and we will march on blindly.

“At this moment, the best crystal suit legions of the federation have almost all been gathered along the eastern coastline.

“The coordinates of the three ‘counterattack bases of the Far East Demon Kingdom’, which we leaked intentionally, have been surrounded by endless troops. Most of the Nascent Soul Stage Cultivators have been deployed in the area, too.

“It seems that the Heaven’s Origin Sector has made up their mind to finish us at the coastline. They want to stop us from landing and causing damage to the prosperous area in the southeast of the federation.

“The defense of the capital city has been strengthened, too. A new crystal suit legion has shown up. Perhaps a few Nascent Soul Stage Cultivators have returned to the capital city, too. But that hasn’t been confirmed yet.

“In light of the new situation, we have changed our strategy. During our last extreme test, we tried to increase the capacity of the first wave of teleportation. Now, fourteen demon emperors will be able to be teleported in the first wave, and another eight will be teleported after a cooldown of only five minutes!

“The safety of the teleportation plan has been ensured after repeated discussions of all the specialists. There’s no way that it is going to fail.

“Everyone, I don’t need to highlight the importance of the first wave of teleportation, do I?”

All the demon emperors and demon kings nodded solemnly.

The teleportation of such a scale between two Sectors was an unprecedented wonder. It was almost like shooting a cannonball hundreds of kilometers. No matter how hard the gunner aimed, the error of the point of impact would certainly be more than a few centimeters.

Right now, the Eye of Blood Demon was aimed at the capital city of the Star Glory Federation.

But the capital city was a fairly large place. Taking the suburbs, the military areas, and the training bases of the Cultivation sects into account, the total coverage of the capital city was more than ten thousand square kilometers.

When the expedition army of the Blood Demon Sector was teleported to the capital city through the Eye of Blood Demon, the soldiers would certainly land in a random place within those ten thousand square kilometers. It was like throwing out a cluster of loose sandit was certainly going to disperse when it hit the destination.

Perhaps most of the soldiers would be around the downtown area, but it was not unlikely that they would be fortunate enough to be directly teleported to the meeting room of the parliament building or the bedchamber of the Speaker.

Therefore, the first wave of attack was of paramount importance.

They would show up at the feeblest moment of the Heaven’s Origin Sector. They would conquer the strategical locations, jam the Spiritual Nexus of the Heaven’s Origin Sector, and most importantly, set up star beacons at the critical areas, which would be the lighthouses for the following troops to facilitate the more precise teleportation.

Once a large star beacon was established, they would be able to construct fixed teleportation arrays and bastions for defense around it.

When the corresponding teleportation arrays were built on both sides, a steady channel would be created between the two worlds. By then, even if the tidal force passed its peak hour, the troops would still be teleported over incessantly as long as there were enough crystals.

After all, the only thing between the two Sectors was an eggshell.

If the eggshell was broken, was it possible to stitch it back together?

On the other hand, several Nascent Soul Stage Cultivators would be protecting the capital city of the Star Glory Federation, however weak the defense seemed to be.

Judging from the latest intelligence, the city was now guarded by at least three Nascent Soul Stage Cultivators and two crystal suit legions.

Therefore, the most magnificent forces of the Blood Demon Sector had to be deployed at the very beginning in order to break into the capital city of a hostile nation!

“Are we all clear about our missions?” Jin Tuyi glanced over everything, his eyes gloomy and cold. “Elder Blood Robe!”

Elder Blood Robethe chief of the Claw Clan, the master of the Kingdom of Lion Butchers, and one of the four giants of the Blood Demon Sectornodded haughtily. “I will be the commander of the first wave of attack. After we are teleported to the capital city, I will immediately establish a temporary command center and a bastion for defense. Also, I will construct star beacons and teleportation arrays around me for the convenience of the follow-up troops!”

Jin Tuyi moved his eyes to a white-furred expert of the Wolf Clan next to him. “General Chai?”

The expert of the Wolf Clan bared the shining fangs and grinned hideously. “After being teleported to the capital city, I will gather the Blizzard Legion as quickly as possible and break into the First Spiritual Energy Transformation Factory on Marvel Avenue.

“The First Spiritual Energy Transformation Factory is responsible for the spiritual energy of 70% of the area in the capital city. Once we occupy the place, most of the city will be paralyzed!”

Jin Tuyi nodded in great satisfaction. “General Lian?”

An officer of the Insect Clan, who was green with four long, thin arms, stepped forward and declared brutally, “The Rotating Blade Legion will assault the parliament building and the government buildings nearby as quickly as possible.

“Around the parliament building, quite a few government facilities, such as the Department of Defense, the Department of Transportation, the Treasury Department, and the Central Bank, are located. Once we destroy them, the ‘brain’ of the Star Glory Federation will be paralyzed!”

“General Hei?”

A muscular man who was as tall and strong as an iron tower suddenly stood up, announcing in a deep voice, “I will command the Black Wind Legion and stand in the way between the garrisons and the downtown area to provide cover for our assault. Please rest assured, commander. The enemy’s reinforcements will not appear in the downtown until the last soldier of the Black Wind Legion falls!”

“General Wang?”

“I will take over the spiritual tower and control the broadcast channel of the Star Glory Federation!”

“General Han?”

“I will take over the Federal University and the First Federal Military Academy next to it. They are the two most influential colleges among the Nine Elite Universities in the Star Glory Federation. Most of the children of the top officials and experts are students of the two colleges!”