Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 1021

Chapter 1021 Cerebral Sclerosis

With the demon emperor’s cold announcement, sharp red lines were appearing on the model of the capital city in the middle of everybody, enveloping the skyscrapers and tearing them to shreds.

They were all the routes of attack in their plan.

The most important government facilities, the headquarters of the Cultivation sects, the universities, the spiritual towers, the broadcast stations, the biggest warehouse of crystals in the federation

All the strategical locations had been locked onto by the demons!

Behind the demon emperors were dozens of demon kings.

Their missions were more detailed, but they were deadlier and more inconspicuous, too. Like daggers soaked in poison, they were stabbing at the softest, most critical parts of the federation.

“Jin Wuxu!”

When Jin Tuyi read the name, rarely-seen warmth appeared on his face.

A young man, who looked similar to him but was much more vigorous, stood up. Holding his chest high, he declared, “Reporting to commander, I am going to attack the Hexagonal Array of the capital city with the best Mirage Falcon troop of the Feather Clan!

“The Hexagonal Array, which is made of thirty-six thousand auto-piloting flying swords, is the main air defense force of the capital city. I will demolish it neatly so that the follow-up troops will not meet any hinderance when they arrive in the sky of the capital city!”

Jin Tuyi looked at his son in praise and solemnly said, “Alright. This is about the first wave of our attack. As for me, I will be appearing in the sky of the capital city together with the assault warships, including Blood Demon, through the second teleportation five minutes later!

“By my estimation, we will be able to teleport thirty demon emperors, more than thirty demon kings, a hundred devilish warships, and the more than ten legions boarding on them, in the first half hour!

“It will be an invincible force that will destroy everything!

“Remember, after occupying the strategical locations of the capital city, unfold the star beacons and establish teleportation arrays regardless of the cost!

“As long as enough star beacons and teleportation arrays are built, we will be able to grasp the most precise coordinates for our teleportation, and we can be teleported to any key location in the capital city.

“It will be a dagger that has stabbed into the enemy’s chest but stopped stably one centimeter away from their heart!

“With such a lone army, it is impossible, and unnecessary, to take over the entire Heaven’s Origin Sector in a short amount of time.

“As long as we occupy the capital city of the Star Glory Federation and maintain the ability to teleport reinforcements over, we will take the initiative of the situation!

“By then, the Heaven’s Origin Sector will have to bend before the invincible warriors of the demon race. They will have to satisfy all our requirements and even submit their most advanced magical equipment and technologies.

“After we exploit everything of the Star Glory Federation, and even the intelligence about the Flying Star Sector, it will be their doom!”

Stifled laughter burst out in the secret meeting room. Ambition and greedy were written all over every demon’s face. Their scorching eyes seemed to be setting the model of the capital city of the Star Glory Federation on fire.

“Our race has been beaten for too long.”

Staring at all the demon emperors, Jin Tuyi spoke slowly in a coarse voice.

“Since the failure ten thousand years ago, our race has been defeated, routed, and slaughtered in all the Sectors. We lost our importance in galaxies and even the entire universe in the end, and we were forced to crouch in the lone island at the edge of the sea of stars.

“I wonder, how many Sectors are out there in the universe that are still completely under the control of our race?

“Even if there are any, they must be catching their last breath in the most barren land just like us, mustn’t they?

“Obliteration, rebirth, immortality! This is the unwavering creed of our race! I hope that the war will make our race reborn and embark on a brilliant road of immortality!”

Jin Tuyi raised his right hand high, clenched his fists, and smashed down resolutely, as if he were smashing the lackluster, obsolete demon race into smithereens and making a new, dynamic demon race that was completely different from before!

His feathers were also standing up one after another like blades that were being slowly unsheathed, emitting cold brilliance.


Inside the secret meeting room, all the demon emperors and demon kings were roaring crazily and releasing their wildness, their blood boiling.

At 2:33 p.m. on May 12

There were eight hours to go before the Blood Demon’s Smile took shape.

The waves above the bloody lake had already reached an altitude of almost a hundred meters.

Deep inside the Eye of Blood Demon, Li Yao had just completed a complicated debugging job. Pretending that he did not see the outrage of the owl, he closed his eyes and took a nap.

But he was meditating on a question in his heart.

Had Jin Tuyi noticed anything wrong?

He gave his every answer after full consideration. There could not have been any mistake in the details.

Also, he had controlled his heartbeat, his flow of blood, and even the frequency of the vibration of his muscles perfectly.

Unless Jin Tuyi had the skill of prophecy, there was no way that he could see anything wrong.

On the other hand, if Jin Tuyi had seen anything wrong, there was no reason he would let Li Yao back.

Even if he was afraid that Li Yao might destroy the commander center if he revealed the truth there, he could still have assaulted Li Yao after Li Yao left the control center.

In such a narrow pathway, five demon emperors could have stood in front of him and five behind him. If so, he would not have been able to escape even if he were a god.

So, the conclusion is that I successfully fooled Jin Tuyi!

Li Yao snapped fingers in his heart before he focused his attention on the explosion plan.

After his personal modification, the stabilization system had now adopted the double-helix structure. It was even more convenient for him to do his job.

After calculating dozens of times over, he was absolutely confident that he could blow up the Eye of Blood Demon when the tidal force was at its strongest!

What came next would be the escape plan.

Inside the Eye of Blood Demon, other than the teleportation arrays and the lifts, there were also emergency channels that were highly solid. After all, all the workers there were the seasoned specialists in their fields. They were the most valuable treasures for the Blood Demon Sector, and if all of them were killed in an accident, it was certainly going to be a great catastrophe for the world.

The moment the Eye of Blood Demon was destroyed and the tidal force spread out, tremendous waves, if not an earthquake, would certainly be raised. Everything would be a mess.

By then, he could blend in as a random soldier of the coalition army or another specialist. He would find a way out of that place in the chaos!

Li Yao smiled and dwelled in the world inside his brain again, pondering how to make the explosion larger and more splendid!

At 4:25 p.m. on May 12

There were six hours to go before the Blood Demon’s Smile.

The clouds were rolling, and the setting sun was as red as blood. Three weird crescent moons were appearing and disappearing in the gaps of the clouds.

Jin Tuyi and his eldest son, Jin Wuxu, was standing on a platform on the left side of Blood Demon. The father and the son appreciated the magnificent scenery in silence.

“In half a day, in the sky of the capital city of the Star Glory Federation, clouds made of smoke and fire will be equally, no, a hundred times more glorious than the clouds in front of us, Dad!”

Perhaps due to the excitement before the march, Jin Wuxu called him ‘Dad’ instead of ‘Father’, which was quite rare.

His words seemed to have triggered Jin Tuyi’s memories of a long time ago. He shivered and was silent for half a minute before he softly replied, “Ah Xu”

It was also a form of address that had been abandoned for a long time.

“What’s your order, Dad?”

Jin Wuxu stood straight and earnestly declared, “In the Red Tide Operation, my Mirage Falcon Troop will certain go all out to defend the honor of the Feather Clan!”

Jin Tuyi smiled. After hesitating for a long time, he placed his hand on his son’s shoulder in the end. “Nothing particular. I only want to say that Be careful, and don’t get killed!”

Jin Wuxu was dazed. He did not expect that his father, who had always been cruel and ruthless, would say something like that.

Jin Tuyi touched his hawk nose bitterly before he took out a vintage jade chip from his pocket. In an even more coarse voice, he said, “This is the result of a secret physical examination I took more than a year ago. Take a look. Pay attention to the brain tomography.”

Jin Wuxu stuck the jade chip to the center of his eyebrow in confusion. After reading for a while, he was greatly shocked. “CeCerebral sclerosis?”

“Correct,” Jin Tuyi said casually. “The biochemical technology of the demon race is highly advanced. If you have a malignant tumor in your head or minor diseases such as the explosion of cerebral vessels or the shriveling of braincells, there is always a cure.

“However, cerebral sclerosis is a disease beyond treatment in our race. It involves the mysteries of the deepest part of the genes and even the soul. For hundreds of years, nobody has been able to cure it.

“We only know that it may have something to do with the mutation of our genes. If the brain is in a tense state for a long time, say, when someone thinks hard without rest for decades, they might suffer the disease.

“Hehe. Over the past few decades, I have been completely devoted to the Red Tide Plan. My brain was simmering almost every second. It is not unusual that my brain wants to ‘cool down’ for a moment.”


With mixed feelings, Jin Wuxu did not know what to say.

“Rest assured.” Jin Tuyi smiled and patted his son’s shoulder softly. “Death is the destination for everybody. The Cultivators may pursue immortality, but how many of them have really lived an eternal life?

“Besides, I will not die. In the next couple of years, my braincells will slowly wither, and my computational ability and wisdom will slump.

“With timely treatment and rehabilitation procedures, if I stop trying to utilize computational ability that is beyond my limits, perhaps there is still hope for me to live the rest of my life with the IQ of a regular demon.

“The most important thing is that the Red Tide Plan has been completed before the wisdom perishes. Our race will be reborn very soon and embark on a path that is entirely different from the past!

“Besides, I have also found the most suitable heir who will lead the Feather Clan, and even the entire demon race, on the brand new road into the endless sea of stars!”


Jin Wuxu was slightly dazed. Looking at his father’s eyes, which were full of expectation, he immediately understood what his father meant and was overjoyed!